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Ash Author James Herbert
ISBN-10 9781429946933
Release 2012-12-11
Pages 704
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Deep in the countryside, ghost hunter David Ash is investigating a mysterious, secluded stately home. Reports from locals regarding strange goings-on make him think the house is haunted... But not even David Ash's long professional history of warding off evil spirits can prepare him for the shocking discovery that awaits. International bestselling horror writer James Herbert weaves a terrifying narrative featuring his best-loved character, David Ash, the skeptical detective of the paranormal introduced in the UK number one bestsellers, Haunted and The Ghosts of Sleath. Prepare to be chilled to the marrow... At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Ghosts of Sleath A David Ash novel

The Ghosts of Sleath  A David Ash novel Author James Herbert
ISBN-10 9780007375332
Release 2010-06-24
Pages 416
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Investigator David Ash is sent to the picturesque village of Sleath in the Chiltern Hills to look into mysterious reports of mass hauntings. What he discovers is a terrified community gripped by horrors and terrorized by ghosts from the ancient village's long history.


Haunted Author James Herbert
ISBN-10 9780330468961
Release 2011-05-11
Pages 240
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Three nights of terror at the house called Edbrook. Three nights in which David Ash, there to investigate a haunting will be victim of horrifying and maleficent games. Three nights in which he will face the blood-chilling enigma of his own past. Three nights before Edbrook's dreadful secret will be revealed . . . And the true nightmare will begin.

The Role of Evil in Human Evolution

The Role of Evil in Human Evolution Author David Ash
ISBN-10 9780980256130
Release 2007-06
Pages 280
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Are you tired of the secrets, lies and spins that many of us have been fed for so long? If you are, then when you read this controversial but enlightening title, you may just find yourself breaking out in laughter, wondering why you never saw it all before.

The Vortex

The Vortex Author David Andrew Ash
ISBN-10 1858600197
Release 1994-01
Pages 192
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Written by two scientists, this work examines the interweaving of physical and metaphysical realities. It brings man's traditional beliefs - in miracles, unseen worlds and life after death - into a credible scientific framework.

The New Physics of Consciousness

The New Physics of Consciousness Author David A. Ash
ISBN-10 9780980256123
Release 2007-09-01
Pages 252
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With an easy rewrite of physics there is a profound philosophy. Clear analogies and simple diagrams make the science understandable and enthralling. A theory for everything emerges which is simple and brilliant! Supernova explosions in distant galaxies provide proof for the theory.

Light It Up

Light It Up Author Nick Petrie
ISBN-10 9780399575648
Release 2018-01-16
Pages 400
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“Lots of characters get compared to my own Jack Reacher, but Petrie’s Peter Ash is the real deal.”—Lee Child In this action-packed thriller starring war veteran Peter Ash, a well-planned and flawlessly executed hijacking reveals the hidden dangers of Colorado's mellowest business, but Ash may find there’s more to this crime than meets the eye. Combat veteran Peter Ash leaves a simple life rebuilding hiking trails in Oregon to help his good friend Henry Nygaard, whose daughter runs a Denver security company that protects cash-rich cannabis entrepreneurs from modern-day highwaymen. Henry’s son-in-law and the company’s operations manager were carrying a large sum of client money when their vehicle vanished without a trace, leaving Henry’s daughter and her company vulnerable. When Peter is riding shotgun on another cash run, the cargo he’s guarding comes under attack and he narrowly escapes with his life. As the assaults escalate, Peter has to wonder: for criminals this sophisticated, is it really just about the cash? After finding himself on the defensive for too long, Peter marshals his resources and begins to dig for the truth in a scheme that is bigger—and far more lucrative—than he’d ever anticipated. With so much on the line, his enemy will not give up quietly...and now he has Peter directly in his sights.


Haunted Author James Herbert
ISBN-10 0333761324
Release 2000-07-01
Pages 240
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The surviving heirs of the Mariell family knew their country home was haunted by an unspoken horror from the past. Now they want David Ash, a skeptical psychic investigator, to prove them wrong and dismiss the chilling sounds of a child's distant laughter.

Free Speech

Free Speech Author Timothy Garton Ash
ISBN-10 9780300161168
Release 2016-05-24
Pages 504
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One of the great political writers of our time offers a manifesto for global free speech in the digital age

Continuous Living

Continuous Living Author David A Ash
ISBN-10 9781920535773
Release 2016-05-31
Pages 194
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From The Vortex Theory there is reason to believe the Universe could be alive with a protective immune system. The evidence of near death experiences suggest if we are not recognized Universal immunity will reject us. Two cases are presented where individuals who died found themselves in a place that could only be described as hell. Neither was particularly bad. They had done no terrible wrong but both were atheists. They had expected oblivion but found themselves in bodies in which they were more alive than ever before and through which they could suffer a fate worse than death. Many religious ideas now regarded as superfluous are brought back in stark light by the new physics of the vortex that has emerged from ancient Yogic philosophy.

Blood Skies

Blood Skies Author Steven Montano
ISBN-10 9780615488615
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 264
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In a world where nightmares stalk the earth and the few survivors must battle the vampire legions of the Ebon Cities, a team of soldiers races to save mankind when a traitor threatens to destroy the future of humanity. Southern Claw warlock Eric Cross is a member of Viper Squad, and his mission is to pursue the witch called Red across the wastelands. His hunt takes him through haunted forests and blighted tundra, into war-torn cities and to the edge of a twisted necropolis. And before the journey is done Cross will uncover the dark origins of magic, and learn the true meaning of sacrifice...


Ash Author James Herbert
ISBN-10 0765367343
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 704
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Deep in the countryside, ghost hunter David Ash is investigating a mysterious, secluded stately home. Reports from locals regarding strange goings-on make him think the house is haunted... But not even David Ash's long professional history of warding off evil spirits can prepare him for the shocking discovery that awaits. International bestselling horror writer James Herbert weaves a terrifying narrative featuring his best-loved character, David Ash, the skeptical detective of the paranormal introduced in the UK number one bestsellers, Haunted and The Ghosts of Sleath. Prepare to be chilled to the marrow...


Ash Author Kazam Butur
Release 1999-12-31
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Review “A chilling classic haunted house tale.” --Publishers Weekly (starred review) on The Secret of Crickley Hall "This is a powerfully disturbing read...two pages in, the reader is hooked, and Herbert has done his job. The horror. The horror." --The Guardian on The Secret of Crickley Hall “A new James Herbert novel is always a mesmerizing experience.” --Fangoria “Herbert’s characters are compelling…vivid, and complex.” --Kirkus Reviews (starred review) About the Author Horror writer JAMES HERBERT was born in London, England. Before becoming a full-time writer, he worked as a singer and an art director for an advertising agency. His novels have sold more than forty-two million copies worldwide and have been translated into thirty-three languages, including Russian and Chinese. In 2010, Herbert was named a Grand Master of Horror by the World Horror Convention and was awarded an OBE. He currently lives in London with his wife and children.

A World of Ash The Territory 3

A World of Ash  The Territory 3 Author Justin Woolley
ISBN-10 9781760302252
Release 2016-04-14
Pages 324
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Salvation is a world away. Trapped in a city no one knows exists, Squid lies dying as Nim fights for their lives. With every minute, their hope of getting the vaccine back to civilization is fading. From the brink of death and the edge of the world, Squid must once again conquer dangers even more sinister than the undead - the future of humankind depends on it. But Squid's efforts will be wasted if Lynn cannot keep the people of Alice safe until he returns, and Lynn is now a hostage of the Holy Order. Forced to face punishment at the hands of the High Priestess, Lynn is at the mercy of the mad cult, as beyond the wall the undead horde continues its relentless approach. Caught between madness and mindlessness, the odds are stacked against Squid and Lynn. Will they triumph or do they already walk in a world of ash? The thrilling conclusion to this zombie apocalypse series is perfect for fans of James Dashner's Maze Runner series and Michael Grant's Gone series.

The Drifter

The Drifter Author Nick Petrie
ISBN-10 9781788542425
Release 2017-10-12
Pages 384
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After eight years as a soldier, Peter Ash came home from Iraq and Afghanistan with only one souvenir: what he calls 'white static', a buzzing claustrophobia due to post-traumatic stress that has driven him to spend a year roaming the US Pacific coast's mountains and forests, sleeping under the stars. But when a friend from the Marines commits suicide, Ash returns to civilization to help the man's widow and two young children. While repairing her dilapidated porch, he makes two unwelcome discoveries: the first is a dog, the largest, meanest, ugliest dog he's ever laid eyes on; the second surprise is what the dog is guarding – a suitcase containing $400,000 in cash and four slabs of plastic explosive. Just what was his friend caught up in during his final days? Ash will find that the demons of war aren't easy to leave behind...

The File

The File Author Timothy Garton Ash
ISBN-10 9780307756763
Release 2010-09-22
Pages 272
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"Eloquent, aware and scrupulous . . . a rich and instructive examination of the Cold War past." --The New York Times In 1978 a romantic young Englishman took up residence in Berlin to see what that divided city could teach him about tyranny and freedom. Fifteen years later Timothy Garton Ash--who was by then famous for his reportage of the downfall of communism in Central Europe--returned. This time he had come to look at a file that bore the code-name "Romeo." The file had been compiled by the Stasi, the East German secret police, with the assistance of dozens of informers. And it contained a meticulous record of Garton Ash's earlier life in Berlin. In this memoir, Garton Ash describes what it was like to rediscover his younger self through the eyes of the Stasi, and then to go on to confront those who actually informed against him to the secret police. Moving from document to remembrance, from the offices of British intelligence to the living rooms of retired Stasi officers, The File is a personal narrative as gripping, as disquieting, and as morally provocative as any fiction by George Orwell or Graham Greene. And it is all true. "In this painstaking, powerful unmasking of evil, the wretched face of tyranny is revealed." --Philadelphia Inquirer From the Trade Paperback edition.

Mountain Ash

Mountain Ash Author David Lindenmayer
ISBN-10 9781486304998
Release 2015-11-02
Pages 200
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Mountain Ash draws together exciting new findings on the effects of fire and on post-fire ecological dynamics following the 2009 wildfires in the Mountain Ash forests of the Central Highlands of Victoria. The book integrates data on forests, carbon, fire dynamics and other factors, building on 6 years of high-quality, multi-faceted research coupled with 25 years of pre-fire insights. Topics include: the unexpected effects of fires of varying severity on populations of large old trees and their implications for the dynamics of forest ecosystems; relationships between forest structure, condition and age and their impacts on fire severity; relationships between logging and fire severity; the unexpectedly low level of carbon stock losses from burned forests, including those burned at very high severity; impacts of fire at the site and landscape levels on arboreal marsupials; persistence of small mammals and birds on burned sites, including areas subject to high-severity fire, and its implications for understanding how species in this group exhibit post-fire recovery patterns. With spectacular images of the post-fire environment, Mountain Ash will be an important reference for scientists and students with interests in biodiversity, forests and fire.