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Asia the US and Extended Nuclear Deterrence

Asia  the US and Extended Nuclear Deterrence Author Andrew O'Neil
ISBN-10 9781136693601
Release 2013-09-02
Pages 192
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Since the end of the Cold War, significant attention has focussed on the issue of nuclear deterrence and in particular whether formal nuclear security guarantees from nuclear weapons states to non-nuclear weapons states involving the possible use of nuclear weapons have a place in the twenty-first century global strategic landscape. Growing support for nuclear disarmament in the US and elsewhere has seen serious doubts being raised about the ongoing utility of extended nuclear deterrence. This book provides the first detailed analysis of the way in which extended nuclear deterrence operates in contemporary Asia. It addresses the following key questions: What does the role of extended nuclear deterrence in Asia tell us about the broader role of extended nuclear deterrence in the contemporary international system? Is this role likely to change significantly in the years ahead? O’Neil uses a theoretical and historical framework to analyse the contemporary and future dynamics of extended nuclear deterrence in Asia and challenges many of the existing orthodox perspectives on the topic. Providing a new perspective on debates surrounding extended nuclear deterrence, this book will be of interest not only to students and scholars of Asian politics, international relations and security studies, but also to policy makers and professionals.

Routledge Handbook of Nuclear Proliferation and Policy

Routledge Handbook of Nuclear Proliferation and Policy Author Joseph F. Pilat
ISBN-10 9781136012488
Release 2015-05-15
Pages 546
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This new Handbook is a comprehensive examination of the rich and complex issues of nuclear proliferation in the early 21st century. The future of the decades-long effort to prevent the further spread of weapons of mass destruction is at a crossroads today. If international nonproliferation efforts are to be successful, an integrated, multi-tiered response will almost certainly be necessary. A serious, thorough, and clear-eyed examination of the range of threats, challenges, and opportunities facing the international community is a necessary first step. This Handbook, which presents the most up-to-date analysis and policy recommendations on these critical issues by recognized, leading scholars in the field, intends to provide such an examination. The volume is divided into three major parts: Part I presents detailed threat assessments of proliferation risks across the globe, including specific regions and countries. Part II explains the various tools developed by the international community to address these proliferation threats. Part III addresses the proliferation risks and political challenges arising from nuclear energy production, including potential proliferation by aspiring states and nonstate groups. This Handbook will be of great interest to students and practitioners of nuclear proliferation, arms control, global governance, diplomacy, and global security and IR general.

Australia s Nuclear Policy

Australia s Nuclear Policy Author Michael Clarke
ISBN-10 9781317177197
Release 2016-03-03
Pages 250
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Australia’s Nuclear Policy: Reconciling Strategic, Economic and Normative Interests critically re-evaluates Australia’s engagement with nuclear weapons, nuclear power and the nuclear fuel cycle since the dawn of the nuclear age. The authors develop a holistic conception of ’nuclear policy’ that extends across the three distinct but related spheres - strategic, economic and normative - that have arisen from the basic ’dual-use’ dilemma of nuclear technology. Existing scholarship on Australia’s nuclear policy has generally grappled with each of these spheres in isolation. In a fresh evaluation of the field, the authors investigate the broader aims of Australian nuclear policy and detail how successive Australian governments have engaged with nuclear issues since 1945. Through its holistic approach, the book demonstrates the logic of seemingly conflicting policy positions at the heart of Australian nuclear policy, including simultaneous reliance on US extended deterrence and the pursuit of nuclear disarmament. Such apparent contradictions highlight the complex relationships between different ends and means of nuclear policy. How successive Australian governments of different political shades have attempted to reconcile these in their nuclear policy over time is a central part of the history and future of Australia’s engagement with the nuclear fuel cycle.

Middle Powers and the Rise of China

Middle Powers and the Rise of China Author Bruce Gilley
ISBN-10 9781626160842
Release 2014-07-08
Pages 288
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This is the first work to examine the importance and role of middle powers in the key phenomenon of contemporary international politics, the rise of China. Middle powers have capabilities immediately below those of great powers yet exercise influence far above most other states in global trade and as allies or adversaries in regional security, arms proliferation, and global governance. The book reviews China's middle-power relations with South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Turkey, and Brazil. Contributors address how these diverse nations are responding to a rising China, the impact of Chinese power on each, and whether these states are being attracted to China or deterred by its new power and assertiveness. The book also explores how much (or how little) China, and for comparison the US, value middle powers and examines whether or not middle powers can actually shape China's behavior.

Twentieth century international relations

Twentieth century international relations Author Michael Cox
ISBN-10 0761944664
Release 2007-01-23
Pages 1646
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The second four volumes of this eight-volume set provide comprehensive coverage of the factors that determined the evolution of world system in the twentieth century. With over 80 thematically organized articles selection by Michael Cox, Volumes 5-8 explore what happened following the collapse of the bipolar order in 1989 and the implications of this transition for the conduct of international relations. Together the volumes combine to provide an unparalleled resource providing broad coverage of the subject with historical depth and contemporary relevance.

Japan s nuclear option

Japan s nuclear option Author Henry L. Stimson Center
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105122169381
Release 2003
Pages 181
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Japan s nuclear option has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Japan s nuclear option also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Japan s nuclear option book for free.

Global Strategic Assessment 2009

Global Strategic Assessment 2009 Author DEFENSE DEPARTMENT
ISBN-10 MSU:31293029718453
Release 2009
Pages 496
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Offers a conceptual pathway for U.S. policymakers to begin recalibrating America's security role to reverse what has appeared to be a widening gap between U.S. ends and means, now and in the future. Provides an overview of eight broad trends shaping the international security environment; a global analysis of the world's seven regions, to consider important developments in their distinctive neighborhoods; and, an examination of prospective U.S. contributions, military capabilities and force structure, national security organization, alliances and partnerships, and strategies.