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Asking the Earth

Asking the Earth Author Winin Pereira
ISBN-10 9781134062461
Release 2013-11-05
Pages 244
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The need to produce food without the destructive chemical horrors of much modern farming, for an intelligent use of dwindling natural resources and for humane forms of production is universal, the practice is limited. This book is an account of one, large, instance of success in practice. Twenty-five years ago, Winin Pereira, a nuclear physicist abandoned academia to start a co-operative farm at Alonde in a tribal area north of Bombay. The group experienced, and finally discarded, all the false hopes and promises of Western originated forms of development: ploughs that ploughed too deep, irrigation systems that lowered water tables, fertilizers and pesticides which managed the earth and became so expensive that poorer farmers were dispossessed. Instead they learnt from the adivasai, or tribal people, who have nurtured or been nurtured by foresets for millennia, ways of applying popular knowledge to contemporary problems. This book is a combination of Pereira's record of achievement of sustainable livelihoods and an account of the farm and its effect on the India around it by a leading British journalist. Originally published in 1991

Managing Natural Resources for Development in Africa

Managing Natural Resources for Development in Africa Author Washington Odongo Ochola
ISBN-10 9789966792099
Release 2010
Pages 538
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The complex and dynamic interlinks between natural resource management (NRM) and development have long been recognized by national and international research and development organizations and have generated voluminous literature. However, much of what is available in the form of university course books, practical learning manuals and reference materials in NRM is based on experiences from outside Africa. Managing Natural Resources for Development in Africa: A Resource Book provides an understanding of the various levels at which NRM issues occur and are being addressed scientifically, economically, socially and politically. The book's nine chapters present state-of-the-art perspectives within a holistic African context. The book systematically navigates the tricky landscape of integrated NRM, with special reference to Eastern and Southern Africa, against the backdrop of prevailing local, national, regional and global social, economic and environmental challenges. The authors' wide experience, the rich references made to emerging challenges and opportunities, and the presentation of different tools, principles, approaches, case studies and processes make the book a rich and valuable one-stop resource for postgraduate students, researchers, policymakers and NRM practitioners. The book is designed to help the reader grasp in-depth NRM perspectives and presents innovative guidance for research design and problem solving, including review questions, learning activities and recommended further reading. The book was developed through a writeshop process by a multi-disciplinary team of lecturers from the University of Nairobi, Egerton University, Kenyatta University, the University of Zimbabwe, the University of Malawi, Makerere University and the University of Dar es Salam. In addition, selected NRM experts from regional and international research organizations including the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF), the Africa Forest Forum, RUFORUM, IIRR and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) participated in the writeshop and contributed material to the book.

Annuaire Des Organisations Internationales

Annuaire Des Organisations Internationales Author
ISBN-10 MINN:31951D00966481S
Release 1998
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Beginning in 1983/84 published in 3 vols., with expansion to 6 vols. by 2007/2008: vol. 1--Organization descriptions and cross references; vol. 2--Geographic volume: international organization participation; vol. 3--Subject volume; vol. 4--Bibliography and resources; vol. 5--Statistics, visualizations and patterns; vol. 6--Who's who in international organizations. (From year to year some slight variations in naming of the volumes).

Gender and Natural Resource Management

Gender and Natural Resource Management Author Bernadette P. Resurreccion
ISBN-10 9781136565045
Release 2012-05-31
Pages 288
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This book is about the gender dimensions of natural resource exploitation and management, with a focus on Asia. It explores the uneasy negotiations between theory, policy and practice that are often evident within the realm of gender, environment and natural resource management, especially where gender is understood as a political, negotiated and contested element of social relationships. It offers a critical feminist perspective on gender relations and natural resource management in the context of contemporary policy concerns: decentralized governance, the elimination of poverty and the mainstreaming of gender. Through a combination of strong conceptual argument and empirical material from a variety of political economic and ecological contexts (including Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam), the book examines gender-environment linkages within shifting configurations of resource access and control. The book will serve as a core resource for students of gender studies and natural resource management, and as supplementary reading for a wide range of disciplines including geography, environmental studies, sociology and development. It also provides a stimulating collection of ideas for professionals looking to incorporate gender issues within their practice in sustainable development. Published with IDRC.

The Dac Guidelines

The Dac Guidelines Author
ISBN-10 9789264195042
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 71
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The DAC Guidelines on Strengthening Trade Capacity for Development have been prepared on the basis of an emerging international consensus and understanding of how the international community can work together more effectively. They intend to help developing countries enhance their capacity to trade and participate more effectively in the international rule-making and institutional mechanisms that shape the global trading system. They also provide a common reference point for the trade, aid and finance communities, putting trade capacity building in the context of comprehensive approaches to development and poverty reduction.

How to Land a Top paying Federal Job

How to Land a Top paying Federal Job Author Lily Whiteman
ISBN-10 0814401848
Release 2008
Pages 294
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A comprehensive guide to landing one of the hundreds of thousands of jobs filled each year by the nation''s largest employerOC the U.S. government."

Participatory Forestry

Participatory Forestry Author Mary Hobley
ISBN-10 0850032040
Release 1996
Pages 337
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Participatory Forestry has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Participatory Forestry also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Participatory Forestry book for free.

The Decentralization of Forest Governance

The Decentralization of Forest Governance Author Moira M. M. Moeliono
ISBN-10 9781849772952
Release 2012
Pages 328
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'This book provides an excellent overview of more than a decade of transformation in a forest landscape where the interests of local people, extractive industries and globally important biodiversity are in conflict. The studies assembled here teach us that plans and strategies are fine but, in the real world of the forest frontier, conservation must be based upon negotiation, social learning and an ability to muddle through.'Jeffrey Sayer, senior scientific adviser, Forest Conservation Programme IUCN - International Union for of NatureThe devolution of control over the world's forests from national or state and provincial level governments to local control is an ongoing global trend that deeply affects all aspects of forest management, conservation of biodiversity, control over resources, wealth distribution and livelihoods. This powerful new book from leading experts provides an in-depth account of how trends towards increased local governance are shifting control over natural resource management from the state to local societies, and the implications of this control for social justice and the environment. The book is based on ten years of work by a team of researchers in Malinau, Indonesian Borneo, one of the world's richest forest areas. The first part of the book sets the larger context of decentralization's impact on power struggles between the state and society. The authors then cover in detail how the devolution process has occurred in Malinau, the policy context, struggles and conflicts and how Malinau has organized itself. The third part of the book looks at the broader issues of property relations, conflict, local governance and political participation associated with decentralization in Malinau. Importantly, it draws out the salient points for other international contexts including the important determination that 'local political alliances', especially among ethnic minorities, are taking on greater prominence and creating new opportunities to influence forest policy in the world's richest forests from the ground up. This is top-level research for academics and professionals working on forestry, natural resource management, policy and resource economics worldwide. Published with CIFOR

Survival of mankind through

Survival of mankind through Author Bruno H Schubert
ISBN-10 UOM:39015074206528
Release 1967
Pages 69
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Survival of mankind through has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Survival of mankind through also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Survival of mankind through book for free.

People Land and Water

People  Land  and Water Author Guy Bessette
ISBN-10 9781552502242
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 313
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Presents conceptual and methodological issues related to the use of Participatory Development Communication (PDC). This book describes the major issues involved in applying PDC to natural resource management practices and research, and also discusses the challenges and the difficulties linked to such an approach.

Ecology and the politics of survival

Ecology and the politics of survival Author Vandana Shiva
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105035128979
Release 1991
Pages 365
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In this volume, through case studies of forest conflicts and water conflicts in India, the authors have exposed the grim situation in a forceful and logical manner. Its logic does not remain confined to the Indian boundaries alone but extends to all over the world in general. . . . Dr. Vandana Shiva and her colleagues deserve profound admiration for their excellent work. It is a prize book, worthwhile to read and possess. --Indian Book Chronicle Relatively little has been written on India's ecological problems as they relate to political struggles: Shiva's stands apart as an essential treatise on the subject. --The Bookwatch The authors are some of the well-known experts in the field. . . . The book is worth reading, as it provides a comprehensive and in-depth current discussion on the issues of water and forest in India. --Development Update Due to thoughtless acts, our environment has endured harsh treatment, and in many cases, irreversible damage. Only now are we beginning to see some of the damage we have caused. Sponsored by the United Nation University's Programme on Peace and Global Transformation, this insightful volume analyzes ecology movements in contemporary society and the resulting conflicts over vital natural resources. The discussed theme relates to societies universally, and specifically addresses the intense and emerging social contradictions related to conflicts over natural resources rapidly surfacing in India. Looked at from a direct Third World perspective, rather than speculated by an outside perspective, the book examines how ecology movements have questioned the validity of dominant concepts of economic development in the world today. Shiva discusses thefundamental assumptions of modern economic development responsible for the conflicts and environmental degradation, and proposes a new development theory which supports sustainable development and the people's rights to justice and peace. Ecology and Politics of Survival will interest students and professors alike in ecology, environmental studies, development studies, sociology, and social studies of science. This work provides insights into the interlinkages between natural resource utilization and developmental priorities in India. . . . The book is an excellent contribution as it supports ecologists' sentiments with scientific data. It provides an insight into the unseen dimension of development programs. --Productivity The author provides systematic conceptual framework for analyzing the processes and structures of modern economic development from an ecological perspective. --Finance India The book under review by an author, who is both a scholar and an activist herself, is an eloquent expression of the ecological critique. The book, written in association with seven others, including the late B. V. Krishnamurthy, offers a well-articulated theoretical critique as well as a documentation of the conflicts over natural resources that took place in India in the seventies and the eighties. --Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics Indian writers about ecology and development, and Vandana Shiva in particular, are beginning to achieve the international attention they deserve. . . . It is a pioneering work because it provides an accessible set of explanations against which other case studies can be established and tested. . . . This powerful text by Shiva and colleagues . . . canhelp realize a change in training and thinking which we are all waiting for. --Pacific Affairs

Indian Farming

Indian Farming Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:$C57929
Release 1989
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Indian Farming has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Indian Farming also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Indian Farming book for free.

The State of the World s Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture

The State of the World s Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture Author Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
ISBN-10 9781136498879
Release 2013-06-17
Pages 320
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The State of the World's Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture is FAO's first flagship publication on the global status of land and water resources. It is an 'advocacy' report, to be published every three to five years, and targeted at senior level decision makers in agriculture as well as in other sectors. SOLAW is aimed at sensitizing its target audience on the status of land resources at global and regional levels and FAO's viewpoint on appropriate recommendations for policy formulation. SOLAW focuses on these key dimensions of analysis: (i) quantity, quality of land and water resources, (ii) the rate of use and sustainable management of these resources in the context of relevant socio-economic driving factors and concerns, including food security and poverty, and climate change. This is the first time that a global, baseline status report on land and water resources has been made. It is based on several global spatial databases (e.g. land suitability for agriculture, land use and management, land and water degradation and depletion) for which FAO is the world-recognized data source. Topical and emerging issues on land and water are dealt with in an integrated rather than sectoral manner. The implications of the status and trends are used to advocate remedial interventions which are tailored to major farming systems within different geographic regions.

Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Author Roger Perman
ISBN-10 9780273760375
Release 2013-02-07
Pages 744
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Now in its fourth edition, Natural Resources and Environmental Economics, provides comprehensive and contemporary analysis of the major areas of natural resource and environmental economics. All chapters have been fully updated in light of new developments and changes in the subject, and provide a balance of theory, applications and examples to give a rigorous grounding in the economic analysis of the resource and environmental issues that are increasingly prominent policy concerns. This text is suitable for second and third year undergraduate and postgraduate students of economics.


2016 STATE OF THE WORLD   S FORESTS Author Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
ISBN-10 9789251092088
Release 2018-04-16
Pages 126
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Forests and trees support sustainable agriculture. They stabilize soils and climate, regulate water flows, give shade and shelter, and provide a habitat for pollinators and the natural predators of agricultural pests. They also contribute to the food security of hundreds of millions of people, for whom they are important sources of food, energy and income. Yet, agriculture remains the major driver of deforestation globally, and agricultural, forestry and land policies are often at odds. State of the World’s Forests (SOFO) 2016 shows that it is possible to increase agricultural productivity and food security while halting or even reversing deforestation, highlighting the successful efforts of Costa Rica, Chile, the Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Tunisia and Viet Nam. Integrated land-use planning is the key to balancing land uses, underpinned by the right policy instruments to promote both sustainable forests and agriculture.

Genes from the Wild

Genes from the Wild Author Robert Prescott-Allen
ISBN-10 9781134061419
Release 2013-11-05
Pages 116
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Tomatoes could not be grown commercially without the help of their wild relatives. A single wild species of rice has helped double rice production in Asia. Wild silk-worms are enabling India to expand its silk industry. A wild carp with resistance to cold has been used to extend Soviet carp production further into the north. Wild genetic resources - the heritable characteristics of wild plants and animals - are used increasingly to improve domesticated crops and livestock and as new sources of food and of raw materials. But habitat destruction, over-exploitation and competition from introduced species is destroying many gene pools even before they have been identified. Genes from the Wild describes the growing contribution of wild genetic resources to the production of food and raw materials, describes their characteristics, explains the benefits and problems of using them and outlines the ways in which they are threatened and the measures being taken to conserve them. Originally published in 1988

El desarrollo sostenible una gu a sobre nuestro futuro com n

El desarrollo sostenible  una gu  a sobre nuestro futuro com  n Author World Commission on Environment and Development
ISBN-10 019282080X
Release 1987
Pages 383
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Discusses population growth, food production, energy, industry, and urban development, and suggests ways to promote economic growth while protecting the environment.