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Assessing English Language Learners Bridges to Educational Equity

Assessing English Language Learners  Bridges to Educational Equity Author Margo Gottlieb
ISBN-10 9781506342139
Release 2016-03-03
Pages 296
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Build the bridges for English language learners to reach success! This thoroughly updated edition of Gottlieb’s classic delivers a complete set of tools, techniques, and ideas for planning and implementing instructional assessment of ELLs. The book includes: A focus on academic language use in every discipline, from mathematics to social studies, within and across language domains Emphasis on linguistically and culturally responsive assessment as a key driver for measuring academic achievement A reconceptualization of assessment “as,” “for,” and “of” learning Reflection questions to stimulate discussion around how students, teachers, and administrators can all have a voice in decision making

Assessing English Language Learners

Assessing English Language Learners Author Margo Gottlieb
ISBN-10 0761988882
Release 2006-01-06
Pages 224
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Discover how to bridge the gap between equitably assessing linguistic and academic performance! This well-documented text examines the unique needs of the growing population of English language learners (ELLs) and describes strategies for implementing instructional assessment of language and content. With both depth and breadth, the author articulates how to equitably and comprehensively assess the language proficiency and academic achievement of ELLs. Both practicing and aspiring educators will benefit from: Rubrics, charts, checklists, surveys, and other ready-to-use tools Professional development activities An integrated approach to teaching standards, language, and content Guidance on how best to address standardized testing and grading

Mastering Academic Language

Mastering Academic Language Author Debbie Zacarian
ISBN-10 9781452255439
Release 2012-12-19
Pages 240
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Ideal for Common Core initiatives, this much-needed book offers a step-by-step approach for teaching academic language, including case studies, classroom strategies, study questions, and more.

Common Language Assessment for English Learners

Common Language Assessment for English Learners Author Margo Gottlieb
ISBN-10 9781936764310
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 132
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Learn how to plan, implement, and evaluate common language assessments for your English learners. With this step-by-step guide, teachers, school leaders, and administrators will find organizing principles, lead questions, and action steps all directing you toward collaborative assessment. Yield meaningful information for and about EL learning preferences, build student self-assessment, and inform your instructional decision making based on reliable results.

Advocating for English Learners

Advocating for English Learners Author Diane Staehr Fenner
ISBN-10 9781452257693
Release 2013-09-18
Pages 238
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Embrace the future by ensuring English Learners have a voice in school. English Learners (ELs) are the fastest-growing segment of the K–12 population. Therefore, educators must provide a voice for their needs. This book demystifies the techniques of advocacy for ELs, including: A shared sense of responsibility for EL success–Providing tools that every educator can use to ensure that ELs are effectively served An overview for administrators–Influencing policy and fostering a culture that meets EL needs Advocacy for ELs’ success beyond Grade 12–Equipping ELs for life after graduation, from higher education to career decisions

Assessing English Language Learners in the Content Areas

Assessing English Language Learners in the Content Areas Author Florin Mihai
ISBN-10 9780472034352
Release 2010-06-11
Pages 200
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Assessing English Language Learners in the Content Areas: A Research-into-Practice Guide for Educators seeks to provide guidance to classroom teachers, staff developers, and test-item designers who want to improve ELL assessment outcomes, particularly in the areas of math, science and social studies. The first two chapters of the book establish the background for the discussion of content-area assessment for ELLs, examining several important characteristics of this rapidly growing student population (as well as critical legislation affecting ELLs) and providing a description of various forms of assessment, including how ELL assessment is different from the assessment of English-proficient students. Important assessment principles that educators should use in their evaluation of tests or other forms of measurement are provided. Other chapters review ELL test accommodations nationwide (because, surprisingly, most teachers do not know what they can and cannot allow) and the research on the effectiveness of these types of accommodations. The book analyzes the characteristics of alternative assessment; it discusses three popular alternative assessment instruments (performance assessment, curriculum-based measurement, and portfolios) and makes recommendations as to how to increase the validity, reliability, and practicality of alternative assessments. The book proposes fundamental assessment practices to help content area teachers in their evaluation of their ELL progress.

Assessing Multilingual Learners

Assessing Multilingual Learners Author Margo Gottlieb
ISBN-10 9781416624530
Release 2017-05-30
Pages 81
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While students who enter a new school must learn to adapt to a new situation, multilingual students who enter a new school must often first learn to adapt to a new country and a new language—and they must be assessed along with their peers. In Assessing Multilingual Learners, author Margo Gottlieb presents the story of Ana, a newcomer to the United States and the American school system and, in a month-by-month format, reveals how assessment affects students, teachers, families, and school leaders. This book shows teachers how to collect, analyze, and act upon data about multilingual learners, with the goal of improving instruction for this large and growing population of students.

Teaching and Learning in a Multilingual School

Teaching and Learning in a Multilingual School Author Tara Goldstein
ISBN-10 9781135641986
Release 2003-01-30
Pages 254
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Teaching and Learning in a Multilingual School: Choices, Risks, and Dilemmas is for teachers and teacher educators working in communities that educate children who do not speak English as a first language. At the center of the book are findings from a four-year critical ethnographic case study of a Canadian high school with a large number of emigrant students from Hong Kong and rich descriptions of the multitude of ways teachers and students thought about, responded to, and negotiated the issues and dilemmas that arose. The solutions and insights they derived from their experiences of working across linguistic, cultural, and racial differences will be extremely valuable to educators in other locales that have become home to large numbers of immigrant families. The book is designed to help readers think about how the issues and dilemmas in the case study manifest themselves in their own communities and how to apply the insights they gain to their own teaching and learning contexts: * Each chapter includes four components: an excerpt from the ethnographic study; an analytic commentary on the ethnographic text drawn from a variety of theoretical perspectives and academic disciplines (including interactionist sociolinguistics, language minority education, English as a Second Language education, critical literacy, anti-racist education, and critical teacher education); a pedagogical discussion; and suggestions for further reflection and discussion. * The book features the use of ethnographic play writing to engage readers with the issues that arise in multicultural/multilingual schools. The author's play Hong Kong, Canada is included in its entirety and is used to stimulate further discussion of the issues raised in each of the chapters. * Although it is organized around two different kinds of schooling dilemmas--dilemmas of speech and silence, and dilemmas of discrimination--everyday dilemmas of curriculum and assessment are also discussed throughout the book. * A methodological discussion of the choices the author made while designing, conducting, and writing up the critical ethnographic case study makes the book useful in qualitative research methodology courses. * A set of strategies and activities is provided for helping students develop English oral presentation skills.

Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners

Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners Author Nancy Cloud
ISBN-10 032502264X
Release 2009
Pages 248
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Book study groups and professional learning communities, save when you order the Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners Book Study Bundle. 15 copies for $318.75. SAVE $56.25! Teaching English Language Learners to read and write is challenging. Every classroom teacher, ESL teacher, and reading specialist shares this crucial responsibility. These educators need research-based practices to help them meet the challenge, and Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners is their comprehensive guide. Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners is for everyone who teaches English language learners to read and write. It turns important research findings about ELL students into evidence-based, effective classroom practice. It helps teachers: learn more about the ELL students in their classroom support the emergence and early development of English literacy skills in nonnative speakers help English learners reach their full potential as readers and writers promote biliteracy in English and students' home languages guide ELL students as they develop academic language and literacy in English connect reading and writing strongly to promote growth in each assess the literacy skills of English language learners and use that information to plan responsive instruction. Internationally recognized ELL experts Nancy Cloud, Fred Genesee, and Else Hamayan have examined the research evidence to determine what works for ELL students. They recommend best practices for teaching English learners to read and write from emergent literacy to primary school and on through middle school. Their guide makes the research understandable and their suggested practices actionable. Research findings quickly summarize the latest and most important ideas for teaching. Quotes from researchers provide direct support for effective teaching. Classroom Suggestions offer practical ways to put research into practice. Additional Resources point toward rich information sources for teaching literacy to English learners. Research Questions provide paths for investigation in any classroom. From reading their first English words to basic literacy to a mastery of academic English, students need proven-effective teaching backed by the strongest, most recent research. Find it in Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners.

Academic Language in Diverse Classrooms Definitions and Contexts

Academic Language in Diverse Classrooms  Definitions and Contexts Author Margo Gottlieb
ISBN-10 9781452234786
Release 2014-04-22
Pages 219
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This companion (foundational) book to the six-book series, Academic Language Demands for Language Learners: From Text to Context, encapsulates the broad ideas of the series by presenting the evolving theory behind the construct of academic language, a definition and examples of each of its components, and a template for direct classroom applicability. Each of the six books in the series is a more detailed, comprehensive treatment of text-based academic language at each grade level and describes the process by which teachers can incorporate academic language into their instructional assessment practices. This foundations book is suitable for use with any (or all) of the six volumes or can be used separately.

Differentiating Instruction and Assessment for English Language Learners

Differentiating Instruction and Assessment for English Language Learners Author Shelley Fairbairn
ISBN-10 1934000027
Release 2010
Pages 307
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Differentiating Instruction and Assessment for English Language Learners has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Differentiating Instruction and Assessment for English Language Learners also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Differentiating Instruction and Assessment for English Language Learners book for free.

Response to Intervention RTI and English Learners

Response to Intervention  RTI  and English Learners Author Jana Echevarria
ISBN-10 013343107X
Release 2014-01-28
Pages 176
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This authoritative guide for ensuring all students are able to achieve high standards is an essential resource for educators in any school with English learners. It provides practical help for designing and implementing effective RTI programs using the SIOP(R) Model, and ensuring the appropriate type of instruction that English leaners need and deserve. "Response to Intervention (RTI) and English Learners, 2/e" includes important background information on RTI; examines the academic and linguistic challenges that English learners face; and covers appropriate and effective multi-tier instruction, assessment, and intervention with RTI, specifically for English learners. The authors include recommendations for implementing the eight components of the SIOP(R) Model for Tier 1 within an RTI framework, and additional suggestions for implementing RTI in secondary schools. The new, Second Edition features: A reorganized chapter on intervention (Ch. 5) shows the continuum of services between Tiers 2 and 3, and discusses reasons for increasing intensity of services. A new Chapter 3 on How to Distinguish Disability from Language Difference. A revised chapter on Special Considerations for Secondary English Learners, reflecting changes in practice and research related to RTI in the secondary grades. One or more references to PDToolkit are included in each chapter, allowing readers to access videos and documents related to the chapter content, and bring the material and concepts alive. The documents are downloadable. Half of the "From the Field" interviews are new to this edition.

English Oral Language Assessment

English Oral Language Assessment Author David Tompkins
ISBN-10 1935788108
Release 2013-07
Pages 50
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The English Oral Language Assessment is a formative assessment designed to show student progress in English language acquisition in Grades PreK-8. Assessment contains two sections: one that measures receptive language skills and one that measures expressive language skills. Digital files for use with the assessment are available from publisher with purchase.

Learning about Language Assessment

Learning about Language Assessment Author Kathleen M. Bailey
ISBN-10 0838466885
Release 1998
Pages 258
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This title provides a practical analysis of language assessment theory with accessible explanations of the statistics involved. --From publisher's description.

English Language Learners at School

English Language Learners at School Author Else V. Hamayan
ISBN-10 1934000043
Release 2012
Pages 268
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Includes a free subscription to a companion website. This book is not returnable if the shrink wrap is damaged or removed.

Standards Based Instruction and Assessment for English Language Learners

Standards Based Instruction and Assessment for English Language Learners Author Mary Ann Lachat
ISBN-10 9781483360515
Release 2004-04-15
Pages 160
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In increasingly diverse classrooms, an understanding of standards-based instruction and assessment for ELLs is essential for achieving both excellence and equity in our education system.

Educating Emergent Bilinguals

Educating Emergent Bilinguals Author Ofelia Garcia
ISBN-10 9780807758854
Release 2018
Pages 256
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Now available in a revised and expanded edition, this accessible guide introduces readers to the issues and controversies surrounding the education of language minority students in the United States. What makes this book a perennial favourite are the succinct descriptions of alternative practices for transforming our schools and students' futures, such as building on students' home languages and literacy practices, incorporating curricular and pedagogical innovations, using proven-effective approaches to parent engagement, and employing alternative assessment tools. The authors have updated their bestseller to reflect recent shifts in policies, programs, and practices due to globalization and the changing economy, demographic trends and new research on EL pedagogy. A totally new chapter highlights multimedia and multimodal instructional possibilities for engaging EL students. This Second Edition is essential reading for all teachers of language-minority students, as well as principals, superintendents, and policymakers.