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At the Crossroads of Post Communist Modernisation

At the Crossroads of Post Communist Modernisation Author Christer Pursiainen
ISBN-10 9780230363922
Release 2012-09-10
Pages 236
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Preface and Acknowledgments Introduction-- C.Pursiainen A Short History of 'Catching Up'-- C.Pursiainen The Free-Market State or the Welfare State?-- M.Kivinen & L.Chunling Authoritarianism or Democracy?-- C.Pursiainen & M.Pei Sovereignty or Interdependency?-- S.Medvedev & L.Jakobson Conclusions-- C.Pursiainen Index Contributors.

The Regional Newspaper in Post Soviet Russia

The Regional Newspaper in Post Soviet Russia Author Jukka Pietiläinen
ISBN-10 9514454545
Release 2002
Pages 532
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Tiivistelmä. - Resumo en Esperanto. - Rezjume.

Die Volksrepublik China und ihre Nachbarn

Die Volksrepublik China und ihre Nachbarn Author Günter Schucher
ISBN-10 3922852963
Release 2003
Pages 523
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Die Volksrepublik China und ihre Nachbarn has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die Volksrepublik China und ihre Nachbarn also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die Volksrepublik China und ihre Nachbarn book for free.

Beyond the Euromaidan

Beyond the Euromaidan Author Henry E. Hale
ISBN-10 9781503600102
Release 2016-09-07
Pages 336
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Beyond the Euromaidan examines the prospects for advancing reform in Ukraine in the wake of the February 2014 Euromaidan revolution and Russian invasion. It examines six crucial areas where reform is needed: deep internal identity divisions, corruption, the constitution, the judiciary, plutocratic "oligarchs," and the economy. On each of these topics, the book provides one chapter that focuses on Ukraine's own experience and one chapter that examines the issue in the broader context of international practice. Placing Ukraine in comparative perspective shows that many of the country's problems are not unique and that other countries have been able to address many of the issues currently confronting Ukraine. As with the constitution, there are no easy answers, but careful analysis shows that some solutions are better than others. Ultimately, the authors propose a series of reforms that can help Ukraine make the best of a bad situation. The book stresses the need to focus on reforms that might not have immediate effect, but that comparative experience shows can solve fundamental contextual challenges. Finally, the book shows that pressures from outside Ukraine can have a strong positive influence on reform efforts inside the country.

Russian Foreign Policy and International Relations Theory

Russian Foreign Policy and International Relations Theory Author Christer Pursiainen
ISBN-10 9781351902366
Release 2017-07-05
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An original and challenging examination of how to transform post-Sovietological study of Soviet and Russian foreign policy into a more integrated part of the Social Sciences and International Relations Theory. This book represents the first detailed and sustained synthesis international relations theory and Soviet/Russian foreign and security policy in academic literature.

Frontier Encounters

Frontier Encounters Author Franck Billé
ISBN-10 9781906924874
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 292
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China and Russia are rising economic and political powers that share thousands of miles of border. Despite their proximity, their interactions with each other - and with their third neighbour Mongolia - are rarely discussed. Although the three countries share a boundary, their traditions, languages and worldviews are remarkably different. Frontier Encounters presents a wide range of views on how the borders between these unique countries are enacted, produced, and crossed. It sheds light on global uncertainties: China's search for energy resources and the employment of its huge population, Russia's fear of Chinese migration, and the precarious independence of Mongolia as its neighbours negotiate to extract its plentiful resources. Bringing together anthropologists, sociologists and economists, this timely collection of essays offers new perspectives on an area that is currently of enormous economic, strategic and geo-political relevance.

Chinese Politics and Government

Chinese Politics and Government Author Sujian Guo
ISBN-10 9780415551380
Release 2012
Pages 342
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Over the past two decades, China's political reforms, open-door policy, dramatic economic growth, and increasingly assertive foreign policy have had an unprecedented regional and global impact. This introductory textbook provides students with a fundamental understanding of government and politics in China as well as the conceptual ability to explore the general patterns, impacts, and nature of continuities and changes in Chinese politics. Further, it equips students with analytical frameworks by which they can understand, analyse and evaluate the major issues in Chinese politics, including: The basic methodologies and theoretical controversies in the study of Chinese politics. The major dimensions, structures, processes, functions and characteristics of the Chinese political system, such as ideology, politics, law, society, economy, and foreign policy. The impact of power, ideology, and organization on different spheres of Chinese society. The structure, process, and factors in Chinese foreign policy making. Whether China is a "strategic partner" or "potential threat" to the United States. By examining contending theoretical models in the study of Chinese politics, this book combines an essentialist approach that keeps focus on the fundamental, unique and defining features of Chinese politics and government with other theoretical approaches or analytical models which reveal and explore the complexities inherent in the Chinese political system. Extensively illustrated, the textbook includes maps, photographs and diagrams, as well as providing questions for class discussions and suggestions for further reading. Written by an experienced academic with working knowledge of the Chinese Government, this textbook will provide students with a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of Chinese Politics.

The Return of Ideology

The Return of Ideology Author Cheng Chen
ISBN-10 9780472121991
Release 2016-07-06
Pages 256
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As a nation makes the transition from communism to democracy or another form of authoritarianism, its regime must construct not only new political institutions, but also a new political ideology that can guide policy and provide a sense of mission. The new ideology is crucial for legitimacy at home and abroad, as well as the regime’s long-term viability. In The Return of Ideology, Cheng Chen compares post-communist regimes, with a focus on Russia under Putin and post-Deng China, investigating the factors that affect the success of an ideology-building project and identifies the implications for international affairs. Successful ideology-building requires two necessary—but not sufficient—conditions. The regime must establish a coherent ideological repertoire that takes into account the nation’s ideological heritage and fresh surges of nationalism. Also, the regime must attract and maintain a strong commitment to the emerging ideology among the political elite. Drawing on rich primary sources, including interviews, surveys, political speeches, writings of political leaders, and a variety of publications, Chen identifies the major obstacles to ideology-building in modern Russia and China and assesses their respective long-term prospects. Whereas creating a new regime ideology has been a protracted and difficult process in China, it has been even more so in Russia. The ability to forge an ideology is not merely a domestic concern for these two nations, but a matter of international import as these two great powers move to assert and extend their influence in the world.

The Crisis Management Cycle

The Crisis Management Cycle Author Christer Pursiainen
ISBN-10 9781317243236
Release 2017-11-22
Pages 186
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The Crisis Management Cycle is the first holistic, multidisciplinary introduction to the dynamic field of crisis management theory and practice. By drawing together the different theories and concepts of crisis management literature and practice, this book develops a theoretical framework of analysis that can be used by both students and practitioners alike. Each stage of the crisis cycle is explored in turn: Risk assessment Prevention Preparedness Response Recovery Learning Stretching across disciplines as diverse as safety studies, business studies, security studies, political science and behavioural science, The Crisis Management Cycle provides a robust grounding in crisis management that will be invaluable to both students and practitioners worldwide.

Russian Modernisation

Russian Modernisation Author Markku Kivinen
ISBN-10 9781351579889
Release 2018-02-02
Pages 212
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Russia’s post-Soviet modernisation is complex and subject to changing interpretations among Russian political leaders and observers of Russia. This has created serious problems for understanding Russia and the changes it is currently undergoing. With this in mind, a new Finnish Centre of Excellence was established in 2012 at the Aleksanteri Institute of the University of Helsinki under the title ‘Choices of Russian Modernisation’. This collection of essays represents some of the first examples of the Centre’s research. Reflecting the broad range of issues explored in the work of the Centre, it covers questions of Russia’s historical legacy, technological development, energy economy, political regime, political opposition, social development, religious life and external relations. The authors are all members of or affiliated to the Centre of Excellence. This book was originally published as a special issue of Europe-Asia Studies.

Russia as a Great Power

Russia as a Great Power Author Jakob Hedenskog
ISBN-10 9781134239153
Release 2013-07-04
Pages 432
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After a period of relative weakness and isolation during most of the 1990s, Russia is again appearing as a major security player in world politics. This book provides a comprehensive assessment of Russia's current security situation, addressing such questions as: What kind of player is Russia in the field of security? What is the essence of its security policy? What are the sources, capabilities and priorities of its security policy? What are the prospects for the future? One important conclusion to emerge is that, while Russian foreign policy under Putin has become more pragmatic and responsive to both problems and opportunities, the growing lack of checks and balances in domestic politics makes political integration with the West difficult and gives the president great freedom in applying Russia's growing power abroad.

PAIS Bulletin

PAIS Bulletin Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015065659743
Release 1987
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PAIS Bulletin has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from PAIS Bulletin also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full PAIS Bulletin book for free.

Bulletin of the Public Affairs Information Service

Bulletin of the Public Affairs Information Service Author
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106020962319
Release 1986
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Bulletin of the Public Affairs Information Service has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bulletin of the Public Affairs Information Service also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bulletin of the Public Affairs Information Service book for free.

Democracy in a Russian Mirror

Democracy in a Russian Mirror Author Adam Przeworski
ISBN-10 9781107053397
Release 2015-05-21
Pages 354
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What can we learn about democracy from the experience of post-Soviet Russia? What can we learn about the prospects for democracy in Russia from the experience of 'really existing democracies'? Must some 'pre-requisites', cultural or material, be fulfilled for democracy to become possible? This book examines the current state of Russia and the prospects for democracy, posing several challenges to our understanding of democracy. Thirteen contributors expand the debate over these questions, offering a variety of insights, interpretations, and conclusions vital to understanding the conditions of emergence and survival of successful democracies.

China s Rise in the Age of Globalization

China s Rise in the Age of Globalization Author Jianyong Yue
ISBN-10 9783319639970
Release 2018-01-12
Pages 386
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This book deconstructs a series of myths surrounding China’s economic rise. The first myth is that globalization led directly to China’s rise; the second is that China is another East Asian developmental state; the third that China’s market reform had been implemented in an incremental way; and fourth that China’s ‘resilient authoritarianism’ has been effective in ensuring the country’s economic and political transformation. Yue argues that the China model is one of ‘crony comprador capitalism’ that has hindered the country’s attempts at economic and political modernity. It is argued that the United States’ strategy of integrating China into the international system is self-defeating in the long run; not because such an approach has created a 'restless empire' capable of challenging US primacy, but because the Chinese 'miracle' has subsequently backfired on the liberal order created after World War Two. Covering the entire reform period from the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976 to the present day, the author calls for readers to rethink globalization and leave more policy space for China and the developing nations to pursue national development through internal integration, which is more conducive to democratic transition and global peace.

Regions in Transition in the Former Soviet Area

Regions in Transition in the Former Soviet Area Author Alessandra Russo
ISBN-10 9783319606248
Release 2017-11-15
Pages 232
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This book aims to understand the “texture” of the post-Soviet region, where waves of de-integration and re-integration have been resonating at different times and through diverse manifestations over the last quarter of century. The post-Soviet states have been evolving in an embryonic system of states in their close neighbourhood, whose boundaries and rules of interactions are still in the making. However, one can already detect specific traits of regional governance, one of these being the presence of overlapping organisations and institutions. It includes reflections on relations between state formation and region formation and a tentative conceptualisation of a post-colonial form of regionalism. The focus on small states, featuring different behaviours vis-à-vis regional organisations and regional imaginaries in their transitional and still unsettled state identities and foreign policy narratives, constitutes a further element of originality. This innovative volume is crucial reading for scholars and researchers of International Relations with a special interest in either the Former Soviet Space or Comparative Regionalism.

Subject Guide to Books in Print

Subject Guide to Books in Print Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105025888558
Release 2003
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Subject Guide to Books in Print has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Subject Guide to Books in Print also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Subject Guide to Books in Print book for free.