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At the Plaza

At the Plaza Author Curtis Gathje
ISBN-10 9781466867000
Release 2014-03-25
Pages 192
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At The Plaza is a pictorial record and an anecdotal history of the world's most famous hotel: New York's Plaza. As a story, it traverses the breadth and scope of Gotham's high society during the American Century. As a photo collection, it's like no other, capturing the hotel's remarkable presence on the ever-changing New York scene. For almost one hundred years, The Plaza has mirrored the social history of Manhattan: its tastes in design, entertainment, restaurants and accommodations, as well as its adjustment to Prohibition, the Great Depression, two World Wars, the Cold War, women's rights, smokers' rights, animals' rights and British rock-and-roll. The first guests to sign the register-Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt-set the standard for the long procession of luminaries that followed: Mark Twain, Diamond Jim Brady, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Marlene Dietrich, Frank Lloyd Wright, Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and the Beatles, among many others. In At The Plaza, the hotel's official historian, Curtis Gathje, has compiled a tremendous collection of photographs and vignettes chronicling the colorful history of a building, an institution, and a city.

Built To Last 100 Year Old Hotels in New York

Built To Last  100  Year Old Hotels in New York Author Stanley Turkel, CMHS, ISHC
ISBN-10 9781463443405
Release 2011-10-18
Pages 420
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The thirty-two century-old hotels featured in this book have defied the passage of time for a variety of reasons, many explicable, some beyond explanation, all miraculous. For eighteen of them, it was the fortuitous creation of the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission in 1965. The landmarks law was enacted in response to the demolition of the iconic Pennsylvania Station in 1963. After 139 years, the following evaluation is still true: "New York is the paradise of hotels. In no other city do they flourish in such numbers, and nowhere else do they attain such a degree of excellence. The hotels of New York naturally take the lead of all others in America, and are regarded by all who have visited them as models of their kind." James D. McCabe, Jr. Lights and Shadows of New York, 1872

Savoring Gotham

Savoring Gotham Author
ISBN-10 9780190263638
Release 2015-11-11
Pages 760
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When it comes to food, there has never been another city quite like New York. The Big Apple--a telling nickname--is the city of 50,000 eateries, of fish wriggling in Chinatown baskets, huge pastrami sandwiches on rye, fizzy egg creams, and frosted black and whites. It is home to possibly the densest concentration of ethnic and regional food establishments in the world, from German and Jewish delis to Greek diners, Brazilian steakhouses, Puerto Rican and Dominican bodegas, halal food carts, Irish pubs, Little Italy, and two Koreatowns (Flushing and Manhattan). This is the city where, if you choose to have Thai for dinner, you might also choose exactly which region of Thailand you wish to dine in. Savoring Gotham weaves the full tapestry of the city's rich gastronomy in nearly 570 accessible, informative A-to-Z entries. Written by nearly 180 of the most notable food experts-most of them New Yorkers--Savoring Gotham addresses the food, people, places, and institutions that have made New York cuisine so wildly diverse and immensely appealing. Reach only a little ways back into the city's ever-changing culinary kaleidoscope and discover automats, the precursor to fast food restaurants, where diners in a hurry dropped nickels into slots to unlock their premade meal of choice. Or travel to the nineteenth century, when oysters cost a few cents and were pulled by the bucketful from the Hudson River. Back then the city was one of the major centers of sugar refining, and of brewing, too--48 breweries once existed in Brooklyn alone, accounting for roughly 10% of all the beer brewed in the United States. Travel further back still and learn of the Native Americans who arrived in the area 5,000 years before New York was New York, and who planted the maize, squash, and beans that European and other settlers to the New World embraced centuries later. Savoring Gotham covers New York's culinary history, but also some of the most recognizable restaurants, eateries, and culinary personalities today. And it delves into more esoteric culinary realities, such as urban farming, beekeeping, the Three Martini Lunch and the Power Lunch, and novels, movies, and paintings that memorably depict Gotham's foodscapes. From hot dog stands to haute cuisine, each borough is represented. A foreword by Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and an extensive bibliography round out this sweeping new collection.

Hotel Mavens

Hotel Mavens Author Stanley Turkel, CMHS
ISBN-10 9781496933355
Release 2014-09-19
Pages 324
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The word "maven" is defined by Wikipedia as a "trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others." Since the 1980s it has become more common when the New York Times columnist William Safire adapted it to describe himself as "the language maven." the word from Hebrew is mainly confined to American English and was included in the Oxford English Dictionary second edition (1989). My three hotel mavens are: 1) Lucius M. Boomer, one of the most famous hoteliers of his time, was chairman of the Hotel Waldorf-Astoria Corporation. In a career of over half a century, he directed such celebrated hotels as the Bellevue-Stratford in Philadelphia, the Taft in New Haven, the Lenox in Boston, and the McAlpin, Claridge, Sherry-Netherland and the original as well as the current Waldorf-Astoria in New York. 2) George C. Boldt who was the genius of the original Waldorf-Astoria. It was said of him that he made innkeeping a profession and, more than any man, was responsible for the modern American hotel. 3) Oscar of the Waldorf who was described in 1898 by the New York Sun: "In only one New York hotel, however, is there a personage deserving to be called a ma and icirc;tre d'hotel. Anyone who studies him closely will soon arrive at a firm conviction that he might quite as appropriately have been called General or Admiral, if circumstances had not led him into the hotel business. Oscar knows everybody." Oscar was a superstar of his time and one of the stalwarts who managed both the original and the current Waldorf-Astoria. Among his many duties, Oscar commanded a staff of 1,000 persons bedsides conducting a school for waiters, at the time the only one of its kind in the United States. In 1896, Oscar wrote one of the greatest cookbooks of its time: "The Cook Book by 'Oscar of the Waldorf'. It contains 907 pages and 3,455 recipes.

The Hotel

The Hotel Author Sonny Kleinfield
ISBN-10 9781480484702
Release 2014-04-29
Pages 331
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A look inside New York’s icon of luxury: “Reading [The Hotel] is at least as enjoyable—and certainly less expensive—than staying at the Plaza” (Publishers Weekly). When it opened its doors in 1907, the Plaza was considered the world’s finest luxury hotel. Since then, the grand building at the southern tip of Central Park has hosted kings and queens, the rich and famous, and countless world leaders. And like any hotel, it has seen its share of crimes, suicides, and drunken mayhem as well. A fascinating read for fans of Stephen Birmingham’s Life at the Dakota or Justin Kaplan’s When the Astors Owned New York, this book combines Manhattan history with a guided behind-the-scenes tour, interviewing the hospitality industry employees who tote the luggage, change the light bulbs, and clean the rooms. From a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who has written for the New York Times and Rolling Stone, The Hotel offers the kind of day-to-day detail that brings the Fifth Avenue French Renaissance landmark to vivid, colorful life.


Preservation Author
ISBN-10 WISC:89082349317
Release 2005
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Preservation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Preservation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Preservation book for free.


STARRING THE PLAZA Author Patty Farmer
ISBN-10 0825308461
Release 2017-08-21
Pages 130
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STARRING THE PLAZA has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from STARRING THE PLAZA also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full STARRING THE PLAZA book for free.

The Hotel on Place Vendome

The Hotel on Place Vendome Author Tilar J. Mazzeo
ISBN-10 9780062199232
Release 2014-03-11
Pages 320
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Set against the backdrop of the Nazi occupation of World War II, The Hôtel on Place Vendôme is the captivating history of Paris’s world-famous Hôtel Ritz—a breathtaking tale of glamour, opulence, and celebrity; dangerous liaisons, espionage, and resistance—from Tilar J. Mazzeo, the New York Times bestselling author of The Widow Clicquot and The Secret of Chanel No. 5 When France fell to the Germans in June 1940, the legendary Hôtel Ritz on the Place Vendôme—an icon of Paris frequented by film stars and celebrity writers, American heiresses and risqué flappers, playboys, and princes—was the only luxury hotel of its kind allowed in the occupied city by order of Adolf Hitler. Tilar J. Mazzeo traces the history of this cultural landmark from its opening in fin de siècle Paris. At its center, The Hotel on Place Vendôme is an extraordinary chronicle of life at the Ritz during wartime, when the Hôtel was simultaneously headquarters to the highest-ranking German officers, such as Reichsmarshal Hermann Göring, and home to exclusive patrons, including Coco Chanel. Mazzeo takes us into the grand palace’s suites, bars, dining rooms, and wine cellars, revealing a hotbed of illicit affairs and deadly intrigue, as well as stunning acts of defiance and treachery. Rich in detail, illustrated with black-and-white photos, The Hotel on Place Vendôme is a remarkable look at this extraordinary crucible where the future of post-war France—and all of post-war Europe—was transformed.

Elsie De Wolfe

Elsie De Wolfe Author Penny Sparke
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822035159698
Release 2005
Pages 371
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Elsie de Wolfe is a twentieth-century legend and is the mother of modern interior decoration. Her name is familiar to many who practice the art of interior design or who are linked to the fashionable world of tastemaking. She provided appropriate settings


Timeless Author Alexandra Monir
ISBN-10 9783641076405
Release 2012-06-18
Pages 352
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»Timeless« ist der schönste Zeitreise-Roman seit Jahren Nacht für Nacht hat die 17-jährige Michele denselben Traum: In einem Spiegelsaal steht sie einem jungen Mann mit saphirblauen Augen, rabenschwarzen Haaren und einem geheimnisvollen Lächeln gegenüber. Kurz bevor sie erwacht, sagt der Fremde stets: »Ich warte auf dich.« Aber als ein furchtbares Unglück Micheles Leben für immer verändert, begegnet sie dem Mann ihrer Träume plötzlich in der Wirklichkeit ... Als die Mutter der 17-jährigen Michele Windsor bei einem Unfall ums Leben kommt, verliert Michele auf einen Schlag alles, was ihr lieb war: ihre Familie, ihre Freunde, ihre gewohnte Umgebung. Denn sie muss zu ihren Großeltern, die sie nie kennengelernt hat, nach New York ziehen. In deren luxuriösem Appartement fühlt Michele sich verloren – bis sie bei ihren Streifzügen durch die mit Antiquitäten vollgestellten Räume auf das Tagebuch eines ihrer Vorfahren stößt. Was Michele nicht ahnt: Das Tagebuch ist ein magisches Portal in die Vergangenheit. Ehe sie sichs versieht, findet sie sich plötzlich auf einem Maskenball im New York des Jahres 1910 wieder. Dort begegnet sie einem jungen Mann, den sie nur zu gut kennt. Nacht für Nacht blickt sie in seine tiefblauen Augen, ist gebannt von seinem umwerfenden Lächeln – in ihren Träumen. Dass Michele ihm jetzt leibhaftig gegenübersteht, verändert alles. Sie begibt sich auf eine abenteuerliche Reise zwischen Gegenwart und Vergangenheit, um eine unmögliche Liebe wahr werden zu lassen.


Trumped Author John R. O’Donnell
Release 2016-03-23
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ON TOP OF THE WORLD … IN A HOUSE OF CARDS The tabloids tracked his every move. The business magazines predicted his demise. And the public couldn't get enough. But the only people privy to Donald Trump's real story were the members of his inner circle—men such as Jack O'Donnell, a top executive at Atlantic City's Trump Plaza Casino until April, 1990. For three years O'Donnell witnessed the goings-on in the House of Trump that the people only guessed at. Now he reveals what he saw. Here's the inside story of Trump's legendary tirades, his convenient forgetfulness, and the infamous Donald Trump ego. O'Donnell tells how the Plaza staff catered to Trump's personal whims, and to those of his mistress—and how the man who built the largest gambling hall in the world knew little about running a casino. From the hypocrisy, bad deals, and the monumental debt to the untold tales of Marla and Ivana, Trumped! rips the mask off the mighty Trump facade—revealing a man whose castle is about to collapse.

The World s Greatest Military Aircraft

The World s Greatest Military Aircraft Author Thomas Newdick
ISBN-10 1782742638
Release 2015-07-15
Pages 224
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"Ever since man first took to the air, combat aircraft have been at the forefront of technology, resulting in some of the most spectacular and complex machines ever built. Compare a biplane and a Stealth fighter and see how the technology has advanced. Spanning a century of flight, The World's Greatest Military Aircraft features 52 of the greatest fighters, bombers, interceptors and transport planes, from World War I's Fokker Dr. 1 to the Boeing B-17 Super Fortress to the MiG-17 to the Lockheed C-130 Hercules to the Stealth capabilities of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. Each entry includes a brief description of the aircraft's development and history, a colour profile artwork, key features and specifications. Packed with more than 200 artworks and photographs, The World's Greatest Military Aircraft is a colourful guide for the aviation and military enthusiast"--Publisher's description.

Frank Lloyd Wright in New York

Frank Lloyd Wright in New York Author Jane King Hession
ISBN-10 1423601017
Release 2007
Pages 159
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One of the world's greatest architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, and one of the world's greatest cities, New York, once dynamically coexisted. Authors Jane Hession and Debra Pickrel explore the fascinating contradiction between Wright's often-voiced disdain of New York and his pride and pleasure in living in one of the city's great landmarks: the Plaza Hotel.

The World s Work

The World s Work    Author
ISBN-10 WISC:89013917414
Release 1914
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The World s Work has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The World s Work also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The World s Work book for free.

The Olympic

The Olympic Author Alan J. Stein
ISBN-10 0295985178
Release 2005
Pages 63
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Celebrating The Olympic Hotel's 80th year of operation, this book traces the history of the hotel's site (the original campus of today's University of Washington), the public campaign to build a "community hotel," the numerous events and celebrities it has hosted, and The Olympic's rebirth in the 1980s to the present. Life in The Olympic reflected events beyond its doors: the Roaring Twenties, the dark days of the Great Depression, patriotic rallies and bond drives during World War II, the promise and exhilaration of the 1962 World's Fair, Seattle's urban renaissance of the 1970s and 1980s, and protests and debates from the Vietnam War to WTO.

The Trumps

The Trumps Author Gwenda Blair
ISBN-10 9781501139369
Release 2015-10-06
Pages 592
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The definitive family biography of President Donald Trump. The revealing story of the Trumps mirrors America’s transformation from a land of striving immigrants to a world in which the aura of wealth alone can guarantee a fortune. The Trumps begins with a portrait of President Trump’s immigrant grandfather, who as a young man built hotels for miners in Alaska during the Klondike gold rush. His son, Fred, took advantage of the New Deal, using government subsidies and loopholes to construct hugely successful housing developments in the 1940s and 1950s. The profits from Fred’s enterprises paved the way for President Trump’s roller-coaster ride through the 1980s and 1990s into the new century. With his talent for extravagant exaggeration—he calls it “truthful hyperbole”—President Trump turned the deal-making know-how of his forebears into an art form. By placing this much-publicized life within the context of family, Gwenda Blair adds a new dimension to the larger-than-life figure who ascended to the American Presidency.

Matilda the Algonquin Cat

Matilda  the Algonquin Cat Author Leslie Martini
ISBN-10 1942545568
Release 2016-10-04
Pages 44
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"Matilda, The Algonquin Cat" is the real-life story of the feline-in-residence at New York City's legendary hotel, as told by Matilda herself. In 1932, when a stray cat wandered into the lobby of The Algonquin Hotel, kindhearted hotelier Frank Case provided him a permanent home in the hotel and the legend of The Algonquin Cat was born! "Matilda, The Algonquin Cat" illuminates the daily routine of Manhattan's most celebrated feline while paying homage to The Algonquin's long held tradition of hosting authors, journalists, and actors-most notably the "Algonquin Round Table."