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Atiyah s Sale of Goods

Atiyah s Sale of Goods Author P. S. Atiyah
ISBN-10 1405859539
Release 2010
Pages 571
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Authoritative, influential yet accessible to students this textbook addresses one of the most important aspects of commercial law. Its enduring role as the definitive guide to the law surrounding the sale of goods cements its position as the market leading text for undergraduate and postgraduate students alike. Uniquely, key differences between Scots and English law in this area are highlighted throughout equipping the reader with a thorough understanding of the regulatory regimes governing the sale of goods in both jurisdictions.

Sale of Goods

Sale of Goods Author P. S. Atiyah
ISBN-10 0582894085
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 574
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This book provides a full and critical account of the law of sale of goods in the United Kingdom, including treatment of the law as it applies in Scotland.

Atiyah and Adams Sale of Goods

Atiyah and Adams  Sale of Goods Author Rick Canavan
ISBN-10 9781292009612
Release 2016-05-30
Pages 632
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Atiyah and Adams’ Sale of Goods is the definitive guide to this important aspect of commercial law. Combining a highly readable and comprehensive account of the law governing the sale of goods, it is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students and a valuable point of first reference for practitioners of commercial law.

Atiyah s and Adams Sale of Goods

Atiyah s and Adams  Sale of Goods Author Emeritus Professor of English Law P S Atiyah
ISBN-10 1292138718
Release 2016-02-01
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Atiyah s and Adams Sale of Goods has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Atiyah s and Adams Sale of Goods also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Atiyah s and Adams Sale of Goods book for free.

Benjamin s Sale of Goods

Benjamin s Sale of Goods Author
ISBN-10 0421945702
Release 2009
Pages 280
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This 1st Supplement to the 7th edition of Benjamin's Sale of Goods brings the main work up-to-date with the latest developments and coverage of key cases. New material has been provided for 21 of the main work's 25 chapters, including full treatment of the new edition of the Uniform Rules and Practice on Documentary Credits, UCP600.

Q A Commercial Law

Q A Commercial Law Author Jo Reddy
ISBN-10 9781317519737
Release 2015-12-22
Pages 207
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Routledge Q&As give you the tools to practice and refine your exam technique, showing you how to apply your knowledge to maximum effect in assessment. Each book contains essay and problem-based questions on the most commonly examined topics, complete with expert guidance and model answers that help you to: Plan your revision and know what examiners are looking for: Introducing how best to approach revision in each subject Identifying and explaining the main elements of each question, and providing marker annotation to show how examiners will read your answer Understand and remember the law: Using memorable diagram overviews for each answer to demonstrate how the law fits together and how best to structure your answer Gain marks and understand areas of debate: Providing revision tips and advice to help you aim higher in essays and exams Highlighting areas that are contentious and on which you will need to form an opinion Avoid common errors: Identifying common pitfalls students encounter in class and in assessment The series is supported by an online resource that allows you to test your progress during the run-up to exams. Features include: multiple choice questions, bonus Q&As and podcasts.


Agency Author Roderick Munday
ISBN-10 9780199230372
Release 2010-01-21
Pages 369
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This new follow on work from An Outline of the Law of Agency provides a useful and accessible reminder of the principles of agency law for experienced practitioners as well as being of interest to students looking for an approachable text on this topic. This new works takes into acccount all recent changes and developments including coverage on the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993 and focuses more specifically on particular classesof commercial agents, for instance those acting within the banking and finance sectors.

Law for Non Law Students

Law for Non Law Students Author Keith Owens
ISBN-10 9781135338671
Release 2013-03-04
Pages 780
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Law for Non-Law Students is written in a clear and readable style and aims to make the law understandable for readers at undergraduate or comparable level. It explains the practical influences under which the law has been formed,so that the student will be better able to understand why the law has developed in the way that it has. It gives lots of straightforward examples as to how the law works in practice and aims to equip students with the ability to appraise the effectiveness of the law in a particular circumstance rather than simply providing a list of rules for the student to regurgitate at exam time. The facts of the more important cases are given in some detail to enable the student to appreciate the range of factors which the court may have taken into account in reaching its decision. The new edition has been updated to take account of all recent developments, both in relation to statute and to case law. Certain chapters, particularly in the area of sale of goods, have been substantially rewritten and expanded in an attempt to give more detail, while at the same time remaining student-friendly. New chapters on Agency and Negligence have been added. brThis new edition should be suitable for most courses which have a law element.

Textbook on Sale of Goods and Hire Purchase

Textbook on Sale of Goods and Hire Purchase Author Dr. Madhusudan Saharay
ISBN-10 8175348631
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Textbook on Sale of Goods and Hire Purchase has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Textbook on Sale of Goods and Hire Purchase also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Textbook on Sale of Goods and Hire Purchase book for free.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law Author M. A. Clarke
ISBN-10 9780199692088
Release 2017-04-27
Pages 1264
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Commercial Law: Text, Cases, and Materials provides students with an extensive and valuable range of extracts from key cases and writings in this most dynamic field of law. The authors' expert commentary and questions enliven each topic while emphasizing the practical application of the law in its business context. Len Sealy and Richard Hooley have been joined by four renowned experts in the field for the preparation of this edition. The authors have captured the essence of this fascinating topic at a time of significant legislative, regulatory, and political change.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law Author Lionel Bently
ISBN-10 9780199645558
Release 2014
Pages 1296
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Bently & Sherman's Intellectual Property Law is the definitive textbook on the subject. The authors' all-embracing approach not only clearly sets out the law in relation to copyright, patents, trade marks, passing off, and confidentiality, but also takes account of a wide range of academic opinion enabling readers to explore and make informed judgements about key principles. The particularly clear and lively writing style ensures that even the most complex areas are lucid and comprehensible.

Goode on Commercial Law

Goode on Commercial Law Author
ISBN-10 0141980524
Release 2017-01-05
Pages 1600
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From its first publication, this book was acclaimed as the standard text on this field of the law. Now for its fifth edition, it has been completely revised and expanded to take into account the new developments of the last five years. The book lays out both the framework of commercial law and the application of fundamental principles to typical business transactions. This unique combination of theory and practice is supplemented by specimen documents, tables of statutes, cases and conventions.

An Introduction to the Law of Contract

An Introduction to the Law of Contract Author P. S. Atiyah
ISBN-10 0198259530
Release 1995
Pages 479
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The last edition of this book saw a major restructuring of the whole work, and in particular, to stress the resurgence of freedom of contract ideology, and to introduce some basic economic issues in contract law. In this edition, the general shape and structure of the book have been left untouched, although as with previous editions, the whole work has been completely updated and modernized by replacing old and outdated examples with more modern questions with which the student may be assumed to be more familiar. The aims of the book remain unchanged: to supply a basic introduction, not merely to the law of contract, but also to theories and policies and ideas underlying the subject. In addition, the author has constantly resorted to a modern historical approach, giving the student some sense of how the law has developed over the past 100 years or so. widely recognized as one of the most interesting and innovative books to have been published in the last 25 years, An Introduction to the Law of Contract remains as popular today with students and their teachers as it was when it was first published.

Cases and Materials on International Trade Law

Cases and Materials on International Trade Law Author Paul Todd
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105063217843
Release 2003
Pages 1054
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This text presents summaries and extracts from, and analysis of the main cases and other materials on international sale contracts. While all such sale contracts are examined, the book concentrates especially on CIF (costs, insurance, freight) and FOB. (free on board) contracts, and variations theron, under which even today the overwhelming majority of the world's tonnage, and especially of bulk commodities, is shipped. The book covers all aspects of international sale contracts, including transfer of risk and property, documentary requirements, remedies and standardization issues. Documentary credits are covered, as is the nature of the relationship between each of the trading parties and the sea carrier. The traditional international sale contracts, and traditional documentation, are becoming less suitable than they once were, especially for containerized transport, but also in the bulk commodity trades themselves. Possible alternatives are therefore discussed, including, for example, non-negotiable documentation, electronic bills of lading and the Bolero project. The vulnerability of the system to maritime fraud is examined.

Implied Terms in English Contract Law Second Edition

Implied Terms in English Contract Law  Second Edition Author Richard Austen-Baker
ISBN-10 9781785365287
Release 2017-03-31
Pages 224
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This Second Edition is the leading account of contract law in England & Wales in relation to implied terms and has been fully revised and updated to cover recent developments in the law. Key features include analysis of the major changes to statutory implied terms brought by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and detailed examination of the decisions of the Privy Council in A-G of Belize v. Belize Telecom and of the UK Supreme Court in BNP Paribas v. Marks & Spencer.

The Sale of Goods

The Sale of Goods Author Michael G. Bridge
ISBN-10 9780198765356
Release 1998
Pages 614
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This book is a systematic analysis of the modern English law of domestic sale of goods, covering in detail the following aspects of sale of goods contracts: * formation and definitions * passing of property and risk * mistake and frustration * contents of the contract and implied terms * delivery and payment * termination for breach * exclusion clauses * remedies and transfer of title. Full treatment is given to proprietary matters and the significant reforms which have taken place in recent years including the Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994, and the Sale of Goods (Amendment) Act 1995. The general law of contract is dealt with as it affects the special contract of sale, but export sales materials are treated only to the extent that they illustrate delivery and payment. The paperback edition also includes a new preface designed for the student reader, covering recent developments in the sale of goods. This thorough and comprehensive book will be a valuable resource for students of commercial law as well as academics and practitioners working in the area.

International Trade Law

International Trade Law Author Indira Carr
ISBN-10 9781134846184
Release 2017-11-22
Pages 748
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International Trade Law offers a clear overview of the complexities of an international sale transaction through informed analysis of case law, legislation, and international conventions and rules. Fully updated with changes to the law and new directions in legal debate, this new edition considers: Standard trade terms including INCOTERMS 2010, the Convention on International Sales of Goods 1980 and the UNIDROIT Principles for International Commercial Contracts E-Commerce issues, including electronic bills of lading Insurance and payment mechanisms, such as letters of credit and the UCP 600 International transportation of cargo, including the Rotterdam Rules Dispute resolution (including jurisdiction, applicable law, arbitration and mediation), with particular reference to the relevant EU regulations and the developing case-law thereon Corruption and anti-corruption conventions, including the UK Bribery Act 2010 and developments relating to deferred prosecution agreements In addition to clarifying a range of topics through tables and diagrams, the book directs readers to relevant further reading and online resources throughout, offering students an accessible resource to this often challenging area of the law.