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Atkins Molecules

Atkins  Molecules Author Peter William Atkins
ISBN-10 0521535360
Release 2003-09-25
Pages 235
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New edition of the book that was called 'the most beautiful chemistry book ever written'.


Molecules Author Peter William Atkins
ISBN-10 0716760045
Release 1987
Pages 197
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Portrays the structures of the substances that make up our everyday world.

Galileo s Finger

Galileo s Finger Author Peter Atkins
ISBN-10 9780191622502
Release 2004-05-27
Pages 400
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Any literate person should be familiar with the central ideas of modern science. In his sparkling new book, Peter Atkins introduces his choice of the ten great ideas of science. With wit, charm, patience, and astonishing insights, he leads the reader through the emergence of the concepts, and then presents them in a strikingly effective manner. At the same time, he works into his engaging narrative an illustration of the scientific method and shows how simple ideas can have enormous consequences. His choice of the ten great ideas are: * Evolution occurs by natural selection, in which the early attempts at explaining the origin of species is followed by an account of the modern approach and some of its unsolved problems. * Inheritance is encoded in DNA, in which the story of the emergence of an understanding of inheritance is followed through to the mapping of the human genome. * Energy is conserved, in which we see how the central concept of energy gradually dawned on scientists as they mastered the motion of particles and the concept of heat. * All change is the consequence of the purposeless collapse of energy and matter into disorder, in which the extraordinarily simple concept of entropy is used to account for events in the world. * Matter is atomic, in which we see how the concept of atoms emerged and how the different personalities of the elements arise from the structures of their atoms. * Symmetry limits, guides, and drives, in which we see how concepts related to beauty can be extended to understand the nature of fundamental particles and the forces that act between them. * Waves behave like particles and particles behave like waves, in which we see how old familiar ideas gave way to the extraordinary insights of quantum theory and transformed our perception of matter. * The universe is expanding, in which we see how a combination of astronomy and a knowledge of elementary particles accounts for the origin of the universe and its long term future. * Spacetime is curved by matter, in which we see the emergence of the theories of special and general relativity and come to understand the nature of space and time. * If arithmetic is consistent, then it is incomplete, in which we learn the origin of numbers and arithmetic, see how the philosophy of mathematics lets us understand the nature of this most cerebral of subjects, and are brought to the limits of its power. C. P. Snow once said 'not knowing the second law of thermodynamics is like never having read a work by Shakespeare'. This is an extraordinary, exciting book that not only will make you literate in science but give you deep enjoyment on the way.


Reactions Author Peter Atkins
ISBN-10 9780191619595
Release 2011-09-15
Pages 200
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Peter Atkins captures the heart of chemistry in this book, through an innovative, closely integrated design of images and text, and his characteristically clear, precise, and economical exposition. Explaining the processes involved in chemical reactions, he begins by introducing a 'tool kit' of basic reactions, such as precipitation, corrosion, and catalysis, and concludes by showing how these building blocks are brought together in more complex processes such as photosynthesis, to provide a concise and intellectually rewarding introduction to the private life of atoms.


Chemistry Author Peter Atkins
ISBN-10 9780199683970
Release 2015
Pages 144
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A look at chemistry anew, through a chemist's eyes, in order to understand its central concepts and to see how it contributes not only towards our material comfort, but also to human culture.

Molecular Quantum Mechanics

Molecular Quantum Mechanics Author Peter W. Atkins
ISBN-10 9780199541423
Release 2011
Pages 537
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This text unravels those fundamental physical principles which explain how all matter behaves. It takes us from the foundations of quantum mechanics, through quantum models of atomic, molecular, and electronic structure, and on to discussions of spectroscopy, and the electronic and magnetic properties of molecules.

Elements of Physical Chemistry

Elements of Physical Chemistry Author Fellow of Lincoln College Peter Atkins
ISBN-10 9780198796701
Release 2016-11
Pages 592
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The ideal course companion, Elements of Physical Chemistry is written specifically with the needs of undergraduate students in mind, and provides extensive mathematical and pedagogical support while remaining concise and accessible. For the seventh edition of this much-loved text, the material has been reorganized into short Topics, which are grouped into thematic Focuses to make the text more digestible for students, and more flexible for lecturers to teach from. At the beginning of each Topic, three questions are posed, emphasizing why it is important, what the key idea is, and what the student should already know. Throughout the text, equations are clearly labeled and annotated, and detailed 'justification' boxes are provided to help students understand the crucial mathematics which underpins physical chemistry. Furthermore, Chemist's toolkits provide succinct reminders of key mathematical techniques exactly where they are needed in the text. Frequent worked examples, in addition to self-test questions and end-of-chapter exercises, help students to gain confidence and experience in solving problems. This diverse suite of pedagogical features, alongside an appealing design and layout, make Elements of Physical Chemistry the ideal course text for those studying this core branch of chemistry for the first time.


Chemistry Author Neale Taylor
ISBN-10 0731409361
Release 2008-09-01
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StudyON Chemistry 1 along with Chemistry 2 have been developed to comprehensively support the VCE Chemistry study design (2007-2011). Accessible language, photographs, and accurate diagrams help engage and instruct a range of learners. The texts comprehensively cover all knowledge and skills prescribed by the study design. A wide range of features check and extend student understanding in line with VCE key knowledge and skills. StudyON Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2 provides an inbuilt study guide. As well as special running summaries that help students revise key knowledge as they go. These are also able to downloaded as mp3 files from eBookPLUS so that students can listen to a summary of each chapter on their mp3 player or iPod. StudyON Chemistry 1 eBookPLUS is an electronic version of the textbook available online at the JacarandaPLUS website. ( StudyON Chemistry 1 eBookPLUS Features The entire textbook in electronic format HTML links to other useful support material on the Internet What is eBookPLUS? eBookPLUS gives students access to engaging digital support. This gives 24/7 access to the on-line text along with a wealth of ICT resources making student learning more engaging! eBookPLUS can also be purchased independently of the text. JacarandaPLUS is the online home of all our digital resources for teachers and students and is available to access at


Chemistry Author Loretta Jones
ISBN-10 0716742578
Release 2000
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Chemistry has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chemistry also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chemistry book for free.

Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry Author Peter Atkins
ISBN-10 0716735393
Release 2002
Pages 1139
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New edition of the overwhelmingly favorite text for the physical chemistry course.

Spectra of Atoms and Molecules

Spectra of Atoms and Molecules Author Peter F. Bernath
ISBN-10 9780199382576
Release 2015-12-14
Pages 488
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This third edition of Peter Bernath's successful Spectra of Atoms and Molecules is designed to provide advanced undergraduates and graduate students a working knowledge of the vast field of spectroscopy. Also of interest to chemists, physicists, astronomers, atmospheric scientists, and engineers, this volume emphasizes the fundamental principles of spectroscopy with the primary goal of teaching the interpretation of spectra. Features include a presentation of group theory needed to understand spectroscopy, detailed worked examples and a large number of excellent problems at the end of each chapter. Prof. Bernath provides a large number of diagrams and spectra which have been specifically recorded for this book. Molecular symmetry, matrix representation of groups, quantum mechanics, and group theory are among the topics covered; atomic, rotational, vibrational, electronic and Raman spectra are analyzed. Bernath's clear treatment of the confusing topic of line strengths as needed for quantitative applications is featured. This much-needed new edition has been updated to include the 2010 CODATA revision of physical constants, and a large number of corrections and clarifications. Responding to student requests, the main new feature is the addition of detailed worked examples in each chapter. Spectra of Atoms and Molecules, 3e will help demystify spectroscopy by showing readers the necessary steps in a derivation, as well as the final result.

Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences

Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences Author Peter Atkins
ISBN-10 9780199564286
Release 2011
Pages 590
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Peter Atkins and Julio de Paula offer a fully integrated approach to the study of physical chemistry and biology.


Quanta Author Peter William Atkins
ISBN-10 0198555733
Release 1991
Pages 434
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A non-mathematical and highly visual account of the concepts of quantum mechanics widely encountered in chemistry and related disciplines, now completely revised and updated, with many more illustrations.

Four Laws That Drive the Universe

Four Laws That Drive the Universe Author Peter Atkins
ISBN-10 9780191647635
Release 2007-09-06
Pages 144
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The laws of thermodynamics drive everything that happens in the universe. From the sudden expansion of a cloud of gas to the cooling of hot metal, and from the unfurling of a leaf to the course of life itself - everything is directed and constrained by four simple laws. They establish fundamental concepts such as temperature and heat, and reveal the arrow of time and even the nature of energy itself. Peter Atkins' powerful and compelling introduction explains what the laws are and how they work, using accessible language and virtually no mathematics. Guiding the reader from the Zeroth Law to the Third Law, he introduces the fascinating concept of entropy, and how it not only explains why your desk tends to get messier, but also how its unstoppable rise constitutes the engine of the universe.

Density Functional Theory of Atoms and Molecules

Density Functional Theory of Atoms and Molecules Author Robert G. Parr
ISBN-10 9780195092769
Release 1994-05-26
Pages 333
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Provides an account of the fundamental principles of the density-functional theory of the electronic structure of matter and its applications to atoms and molecules. This book contains a discussion of the chemical potential and its derivatives. It is intended for physicists, chemists, and advanced students in chemistry.

The Periodic Kingdom

The Periodic Kingdom Author Peter Atkins
ISBN-10 9781780227702
Release 2013-12-31
Pages 176
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A 'travel guide' to the periodic table, explaining the history, geography and the rules of behaviour in this imagined land. The Periodic Kingdom is a journey of imagination in which Peter Atkins treats the periodic table of elements - the 109 chemical elements in the world, from which everything is made - as a country, a periodic kingdom, each region of which corresponds to an element. Arranged much like a travel guide, the book introduces the reader to the general features of the table, the history of the elements, and the underlying arrangement of the table in terms of the structure and properties of atoms. Atkins sees elements as finely balanced living personalities, with quirks of character and certain, not always outward, dispositions, and the kingdom is thus a land of intellectual satisfaction and infinite delight.

Why Chemical Reactions Happen

Why Chemical Reactions Happen Author James Keeler
ISBN-10 9780199249732
Release 2003-03-27
Pages 243
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Discusses chemical reactions, examining the bonding in molecules, how molecules interact, what determines whether an interaction is favourable or not, and what the outcome will be.