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Automotive NVH Technology

Automotive NVH Technology Author Anton Fuchs
ISBN-10 9783319240558
Release 2015-10-31
Pages 117
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This book presents seven chapters examining selected noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) topics that are highly relevant for automotive vehicle development. These include applications following the major trends toward increased passenger comfort, vehicle electrification and lightweight design. The authors of the seven chapters, all of which are experts from the automotive industry and academia, present the foremost challenges and potential solutions in this demanding field. Among others, applications for sound optimization in downsized engines, noise optimization in electric powertrains, weight reduction options for exhaust systems, porous materials description, and the vibro-acoustic analysis of geared systems are discussed.

Vehicle Feedback and Driver Situation Awareness

Vehicle Feedback and Driver Situation Awareness Author Guy H. Walker
ISBN-10 9781317147848
Release 2018-04-17
Pages 356
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A potentially troubling aspect of modern vehicle design – some would argue - is a trend towards isolating the driver and reducing vehicle feedback, usually in the name of comfort and refinement but increasingly because of automation. There can be little doubt cars have become more civilised over the years yet, despite this, the consequences on driver behaviour remain to a large extent anecdotal. Readers of this book will have heard such anecdotes for themselves. They usually take the form of drivers of a certain age recalling their first cars from the 1970’s or 80’s, in which "doing 70mph really felt like it". The question is whether such anecdotes actually reflect a bigger, more significant issue that could be better understood? Related questions have been explored in other domains such as aviation, where the change to ‘fly-by-wire’, for example, did indeed bring about some occasionally serious performance issues which were not anticipated. Despite some clear parallels automotive systems have been left relatively unexamined. The research described in this monograph aims to explore precisely these issues from a Human Factors perspective.

Fatigue of Beta Processed and Beta Heat treated Titanium Alloys

Fatigue of Beta Processed and Beta Heat treated Titanium Alloys Author Russell Wanhill
ISBN-10 9400725248
Release 2011-10-28
Pages 51
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This publication reviews most of the available literature on the fatigue properties of β annealed Ti-6Al-4V and titanium alloys with similar microstructures. The focus is on β processed and β heat-treated alloys because β annealed Ti-6Al-4V has been selected for highly loaded and fatigue-critical structures, including the main wing-carry-through bulkheads and vertical tail stubs, of advanced high-performance military aircraft. An important aspect of the review is a concise survey of fatigue life assessment methods and the required types of fatigue data. This survey provides the background to recommendations for further research, especially on the fatigue behaviour of β annealed Ti-6Al-4V under realistic fatigue load histories, including the essential topic of short/small fatigue crack growth. Such research is required for independent fatigue life assessments that conform to the aircraft manufacturer’s design requirements, and also for life reassessments that most probably will have to be made during the service life of the aircraft.

Biosensors and Invasive Monitoring in Clinical Applications

Biosensors and Invasive Monitoring in Clinical Applications Author Emma P. Córcoles
ISBN-10 9783319003603
Release 2013-04-23
Pages 80
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This volume examines the advances of invasive monitoring by means of biosensors and microdialysis. Physical and physiological parameters are commonly monitored in clinical settings using invasive techniques due to their positive outcome in patients’ diagnosis and treatment. Biochemical parameters, however, still rely on off-line measurements and require large pieces of equipment. Biosensing and sampling devices present excellent capabilities for their use in continuous monitoring of patients’ biochemical parameters. However, certain issues remain to be solved in order to ensure a more widespread use of these techniques in today’s medical practices.

The Evaporation Mechanism in the Wick of Copper Heat Pipes

The Evaporation Mechanism in the Wick of Copper Heat Pipes Author Shwin-Chung Wong
ISBN-10 9783319044958
Release 2014-01-24
Pages 38
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This book discusses the evaporation mechanism in the wick of copper heat pipes. The investigations are based on recent visualization experiments for operating horizontal flat-plate heat pipes.

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Rotating Porous Media

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Rotating Porous Media Author Peter Vadasz
ISBN-10 9783319200569
Release 2015-07-28
Pages 78
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This Book concentrates the available knowledge on rotating fluid flow and heat transfer in porous media in one single reference. Dr. Vadasz develops the fundamental theory of rotating flow and heat transfer in porous media and introduces systematic classification and identification of the relevant problems. An initial distinction between rotating flows in isothermal heterogeneous porous systems and natural convection in homogeneous non-‐isothermal porous systems provides the two major classes of problems to be considered. A few examples of solutions to selected problems are presented, highlighting the significant impact of rotation on the flow in porous media.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicles Author Simona Onori
ISBN-10 9781447167815
Release 2015-12-16
Pages 112
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This SpringerBrief deals with the control and optimization problem in hybrid electric vehicles. Given that there are two (or more) energy sources (i.e., battery and fuel) in hybrid vehicles, it shows the reader how to implement an energy-management strategy that decides how much of the vehicle’s power is provided by each source instant by instant. Hybrid Electric Vehicles: •introduces methods for modeling energy flow in hybrid electric vehicles; •presents a standard mathematical formulation of the optimal control problem; •discusses different optimization and control strategies for energy management, integrating the most recent research results; and •carries out an overall comparison of the different control strategies presented. Chapter by chapter, a case study is thoroughly developed, providing illustrative numerical examples that show the basic principles applied to real-world situations. In addition to the examples, simulation code is provided via a website, so that readers can work on the actual implementation of energy management strategies. The brief is intended as a straightforward tool for learning quickly about state-of-the-art energy-management strategies. It is particularly well-suited to the needs of graduate students and engineers already familiar with the basics of hybrid vehicles but who wish to learn more about their control strategies.

Water Civilization

Water Civilization Author Yoshinori Yasuda
ISBN-10 9784431541103
Release 2012-10-24
Pages 477
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Water Civilization: From Yangtze to Khmer Civilizations comprises three major topics: 1) Discovery of the origin of rice agriculture and the Yangtze River civilization in southern China was mainly based on investigation of the Chengtoushan archaeological site, the earliest urban settlement in East Asia. The origin of rice cultivation can be traced back to 10000 BC, with urban settlement starting at about 6000 BP; 2) The Yangtze River civilization collapsed around 4200 BP. Palaeoenvironmental studies including analyses of annually laminated sediments in East and Southeast Asia indicate a close relationship between climate change and the rise and fall of the rice-cultivating and fishing civilization; and 3) Migrations from southern China to Southeast Asia occurred after about 4200 BP. Archaeological investigation of the Phum Snay site in Cambodia, including analyses of DNA and human skeletal remains, reveals a close relationship to southern China, indicating the migration of people from southern China to Southeast Asia. This publication is an important contribution to understanding the environmental history of China and Cambodia in relation to the rise and fall of the rice-cultivating and fishing civilization, which we call water civilization.

Natural Convection from Circular Cylinders

Natural Convection from Circular Cylinders Author Sandra Boetcher
ISBN-10 9783319081328
Release 2014-08-05
Pages 48
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This book presents a concise, yet thorough, reference for all heat transfer coefficient correlations and data for all types of cylinders: vertical, horizontal, and inclined. This book covers all natural convection heat transfer laws for vertical and inclined cylinders and is an excellent resource for engineers working in the area of heat transfer engineering.

On the Power of Fuzzy Markup Language

On the Power of Fuzzy Markup Language Author Giovanni Acampora
ISBN-10 9783642354885
Release 2012-12-14
Pages 188
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One of the most successful methodology that arose from the worldwide diffusion of Fuzzy Logic is Fuzzy Control. After the first attempts dated in the seventies, this methodology has been widely exploited for controlling many industrial components and systems. At the same time, and very independently from Fuzzy Logic or Fuzzy Control, the birth of the Web has impacted upon almost all aspects of computing discipline. Evolution of Web, Web2.0 and Web 3.0 has been making scenarios of ubiquitous computing much more feasible; consequently information technology has been thoroughly integrated into everyday objects and activities. What happens when Fuzzy Logic meets Web technology? Interesting results might come out, as you will discover in this book. Fuzzy Mark-up Language is a son of this synergistic view, where some technological issues of Web are re-interpreted taking into account the transparent notion of Fuzzy Control, as discussed here. The concept of a Fuzzy Control that is conceived and modeled in terms of a native web wisdom represents another step towards the last picture of Pervasive Web Intelligence.

Vehicle Noise Vibration and Sound Quality

Vehicle Noise  Vibration  and Sound Quality Author Gang Sheng
ISBN-10 0768034841
Release 2012
Pages 493
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Vehicle Noise Vibration and Sound Quality has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Vehicle Noise Vibration and Sound Quality also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Vehicle Noise Vibration and Sound Quality book for free.

Flow Boiling in Expanding Microchannels

Flow Boiling in Expanding Microchannels Author Tamanna Alam
ISBN-10 9783319550329
Release 2017-06-07
Pages 82
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This Brief presents an up to date summary of details of the flow boiling heat transfer, pressure drop and instability characteristics; two phase flow patterns of expanding microchannels. Results obtained from the different expanding microscale geometries are presented for comparison and addition to that, comparison with literatures is also performed. Finally, parametric studies are performed and presented in the brief. The findings from this study could help in understanding the complex microscale flow boiling behavior and aid in the design and implementation of reliable compact heat sinks for practical applications.

Frontiers in Nano therapeutics

Frontiers in Nano therapeutics Author Nishat Tasnim
ISBN-10 9789811032837
Release 2017-05-13
Pages 82
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This brief highlights recent research advances in the area of nano-therapeutics. Nanotechnology holds immense potential for application in a wide range of biological and engineering applications such as molecular sensors for disease diagnosis, therapeutic agents for the treatment of diseases, a vehicle for delivering therapeutics and imaging agents for theranostic applications, both in-vitro and in-vivo. The brief is grouped into the following sections namely, A) Discrete Nanosystems ; B) Anisotropic Nanoparticles; C) Nano-films/coated/layered and D) Nano-composites.

Electricity based Fuels

Electricity based Fuels Author Alexander Tremel
ISBN-10 9783319724591
Release 2017-12-07
Pages 95
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This book discusses the needs of future energy systems with a focus on the electricity and transportation sectors. The general idea behind electricity based fuel is explained, the current status and future potential developments of this technology are presented. A main challenge in the production of electricity based fuels is the fluctuating energy input from renewable electricity generation. The arising design and optimization targets for integrated power-to-fuel plants are discussed, also presenting plant design and operation strategies. The book gives an outlook on future expected production costs of electricity based fuels and compares it with fossil fuels and alternatives.

Estimating Characteristics of the Foreign Born by Legal Status

Estimating Characteristics of the Foreign Born by Legal Status Author Dean H. Judson
ISBN-10 9400712723
Release 2011-03-29
Pages 70
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This brief represents a comprehensive review of methods for estimating characteristics of the foreign-born population in the United States, specifically oriented toward characteristics by legal status. A variety of methods have been proffered over the past many decades, in a large variety of venues; this work brings them together, attempts to impart some order on the definition of “legal status,” and describes strengths and deficiencies both in methods and in data. The authors have a combined 50 years of experience in both demographic and statistical methodology.

Low Voltage Power MOSFETs

Low Voltage Power MOSFETs Author Jacek Korec
ISBN-10 1441993207
Release 2011-03-30
Pages 65
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Low Voltage Power MOSFETs focuses on the design of low voltage power MOSFETs and the relation between the device structure and the performance of a power MOSFET used as a switch in power management applications. This SpringerBriefs close the gap between detailed engineering reference books and the numerous technical papers on the subject of power MOSFETs. The material presented covers low voltage applications extending from battery operated portable electronics, through point of load converters, internet infrastructure, automotive applications, to personal computers and server computers. The issues treated in this volume are explained qualitatively using schematic illustrations, making the discussion easy to follow for all prospective readers.

Self similarity in Walsh Functions and in the Farfield Diffraction Patterns of Radial Walsh Filters

Self similarity in Walsh Functions and in the Farfield Diffraction Patterns of Radial Walsh Filters Author Lakshminarayan Hazra
ISBN-10 9789811028090
Release 2017-06-09
Pages 82
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The book explains the classification of a set of Walsh functions into distinct self-similar groups and subgroups, where the members of each subgroup possess distinct self-similar structures. The observations on self-similarity presented provide valuable clues to tackling the inverse problem of synthesis of phase filters. Self-similarity is observed in the far-field diffraction patterns of the corresponding self-similar filters. Walsh functions form a closed set of orthogonal functions over a prespecified interval, each function taking merely one constant value (either +1 or −1) in each of a finite number of subintervals into which the entire interval is divided. The order of a Walsh function is equal to the number of zero crossings within the interval. Walsh functions are extensively used in communication theory and microwave engineering, as well as in the field of digital signal processing. Walsh filters, derived from the Walsh functions, have opened up new vistas. They take on values, either 0 or π phase, corresponding to +1 or -1 of the Walsh function value.