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Awaken the Slumbering Goddess

Awaken the Slumbering Goddess Author Ashok Bedi
ISBN-10 1419672606
Release 2007-04-30
Pages 286
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Life rarely works out as we planned it. Often it works out worse and sometimes better than we planned. It is my hypothesis, based on extensive clinical experience as a psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst - that when we live life out of the outer fringes of our psyche, it works out worse than we hoped for. When we live life out of the deeper center of our psyche – our Soul, it plays out much better than we anticipated. Life lived out of our Ego - the center of our outer, conscious personality is lived on the outer fringes of our potential. Life lived in tune with the Soul, the center of our deepest personality and the pacemaker of our destiny, blossoms to its fullest potential. The soul conveys its message via the latent code of archetypes or timeless wisdom templates that have crystallized in human consciousness over several million years of experience as a species. This latent code lives in myths and stories of each culture. In this book, I have presented one such group of stories or wisdom templates. This is the latent code of Shakti – the life force that energies and guides us on our life course. These are the stories of mysterious goddesses of Hindu culture, collectively called Shakti or Spiritual energy that can help us live out of our soul. Welcome to the realm of Shakti-the inner goddess in every man and every woman.Whenever we are dealing with personal crisis, life transition, a new beginning, a traumatic event, a medical or psychological problem, a relationship tangle, a major life decision, some spiritual or psychological crossroad, this latent code is activated by our soul to guide us. This helps us to make an informed decision consistent with our life purpose and spiritual calling. For each specific life problem, there is a corresponding aspect of the latent code that spurs us onto our path. To prepare for a new endeavor, the latent code of the goddess of arts and academics Saraswati steps in, To attain peace and prosperity, code of Laxmi guides our path. When we walk the line between self assertion and mutuality, code of Parvati guides our path. When we are struggling to tame the dark and dysfunctional aspects of our personality, the code of Kali helps us trim our shadow. Life transitions often call for a period of void and inner emptiness before new life structures could be created. The code of the great grandmother Aditi presides over inner void and new creations. When we are trying to integrate the opposites in our nature, the latent code of the archetype of the sacred marriage – the dance of the masculine Shiva and the eternal feminine Shakti provide a useful template.

Sweden and the Swedes

Sweden and the Swedes Author William Widgery Thomas
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433066622493
Release 1891
Pages 749
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Sweden and the Swedes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sweden and the Swedes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sweden and the Swedes book for free.

Dreams of the Reiki Shaman

Dreams of the Reiki Shaman Author Jim PathFinder Ewing
ISBN-10 9781844094974
Release 2011-10-01
Pages 192
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Based on more than a decade of the author’s successful workshops, this resource expands and refines the unique combination of the hands-on healing modality of Reiki with the life-changing shamanic journey. The resulting knowledge is presented clearly and concisely, making it possible for those with no previous background in Reiki or shamanism to understand, appreciate, and enjoy the teachings while those more experienced can glean new insight for their own healing work. Providing generous examples of shamanic journeying beyond ordinary reality and citing hundreds of case studies from the author’s own private practice, this reference also lists internet references for further research.


Superjuice Author Michael van Straten
ISBN-10 9781845339654
Release 2014-06-02
Pages 160
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Sensational, succulent juices that boost your health, healing drinks with dazzling flavours, beverages that repair the damage done the night before... Whether it's an invigorating pick-me-up you're after, a vitamin-packed juice to put the sun back into your day, or a natural remedy full of goodness, here leading health expert Michael van Straten shows you how to make a flavour-packed juice to cater for all moods and needs. For a healthier, happier lifestyle, look no further than Superjuice as a natural recipe for success.

Path to the Soul

Path to the Soul Author Ashok Bedi
ISBN-10 9781609254469
Release 2000-09-15
Pages 272
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Path to the Soul provides an important evolutionary leap in the rapidly evolving understanding of our psychological and spiritual essence. Drawing from Hindu and Christian spiritual wisdom, biological medicine, psychiatric technique, and over twenty-five years of clinical experience, Dr. Bedi has created a highly effective and integrated treatment approach to problems associated with both medical and psychiatric illness. He explains the Hindu concepts of maya, karma, and dharma, and builds a bridge between psychological dis-ease and our intrinsic hunger for spiritual union. Each symptom is seen as a crucial whisper from our soul, and if we understand its message, it can lead us to psychological balance. Dr. Bedi guides us through the process of Kundalini diagnosis, showing how the use of life events, medical or psychiatric symptoms, relationship strengths and problems, and life goals and aspirations can help us determine our dominant and auxiliary chakras. Since our chakras are focal points where physical, emotional, developmental, and spiritual forces intersect, they provide a paradigm that usefully links physical, psychological, developmental, and spiritual dimensions. He explains how he has successfully helped many patients correct imbalances by learning to access and strengthen this energy. Throughout this book there are numerous examples of how Dr. Bedi's patients have discovered what each individual eventually has to recognize; that our fulfillment, satisfaction, wholeness, and harmony can be reawakened when we touch the spark of divine light glowing within.

Woman s Missionary Friend

Woman s Missionary Friend Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015039671246
Release 1899
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Woman s Missionary Friend has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Woman s Missionary Friend also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Woman s Missionary Friend book for free.

Retire Your Family Karma

Retire Your Family Karma Author Ashok Bedi
ISBN-10 9780892545797
Release 2003-11-01
Pages 192
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We reap what we sow, but we also reap what others before us have sown. If we do this unconsciously, we find ourselves victims of unfortunate circumstances, but if we are conscious of what we have taken on from our family legacy, we can turn it around. Doctors Bedi and Matthews have worked with people who have carried the burden of their families' best achievements, worst failures, and unrealized dreams. With their experience, we learn to recognize our karmic inheritance and settle our family's karmic accounts so we can redirect our energies in accord with our own true path and passion, our soul's calling. Bedi and Matthews explain how ancestral karma gets energetically encoded in the chakras of our subtle body and manifests as chakra blockages or overactivity. They provide case histories from their patients, an analysis of the Kennedy family history, as well as the archetypal example of the history of the House of Atreus--the Greek legacy of family betrayal stemming from Tantalus to Atreus and Thyestes, to Agamemnon and finally, Orestes. In addition to these examples and illuminating case studies, the authors teach us how to use dreamwork, journaling, and diagramming our family tree as tools for identifying and overcoming inherited karma. To totally comprehend our roots and to realize our destiny, we must look beyond our individual life and understand our ancestral context in order to make sense of our journey. Once we have identified the blessings and the curses we have inherited, we have the possibility of choice. The best way to break old patterns is to work on establishing new ones.

Crossing the Healing Zone

Crossing the Healing Zone Author Ashok Bedi
ISBN-10 9780892545896
Release 2013-04-01
Pages 296
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The medicine of the 20th century was about the treatment of illness. The medicine of the 21st century is about wellness. Crossing the Healing Zone advances the new concepts of the emerging frontiers of integrative medicine, bringing together Eastern and Western healing traditions and merging body, mind, and spirit in a Jungian perspective. The journey through the Healing Zone that Dr. Bedi proposes is guided by archetypes and myths, active imagination, dreams and synchronicities, and the neuroplastic mysteries of our complex physical reality. The Healing Zone can be described in many ways—as the fourth dimension of consciousness, as quantum consciousness, as Jung’s “psychoid space,” as the Buddhist Third Way, or as the “gap” between the ego and the soul. Here, we can access all three areas of the triune brain—reptilian, limbic, and neocortical—all of which must be addressed in order to achieve full integration and healing. The Healing Zone is a bridge between the ego and the soul—a bridge that we can cross to reach the healing wisdom of the universe. Dr. Bedi outlines how to work with psychological and soul processes in moving from illness to wellness, and provides practical methods and techniques that can help readers access and engage the Healing Zone. The book contains informative and visual guidelines and practices that can help us create and manage our own personal wellness programs and become full and active partners in our own journeys from illness to wellness.

The Coming Renaissance

The Coming Renaissance Author Sir James Marchant
ISBN-10 UCAL:$B43066
Release 1923
Pages 259
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The Coming Renaissance has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Coming Renaissance also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Coming Renaissance book for free.

Walter Benjamin and the Demands of History

Walter Benjamin and the Demands of History Author Michael P. Steinberg
ISBN-10 0801482577
Release 1996
Pages 252
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This book is the first to consider the presence of history and the question of historical practice in Walter Benjamin's work. Benjamin, the critic and philosopher of history, was also the practitioner, the authors contend, and it is in the practice of historical writing that the materialist aspect of his thought is most evident. Some of the essays analyze Benjamin's writings in cultural history and the philosophy of history. Others connect his historical and theoretical practices to issues in contemporary feminism and post-colonial studies, and to cultural contexts including the United States, Japan, and Hong Kong. In different ways, the authors all find in Benjamin's specific notion of historical materialism a dialectic between textual and cultural analysis which can reinvigorate the relation between literary and historical studies.

Fire Gazing

Fire Gazing Author Gail R. Dimitroff PhD
ISBN-10 9781466916784
Release 2012-03-13
Pages 200
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Venus has always been associated with the feminine in astrology and in culture, yet little emphasis is placed upon the wisdom aspect of the planet. With the cycles of Venus we are given insight into the unfolding of wisdom within ourselves and society, especially with the cycle of Venus inferior conjunctions the so-called 2nd order cycle of the planet. In her timely and much-needed work, Firegazing, Gail has brilliantly outlined the meaning and import of these cycles and the deeper meaning of a planet that often only receives a passing notice in astrology, yet is so intimately connected with our own lives and what it is to be human. When Venus passes across the face of the solar orb, we are given opportunity to gaze into the very fire of the soul itself. Well done, Gail! - Malvin Artley

Zebadiah Sartwell the miller of Whallonsburgh

Zebadiah Sartwell  the miller of Whallonsburgh Author Samuel Paige Johnson
Release 1903
Pages 318
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Zebadiah Sartwell the miller of Whallonsburgh has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Zebadiah Sartwell the miller of Whallonsburgh also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Zebadiah Sartwell the miller of Whallonsburgh book for free.

Dresden history Stage Gallery

Dresden  history  Stage  Gallery Author Mary Endell
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105048790021
Release 1908
Pages 211
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Dresden history Stage Gallery has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Dresden history Stage Gallery also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Dresden history Stage Gallery book for free.

Senate Magic

Senate Magic Author Jeanne Mozier
ISBN-10 9780989801812
Release 2013-11-01
Pages 608
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Glamorous Kiley (Kat) Tomasso faces an epic battle in her U.S. Senate campaign. Helped by the wisdom of Max the Magician and her faithful friend, Roxy, Kat faces complications from the struggle between two powerful men: crime chief Race Scarlatti and the compelling neo-conservative Senator TJ Stuart of Virginia. As Election Day approaches, betrayal, intrigue and romance unfold in continual crescendos of shocking secrets exposed. Witty, laced with believable mysticism and fast-paced action, Senate Magic transcends the usual political novel and presents an intriguing and seductive vision of what our future could have been.

Shakti Mantras

Shakti Mantras Author Thom Ashley-Farrand
ISBN-10 9780307490834
Release 2009-08-05
Pages 272
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SHAKTI MANTRAS Tapping into the Great Goddess Energy Within • Enhance your spiritual gifts • Lighten your karmic burden • Improve your health and increase prosperity • Live in harmony with the universe Now, with Shakti Mantras, we can all benefit from this ancient practice. Thomas Ashley-Farrand, a Vedic priest, is an American expert in the intricacies of Sanskrit mantra. With nearly thirty years and thousands of hours of experience in chanting, he is supremely well-equipped to write the first book that teaches women (and men as well) to tap into the dynamic feminine energy of love in all its manifestations. By sharing enchanting Hindu myths and astonishing true stories from his own practice, Ashley-Farrand helps us to understand the real power that this age-old art awakens in those who perform it. Through dozens of actual mantras–each one presented with phonetic spelling for easy pronunciation and recommendations for specific applications–he enables us to increase our “shakti” (power) and use it to solve problems, ensure abundance, create health and well-being, summon protection, and invoke personal and universal peace. Whether you’re new to chanting or an old hand, Shakti Mantras will take you places you’ve never been before . . . and measurably enrich your life. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Ball State University Forum

Ball State University Forum Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105008441185
Release 1977
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Ball State University Forum has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ball State University Forum also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ball State University Forum book for free.

Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga Author Yogi Pranavananda
ISBN-10 8120815084
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 189
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In Yoga the question of boundaries, the constant talk about the various yogas, is, to a very large extent, an artificial one, mind-created. Translators and commentators have constantly and shortsightedly referred to the Gheranda Samhita as a Hatha-Yoga classic. Normally presented as the most basic and material of all yogas, it is understood quite literally by all sorts of authorities and grossly interpreted by guru and disciple alike. Such teachings, when partially grasped and separated from the whole, constitute a poor caricature of the Sacred Science. The same is true of so many `exciting` and `new` meditation techniques being propounded nowadays; transcendent only in their refined materialism, in the What`s in it for me attitude. Such reflections have prompted the author to reveal, for the first time, many of the inner or spiritual aspects of this Pure Yoga treatise. Hence the present work, which is much more than just Hatha-Yoga teachings, as popularly and most improperly understood. Though whole and eternal, Yoga is constantly being lost; it is also constantly being found. Wise indeed is he who finds it.