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Bad Attitude Guide to Good Citizenship

Bad Attitude Guide to Good Citizenship Author Claire Wolfe
ISBN-10 1581607415
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 228
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Every few years, American voters get fed up and "throw the bums out." One party sweeps to victory on promises of "change" or "getting government off our backs." Such monumental electoral changes swept the country in 2008. And 1994. And 1980. And 1968. But amid all this change, the one thing that never actually does change is the one thing we imagine we're changing—government. We throw the bums out—and throw another bunch of bums in. We vote for smaller government—and government gets even bigger. We vote for less spending, and spending soars. In other words: no matter who we vote for, the government gets elected. "It's hopeless," we tell ourselves. "There's not a damn thing we can do to change anything." But that sort of cynicism simply just plays into the system. There are alternatives to the failed methods of good citizenship, and that's what this book is about. Let freedom activist Claire Wolfe show you how to use a bad attitude to effect real change: Bypassing politics entirely to get things done and preserve your freedoms Keeping politicians and bureaucrats in their place—and out of yours Halting the increased militarization of police Choosing between creative disregard and civil disobedience Assessing the necessity of elections in society The goal of Claire's unconventional brand of political action is to generate a momentum of individual independence around the country, at the same time as government-as-usual engineers its own doom by being oppressive and unresponsive. There may not be a sea change at first, but as more and more citizens become fed up with the status quo and find cause within the freedom movement, change could come bullet-train fast. "Claire Wolfe is one of the great revolutionaries of our time. . . . The Bad Attitude Guide makes a great gift—it is a unique book and a unique perspective." ––Brian Wilson, Radio Show Host

British Social Attitudes

British Social Attitudes Author Alison Park
ISBN-10 9781849202657
Release 2008-01-23
Pages 408
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'...British Social Attitudes remains a beacon of excellence. It has adapted to the times...providing a rich and textured guide to who we think we are, what we think and how that has changed' - Financial Times ' indispensable tool not just for governments, but also for modern citizens to understand their fellows, and themselves better' - The Times Higher Education Supplement '...shows what the British people really think, as opposed to what journalists and politicians like to pretend they think' - John Pilger The annual British Social Attitudes survey is carried out by Britain's largest independent social research organisation, the National Centre for Social Research. It provides an indispensable guide to political and social issues in contemporary Britain. This 24th Report summarises and interprets data from the most recent nationwide survey, as well as drawing invaluable comparisons with the findings of previous years to provide a richer picture and deeper understanding of changing British social values. The British Social Attitudes survey report is essential reading for anyone seeking a guide to the topical issues and debates of today or engaged in contemporary social and political research. CONTENTS: 1. New families? Tradition and change in modern relationships - Simon Duncan and Miranda Phillips 2. Cohabitation and the law: myths, money and the media - Anne Barlow, Carole Burgoyne, Elizabeth Clery and Janet Smithson 3. Who does the housework? The division of labour within the home - Rosemary Crompton and Clare Lyonette 4. Talking the talk: national identity in England and Scotland - Frank Bechhofer and David McCrone 5. Is there still a public service ethos? - Peter John and Mark Johnson 6. Prejudice and the workplace - Chris Creegan and Chloe Robinson 7. Car use and climate change: do we practise what we preach? - Stephen Stradling, Jillian Anable, Tracy Anderson and Alexandra Cronberg 8. Where have all the readers gone? Popular newspapers and Britain's political health - John Curtice and Ann Mair 9. What makes a good citizen? Citizenship across the democratic world - Paul F Whiteley 10. The role of government: public values and party politics - Robert Johns and Stephen Padgett 11. Trends in sympathy for the poor - Peter Taylor-Gooby and Rose Martin For more information on the National Centre for Social Research visit

The Good Citizen

The Good Citizen Author David Batstone
ISBN-10 9781135302801
Release 2014-02-04
Pages 144
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In The Good Citizen, some of the most eminent contemporary thinkers take up the question of the future of American democracy in an age of globalization, growing civic apathy, corporate unaccountability, and purported fragmentation of the American common identity by identity politics.

A Systematic Guide to Write a Research Paper

A Systematic Guide to Write a Research Paper Author
ISBN-10 9789350620922
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A Systematic Guide to Write a Research Paper has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Systematic Guide to Write a Research Paper also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Systematic Guide to Write a Research Paper book for free.

Don t Shoot the Bastards Yet

Don t Shoot the Bastards  Yet Author Claire Wolfe
ISBN-10 1559501898
Release 1999
Pages 230
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Another batch of ideas to counteract the abuses government and private agencies so routinely practice. Provides more ways to monkey wrench a system that keeps citizens in a stranglehold. Teaches how to prepare for a truly independent lifestyle, and imparts further insight on how to liberate people from the Powers that Be.


CREATING VALUE Author J D. Havens, CPA; Dr. Joseph S. Paul
ISBN-10 1452051895
Release 2005-02-09
Pages 88
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This book is designed to assist you in recognizing that you, as a professional, are running your own personal company and that this company’s success (your success) will be determined by the amount of time and resources that you invest in yourself. That investment will then grow according to the values you set for your company. The professionals who understand and grasp this concept are empowered to right-track their professional careers from Day One. It is one of the most powerful concepts for you to understand as a professional. If you will invest a couple of hours in your personal company and learn about the 13 principles of creating value that we have disclosed in this book, you will dramatically increase your effectiveness, your self-confidence, and your satisfaction. And, above all, you will find the right track for your professional career. You will do great things when you take ownership of your company and implement a plan of action that is based upon the 13 principles of creating value. “Creating Value in engaging, enjoyable and practical. In an era of spin, this is straight talk and action steps for positive career development.” Dick Cowart, President American Health Lawyers Association

Building better programs in citizenship

Building better programs in citizenship Author Columbia University. Teachers College. Citizenship Education Project
ISBN-10 UOM:39015058409072
Release 1958
Pages 309
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Building better programs in citizenship has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Building better programs in citizenship also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Building better programs in citizenship book for free.

Coaches Guide to Team Policies

Coaches  Guide to Team Policies Author American Sport Education Program
ISBN-10 0736064478
Release 2007
Pages 203
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Together with ancillary web access this text provides 200 policies for establishing team morals in the areas of: respect, responsibility, caring, honesty, fairness, and good citizenship.

How Children Learn

How Children Learn Author John Holt
ISBN-10 9780786746903
Release 2009-04-20
Pages 320
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This enduring classic of educational thought offers teachers and parents deep, original insight into the nature of early learning. John Holt was the first to make clear that, for small children, “learning is as natural as breathing.” In this delightful yet profound book, he looks at how we learn to talk, to read, to count, and to reason, and how we can nurture and encourage these natural abilities in our children.”

Miss Manners

Miss Manners Author Judith Martin
ISBN-10 0609801589
Release 1999
Pages 373
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Essays, commentary, and answers to questions examine the role of etiquette in free speech, political correctness, gender relations, and other sensitive social issues

The Dynamic Manager s Guide to Marketing Advertising

The Dynamic Manager s Guide to Marketing   Advertising Author Dave Donelson
ISBN-10 9781453889602
Release 2010-10-30
Pages 272
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Businesses that thrive-and the managers who run them-have one thing in common: they make their decisions based on meeting their customers' needs. They are good marketers. Dave Donelson distills the experiences of hundreds of such business owners-and his own as an entrepreneur and consultant-into this guide to attracting customers, persuading them to buy, and turning them into customers for life. Learn how to increase the return on your advertising investment by following a few basic rules of the game. Find out what makes your customers tick and why they buy from you-or your competition. Discover how to build your profits on a solid foundation of good marketing skills. In the first two sections, managers and entrepreneurs just like you tell how they handle the nitty-gritty details of creating ads, buying media, designing promotions, and all the many other tasks of good marketing. Insightful case studies of small companies across the country-retailers, manufacturers, service providers, and more-help you see how marketing drives successful business strategy. As a bonus, section three contains twenty-three promotions and ad campaigns you can use. Study them, run them, or adapt them to your specific needs-they've all been proven to work for businesses just like yours. The Dynamic Manager's Guide To Marketing & Advertising isn't about theory-it's about how to succeed in the real world of small business.

The Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right

The Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right Author Jens Rydgren
ISBN-10 9780190644185
Release 2018-02-01
Pages 744
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The resurgence of strong radical right-wing parties and movements constitutes one of the most significant political changes in democratic states during the past several decades, particularly in Europe. The radical right's comeback has notably attracted interest from political scientists, sociologists, and historians, although the majority of past research focuses on party and electoral politics. In contrast, The Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right not only covers existing literature, but also shows how the radical right forms movements rather than parties. Editor Jens Rydren has gathered an international cast of contributors to cover concepts and definitions; ideologies and discourses; and a range of contemporary issues such as religion, globalization, gender, and activism. Further, this volume is one of few to provide a number of cases focusing on areas outside of Europe, including Russia, the US, Australia, Israel, and Japan. By integrating various strands of scholarship on the radical right that covers different regions and different research perspectives, this Handbook provides an authoritative and state of the art overview of the topic and will set the agenda for scholarship on the radical right for years to come.

Coaches Guide to Excellence

Coaches  Guide to Excellence Author USA Wrestling (Organization)
ISBN-10 1884125271
Release 1995-03-01
Pages 225
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Coaches Guide to Excellence has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Coaches Guide to Excellence also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Coaches Guide to Excellence book for free.

Scouting for Boys

Scouting for Boys Author Robert Baden-Powell
ISBN-10 9780486318127
Release 2014-11-24
Pages 432
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This blueprint for the Boy Scout movement not only provides energetic tips on camping, tracking, and woodcraft, but offers proper Victorian-era advice on manners, self-discipline, and good citizenship. Includes the original illustrations.

If You Ask Me

If You Ask Me Author Eleanor Roosevelt
ISBN-10 9781501179815
Release 2018-10-09
Pages 272
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Experience the timeless wit and wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt in this annotated collection of candid advice columns that she wrote for more than twenty years. In 1941, Eleanor Roosevelt embarked on a new career as an advice columnist. She had already transformed the role of first lady with her regular press conferences, her activism on behalf of women, minorities, and youth, her lecture tours, and her syndicated newspaper column. When Ladies Home Journal offered her an advice column, she embraced it as yet another way for her to connect with the public. “If You Ask Me” quickly became a lifeline for Americans of all ages. Over the twenty years that Eleanor wrote her advice column, no question was too trivial and no topic was out of bounds. Practical, warm-hearted, and often witty, Eleanor’s answers were so forthright her editors included a disclaimer that her views were not necessarily those of the magazines or the Roosevelt administration. Asked, for example, if she had any Republican friends, she replied, “I hope so.” Queried about whether or when she would retire, she said, “I never plan ahead.” As for the suggestion that federal or state governments build public bomb shelters, she considered the idea “nonsense.” Covering a wide variety of topics—everything from war, peace, and politics to love, marriage, religion, and popular culture—these columns reveal Eleanor Roosevelt’s warmth, humanity, and timeless relevance.

America the Owner s Manual

America  the Owner s Manual Author Bob Graham
ISBN-10 9781506350578
Release 2016-08-02
Pages 328
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In 2016, Americans fed up with the political process vented that frustration with their votes. Republicans nominated for president a wealthy businessman and former reality show host best known on the campaign trail for his sharp rhetoric against immigration and foreign trade. Democrats nearly selected a self-described socialist who ran on a populist platform against the influence of big money in politics. While it is not surprising that Americans would channel their frustrations into votes for contenders who pledge to end business as usual, the truth is that we don’t have to pin our hopes for greater participation on any one candidate. All of us have a say—if we learn, master and practice the skills of effective citizenship. One of the biggest roadblocks to participation in democracy is the perception that privileged citizens and special interests command the levers of power and that everyday Americans can’t fight City Hall. That perception is undoubtedly why a 2015 Pew Charitable Trusts survey found that 74 percent of those Americans surveyed believed that most elected officials didn't care what people like them thought. Graham and Hand intend to change that conventional wisdom by showing citizens how to flex their citizenship muscles. They describe effective citizenship skills and provide tips from civic experts. Even more importantly, they offer numerous examples of everyday Americans who have used their skills to make democracy respond. The reader will see themselves in these examples of citizens who chose to be victorious participants rather than tranquil spectators in the arena of democracy. By the end of the book, you will have new confidence that citizen participation is the lifeblood of America -- and will be ready to make governments work for you, not the other way around.

The R O T C Manual

The R  O  T  C  Manual Author
ISBN-10 MINN:31951P01132951J
Release 1937
Pages 931
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The R O T C Manual has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The R O T C Manual also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The R O T C Manual book for free.