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Badge 387

Badge 387 Author Rob Sberna
ISBN-10 1606352881
Release 2016-10-01
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Badge 387 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Badge 387 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Badge 387 book for free.


Vice Author Sgt. John R. Baker
ISBN-10 1429989777
Release 2011-01-18
Pages 432
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9 square miles. 10,000 criminals. 130 cops. A riveting memoir by Baker, California's most-decorated police officer Compton: the most violent and crime-ridden city in America. What had been a semi-rural suburb of Los Angeles in the 1950s became a battleground for the Black Panthers and Malcolm X Foundation, the home of the Crips and Bloods and the first Hispanic gangs, and the cradle of gangster rap. At the center of it, trying to maintain order was the Compton Police Department, never more than 130-strong, and facing an army of criminals that numbered over 10,000. At any given time, fully one-tenth of Compton's population was in prison, yet this tidal wave of crime was held back by the thinnest line of the law—the Compton Police. John R. Baker was raised in Compton, eventually becoming the city's most decorated officer involved in some of its most notorious, horrifying and scandalous criminal cases. Baker's account of Compton from 1950 to 2001 is one of the most powerful and compelling cop memoirs ever written—an intensely human account of sacrifice and public service, and the price the men and women of the Compton Police Department paid to preserve their city.

We Are the Cops

We Are the Cops Author Michael Matthews, PH.D.
ISBN-10 1909269220
Release 2015-03-10
Pages 300
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We Are The Cops is an adrenalin-fuelled ride through the lives of America's police, told in the authentic voices of the cops themselves. The journey begins with the rookie's first day on the job, and moves through the heartbreak of officers dying in the line of duty, the bloody reality of policing savage gang wars, the devastating consequences of drug crime, a gut-wrenching cop's eye view of 9/11, and even an encounter with a runaway gorilla called Little Joe. These real life stories from crime fighting's front line come from cops of every rank, from chiefs to street cops, working in big cities and small towns all over the US. The result is a stunning montage of brutal, funny and sometimes tragic true events which paints a vivid and unforgettable portrait of life as an American cop.

When Did I Start Looking Like a Cop

When Did I Start Looking Like a Cop Author Joseph Belcastro
ISBN-10 9781532009006
Release 2016-11-02
Pages 172
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A Brooklyn native, Joseph Belcastro joined the New York City Police Department in July, 1983. He spent four years on uniform patrol, then another four years in the precincts plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit, before being transferred to the NYPDs infamous Street Crime Unit on Randalls Island. In his tell-all memoir, Joe describes his earliest encounters as a rookie cop in uniform, how he developed his unique crime-fighting strategies, and the partners he had along the way. Joes uncanny ability to follow his gut instincts, along with his determination and perseverance, led him to personally make over a thousand arrests, and to assist his partners in at least a thousand more. Ride along with Joe on his vehicle pursuits, sit in the back seat of his car stops, and in the process share the triumphs and disappointments in the life of a street cop. Its a ride you wont want to miss!

Trooper Down

Trooper Down Author Marie Bartlett
ISBN-10 9781616202385
Release 2012-04-03
Pages 240
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A police reporter offers an up-close look inside the daily lives of North Carolina’s state troopers. Like most law enforcement, their shifts can be filled with long stretches of tedium. They stay at the roadside, watching vehicles rush by, occasionally handing out a speeding ticket or pulling over a drunk driver. Then, suddenly, it can all turn dangerous, when someone pulls a weapon—or heartbreaking, when they are called to the scene of a wreck. This portrait of North Carolina’s elite Highway Patrol recounts both the drama and the day-to-day detail of these state troopers’ lives and work. In interviews and anecdotes, troopers relate stories of manhunts, narrow misses, breathtaking confrontations, strange and hilarious encounters with the public, and aiding the injured and dying in highway accidents, while troopers’ spouses—and widows—tell of the heart-wrenching realities trooper families face. It’s a fascinating look inside a little-known profession, and the lives of the men and women who watch over us as we travel along—preferably obeying traffic laws as we go.

Undercover Cop

Undercover Cop Author Michael Russell
ISBN-10 1410463699
Release 2013
Pages 437
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Traces the story of a New Jersey state trooper's infiltration of the Genovese crime family, describing how he used his connections to enable more than fifty arrests of mobsters and officials on the mafia's payroll.

House of Horrors

House of Horrors Author Robert Sberna
ISBN-10 1606351869
Release 2012
Pages 207
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To his neighbors on Imperial Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio, Anthony Sowell was a quiet and helpful former Marine who played chess and hosted summer barbeques in his front yard. But there was a dark side to Sowell-and a horrific secret inside his house. In mid-2007, Crystal Dozier, 38, made plans to visit Sowell. She was never seen again. Over the next two years, ten more Cleveland women disappeared. Their families filed missing persons reports. Police say their search efforts were hampered by the women's transient lifestyles. But the families say police considered their loved ones "disposable" and didn't take their disappearances seriously. On October 29, 2009, a SWAT team entered Sowell's house to arrest him on a sex charge. Nearly overcome by the stench of decaying flesh, police encountered a nightmarish scene: a skull was found in the basement and the remains of eleven women were scattered throughout the house and buried in the backyard. Sowell, a sexual sadist, had lured his victims to his personal House of Horrors with promises of drugs and alcohol. He then raped, tortured, and strangled them...and lived among their rotting corpses. Five other women were attacked by Sowell but lived to tell their stories. Book jacket.

One Cops Journey

One Cops Journey Author A. Boudreau
ISBN-10 0692760946
Release 2017-01-11
Pages 340
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Detroit was once known as Murder City. Although it still has its share of violence and crime, the Detroit of the 1970's was a war zone, with more than seven hundred homicides a year. In Murder City, police officers had to act more like the lawmen of the Old West. They had to be constantly ready for things to go south, quickly. Author and former Detroit Police Department officer A. W. Boudreau was in the thick of the violence. He survived, but not all of his coworkers were so lucky. Four times as many cops died in seventies-era Detroit as do today. After completing extensive police academy training, Boudreau graduated and joined the Seventh Precinct of the Detroit Police Department in 1970. The reminders that his job was a dangerous one were all around him. The widow of a fellow officer killed in action attended the graduation ceremony, leaving Boudreau with a haunting memory of her sorrow. He devoted his career to making the streets safer for the innocent victims of violence. Boudreau's memoir will give you a new perspective on the difficulties big-city cops face every day on the job.

The Mystery of the Lufthansa Airlines Heist

The Mystery of the Lufthansa Airlines Heist Author Robert Sberna
ISBN-10 0692426809
Release 2015-04-15
Pages 42
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Where is the $6 million that was stolen during the infamous Lufthansa Airlines heist? For 37 years, the FBI has been unable to find the cash and jewels taken from the Lufthansa cargo vault at JFK airport. Now, for the first time, a Mafia insider reveals the bizarre story of what happened to the loot. In this short-format book, Dominick Cicale, a former high-ranking member of the Bonanno crime family, discloses never-before-told details about the Lufthansa robbery, which was immortalized in the movie "Goodfellas." The book includes portions of an unpublished interview with mob associate Henry Hill, whose story inspired "Goodfellas" and the book, "Wiseguy." Cicale, a mob turncoat, also shares candid insights about the heist's mastermind Jimmy Burke and mob figures John Gotti, "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano, and John Gotti Jr. The 52-page book is co-authored by Cicale and award-winning journalist Robert Sberna.

Beat Cop chicago Blue

Beat Cop chicago Blue Author Ben Celano
ISBN-10 1544077106
Release 2017-04-21
Pages 270
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Hollywood makes police work look inspiring and noble. News stations heavily edit stories of crime to avoid overly upsetting viewers. Courtrooms are full of spun tales that are little better than lies. Only the beat cop really knows the gritty truth of dealing with the worst humanity has to offer. Beat Cop presents the stories beat cops tell each other-an oral history of experiences passed down to rookies in police departments across the nation. Each of these tales is true and reveals a harsh world few outside the beat cops' world understand. Ben Celano, himself a twenty-two-year veteran of the Chicago streets, presents his fellow officers' most harrowing and memorable tales. Their recollections are not for the weak of heart: these are tales of drugged-out lunatics, homicides, shootings, rapes, and bitterly violent domestic disputes. These are the streets, as seen from the point of view of the beat cop. Some may respond to these stories with outrage or shock, but such responses don't make the officers' stories any less true. This is the reality in which brave men and women live their lives and serve their communities. They should be respected, and their stories should be told.

Behind the Shades

Behind the Shades Author Sue Ann Baker
ISBN-10 9780996159517
Release 2015-05-25
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Behind the Shades tells the story of the life of a female agent entering the male-dominated world of the Secret Service. It is a story of personal sacrifice, adventure, acceptance and rejection, tenacity, endurance, and hard work during trying times. Sue Ann Baker was on the front lines of history and observed it being made on a larger scale. She is one of the pioneers who paved the way for the many capable female agents that followed in her footsteps, and I am proud to say I served with her. Clinton J. Hill Assistant Director, Protective Forces (Retired) United States Secret Service

Life and Death in the North Woods

Life and Death in the North Woods Author Eric Wight
ISBN-10 9781608933327
Release 2014-11-07
Pages 240
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Being a game warden in Maine is not just a job, it’s a way of life. This honest and entertaining book by a twenty-two-year veteran of the service tells the story of America’s oldest game warden service. The stories told cover the risks wardens face dealing with poachers, rogue wildlife, and the elements, as well as the drama that surrounds every search and rescue operation.

True Blue

True Blue Author Sgt. Randy Sutton
ISBN-10 1429991674
Release 2005-03-01
Pages 288
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After September 11, 2001 Las Vegas Police Sergeant Randy Sutton began soliciting writing from law enforcement officers-his goal being to bridge the gap between the police and those they serve, with a book that offers a broad and thoughtful look at the many facets of police life. Hundreds of active and former officers responded from all over the United States: men and women from big cities and small towns, some who had written professionally, but most for the first time. Sutton culled the selections into five categories: The Beat, Line of Duty, War Stories, Officer Down, and Ground Zero. The result is True Blue, a collection of funny, charming, exciting, haunting stories about murder investigations, missing children, bungling burglars, car chases, lonely and desperate shut-ins, routine traffic stops, officers killed in the line of duty, and the life-changing events of September 11. Here, officers reveal their emotions-fear and pride, joy and disgust, shame and love-as they recount the defining moments of their careers. In these stories, the heart and soul behind the badge shines through in unexpected ways. True Blue will change the way we think about the deeply human realm of police service.

Ordinary Trauma

Ordinary Trauma Author Jennifer Sinor
ISBN-10 1607815370
Release 2017-02-15
Pages 192
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This original coming-of-age memoir uncovers moments in life that are made to appear ordinary but wound nonetheless.

We re the Police

We re the Police Author Tony Dellavalle
ISBN-10 1500857416
Release 2014-10-21
Pages 238
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A Police Officer's job can't be told in just one story! That's not what being a street cop is like. Real street cops handle dozens of jobs in a single day and the jobs vary from one extreme to the other. "WE'RE THE POLICE" is a collection of 50 short stories from the authors days of serving as a Police Officer and Detective in the NYPD. Recounted to you by the author they are told just as they happened, one job at a time. These stories are true accounts and vary in a manner which gives you a great example of the everyday work a street cop can face. "WE'RE THE POLICE" will intrigue and entertain you as you gain a new appreciation for the job of a New York City Police Officer

Undercover Emma Is On the Air 4

Undercover   Emma Is On the Air  4 Author Ida Siegal
ISBN-10 9780545687133
Release 2016-05-10
Pages 128
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This is Emma Perez, and I'm ON THE AIR! I found a clue about a "lost princess" in the Jefferson Market library, and now I'm using my extra-famous reporter-detective skills to go undercover and find her! Emma Perez solved Javier's wormburger mystery, found Sophia's Lion costume, and tracked down her dance teacher's special tambora drum. Now she'll have to learn an extra-special reporter trick: how to go undercover to solve a case! Can she find the "lost princess" at her library -- without getting into big trouble? It's time for a new edition of EMMA IS ON THE AIR!

Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag Author Leland Poague
ISBN-10 9781135575342
Release 2003-09-02
Pages 672
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Susan Sontag: An Annotated Bibliographycatalogues the works of one of America's most prolific and important 20th century authors. Known for her philosophical writings on American culture, topics left untouched by Sontag's writings are few and far between. This volume is an exhaustive collection that includes her novels, essays, reviews, films and interviews. Each entry is accompanied by an annotated bibliography.