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IGCSE and O Level Business Studies Revision Guide

IGCSE   and O Level Business Studies Revision Guide Author Medi Houghton
ISBN-10 9781316611692
Release 2016-12-15
Pages 174
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Cambridge IGCSE® Business Studies Revision Guide helps students apply their knowledge, understanding and skills to succeed in their course. This endorsed Cambridge IGCSE® Business Studies Revision Guide has been designed to further develop students' skills for their Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies course. Revised to meet the latest IGCSE syllabus (0450) this book is packed full of guidance to reinforce students' understanding and skills to succeed in their course. Written in a clear style by experienced examiners this revision guide is perfect for international learners and accompanies the Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies Coursebook, third edition. Please note this revision guide is also relevant for the O Level Business Studies syllabus (7115) and course.

Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies Revision Guide

Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies Revision Guide Author Medi Houghton
ISBN-10 9781107661622
Release 2012-11-09
Pages 299
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Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies Revision Guide has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies syllabus. Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies Revision Guide has been written to help students to make revision as active and effective as possible. It covers everything students need to know to do well in examinations. Along with general advice on how to prepare for examinations, each chapter has the same easy-to-follow structure.

Business Management 2014

Business Management 2014 Author Lloyd Gutteridge
ISBN-10 0198392826
Release 2014-09-25
Pages 208
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Solidify all the key concepts for the new 2014 syllabus. This fully comprehensive Study Guide helps learners focus on crucial concepts, reinforcing all the essential theory. Breaking down complex ideas into clear, manageable models, it provides a supportive framework for developing higher level comprehension. Fully supporting the new concept-based learning approach, detailed assessment support is integrated to help progress learners to higher attainment levels. About the series: Reinforce student understanding of all the crucial subject material. Fully comprehensive and matched to the most recent syllabuses, these resources provide focused review of all important concepts, tangibly strengthening assessment potential.

The Manager s Good Study Guide

The Manager s Good Study Guide Author Sheila Tyler
ISBN-10 9780749213879
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 376
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THe Manager's Good Study Guide is designed as a handy reference manual for anyone interested in learning to be a better manager, whether through a formal programme of study or informally.

Modern Business Administration

Modern Business Administration Author Robert C. Appleby
ISBN-10 0273602829
Release 1994
Pages 500
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An introductory text on business administration and management now updated to incorporate the latest issues. It includes expanded sections on issues such as Eastern Europe, management of non-profit organizations, administrative developments in Eastern Europe, electronic trading and the environment.

Basic Principles and Practice of Business Administration

Basic Principles and Practice of Business Administration Author Dr. Ambrose E. Edebe, MBA PhD
ISBN-10 9781483602370
Release 2013-03
Pages 98
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The primary purpose of this book is to provide students and others with a concise, thoroughly up-to-date book which will enable them to obtain a sound knowledge of the basic principles and practice of business administration for examination and practical purposes. This book has been produced to make the learning of business administration simple as well as interesting, and intelligent study should equip the reader with a basic knowledge of business administration. This book is a review and study guide. It helps in preparing for exams, in doing homework, and remains a handy reference source at all times. It will thus save hours of study and preparation time. The book provides quick access to the important principles, definitions, strategies, and concepts in business administration. Materials needed for exams can be reviewed in summary form eliminating the need to read and re-read many pages of textbook and class notes.

The Literature Book

The Literature Book Author DK
ISBN-10 9781465454553
Release 2016-05-26
Pages 352
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A global look at the greatest works of Eastern and Western literature and the themes that unite them, for students and lovers of literature and reading. The Literature Book is a fascinating journey through the greatest works of world literature, from the Iliad to Don Quixote to The Great Gatsby. Around 100 crystal-clear articles explore landmark novels, short stories, plays, and poetry that reinvented the art of writing in their time, whether Ancient Greece, post-classical Europe, or modern-day Korea. As part of DK's award-winning Big Ideas Simply Explained series, The Literature Book uses infographics and images to explain key ideas and themes. Biographies of important authors offer insight into their lives and other writings, and a section on Further Reading details more than 150 additional works to explore. Discover masterpieces from the world's greatest authors, and explore the context, creative history, and literary traditions that influenced each major work of fiction with The Literature Book.

Fighting Scholars

Fighting Scholars Author Raúl Sánchez García
ISBN-10 9781783083466
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 234
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‘Fighting Scholars’ offers the first book-length overview of the ethnographic study of martial arts and combat sports. The book’s main claim is that such activities represent privileged grounds to access different social dimensions, such as emotion, violence, pain, gender, ethnicity and religion. In order to explore these dimensions, the concept of ‘habitus’ is presented prominently as an epistemic remedy for the academic distant gaze of the effaced academic body. The book’s most innovative features are its empirical focus and theoretical orientation. While ethnographic research is a widespread and popular approach within the social sciences, combat sports and martial arts have yet to be sufficiently interrogated from an ethnographic standpoint. The different contributions of this volume are aligned within the same project that began to crystallize in Loïc Wacquant’s ‘Body and Soul’: the construction of a ‘carnal sociology’ that constitutes an exploration of the social world ‘from’ the body.

Certified MBA Exam Prep Guide

Certified MBA Exam Prep Guide Author South-Western
ISBN-10 0324202393
Release 2003-04-01
Pages 452
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Developed by the best subject matter experts in the business field, South-Western’s Certified MBA Exam Prep Guide delivers nearly 1700 highly-targeted practice exam questions aligned directly with the objectives for the 10 key subject areas covered in the actual CMBA Exam: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Quantitative Analysis, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Finance, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior and Strategy.These subject areas reflect the four core curriculum areas required across all accredited MBA programs.Complete with answers and test-taking tips, this CMBA Exam Prep Guide also provides study inventories to measure your understanding and lists of additional resources all designed to help fully prepare you for success on the CMBA Exam. Now, more than ever, your future depends on taking responsibility for your individual success as a business professional. Step up. Accept the CMBA challenge.

Word Searches For Dummies

Word Searches For Dummies Author Denise Sutherland
ISBN-10 9780470453667
Release 2009-05-11
Pages 432
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A travel-friendly puzzle-packed book that keeps the brain in shape One of the best ways to exercise the mind is through word and logic games like word searches and Sudoku. Studies have shown that doing word searches frequently can help prevent diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia. Word Searches For Dummies is a great way to strengthen the mind and keep the brain active plus, it's just plain fun! This unique guide features several different types of word searches that take readers beyond simply circling the answer: secret shape word searches, story word searches, listless word searches, winding words, quiz word searches, and more. It provides a large number of puzzles at different levels that will both test and exercise the mind while keeping the reader entertained for hours.

IGCSE Business Studies

IGCSE Business Studies Author Karen Borrington
ISBN-10 034092649X
Release 2006-05-15
Pages 440
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IGCSE Business Studies third edition is a student-friendly Business Studies textbook covering all the components of the latest IGCSE syllabus.

Fisheries in the Pacific

Fisheries in the Pacific Author Simonne Pauwels
ISBN-10 9782956398165
Release 2018-03-28
Pages 290
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Fisheries in the Pacific: The Challenges of Governance and Sustainability is a multidisciplinary book, which examines various aspects of coastal and oceanic fisheries in Pacific waters. These interrelated fisheries sectors are critical for regional food security and also represent a reserve of food resources for the rest of the world. The introduction and eight chapters highlight that both these sectors raise major economic and ecological issues while revealing significant social changes, political asymmetries and alliances, geostrategic rationales, developments in legislation, customary dynamics, and conservation challenges. Through complementary approaches and interpretations of both quantitative and qualitative data, this book aims to contribute to a better understanding of the current situation of fisheries in the Pacific. It also responds to the compelling need to establish a constructive and ongoing dialogue on the matter between social scientists and environmental scientists, based in Europe and in the Pacific Islands, and between these experts and the various stakeholders and policy-making institutions involved in the Pacific region.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to MBA Basics

The Complete Idiot s Guide to MBA Basics Author Tom Gorman
ISBN-10 0028644492
Release 2003
Pages 406
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A revised edition of the popular classic, this title features updated topics to build MBA knowledge. Students and managers alike will learn about management skills, business operations, financial statements, marketing, product development, customer service, strategic planning, information management, and quality management. Updated coverage includes global and international business, knowledge management, e-commerce, supply chain management, sales channel management, and financial integrity and ethics.


Management Author Angelo Kinicki
ISBN-10 0071315292
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 548
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Blending research, practical application, and imaginative writing, the authors have created a market-leading text through highly-readable writing, an emphasis on practicality, and a unique student-centered layout. They present all basic management concepts in bite-size chunks, 2-to 6-page sections to optimize student learning and emphasize the practicality of the subject matter. This text is widely praised by today ́ђةs visually-oriented students. In addition, instructors and students are supplied with a wealth of classroom-proven resource.

The Business of Resort Management

The Business of Resort Management Author Peter Murphy
ISBN-10 9781136359361
Release 2009-11-04
Pages 360
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How can owners and managers ensure that their considerable capital investments will return a competitive return on their investments? How can users and owners be sure they enjoy the promises of tantalizing marketing and real estate claims? Managing Sustainable Resorts Profitably combines business management principles with environmental and social concerns to offer development solutions to these questions. By taking an holistic and contemporary approach to the problem of developing sustainable tourism operations, this book provides a comprehensive assessment of the strategies that need to be considered by various governments, developers and, in particular, the customer-investor. The major features of resort development covered by this book include: • Environmental scanning of principal external and internal influential factors • The curse and blessings of seasonality • Competition for people’s recreation and retirement dollars • Guest activity programming • Environmental issues • Cruise ships as mobile resorts • Staffing issues in isolated areas • Financial challenges for owners and operators alike • Risk Management • Mutually beneficial options for various stakeholders Based on an analysis of global resort opportunities and trends, the book focuses on those generic features that differentiate regional resort management from urban-centric management needs and priorities. Using comparative case studies the author emphases best case/benchmark examples of a range of resorts – large and small, urban and rural - to illustrate what can be achieved.

The Political and Social Thought of Kwame Nkrumah

The Political and Social Thought of Kwame Nkrumah Author A. Biney
ISBN-10 9780230118645
Release 2011-04-11
Pages 249
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Inspired by Gandhi's non-violent campaign of civil disobedience to achieve political ends, Kwame Nkrumah led present-day Ghana to independence. This analysis of his political, social and economic thought centres on his own writings, and re-examines his life and thought by focusing on the political discourse and controversies surrounding him.

Business Management for Entrepreneurs

Business Management for Entrepreneurs Author Cecile Nieuwenhuizen
ISBN-10 0702176826
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 265
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Business Management for Entrepreneurs introduces entrepreneurs and managers of small and medium-sized businesses to all the functions needed to manage these organizations successfully. This is an essential guide to the small business management competencies that are essential for the success of a smaller business.