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Bargaining with the State from Afar

Bargaining with the State from Afar Author Eileen P. Scully
ISBN-10 9780231506311
Release 2001-03-29
Pages 304
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In the early 1990s, when organizations representing the 2.6 million U.S. nationals living abroad appealed to Congress for their own non-voting representative, the response of one Senator was to dismiss these "moans of the mink-swathed Americans abroad." However, the image of a life of luxury abroad is usually a harsher reality complicated by income taxes, military duty, and legal jurisdiction. What exactly is the obligation of a state toward citizens who live outside its borders? Bargaining with the State from Afar traces the relationship between the United States federal government and sojourning Americans living in the colonial enclaves of pre-World War II China. This group of Americans was not subject to Chinese law, but rather to an amalgam of laws borrowed from the District of Columbia and other territorial codes, as well as to local ordinances enacted by foreigners themselves. Scully explores U.S. government efforts to police this anomalous zone in the American policy and places the struggle between federal officials and sojourning U.S. nationals in the larger context of changing international law and modern citizenship regimes. She argues that the American experience with extraterritorial justice in China offers an important new vantage point from which to examine a singular area in the history of modern states. This case study of U.S. consular jurisdiction reveals the legal, political, and cultural process through which modern states have struggled to govern citizens outside their borders. Scully's examination of the U. S. Court for China is one of the first serious analysis of this anomalous institution.

Life in Treaty Port China and Japan

Life in Treaty Port China and Japan Author Donna Brunero
ISBN-10 9789811073687
Release 2018-03-30
Pages 300
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This edited volume moves beyond the traditional examination of the treaty ports of China and Japan as places of cultural interaction. It moves ‘beyond the Bund’, presenting instead the history of material culture, the everyday life of the residents of the treaty ports beyond the symbology of Shanghai's waterfront. Bringing for the first time together scholars of China and Japan, museum curators, legal, economic and architectural historians, it studies the treaty ports not only as sites of cultural exchange, but also as sites of social contestation, accommodation and mobility, covering topics as varied as day to day life itself, such as family, property and law, health and welfare, travel, visual culture and memory. The call of this volume is to peel the multiple layers of the encounter between East and West in the treaty ports of China and Japan.

Treaty Ports in Modern China

Treaty Ports in Modern China Author Robert Bickers
ISBN-10 9781317266280
Release 2016-05-20
Pages 266
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This book presents a wide range of new research on the Chinese treaty ports – the key strategic places on China’s coast where in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries various foreign powers controlled, through "unequal treaties", whole cities or parts of cities, outside the jurisdiction of the Chinese authorities. Topics covered include land and how it was acquired, the flow of people, good and information, specific individuals and families who typify life in the treaty ports, and technical advances, exploration, and innovation in government.

Grounds of Judgment

Grounds of Judgment Author P?r Kristoffer Cassel
ISBN-10 9780199924288
Release 2012-01-11
Pages 272
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Perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, the nineteenth century encounter between East Asia and the Western world has been narrated as a legal encounter. Commercial treaties--negotiated by diplomats and focused on trade--framed the relationships among Tokugawa-Meiji Japan, Qing China, Choson Korea, and Western countries including Britain, France, and the United States. These treaties created a new legal order, very different than the colonial relationships that the West forged with other parts of the globe, which developed in dialogue with local precedents, local understandings of power, and local institutions. They established the rules by which foreign sojourners worked in East Asia, granting them near complete immunity from local laws and jurisdiction. The laws of extraterritoriality looked similar on paper but had very different trajectories in different East Asian countries. P?r Cassel's first book explores extraterritoriality and the ways in which Western power operated in Japan and China from the 1820s to the 1920s. In Japan, the treaties established in the 1850s were abolished after drastic regime change a decade later and replaced by European-style reciprocal agreements by the turn of the century. In China, extraterritoriality stood for a hundred years, with treaties governing nearly one hundred treaty ports, extensive Christian missionary activity, foreign controlled railroads and mines, and other foreign interests, and of such complexity that even international lawyers couldn't easily interpret them. Extraterritoriality provided the springboard for foreign domination and has left Asia with a legacy of suspicion towards international law and organizations. The issue of unequal treaties has had a lasting effect on relations between East Asia and the West. Drawing on primary sources in Chinese, Japanese, Manchu, and several European languages, Cassel has written the first book to deal with exterritoriality in Sino-Japanese relations before 1895 and the triangular relationship between China, Japan, and the West. Grounds of Judgment is a groundbreaking history of Asian engagement with the outside world and within the region, with broader applications to understanding international history, law, and politics.

Transpacific Field of Dreams

Transpacific Field of Dreams Author Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu
ISBN-10 9780807882665
Release 2012-04-04
Pages 344
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Baseball has joined America and Japan, even in times of strife, for over 150 years. After the "opening" of Japan by Commodore Perry, Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu explains, baseball was introduced there by American employees of the Japanese government tasked with bringing Western knowledge and technology to the country, and Japanese students in the United States soon became avid players. In the early twentieth century, visiting Japanese warships fielded teams that played against American teams, and a Negro League team arranged tours to Japan. By the 1930s, professional baseball was organized in Japan where it continued to be played during and after World War II; it was even played in Japanese American internment camps in the United States during the war. From early on, Guthrie-Shimizu argues, baseball carried American values to Japan, and by the mid-twentieth century, the sport had become emblematic of Japan's modernization and of America's growing influence in the Pacific world. Guthrie-Shimizu contends that baseball provides unique insight into U.S.-Japanese relations during times of war and peace and, in fact, is central to understanding postwar reconciliation. In telling this often surprising history, Transpacific Field of Dreams shines a light on globalization's unlikely, and at times accidental, participants.

War Time

War Time Author Mary L. Dudziak
ISBN-10 9780199913473
Release 2012-02-06
Pages 232
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On the surface, "wartime" is a period of time in which a society is at war. But we now live in what President Obama has called "an age without surrender ceremonies," where it is no longer easy to distinguish between times of war and times of peace. In this inventive meditation on war, time, and the law, Mary Dudziak argues that wartime is not as discrete a time period as we like to think. Instead, America has been engaged in some form of ongoing overseas armed conflict for over a century. Meanwhile policy makers and the American public continue to view wars as exceptional events that eventually give way to normal peace times. This has two consequences: first, because war is thought to be exceptional, "wartime" remains a shorthand argument justifying extreme actions like torture and detention without trial; and second, ongoing warfare is enabled by the inattention of the American people. More disconnected than ever from the wars their nation is fighting, public disengagement leaves us without political restraints on the exercise of American war powers.

Negotiated power in late Imperial China

Negotiated power in late Imperial China Author Jennifer M. Rudolph
ISBN-10 1933947071
Release 2008-03-01
Pages 228
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This book explores the nature and functioning of reform during the nineteenth century of China's Qing dynasty (1644-1911). By analyzing the bureaucratic modes of management that developed around the creation and evolution of the Zongli Yamen, or Foreign Office (1861-1901), it demonstrates the vitality of not only the Chinese State, but also the institutional traditions of its Manchu rulers.

Pacific illusions

Pacific illusions Author John C. Gripentrog
ISBN-10 WISC:89094432325
Release 2006
Pages 356
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Pacific illusions has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Pacific illusions also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Pacific illusions book for free.

                                  Author Бриан Глин Вилльямс
ISBN-10 9004121226
Release 2006
Pages 488
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This volume provides the most up-to-date analysis of the ethnic cleansing of the Crimean Tatars, their exile in Central Asia and their struggle to return to the Crimean homeland. It also traces the formation of this diaspora nation from Mongol times to the collapse of the Soviet Union. A theme which emerges through the work is the gradual construction of the Crimea as a national homeland by its indigenous Tatar population. It ends with a discussion of the post-Soviet repatriation of the Crimean Tatars to their Russified homeland and the social, emotional and identity problems involved.

The Other Americans in Paris

The Other Americans in Paris Author Nancy L. Green
ISBN-10 9780226137520
Release 2014-07-07
Pages 352
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While Gertrude Stein hosted the literati of the Left Bank, Mrs. Bates-Batcheller, an American socialite and concert singer in Paris, held sumptuous receptions for the Daughters of the American Revolution in her suburban villa. History may remember the American artists, writers, and musicians of the Left Bank best, but the reality is that there were many more American businessmen, socialites, manufacturers’ representatives, and lawyers living on the other side of the River Seine. Be they newly minted American countesses married to foreigners with impressive titles or American soldiers who had settled in France after World War I with their French wives, they provide a new view of the notion of expatriates. Nancy L. Green thus introduces us for the first time to a long-forgotten part of the American overseas population—predecessors to today’s expats—while exploring the politics of citizenship and the business relationships, love lives, and wealth (and poverty for some) of Americans who staked their claim to the City of Light. The Other Americans in Paris shows that elite migration is a part of migration tout court and that debates over “Americanization” have deep roots in the twentieth century.

The state of sovereignty

The state of sovereignty Author Douglas Howland
ISBN-10 0253352312
Release 2009
Pages 284
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Explores how states construct themselves and how state forms seek to be sovereign

Bridging the Sino American divide

Bridging the Sino American divide Author Priscilla Mary Roberts
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106019578779
Release 2007-10-01
Pages 541
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Bridging the Sino American divide has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bridging the Sino American divide also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bridging the Sino American divide book for free.

Rule of law or rule of laws

Rule of law or rule of laws Author Pär Kristoffer Cassel
ISBN-10 UOM:39015069210303
Release 2006
Pages 310
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Rule of law or rule of laws has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Rule of law or rule of laws also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Rule of law or rule of laws book for free.

As China Meets the World

As China Meets the World Author Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik
ISBN-10 3700136447
Release 2006
Pages 210
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"As China Meets the World" is a selection of papers that were presented at an international conference held in Vienna in 2004 under the same title. Aiming at a better understanding of China's emergence as one of the world powers of tomorrow, as well as addressing issues such as the Taiwan crisis and China-EU diplomacy, the anthology traces China's encounters with the international community, its institutions and legal foundations during the 20th century. The volume focuses on China's integration into and cooperation with international organizations, including the League of Nations and the UN. This examination, especially in view of its historical dimension, has revealed that internal developments in China cannot be understood without taking external factors into consideration. Still, the contributors to this volume, from both China and the West, go one important step further in their evaluation of recent developments and the present situation. They state that the outside world has not only been a challenge to China's transformation process, but that China is also a challenge to the world.

Haunted by Empire

Haunted by Empire Author Ann Laura Stoler
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059173018847821
Release 2006-05-05
Pages 544
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DIVA groundbreaking interdisciplinary collection that rethinks the connection between the intimate and United States colonial and postcolonial histories./div

America history and life

America  history and life Author American Bibliographical Center
ISBN-10 UOM:39015065433016
Release 2004
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Article abstracts and citations of reviews and dissertations covering the United States and Canada.

Imperial Formations

Imperial Formations Author Ann Laura Stoler
ISBN-10 1930618735
Release 2007
Pages 429
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Imperial Formations alters our understanding of past empires the better to understand the way that complex history shapes the politics of the present imperial juncture.