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Basic Instincts

Basic Instincts Author Jacqueline Riding
ISBN-10 1911300288
Release 2017-09-30
Pages 120
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This book will re-introduce Joseph Highmore (1692-1780), an artist of status and substance in his day, who is now largely unknown. It takes as its focus Highmore's small oil painting known as The Angel of Mercy (1746, Yale), one of the most shocking and controversial images in 18th-century British art.The book (and exhibition) seek to address this, while encouraging greater interest in, and appreciation for, this significant British artist. 00Exhibition: Foundling Museum, London, United Kingdom (29.09. -29.12.2017).


Jacobites Author Jacqueline Riding
ISBN-10 9781608198047
Release 2016-07-05
Pages 608
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The Jacobite Rebellion of 1745-46 is one of the most important turning points in British history--in terms of national crisis every bit the equal of 1066 and 1940. The tale of Charles Edward Stuart, "Bonnie Prince Charlie," and his heroic attempt to regain his grandfather's (James II) crown--remains the stuff of legend: the hunted fugitive, Flora MacDonald, and the dramatic escape over the sea to the Isle of Skye. But the full story--the real history--is even more dramatic, captivating, and revelatory. Much more than a single rebellion, the events of 1745 were part of an ongoing civil war that threatened to destabilize the British nation and its empire. The Bonnie Prince and his army alone, which included a large contingent of Scottish highlanders, could not have posed a great threat. But with the involvement of Britain's perennial enemy, Catholic France, it was a far more dangerous and potentially catastrophic situation for the British crown. With encouragement and support from Louis XV, Charles's triumphant Jacobite army advanced all the way to Derby, a mere 120 miles from London, before a series of missteps ultimately doomed the rebellion to crushing defeat and annihilation at Culloden in April 1746--the last battle ever fought on British soil. Jacqueline Riding conveys the full weight of these monumental years of English and Scottish history as the future course of Great Britain as a united nation was irreversibly altered.

The Coffin Path

The Coffin Path Author Katherine Clements
ISBN-10 9781472204295
Release 2018-02-08
Pages 320
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An eerie and compelling ghost story set on the dark wilds of the Yorkshire moors. For fans of Michelle Paver and Helen Dunmore, this gothic tale will weave its way into your imagination and chill you to the bone. 'Spine-tingling... the scariest ghost story I have read in a long time' Barbara Erskine 'Brooding and full of creeping menace' Laura Purcell, author of The Silent Companions 'Like something from Emily Bronte's nightmares' Andrew Taylor, author of The Ashes of London Maybe you've heard tales about Scarcross Hall, the house on the old coffin path that winds from village to moor top. They say there's something up here, something evil. Mercy Booth isn't afraid. The moors and Scarcross are her home and lifeblood. But, beneath her certainty, small things are beginning to trouble her. Three ancient coins missing from her father's study, the shadowy figure out by the gatepost, an unshakeable sense that someone is watching. When a stranger appears seeking work, Mercy reluctantly takes him in. As their stories entwine, this man will change everything. She just can't see it yet.

Making Sex

Making Sex Author Thomas Walter Laqueur
ISBN-10 0674543556
Release 1990
Pages 313
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History of sex in the West from the ancients to the moderns by describing the developments in reproductive anatomy and physiology.

Art of Power

Art of Power Author Caitlin Blackwell
ISBN-10 3791356631
Release 2017-05-25
Pages 144
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This book focuses on the extraordinary Bute Collection at Mount Stuart and its illustrious history. John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute, was one of history's most enthusiastic art collectors. As tutor to Prince George, Bute became indispensable to the royal household. Soon after his accession to the throne, the King made Bute Prime Minister--a career that was cut short after the Peace of Paris in 1763. Forced out of London by an angry mob, Bute retired to an estate at Luton, where he spent the rest of his years in private study and amassing a collection of 500 paintings, including major works by Venetian painters such as Tintoretto, Bordone, and Veronese. Bute had a special interest in Dutch and Flemish pictures, building the greatest collection of its kind in Britain. This book features over thirty masterpieces, mainly genre paintings and landscapes, and including jewel-like landscapes by Brueghel and Savery. The collection is housed at the Bute family's Scottish seat, Mount Stuart, on the Isle of Bute. Essays by leading scholars delve into the history of Bute's collection, focusing on his relationship with King George III, and his wide ranging passions, which resulted in rooms filled floor to ceiling with works of art.

Madness and Civilization

Madness and Civilization Author Michel Foucault
ISBN-10 9780307833105
Release 2013-01-30
Pages 320
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Michel Foucault examines the archeology of madness in the West from 1500 to 1800 - from the late Middle Ages, when insanity was still considered part of everyday life and fools and lunatics walked the streets freely, to the time when such people began to be considered a threat, asylums were first built, and walls were erected between the "insane" and the rest of humanity.

The Life of Ludwig Van Beethoven

The Life of Ludwig Van Beethoven Author Alexander Wheelock Thayer
ISBN-10 9781108064736
Release 2013-09-05
Pages 404
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The 1921 three-volume English edition of a landmark biography of one of the world's greatest composers.

British Art and the Prehistoric Landscape

British Art and the Prehistoric Landscape Author Sam Smiles
ISBN-10 1911300148
Release 2017-06-19
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Presenting the best and most imaginative creative responses by artists to the British prehistoric landscape over the last 250 years. This is the first significant publication to range over the entire field from Stonehenge and the Merry Maidens to the White Horse and the Long Man of Wilmingon by the likes of Turner, Constable, Blake, Nash, Ravilious, Piper, Hepworth, Moore, Ackroyd, Jarman, Deller and Long. Published to accompany an exhibition at Salisbury Museum and Art Gallery, this volume explores the most significant works of art engaged with prehistoric moments across Britain from the 18th century to the 21st. While some of the works in the earlier period may be familiar to readers especially Turner and Constable s famous watercolours of Stonehenge the varied responses to British Antiquity since 1900 are much less well known and have never been grouped together. The author aims to show the significance of antiquity for 20th-century artists, demonstrating how they responded to the observable features of prehistoric Britain and exploited their potential for imaginative re-interpretation. The classic phase of modernist interest in these sites and monuments was the 1930s, but a number of artists working after WWII developed this legacy or were stimulated to explore that landscape in new ways. Indeed, it continues to stimulate responses and the book concludes with an examination of works made within the last few years. An introductory essay looks at the changing artistic approach to British prehistoric remains over the last 250 years, emphasizing the artistic significance of this body of work and examining the very different contexts that brought it into being. The cultural intersections between the prehistoric landscape, its representation by fine artists and the emergence of its most famous sites as familiar locations in public consciousness will also be examined. For example, engraved topographical illustrations from the 18th and 19th centuries and Shell advertising posters from the 20th century will be considered. Artists represented include: JMW Turner, John Constable, Thomas Hearne, William Blake, Samuel Prout, William Geller, Richard Tongue, Thomas Guest, John William Inchbold, George Shepherd, William Andrews Nesfield, Copley Fielding, Yoshijiro (Mokuchu) Urushibara, Alan Sorrell, Edward McKnight Kauffer, Frank Dobson, Paul Nash, Eric Ravilious, John Piper, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Ithell Colquhoun, Gertrude Hermes, Norman Stevens, Norman Ackroyd, Bill Brandt, Derek Jarman, Richard Long, Joe Tilson, David Inshaw and Jeremy Deller."

Il Sassoferrato Devout Beauty

Il Sassoferrato  Devout Beauty Author François Macé de Lépinay
ISBN-10 8836637574
Release 2018-02-27
Pages 302
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From the drawing to the finished work. Under the learned guidance of Franc?ois Macé de Lépinay, it is now possible for the first time to reconstruct the creative trajectory of Giovan Battista Salvi, known as Sassoferrato. Living in the Rome of the baroque era but far away from the tumult of the art world, he worked with the spirit of a craftsman intent above all on creating the devotional images that earned him the title of 'pictor virginum'.0The studies presented here shed light on how Sassoferrato developed his unmistakable style, starting on the local scene and then moving to the Eternal City, where he was in close contact with Domenichino, on the patrons he served with his brush, and on the influence of his work in the 19th century on the Purists and Nazarenes. The resulting image is of an artist who followed the example of Raphael with extraordinary consistency to attain the idealization expressed even in his few portraits through a carefully studied approach, already clearly evident in the preparatory studies, as far removed from baroque theatricality as it is from Caravaggesque naturalism.00Exhibition: Palazzo degli Scalzi, Sassoferrato (Ancona), Italy (17.06.-05.11.2017).

Women and the Gallows 1797 1837

Women and the Gallows 1797 1837 Author Naomi Clifford
ISBN-10 1473863341
Release 2018-01-23
Pages 184
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"131 women were hanged in England and Wales between 1797 and 1837, executed for crimes including murder, baby-killing, theft, arson, sheep-stealing and passing forged bank notes. Most of them were extremely poor and living in desperate situations. Some were mentally ill. A few were innocent. And almost all are now forgotten, their voices unheard for generations. Mary Morgan – a teenager hanged as an example to others. Eliza Fenning – accused of adding arsenic to the dumplings. Mary Bateman – a ‘witch’ who duped her neighbours out of their savings. Harriet Skelton – hanged for passing counterfeit pound notes in spite of efforts by Elizabeth Fry and the Duke of Gloucester to save her. Naomi Clifford has unearthed the events that brought these ‘unfortunates’ to the gallows and has used contemporary newspaper accounts and documents to tell their stories"--

Urban Avant Gardes

Urban Avant Gardes Author Malcolm Miles
ISBN-10 9781134500048
Release 2004-07-31
Pages 288
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Urban Avant-Gardes presents original research on a range of recent contemporary practices in and between art and architecture giving perspectives from a wide range of disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences that are seldom juxtaposed, it questions many assumptions and accepted positions. This book looks back to past avant-gardes from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries examining the theoretical and critical terrain around avant-garde cultural interventions, and profiles a range of contemporary cases of radical cultural practices. The author brings together material from a wide range of disciplines to argue for cultural intervention as a means to radical change, while recognizing that most such efforts in the past have not delivered the dreams of their perpetrators. Distinctive in that it places works of the imagination in the political and cultural context of environmentalism, this book asks how cultural work might contribute to radical social change. It is equally concerned with theory and practice - part one providing a theoretical framework and part two illustrating such frameworks with examples.

The Storm Before the Calm

The Storm Before the Calm Author Neale Donald Walsch
ISBN-10 9781401936938
Release 2011-10-01
Pages 288
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Something happened in early 2011 that hasn't happened in decades, perhaps centuries-and we didn't even notice it. That is, we didn't see it for what it was. Massive unrest from Tunisia to Egypt to Libya rocked the Arab world and threw the globe into political crisis. Within days, an earthquake-tsunami-nuclear calamity of terrifying proportions shocked Japan and sent the world reeling once again, even as the globe's financial markets shuddered to sustain themselves while states and nations tottered on the brink of bankruptcy-where many still linger. All of this, of course, we did notice. What we may have missed was that ancient predictions for this period of time called for exactly this: simultaneous environmental, political, and financial disasters. Were we seeing the beginning of "the end of history"-and not picking up the signal? In his prescient new book, The Storm Before The Calm , seven-time New York Times best-selling author Neale Donald Walsch offers a startling answer: yes. But Walsch also says there is nothing to fear, advancing an extraordinary explanation for what is happening even now all over the planet. Then-and more important-he provides a stunning prescription for healing our lives and our world through the answering of seven simple questions, inviting people everywhere to join in an earth-saving exchange at Compelling and perfectly timed, The Storm Before The Calm answers every question that is worth asking about December, 2012 and beyond.

Thomas Cole s Journey

Thomas Cole s Journey Author Elizabeth Mankin Kornhauser
ISBN-10 9781588396402
Release 2018-01-29
Pages 288
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Thomas Cole (1801–1848) is celebrated as the greatest American landscape artist of his generation. Though previous scholarship has emphasized the American aspects of his formation and identity, never before has the British-born artist been presented as an international figure, in direct dialogue with the major landscape painters of the age. Thomas Cole’s Journey emphasizes the artist’s travels in England and Italy from 1829 to 1832 and his crucial interactions with such painters as Turner and Constable. For the first time, it explores the artist’s most renowned paintings, The Oxbow (1836) and The Course of Empire cycle (1834–36), as the culmination of his European experiences and of his abiding passion for the American wilderness. The four essays in this lavishly illustrated catalogue examine how Cole’s first-hand knowledge of the British industrial revolution and his study of the Roman Empire positioned him to create works that offer a distinctive, even dissident, response to the economic and political rise of the United States, the ecological and economic changes then underway, and the dangers that faced the young nation. A detailed chronology of Cole’s life, focusing on his European tour, retraces the artist’s travels as documented in his journals, letters, and sketchbooks, providing new insight into his encounters and observations. With discussions of over seventy works by Cole, as well as by the artists he admired and influenced, this book allows us to view his work in relation to his European antecedents and competitors, demonstrating his major contribution to the history of Western art.

Six Centuries of Painting

Six Centuries of Painting Author Randall Davies
ISBN-10 9781465547927
Release 1924
Pages 338
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Six Centuries of Painting has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Six Centuries of Painting also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Six Centuries of Painting book for free.


Blackwater Author Jeremy Scahill
ISBN-10 9781847654786
Release 2011-05-26
Pages 956
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Meet Blackwater USA, the private army that the US government has quietly hired to operate in international war zones and on American soil. Its contacts run from military and intelligence agencies to the upper echelons of the White House; it has a military base, a fleet of aircraft and 20,000 troops, but since September 2007 the firm has been hit by a series of scandals that, far from damaging the company, have led to an unprecedented period of expansion. This revised and updated edition includes Scahill's continued investigative work into one of the outrages of our time: the privatisation of war.

Paintings from Books

Paintings from Books Author Richard Daniel Altick
ISBN-10 UOM:39015011882167
Release 1985-01-01
Pages 527
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Paintings from Books has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Paintings from Books also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Paintings from Books book for free.

World on the Horizon

World on the Horizon Author Prita S. Meier
ISBN-10 1883015499
Release 2018-03
Pages 384
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The multiauthored book accompanying the World on the Horizon exhibition organized by Krannert Art Museum is the first interdisciplinary study of Swahili visual arts and their historically deep and enduring connections to eastern and central Africa, the port towns of the western Indian Ocean, Europe, and the United States. At once exhibition catalogue and scholarly inquiry, the publication features eighteen essays in a mix of formats - personal reflections, object biographies, as well as more in-depth critical treatments - and includes never before published images of works from the National Museums of Kenya and Bait Al Zubair Museum in Oman. By approaching the east African coast as a vibrant arena of global cultural convergence, these essays offer compelling new perspectives on the situated yet mobile and deeply networked social lives of Swahili objects. Moving between the broader structural relations of political economic change to more intimate narratives through which such change is experienced, the essays throw light on the ways in which the material fabric of the arts structure Swahili people's sense of self and community in an ever-changing world of oceanic and terrestrial movement.