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Basic Language of Mathematics

Basic Language of Mathematics Author Juan Jorge Schäffer
ISBN-10 9789814596114
Release 2014-05-16
Pages 320
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This book originates as an essential underlying component of a modern, imaginative three-semester honors program (six undergraduate courses) in Mathematical Studies. In its entirety, it covers Algebra, Geometry and Analysis in One Variable. The book is intended to provide a comprehensive and rigorous account of the concepts of set, mapping, family, order, number (both natural and real), as well as such distinct procedures as proof by induction and recursive definition, and the interaction between these ideas; with attempts at including insightful notes on historic and cultural settings and information on alternative presentations. The work ends with an excursion on infinite sets, principally a discussion of the mathematics of Axiom of Choice and often very useful equivalent statements. Contents:SetsMappingsProperties of MappingsFamiliesRelationsOrdered SetsCompletely Ordered SetsInduction and RecursionThe Natural NumbersFinite SetsFinite SumsCountable SetsSome Algebraic StructuresThe Real Numbers: Complete Ordered FieldsThe Real Number SystemThe Real Numbers: ExistenceInfinite Sets Readership: Undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics; Mathematicians. Key Features:Comprehensive and rigorous in its coverageProvides alternative insights on concepts and definitionsProvides a list of sections with some unusual but insightful approachesKeywords:Sets;Mappings;Families;Order;Natural Numbers;Inductive Proofs;Recursive Definitions;Real Numbers

The Language of Mathematics

The Language of Mathematics Author Robert L. Baber
ISBN-10 9781118061763
Release 2011-09-09
Pages 352
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A new and unique way of understanding the translation of concepts and natural language into mathematical expressions Transforming a body of text into corresponding mathematical expressions and models is traditionally viewed and taught as a mathematical problem; it is also a task that most find difficult. The Language of Mathematics: Utilizing Math in Practice reveals a new way to view this process—not as a mathematical problem, but as a translation, or language, problem. By presenting the language of mathematics explicitly and systematically, this book helps readers to learn mathematics¿and improve their ability to apply mathematics more efficiently and effectively to practical problems in their own work. Using parts of speech to identify variables and functions in a mathematical model is a new approach, as is the insight that examining aspects of grammar is highly useful when formulating a corresponding mathematical model. This book identifies the basic elements of the language of mathematics, such as values, variables, and functions, while presenting the grammatical rules for combining them into expressions and other structures. The author describes and defines different notational forms for expressions, and also identifies the relationships between parts of speech and other grammatical elements in English and components of expressions in the language of mathematics. Extensive examples are used throughout that cover a wide range of real-world problems and feature diagrams and tables to facilitate understanding. The Language of Mathematics is a thought-provoking book of interest for readers who would like to learn more about the linguistic nature and aspects of mathematical notation. The book also serves as a valuable supplement for engineers, technicians, managers, and consultants who would like to improve their ability to apply mathematics effectively, systematically, and efficiently to practical problems.

The Joy of Finite Mathematics

The Joy of Finite Mathematics Author Chris P. Tsokos
ISBN-10 9780128029855
Release 2015-10-27
Pages 554
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The Joy of Finite Mathematics: The Language and Art of Math teaches students basic finite mathematics through a foundational understanding of the underlying symbolic language and its many dialects, including logic, set theory, combinatorics (counting), probability, statistics, geometry, algebra, and finance. Through detailed explanations of the concepts, step-by-step procedures, and clearly defined formulae, readers learn to apply math to subjects ranging from reason (logic) to finance (personal budget), making this interactive and engaging book appropriate for non-science, undergraduate students in the liberal arts, social sciences, finance, economics, and other humanities areas. The authors utilize important historical facts, pose interesting and relevant questions, and reference real-world events to challenge, inspire, and motivate students to learn the subject of mathematical thinking and its relevance. The book is based on the authors’ experience teaching Liberal Arts Math and other courses to students of various backgrounds and majors, and is also appropriate for preparing students for Florida’s CLAST exam or similar core requirements. Highlighted definitions, rules, methods, and procedures, and abundant tables, diagrams, and graphs, clearly illustrate important concepts and methods Provides end-of-chapter vocabulary and concept reviews, as well as robust review exercises and a practice test Contains information relevant to a wide range of topics, including symbolic language, contemporary math, liberal arts math, social sciences math, basic math for finance, math for humanities, probability, and the C.L.A.S.T. exam Optional advanced sections and challenging problems are included for use at the discretion of the instructor Online resources include PowerPoint Presentations for instructors and a useful student manual

Basic Mathematics for College Students

Basic Mathematics for College Students Author Alan Tussy
ISBN-10 9781439044421
Release 2010-02-04
Pages 944
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Offering a uniquely modern, balanced approach, Tussy/Gustafson/Koenig’s BASIC MATHEMATICS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS, Fourth Edition, integrates the best of traditional drill and practice with the best elements of the reform movement. To many developmental math students, mathematics is like a foreign language. They have difficulty translating the words, their meanings, and how they apply to problem solving. Emphasizing the language of mathematics, the text’s fully integrated learning process is designed to expand students’ reasoning abilities and teach them how to read, write, and think mathematically. It blends instructional approaches that include vocabulary, practice, and well-defined pedagogy with an emphasis on reasoning, modeling, communication, and technology skills. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Learn BASIC Programming for Mathematics V10 Home Study

Learn BASIC Programming for Mathematics V10 Home Study Author Clive W. Humphris
ISBN-10 9781456619305
Release 2013-08-07
Pages 497
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Learn BASIC Programming for Mathematics V10 Home Study is a more interesting way to learn maths? Here you can learn Maths through writing simple BASIC Programming code. Based on a series of lecturers given at a Higher Education College where the author was able to generate a lasting understanding and interest in mathematics for adults in particular through teaching not maths, but BASIC language Computer Programming. Students became hooked and were often found long after the class had ended still working on their assignments and producing work that was far in excess of what was required. Using a programming style very similar to the BBC Micro computers of many years ago users are able to write simple (or complex) computer programs based on the VbScript language (a cut down version of Visual Basic) but with a user interface resembling BBC BASIC. The software is designed to work with any standard textbook where students can explore a problem and learn by programming it to find the solution usually not requiring much more than one line of code that can be checked against a given answer. Resulting in a far greater understanding than traditional methods of teaching maths. eBook and educational software package at a tiny fraction of the previously published price. Table of Contents, (Software 250 interactive topics) Introduction, Number Systems, Number Conversion, Number Types, Compound Measures, Roots, Angles and Parallels, Triangle Ratios, Triangle Angles, Percentages, Ratios, Fractions, Vectors, Geometry, Circle Angles, Area, Surface Area and Symmetry, Volume, Laws, Algebra 0., Algebra 1., Algebra 2., Mathematical Rules, Powers and Indices, Simplifying, Linear Equations, Graphing, Slope and Translation, Curves and Angle Conversion, Personal Finance, Data Analysis, Binary Numbers, Binary Arithmetic, Additional Notes.

Learning Basic Mathematics

Learning Basic Mathematics Author John C. Hunter
ISBN-10 0791532380
Release 1980
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Learning Basic Mathematics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Learning Basic Mathematics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Learning Basic Mathematics book for free.

Basic Training in Mathematics

Basic Training in Mathematics Author R. Shankar
ISBN-10 9781489967985
Release 2013-12-20
Pages 366
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Based on course material used by the author at Yale University, this practical text addresses the widening gap found between the mathematics required for upper-level courses in the physical sciences and the knowledge of incoming students. This superb book offers students an excellent opportunity to strengthen their mathematical skills by solving various problems in differential calculus. By covering material in its simplest form, students can look forward to a smooth entry into any course in the physical sciences.

Basic Mathematics for Economics Business and Finance

Basic Mathematics for Economics  Business and Finance Author EK Ummer
ISBN-10 9781136728358
Release 2012-03-15
Pages 496
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This book can help overcome the widely observed math-phobia and math-aversion among undergraduate students in these subjects. The book can also help them understand why they have to learn different mathematical techniques, how they can be applied, and how they will equip the students in their further studies. The book provides a thorough but lucid exposition of most of the mathematical techniques applied in the fields of economics, business and finance. The book deals with topics right from high school mathematics to relatively advanced areas of integral calculus covering in the middle the topics of linear algebra; differential calculus; classical optimization; linear and nonlinear programming; and game theory. Though the book directly caters to the needs of undergraduate students in economics, business and finance, graduate students in these subjects will also definitely find the book an invaluable tool as a supplementary reading. The website of the book – – provides supplementary materials and further readings on chapters on difference equation, differential equations, elements of Mathematica®, and graphics in Mathematica®, . It also provides materials on the applications of Mathematica®, as well as teacher and student manuals.

Einstein s Heroes

Einstein s Heroes Author Robyn Arianrhod
ISBN-10 0195308905
Release 2006
Pages 336
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Blending science, history, and biography, this book reveals the mysteries of mathematics, focusing on the life and work of three of Albert Einstein's heroes: Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, and James Clerk Maxwell.

The Language of Mathematics

The Language of Mathematics Author Mohan Ganesalingam
ISBN-10 9783642370120
Release 2013-03-14
Pages 260
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The Language of Mathematics was awarded the E.W. Beth Dissertation Prize for outstanding dissertations in the fields of logic, language, and information. It innovatively combines techniques from linguistics, philosophy of mathematics, and computation to give the first wide-ranging analysis of mathematical language. It focuses particularly on a method for determining the complete meaning of mathematical texts and on resolving technical deficiencies in all standard accounts of the foundations of mathematics. "The thesis does far more than is required for a PhD: it is more like a lifetime's work packed into three years, and is a truly exceptional achievement." Timothy Gowers

Sets Functions and Logic

Sets  Functions and Logic Author Keith J. Devlin
ISBN-10 9781489929679
Release 2013-11-11
Pages 90
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The purpose of this book is to provide the student beginning undergraduate mathematics with a solid foundation in the basic logical concepts necessary for most of the subjects encountered in a university mathematics course. The main distinction between most school mathematics and university mathematics lies in the degree of rigour demanded at university level. In general, the new student has no experience of wholly rigorous definitions and proofs, with the result that, although competent to handle quite difficult problems in, say, the differential calculus, he/she is totally lost when presented with a rigorous definition oflimits and derivatives. In effect, this means that in the first few weeks at university the student needs to master what is virtually an entire new language {'the language of mathematics'} and to adopt an entirely new mode ofthinking. Needless to say, only the very ablest students come through this process without a great deal of difficulty.

Basic Gambling Mathematics

Basic Gambling Mathematics Author Mark Bollman
ISBN-10 9781482208931
Release 2014-06-13
Pages 284
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Understand the Math Underlying Some of Your Favorite Gambling Games Basic Gambling Mathematics: The Numbers Behind the Neon explains the mathematics involved in analyzing games of chance, including casino games, horse racing, and lotteries. The book helps readers understand the mathematical reasons why some gambling games are better for the player than others. It is also suitable as a textbook for an introductory course on probability. Along with discussing the mathematics of well-known casino games, the author examines game variations that have been proposed or used in actual casinos. Numerous examples illustrate the mathematical ideas in a range of casino games while end-of-chapter exercises go beyond routine calculations to give readers hands-on experience with casino-related computations. The book begins with a brief historical introduction and mathematical preliminaries before developing the essential results and applications of elementary probability, including the important idea of mathematical expectation. The author then addresses probability questions arising from a variety of games, including roulette, craps, baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, Royal Roulette, and sic bo. The final chapter explores the mathematics behind "get rich quick" schemes, such as the martingale and the Iron Cross, and shows how simple mathematics uncovers the flaws in these systems.

Mathematics and Religion

Mathematics and Religion Author Javier Leach
ISBN-10 1599471493
Release 2010-09-01
Pages 188
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Mathematics and Religion: Our Languages of Sign and Symbol is the sixth title published in the Templeton Science and Religion Series, in which scientists from a wide range of fields distill their experience and knowledge into brief tours of their respective specialties. In this volume, Javier Leach, a mathematician and Jesuit priest, leads a fascinating study of the historical development of mathematical language and its influence on the evolution of metaphysical and theological languages. Leach traces three historical moments of change in this evolution: the introduction of the deductive method in Greece, the use of mathematics as a language of science in modern times, and the formalization of mathematical languages in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. As he unfolds this fascinating history, Leach notes the striking differences and interrelations between the two languages of science and religion. Until now there has been little reflection on these similarities and differences, or about how both languages can complement and enrich each other.

Basic Mathematics

Basic Mathematics Author Lawrence A. Trivieri
ISBN-10 9780062115058
Release 2011-10-18
Pages 448
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Master Your Coursework with Collins College Outlines From fraions, decimals, and geometric measurement to exponents, scientific notation, and an introduion to algebra, the Collins College Outline in Basic Mathematics explores and explains the topics that students will find in introduory mathematics classes. Completely revised and updated by Dr. Lawrence Trivieri, Basic Mathematics includes a test yourself seion with answers and complete explanations at the end of each chapter. Also included are bibliographies for further reading, as well as numerous graphs, charts, and example problems. The Collins College Outlines are a completely revised, in-depth series of study guides for all areas of study, including the Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, Language, History, and Business. Featuring the most up-to-date information, each book is written by a seasoned professor in the field and focuses on a simplified and general overview of the subje for college students and, where appropriate, Advanced Placement students. Each Collins College Outline is fully integrated with the major curriculum for its subje and is a perfe supplement for any standard textbook.

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra Author Juan Jorge Schäffer
ISBN-10 9789814623513
Release 2014-08-08
Pages 140
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In the spirit of the author’s Basic Language of Mathematics, this companion volume is a careful exposition of the concepts and processes of Linear Algebra. It stresses cautious and clear explanations, avoiding reliance on co–ordinates as much as possible, and with special, but not exclusive, attention to the finite–dimensional situation. It is intended to also serve as a conceptual and technical background for use in geometry and analysis as well as other applications. Contents:Linear Spaces and Linear MappingsProperties of Linear MappingsLinear Products and CoproductsFamilies in Linear SpacesFinite DimensionDualityDuality and Finite DimensionIndexes Readership: Undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics; Mathematicians in algebra. Keywords:Linear Spaces;Linear Mappings;Bases;DimensionReviews: “The author has done a meticulous job of writing.” Mathematical Reviews Clippings "The author has his own style of introducing and explaining carefully the subjects and the book is well-written and scientifically valuable." Zentralblatt MATH

Basic Mathematics for College Students with Early Integers

Basic Mathematics for College Students with Early Integers Author Alan Tussy
ISBN-10 9781285450872
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 944
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Offering a uniquely modern, balanced approach, Tussy/Gustafson/Koenig’s BASIC COLLEGE MATHEMATICS WITH EARLY INTEGERS, Fifth Edition, integrates the best of traditional drill and practice with the best elements of the reform movement. To many developmental math students, mathematics is like a foreign language. They have difficulty translating the words, their meanings, and how they apply to problem solving. Emphasizing the “language of mathematics,” the text’s fully integrated learning process is designed to expand students’ reasoning abilities and teach them how to read, write, and think mathematically. It blends instructional approaches that include vocabulary, practice, and well-defined pedagogy with an emphasis on reasoning, modeling, communication, and technology skills. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Basic Set Theory

Basic Set Theory Author Azriel Levy
ISBN-10 9780486150734
Release 2012-06-11
Pages 416
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The first part of this advanced-level text covers pure set theory, and the second deals with applications and advanced topics (point set topology, real spaces, Boolean algebras, infinite combinatorics and large cardinals). 1979 edition.