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Batman Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader

Batman  Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader Author Neil Gaiman
ISBN-10 9781401243609
Release 2010-08-03
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Best-selling author Neil Gaiman (The Sandman) joins a murderer's row of talented artists in lending his unique touch to the Batman mythos for this collection! Spotlighting the story "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" from Batman #685 and Detective Comics #852, Gaiman joins artist Andy Kubert and inker Scott Williams for a story that shines a new light on the Batman mythos. Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? also collects Gaiman stories from Secret Origins #36, Secret Origins Special #1, and Batman Black And White #2. This collection is not to be missed!


Batman Author Neil Gaiman
ISBN-10 184856290X
Release 2009-08
Pages 128
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Gotham City is plagued with crime and corruption in places high and low, but one man has taken a stand against evil of all forms: the dark avenger known as Batman. But now the Dark Knight is dead... apparently fallen at the hands of dying god Darkseid. "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader" is a captivating and mysterious tale, the likes of which Batman and friends have never experienced before. Delving into the realms of life, death and the afterlife, no stone is left unturned in this exploration of every facet and era of Bruce Wayne's life.

DC Universe by Neil Gaiman

DC Universe by Neil Gaiman Author Neil Gaiman
ISBN-10 1401264883
Release 2016-10-18
Pages 224
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TIMELESS TALES OF THE WORLD S GREATEST HEROES FROM THE LEGENDARY CREATOR OF THE SANDMAN AND AMERICAN GODS. What evil is so powerful that it can melt the Man of Steel and extinguish the Green Lantern s light? How did Poison Ivy s power first take root and where did the Riddler find his calling? Who killed the Batman and will the legend of the Dark Knight ever really end? The answers to all these questions and more are revealed in THE DC UNIVERSE BY NEIL GAIMAN: THE DELUXE EDITION, collecting for the first time in a single volume eight of the award-winning author s celebrated stories of super-heroics! Illustrated by a host of comics top talents including Andy Kubert, Mark Buckingham, Simon Bisley, Michael Allred, John Totleben, Matt Wagner, Kevin Nowlan and Jim Aparo THE DC UNIVERSE BY NEIL GAIMAN features all-star adventures from the pages of SECRET ORIGINS, BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE, SOLO and WEDNESDAY COMICS, as well as the never-before-reprinted graphic novel GREEN LANTERN/SUPERMAN: LEGEND OF THE GREEN FLAME and the complete saga of BATMAN: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE CAPED CRUSADER?, with afterwords from the author and a special sketchbook section from Andy Kubert."


Batman Author Neil Gaiman
ISBN-10 1401223036
Release 2009
Pages 8
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"A man doesn't live forever-- a legend does. From the moment he declared war on crime, the Batman knew his story would eventually come to an end. But for each soul he has touched, either as an ally or an enemy, a lover or a friend, an inspiration or an obsession, the life of the Dark Knight-- and its tragic conclusion-- is viewed differently. Now those closest to the Caped Crusader gather for his memorial service. Stories are told, feelings are revealed and tears are shed in a final retrospective of Batman's long and astonishing career. And for those of you who think you know the Dark Knight, prepare to find out you never did" -- dust jacket flap.

Batman Unwrapped

Batman Unwrapped Author Andy Kubert
ISBN-10 1401242421
Release 2014
Pages 288
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Collects adventures featuring the Dark Knight, including facing his own demise and meeting with his troubled son, Damian.

Signal to Noise

Signal to Noise Author Neil Gaiman
ISBN-10 9781630089658
Release 2016-11-30
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A film director is dying of cancer. His greatest film would have told the story of a European village as the last hour of 999 AD approached—bringing Armageddon. Now that story will never be told. But he’s still working it out in his head, making a film that no one will ever see.

Batman Unwrapped by Andy Kubert

Batman Unwrapped by Andy Kubert Author
ISBN-10 9781401249649
Release 2009-08-11
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DC collects the Batman stories by Andy Kubert, the acclaimed comics artist whose work includes BEFORE WATCHMEN: NIGHT OWL, FLASHPOINT and much more. With stories written by #1 New York Times bestselling authors Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison, these tales introduced Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne who becomes the new Robin. Also included is the now classic story "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" These stories gain a new depth when seen in pencil form, as Andy Kubert's spectacular artwork in crisp, pencil form for the very first time. Collects BATMAN #655-658, 664-666, 686 and 700, DETECTIVE COMICS#853 and 52 #46.

Batman and Captain America

Batman and Captain America Author John Byrne
ISBN-10 156389291X
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 64
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/John Byrne As World War II rages on, Batman and Captain America, along with their teenaged sidekicks Robin and Bucky, must become allies to combat the villainy of their greatest foes, the Joker and the Red Skull. This fun, fast paced tale is co-published with Marvel Comics and is drawn in a style reminiscent of the 1940s Golden Age of


Batman Author Marv Wolfman
ISBN-10 0930289633
Release 1990
Pages 128
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Traumatized by the death of Robin, the Dark Knight Detective descends into a brutal existence. But this blind quest for retribution has extremely hazardous mental and physical consequences as a careless and unhinged Batman suffers injury after injury. Deducing the connection between Bruce Wayne and Batman as well as the repercussions that the murder of the Boy Wonder are having on him, a teenaged Tim Drake seeks out Dick Grayson, the original Robin, in a desperate attempt to reunite the Dynamic Duo. An emotional and intense adventure, 'Batman - A lonely place of dying' illustrates the true significance of Batman and Robin's relationship and also introduces a new Boy Wonder.

Batman Birth of the Demon

Batman  Birth of the Demon Author Mike W. Barr
ISBN-10 9781401239923
Release 2012-08-07
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A collection of the three DEMON tales, each story explores the connection between Batman and the villain Ra's al Ghul. The first tale focuses on the two teaming up and a union between the Dark Knight and Talia al Ghul; the second focuses on Ra'sattempting to father a heir; and the third explores the real story behind the seemingly immortal villain and his motivation for world domination. Collects BATMAN: SON OF THE DEMON #1, BATMAN: BRIDE OF THE DEMON #1 and BATMAN: BIRTH OF THE DEMON #1.

Goodnight Batcave

Goodnight Batcave Author Dave Croatto
ISBN-10 9781401272876
Release 2016-10-20
Pages 20
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A 100% UNauthorized GOODNIGHT MOON parody-as only the world-(in)famous MAD Magazine can do it! Batman may be ready for bed-but crime never sleeps! And before the Caped Crusader can turn in for the night, he’ll have to deal with villains like the Joker, Bane, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman and the Penguin! If the Dark Knight ever hopes to catch some z’s, he’ll have to catch Gotham’s most dangerous criminals first! In this all-new story from the Usual Gang of Idiots at MAD Magazine, the best-selling children’s book GOODNIGHT MOON is parodied with the heroes and villains from the world of DC Comics’ BATMAN!

Neil Gaiman and Philosophy

Neil Gaiman and Philosophy Author Tracy Lyn Bealer
ISBN-10 9780812697650
Release 2012
Pages 195
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Eight philosophers discuss the works of the best-selling novelist and reveal their thoughts on the intersection of fantasy and reality and whether the unknown is as real as the known.


Batman Author Alex Ross
ISBN-10 1563895765
Release 1999
Pages 64
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After Batman meets a young boy whose parents were murdered, he reflects on his own life and examines the nature of crime in Gotham City.

Batman Robin

Batman   Robin Author Grant Morrison
ISBN-10 1401229875
Release 2011
Pages 168
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Batman and Robin hit the streets in their new flying Batmobile to face a group of villains called the Circus of Strange and investigate a child abducted by the mysterious Domino Killer.

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin Author Grant Morrison
ISBN-10 085768213X
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 168
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Spinning out of 'Batman RIP', the new dynamic duo hits the streets with a bang in their new flying Batmobile to face an assemblage of villains called the Circus of Strange, and tackle their first mission - investigating an abduction by the mysterious Domino Killer.

The Sandman The Dream Hunters

The Sandman  The Dream Hunters Author Neil Gaiman
ISBN-10 9781401236366
Release 2010-10-05
Pages 126
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"THE DREAM HUNTERS is a lovingly-crafted piece of work. Russell produces ... as faithful an adaptation as one could ever hope for."„IGN THE SANDMAN: THE DREAM HUNTERS is a graphic novel adaptation of Gaiman's novella of the same name, illustrated by Yoshitako Amano. The world was different in old Japan. In those days, creatures of myth and legend walked upon the earth, swam in the sea, flew through the air. Some were wild and some, at great cost, could be tamed.So it was that a wily fox made a wager to dislodge a humble young monk from his home„and lost her heart in the betting. So it was also that a master of the demons of this world set his own eyes on the monk, seeking to seize the pious man's inner strength for his own. And so it was, the King of All Night's Dreaming would find himself intervening on behalf of a love that was never meant to be.... Adapted by P. Craig Russell from the award-winning story by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Neil Gaiman, THE SANDMAN: THE DREAM HUNTERS is a richly evocative return to the world of The Dreaming, seen through entirely new eyes. Collects the entire 4-issue series as well as a sketch section by P. Craig Russell. Also included is a cover gallery that includes work by P. Craig Russell, Yuko Shimizu, Mike Mignola, Paul Pope and Joe Kubert.

Going sane

Going sane Author J. M. DeMatteis
ISBN-10 1845768639
Release 2008
Pages 176
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When a showdown between the Dark Knight & the Joker seems to result in Batman's death, the Joker - bereft of his nemesis, & lacking purpose - retreats into something approaching sanity as Joe Kerr, regular guy with a job - & a girlfriend. But his journey towards redemption may be cut short when he finds out Batman is alive.