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Becoming Yourself

Becoming Yourself Author Alison Miller
ISBN-10 9780429911255
Release 2018-05-11
Pages 408
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In contrast to the author's previous book, Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control, which was for therapists, this book is designed for survivors of these abuses. It takes the survivor systematically through understanding the abuses and how his or her symptoms may be consequences of these abuses, and gives practical advice regarding how a survivor can achieve stability and manage the life issues with which he or she may have difficulty. The book also teaches the survivor how to work with his or her complex personality system and with the traumatic memories, to heal the wounds created by the abuse. A unique feature of this book is that it addresses the reader as if he or she is dissociative, and directs some information and exercises towards the internal leaders of the personality system, teaching them how to build a cooperative and healing inner community within which information is shared, each part's needs are met, and traumatic memories can be worked through successfully.

Healing the Unimaginable

Healing the Unimaginable Author Alison Miller
ISBN-10 9780429914461
Release 2018-05-04
Pages 336
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Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control is a practical, task-oriented, instructional manual designed to help therapists provide effective treatment for survivors of these most extreme forms of child abuse and mental manipulation.

Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Author Orit Badouk Epstein
ISBN-10 9781780498102
Release 2011-04-01
Pages 200
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People who have survived ritual abuse or mind control experiments have often been silenced, accused of lying, mocked and disbelieved. Clinicians working with survivors often find themselves isolated, facing the same levels of disbelief and denial from other professionals within the mental health field. This report - based on proceedings from a conference on the subject - presents knowledge and experience from both clinicians and survivors to promote understanding and recovery from organized and ritual abuse, mind control and programming. The book combines clinical presentations, survivors' voices, and research material to help address the ways in which we can work clinically with mind control and cult programming from the perspective of relational psychotherapy.

Safe Passage to Healing

Safe Passage to Healing Author Chrystine Oksana
ISBN-10 0595201008
Release 2001
Pages 382
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“…One of the most pioneering and valuable contributions to the field.” —Dr. David K. Sakheim, co-editor of Out of Darkness: Understanding Satanism and Ritual Abuse If you know or suspect that you are a survivor of ritual abuse, you are not alone. This book is an inspiring, comprehensive guide showing that healing is possible. In a clear and gentle voice, Oksana helps demystify ritual abuse cults, and offers groundbreaking strategies for recovery. Drawing on inner wisdom and spirituality Oksana takes survivors step by step through the healing process. “This has got to be, definitely, the best book yet available on ritual abuse healing. I loved the whole book. I kept saying ‘Yes, yes, yes - this is how it is’…I thank you, my inner kids thank you, and I think future generations will thank you. —A Survivor

From the Trenches

From the Trenches Author Wendy Hoffman
ISBN-10 9780429914218
Release 2018-03-26
Pages 308
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This book is a shaking read, its controversial political statement putting forward the demand that readers accept the existence of conscious splitting of personality through treachery, deception, betrayal, torture, and violence. Beginning with the introductory poem, the book is an outcry about the significance of personal freedom as well as a blazing plea for commitment to making these abuses known and helping victims achieve safety and healing. The two authors present victims' horrendous experiences in a rational, factual, and professional way, building a foundational knowledge regarding what mind control is, how it uses deceit and lies, and how through betrayal and attachment trauma the basis is laid for lifelong exploitation. The authors present the terrifying and horrible situations that children are exposed to as they are coerced into actions that go against their own beliefs and true natures. The cooperation of the two authors, client and therapist, based on mutual respect, serves as a model for every change process: solidarity, freedom, and equality."--Gaby Breitenbach, psychologist and psychotherapist, author of Inside Views from the Dissociated Worlds of Extreme Violence "Wendy Hoffman and Alison Miller present essays and poetry on ritual abuse and mind control from the perspectives of survivor and clinician, revealing the challenges and rewards of their collaboration. This book will help therapists understand the experiences and needs of extreme abuse survivors."--Randy Noblitt, PhD, author of Cult and Ritual Abuse: Its History, Anthropology, and Recent Discovery in Contemporary America "From the Trenches is an extraordinary example of a writing collaboration between therapist and patient. It gives the reader the rare privilege of a double insight: Wendy Hoffman and Alison Miller each reflect, honestly and accurately, on the devastation caused by the most extreme forms of abuse, and on the treacherous journey back into wholeness. It is a must-read for all therapists - those who treat survivors of extreme abuse and those who may find themselves doing so tomorrow."--Dr Adah Sachs, the Bowlby Centre, consultant psychotherapist at Goodmayes Hospital, and on the Board of Directors of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation.

Ritual Abuse in the Twenty First Century

Ritual Abuse in the Twenty First Century Author James Randall Noblitt
ISBN-10 PSU:000066022633
Release 2008-09-09
Pages 552
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Allegations of ritual abuse are universal and mental health professionals, theologians, law enforcers, scholars, victim advocates, and others struggle to comprehend the enormity of the devastation left in the wake of these heinous acts. Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-first Century addresses the concerns that naturally evolve from any discussion of this phenomenon from the perspectives of professionals, advocates, and survivors from around the world (eight countries, seven states in the U.S.) * How valid are the survivors' stories? * Is there evidence? * What are the consequences of these acts to the individual and society? * Why have these allegations been ignored or discredited whenever they have surfaced? The authors of these chapters respond to these and other questions in an effort to illustrate the constellation of psychological, health, legal, criminal, societal, and spiritual ramifications of ritual abuse. Chapters address current issues including ritually based crime, civil suits involving allegations of ritual abuse, that are universal. The value of understanding ritual trauma for diagnostic and treatment applications is discussed.

Cult and Ritual Abuse Narratives Evidence and Healing Approaches 3rd Edition

Cult and Ritual Abuse  Narratives  Evidence  and Healing Approaches  3rd Edition Author James Randall Noblitt Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9781440831492
Release 2014-07-15
Pages 338
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This personal yet scholarly journey into the confusing and clandestine world of ritual abuse survivors sheds light on their catastrophic experiences and their efforts to heal afterward. • Features recalled histories of ritual abuse and vignettes of patients who have experienced dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder) • Discusses techniques used to create and manipulate altered states of consciousness • Explores how media sensationalizes and inaccurately depicts ritual abuse • Critiques the argument that ritual abuse stories are the result of false memories and advances the idea that reports of ritual abuse are understated • Expresses the position that clinicians have an ethical duty to achieve competence in recognizing and treating the psychological effects of ritual abuse • Concludes that clinicians, lawmakers, law enforcement, social services personnel, journalists, and others need to treat allegations of ritual abuse seriously and evaluate each report on its own merits

The Enslaved Queen

The Enslaved Queen Author Wendy Hoffman
ISBN-10 9781781814642
Release 2014-09-08
Pages 312
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Written by a survivor of mind control and ritual abuse who is also a therapist, this memoir exposes the existence and practices of organized criminal groups who abuse children, helps survivors of those abuses, and provides important information for professionals about the dissociative brain. The author's poetic prose contrasts with the horror of the subject matter. The adult journeys back to give voice to infant and child parts of her, describing her handlers' early interventions to destroy bonding and create dissociation, the foundation of reverse-Kabbalah suicide and pathway programming, and the installation of mind control. Scenes from ordinary life are interspersed throughout the memoir. Nazi post-war recruitment of American subjects during the 1940s and 50s (including the infamous Dr. Mengele), children used for prostitution, pornography and the drug trade along with the workings of the Illuminati leadership and their international Feast of the Beast rituals are all included. The memoir also covers attempts at recovery, experiences with cult therapists in disguise and finally the author's work with an honest, competent therapist, which led to healing and her brain melding together. The ending acknowledges spiritual experiences, the power of love, the memory process, and thoughts on living and surviving a life such as hers.

Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder Author Adah Sachs
ISBN-10 1855755963
Release 2008
Pages 215
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Personality Disorder is a baffling, confusing and rather bizarre condition. Although Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a formal DSM-IV diagnosis, it is still very controversial, and many professionals claim that it is extremely rare, does not exist or is fictitious. There are many reasons why professionals may be reluctant to acknowledge DID: it is, indeed, baffling, confusing and bizarre. However, there are, perhaps, other reasons for the "low popularity" of this condition. DID, like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), appears to be caused by trauma. But unlike PTSD, it appears to be caused by prolonged trauma, trauma which started in early childhood or infancy. Listening to accounts of people with DID is confusing due to the multiplicity of speaker(s)--it is also upsetting. The traumatic content of the stories is upsetting. The un-proved claims about terrible crimes are unsettling. We are faced with very difficult legal, ethical, moral and clinical questions, not knowing how to respond, what to believe, how to think. This book focuses on the most unsavory aspects of DID, namely, the forensic. It explores the role of crime in the lives of people with DID: crimes committed against them, by them and crimes that they have witnessed. The various papers reflect the experiences and thoughts of a range of professionals who have worked with this group: a GP, a psychiatrist, a police officer, a lawyer, psychotherapists and counselors and, most generously, a person who has DID.

White Witch in a Black Robe

White Witch in a Black Robe Author Wendy Hoffman
ISBN-10 9781782203667
Release 2016-01-18
Pages 176
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White Witch in a Black Robe is a memoir about how secret high-level mind control is performed throughout victims’ lives and the ways heads of governments and religious organizations participate in this, as well as the healing process and how one’s mind becomes whole again. The memoir begins with the author's childhood in a multi-generational satanic cult family, her ordinary life in the normal world, and her simultaneous secret tortuous world. She describes her travels as an Illuminati queen and prophet, encountering well-known leaders (whose names have been changed for this memoir). The final section portrays the process of weaving the pieces of her mind back together with the help of a therapist, and adjusting to life with a whole mind. This is an important book for survivors of mind control and ritual abuse, their therapists and counsellors, and the general public, revealing one of the world's best-kept and grimmest secrets. As Wendy Hoffman puts it in her introduction, 'the book is not for the delicate or for those who are convinced the world is fine just the way it is'.

Hell Minus One

Hell Minus One Author Anne A Johnson Davis
ISBN-10 0978834801
Release 2008-12-01
Pages 264
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Hell Minus One is different from other previously published memoirs by victims of satanic ritual abuse. Instead of distressing, heart-breaking accounts without collaborative or corroborative evidence, Anne's parents confessed their atrocities¿both in writing and verbally¿to clergymen, and to detectives from the Utah Attorney General's Office. Anne's suppressed memories, which erupted when she was in her mid-30s, were fully substantiated by her mother and stepfather.Hell Minus One is an unforgettable and moving story that takes the reader to more than just the depths of human depravity. After Anne learned the horrible and heartbreaking truth about her childhood, she embarked on an amazing inner journey of healing¿and forgiveness. She knew she had to forgive her tormentors, or they would own her¿and define who she is¿for the rest of her life. The steps she took to heal and forgive, and to commit herself to a new life of love and purpose, are inspirational and legendary. Her commitment to own and define her own life inspires readers to see their own challenges in a new light.

The Willpower Instinct

The Willpower Instinct Author Kelly McGonigal
ISBN-10 9781101553732
Release 2011-12-29
Pages 272
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Based on Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal's wildly popular course "The Science of Willpower," The Willpower Instinct is the first book to explain the new science of self-control and how it can be harnessed to improve our health, happiness, and productivity. Informed by the latest research and combining cutting-edge insights from psychology, economics, neuroscience, and medicine, The Willpower Instinct explains exactly what willpower is, how it works, and why it matters. For example, readers will learn: Willpower is a mind-body response, not a virtue. It is a biological function that can be improved through mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Willpower is not an unlimited resource. Too much self-control can actually be bad for your health. Temptation and stress hijack the brain's systems of self-control, but the brain can be trained for greater willpower Guilt and shame over your setbacks lead to giving in again, but self-forgiveness and self-compassion boost self-control. Giving up control is sometimes the only way to gain self-control. Willpower failures are contagious—you can catch the desire to overspend or overeat from your friends­­—but you can also catch self-control from the right role models. In the groundbreaking tradition of Getting Things Done, The Willpower Instinct combines life-changing prescriptive advice and complementary exercises to help readers with goals ranging from losing weight to more patient parenting, less procrastination, better health, and greater productivity at work.

Resurrection After Rape

Resurrection After Rape Author Matt Atkinson
ISBN-10 9780615209661
Release 2008-06-01
Pages 302
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A top-selling, best-reviewed book about women's recovery from rape trauma, "Resurrection After Rape" is an ideal resource for counselors, treatment centers, college course texts, and survivors of rape.

Out of darkness

Out of darkness Author David K. Sakheim
ISBN-10 066926962X
Release 1992-04-01
Pages 315
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Brings together the testimony of psychiatrists, theologians, an FBI agent, and two survivors of ritual abuse to provide a balanced look at the network of satanic cults in existence today.

Things Might Go Terribly Horribly Wrong

Things Might Go Terribly  Horribly Wrong Author Kelly G. Wilson
ISBN-10 9781572247116
Release 2010
Pages 165
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Whether it manifests itself as worry, fear, rumination, obsession, compulsion, or shyness, anxiety is everywhere, and it causes no end of trouble for just about all of us. But at its core, anxiety serves an important purpose: to neutralize uncomfortable ambiguities. This book begins with a whirlwind tour of anxiety: what causes it, what we think about it, and what it might look like. Then the book looks at some of the approaches to treating anxiety and poses an intriguing question: What if you don't need to get rid of anxiety in order to live a terrific life? Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly Wrong approaches this breakaway hypothesis through the mechanisms of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and presents a series of thinking points and short games readers can do to easily and effectively begin to incorporate ACT techniques into their lives. This book is not a full-scale self-help approach for someone with serious anxiety problems, but an easy way for readers who have wrestled with worry, fear, and shyness to put those feelings into perspective and focus instead on what they want to do in life. This book will help readers foster the flexibility they need to keep from succumbing to the avoidant forces of anxiety and open themselves to the often uncomfortable complexities and possibilities of life.

Cult and Ritual Abuse

Cult and Ritual Abuse Author James Randall Noblitt
ISBN-10 1440831483
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 338
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This personal yet scholarly journey into the confusing and clandestine world of ritual abuse survivors sheds light on their catastrophic experiences and their efforts to heal afterward.

Healing the Hurts of Your Past

Healing the Hurts of Your Past Author F. Remy Diederich
ISBN-10 9780615535463
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 200
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Do you find that you are your own worst enemy? Are you your biggest critic? Do others believe in you, but you find yourself filled with doubt? Why is that? You are not alone in this. Many of us do the same thing. Why do we so often sabotage the success we long for? The answer, in a word, is shame. Shame plays a vital role in our lives and is often overlooked. Shame can come from many things such as addiction and the hurts of our past. How we deal with those issues can be the difference between healing and rising from the ashes as a more confident and powerful person to being stuck in the same old rut. What do you want to do? Are you reading to start dealing with the pain and find real healing? This book is not a "feel-good" story but a "roll-up your sleeves" down and dirty look at the pain of shame. F. Remy Diederich helps you connect the dots to your self-defeating behavior and then gives you practical how-to advice about how a true understanding of God's love can free you to live the life you've always wanted. If you have been searching for a way to find Christian counseling or addiction treatment or just repairing the damage that has been done by living with the lies and hurts of your past, Healing the Hurts of Your Past is a powerful first step to freedom.