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Discovering Behavioral Neuroscience An Introduction to Biological Psychology

Discovering Behavioral Neuroscience  An Introduction to Biological Psychology Author Laura Freberg
ISBN-10 9781337670593
Release 2018-01-01
Pages 672
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With comprehensive, authoritative coverage and student-centered pedagogy, DISCOVERING BEHAVIORAL NEUROSCIENCE: AN INTRODUCTION TO BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY, 4th Edition is ideal for a broad range of students taking a beginning undergraduate course in biological or physiological psychology. Updated to reflect current thinking in the field, the book provides a foundational understanding of the structure and function of the nervous system and its relationship to both typical and disordered human behavior. Author Laura Freberg -- who has more than 30 years of teaching experience at schools ranging from community colleges to the Ivy League -- presents classic concepts, current topics, and cutting-edge research in a style that is both accessible to beginning students and appealing to students with stronger backgrounds. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Brain Behavior

Brain   Behavior Author Bob Garrett
ISBN-10 9781506349220
Release 2017-10-04
Pages 616
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Ignite your excitement about behavioral neuroscience with Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience, Fifth Edition by best-selling author Bob Garrett and new co-author Gerald Hough. Garrett and Hough make the field accessible by inviting readers to explore key theories and scientific discoveries using detailed illustrations and immersive examples as their guide. Spotlights on case studies, current events, and research findings help readers make connections between the material and their own lives. A study guide, revised artwork, new animations, and an accompanying interactive eBook stimulate deep learning and critical thinking.

Behavioral Neuroscience

Behavioral Neuroscience Author Carl W. Cotman
ISBN-10 9781483217567
Release 2014-04-24
Pages 856
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Behavioral Neuroscience: An Introduction provides a basic understanding of what is known about the means by which neurons communicate and about the nervous system which interprets, integrates, and transmits signals into meaningful and appropriate behaviors. The book starts with an overview of the nervous system. The text then describes the general operation and organization of the nervous system; and some of the major types of neurons in the context of their systems. The basic characteristics of neurons and how they communicate; the processes and the basic integrative properties of defined groups of neurons; and complex learning and memory are also considered. The book further tackles the auditory, somesthetic, olfactory, gustatory, visual, and motor systems; the functions of the autonomic nervous system and the neuroendocrine system; and the neural basis of two types of motivated behavior, drinking and feeding. The text also encompasses sleep and activity rhythms; the development of the neural circuitry and its plasticity throughout life; and the development of behavior. Behavioral disorders and the aspects of the human nervous system which make man unique among all living creatures are also looked into. Behavioral psychologists, behavioral neuroscientists, and psychobiologists will find the book invaluable.

Biological Psychology

Biological Psychology Author S. Marc Breedlove
ISBN-10 087893927X
Release 2013
Pages 633
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Published in March 2013, Biological Psychology, Seventh Edition is a comprehensive survey of the biological bases of behavior designed for undergraduates enrolled in biological psychology, physiological psychology, or behavioral neuroscience courses. It offers a broad perspective, encompassing lucid descriptions of behavior, evolutionary history, development, proximate mechanisms, and applications.

Sensorimotor Control and Learning

Sensorimotor Control and Learning Author James Tresilian
ISBN-10 0230371051
Release 2012-08-21
Pages 912
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Sensorimotor Control and Learning is a groundbreaking text that provides a uniquely integrated treatment of sensory and motor processes, reflecting the latest research trends in both neuromotor control and the perceptual sciences. Richly illustrated and written in a clear and concise manner, the book emphasizes the intimate links between sensory and motor processes, providing an integrated view of perception and action. Features of the book: • Emphasis on the multidisciplinary nature of the subject, which makes the text useful for a wide variety of readers • A rigorous and thorough account of how motor behaviors are controlled, coordinated, and changed • Numerous real-world examples relating to everyday experience • The latest research in the field, including a unique introductory treatment of control theory • Boxes highlighting and explaining more than 100 key terms, definitions and concepts throughout the text • Essential background material on neuroscience, biomechanics and engineering, making it a self-contained book for students • Over 600 high-quality illustrations by the author Sensorimotor Control and Learning is an indispensable resource for students of kinesiology and psychology, as well as students of other disciplines such as human factors, biomedical engineering, physiotherapy, and the neurosciences.

Neurons and Networks

Neurons and Networks Author John E. Dowling
ISBN-10 0674004620
Release 2001
Pages 563
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Completely revised and enlarged with six new chapters, the second edition of "Neurons and Networks" is an introduction not just to neurobiology, but to all of behavioral neuroscience. It is an ideal text for first- or second-year college students with minimal college science exposure.

Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience

Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience Author Neil R. Carlson
ISBN-10 0205940404
Release 2014
Pages 492
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Helps apply the research findings of behavioral neuroscience to daily life. The ninth edition of Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience offers a concise introduction to behavioral neuroscience. The text incorporates the latest studies and research in the rapidly changing fields of neuroscience and physiological psychology. The theme of strategies of learning helps readers apply these research findings to daily life. Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience is an ideal choice for the instructor who wants a concise text with a good balance of human and animal studies. MyPsychLab is an integral part of the Carlson program. Key learning applications include the MyPsychLab Brain. Teaching & Learning Experience Personalize Learning – MyPsychLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program. It helps students prepare for class and instructor gauge individual and class performance. Improve Critical Thinking –Each chapter begins with a list of Learning Objectives that also serve as the framework for the Study Guide that accompanies this text. Engage Students –An Interim Summary follows each major section of the book. The summaries provide useful reviews and also break each chapter into manageable chunks. Explore Theory/Research – APS Reader, Current Directions in Biopsychology in MyPsychLab Support Instructors – A full set of supplements, including MyPsychLab, provides instructors with all the resources and support they need. This Book a la Carte Edition is an unbound, three-hole punched, loose-leaf version of the textbook and provides students the opportunity to personalized their book by incorporating their own notes and taking the portion of the book they need to class – all at a fraction of the bound book price.

Study Guide to Accompany Garrett Hough s Brain Behavior An Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience

Study Guide to Accompany Garrett   Hough s Brain   Behavior  An Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience Author Bob Garrett
ISBN-10 9781506392455
Release 2017-10-13
Pages 272
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Completely revised to accompany the best-selling Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience, Fifth Edition, the Study Guide offers students even more opportunities to review, practice, and master course material. Featuring chapter outlines, learning objectives, summaries and guided reviews, short answer and essay questions, multiple choice post-test questions, and answer keys, the guide reflects important updates made to the content in the main text to enhance student understanding.

Neurobiology of Social Behavior

Neurobiology of Social Behavior Author Michael Numan
ISBN-10 9780123914750
Release 2014-07-17
Pages 358
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Social neuroscience is a rapidly growing, interdisciplinary field which is devoted to understanding how social behavior is regulated by the brain, and how such behaviors in turn influence brain and biology. Existing volumes either fail to take a neurobiological approach or focus on one particular type of behavior, so the field is ripe for a comprehensive reference which draws cross-behavioral conclusions. This authored work will serve as the market’s most comprehensive reference on the neurobiology of social behavior. The volume will offer an introduction to neural systems and genetics/epigenetics, followed by detailed study of a wide range of behaviors – aggression, sex and sexual differentiation, mating, parenting, social attachments, monogamy, empathy, cooperation, and altruism. Research findings on the neural basis of social behavior will be integrated across different levels of analysis, from molecular neurobiology to neural systems/behavioral neuroscience to fMRI imaging data on human social behavior. Chapters will cover research on both normal and abnormal behaviors, as well as developmental aspects. 2016 PROSE Category winner - Honorable Mention for Biomedicine and Neuroscience Presents neurobiological analysis of the full spectrum of social behaviors, while other volumes focus on one particular behavior Integrates and discusses research from different levels of analysis, including molecular/genetic, neural circuits and systems, and fMRI imaging research Covers both normal and abnormal behaviors Covers aggression, sex and sexual differentiation, mating, parenting, social attachments, empathy, cooperation, and altruism

The Behavioral Neuroscience of Adolescence

The Behavioral Neuroscience of Adolescence Author Linda Spear
ISBN-10 9780393705423
Release 2010
Pages 391
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Understanding the role of brain changes in adolescent behavior and development. Linda Spear provides a detailed and illuminating overview of the genetic, hormonal, and neurological developments that take place during adolescence, and shows how these changes, along with influential sociocultural factors, interact to produce distinctly adolescent behaviors and thought processes. The tension between taking risks, impulsivity, and self-control—a struggle evinced by many adolescents, especially those in therapeutic treatment—is also examined for its sources within the brain. The result is a fascinating overview of the adolescent brain, with profound implications for the clinical treatment of adolescents.

Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience

Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience Author Jeffrey L. Cummings
ISBN-10 019803170X
Release 2003-01-23
Pages 432
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This is the long-awaited successor to Jeffrey Cummings' classic work, Clinical Neuropsychiatry, published in 1985. That book represented an integration of behavioral neurology and biological psychiatry into a single volume devoted to explicating brain-behavior relationships. It was clinically oriented and intended for practitioners caring for patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. The new title reflects the authors' effort to link the recent explosion of new information from neurochemistry, neuroanatomy, genetics, neuropharmacology, neuropathology, and neuroimaging to the clinical descriptions. Yet the clinical emphasis of its predecessor has been maintained. Each chapter has a consistent approach and the book as whole provides a practical, easy-to-use synthesis of clinical advice and basic science. The volume is enhanced by 4-color images throughout. It is intended for students, residents, fellows, and practitioners of neurology, psychiatry, neuropsychology, and cognitive neuroscience. It will also be of interest to individuals in neuroimaging.

Handbook of Ultrasonic Vocalization

Handbook of Ultrasonic Vocalization Author Stefan M Brudzynski
ISBN-10 9780128097731
Release 2018-04-27
Pages 580
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Handbook of Ultrasonic Vocalization: Window into the Mammalian Brain, Volume 25, is an exhaustive resource on ultrasonic vocalizations in vertebrates, providing full coverage of all aspects of these vocalizations. The book also demonstrates the usefulness of ultrasonic vocalizations in studies of animal communication, sociobiological states, and in mammalian models of affective disorders, addictions and neurodevelopmental disorders, making it an indispensable resource for researchers using animal models. The book begins with the evolution of vocal communication before discussing mechanisms of ultrasound production, perception and the brain systems involved in emotional arousal that are responsible for the generation of vocalization and emotional states. In addition, the book covers studies of neuroactive agents and sociopsychological conditions that can regulate the outcome of ultrasonic vocalization and provide clues about animals’ internal states. Critically, the book also includes thorough coverage of pharmacological investigations using ultrasonic vocalizations, increasingly being utilized for studies in affective disorders, psychoses, addiction and alcoholism. No other book provides such extensive coverage of this rapidly growing field of study. Represents a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates evolution, communication, behavioral homeostasis, emotional expression and neuropsychiatric dysfunction Provides a systematic review of ultrasonic vocalizations in major groups of rodents widely used in laboratory research Discusses numerous other species across vertebrates that emit ultrasounds

Behavioral Neuroscience 8e

Behavioral Neuroscience 8e Author S. Marc Breedlove
ISBN-10 160535418X
Release 2016-09
Pages 633
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Revision of: Biological psychology. 2013. Seventh edition.

Discovering Biological Psychology

Discovering Biological Psychology Author Laura Freberg
ISBN-10 9780547177793
Release 2009-02-09
Pages 608
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With its comprehensive, authoritative coverage and student-centered pedagogy, DISCOVERING BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY, 2nd Edition is ideal for a broad range of students taking a beginning undergraduate course in biological or physiological psychology. The book provides a foundational understanding of the structure and function of the nervous system and its relationship to both typical and disordered human behavior. Written by an author with nearly 30 years of teaching experience at schools ranging from community colleges to the Ivy League, this text presents classic concepts, current topics, and cutting-edge research in a style that is both accessible to beginning and less-prepared students and appealing to students with stronger backgrounds. As a result, the book allows instructors to teach a rigorous course that does not oversimplify the material, while keeping students excited and engaged. Reviewers have praised the text’s clear narrative, high-interest examples, pedagogy, and purposeful art program. The Second Edition is supported by a comprehensive and contemporary media package that includes animations, videos, lectures and an image gallery on Microsoft PowerPoint slides, student response system content, and a time-saving online homework and course management system. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience Books a la Carte Edition

Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience  Books a la Carte Edition Author Neil R. Carlson
ISBN-10 0205795668
Release 2010-01-14
Pages 576
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1.Neuroscience as a field evolves rapidly; new research methods are developed every year. The research reported in this edition reflects the enormous advances made in these research methods. New researchis published every year that advances our understanding of the physiology of behavior. This new edition describes research that has resulted in many new discoveries. New Research: Genes that control brain size. Action of acetaminophen. Diffusion tensor imaging of fiber tracts. Discovery of color "globs" in the visual association cortex. Discovery of the gene responsible for congenital insensitivity to pain. Revised section on neural control of maternal behavior. Brain mechanisms of moral judgments. Emotional judgments of body posture. Bariatric surgery and secretion of anorexic peptide. Role of the basal ganglia in nondeclarative learning. Causes of AIDS dementia complex. Possible role of vitamin D deficiency in development of schizophrenia Cleansing rituals as atonement for unethical behavior. Brain pathology in autistic disorder 2. This new edition features many entirely new topics that were not covered in previous editions. New Topics: Evidence for fatty acid detectors in the tongue. New section on the role of sleep in procedural and declarative learning. Brain mechanisms of REM sleep: the REM flip- flop. Role of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex in reactions to violation of social norms. Role of the somatosensory system in emotional recognition and empathy. Anorexic symptoms as a response to starvation . New treatment for anorexia. Transfer of memories from hippocampus to neocortex . Identification of the visual word- form area . Ketogenic diet and development of 2- DG trials for treatment of seizure disorders. Brain- computer interfaces to operate computer- controlled devices. Animal research on delivery of siRNA to treat Huntington's disease. Reorganization of the section on anxiety disorders. Role of 5- HT transporters in PTSD. Role of the dorsal striatum in addictive behavio . Role of the insular cortex in nicotine addiction. New experimental drugs for treatment of addiction. Role of airway sensations in cigarette addiction 3. The author has revised the existing art and prepared new art to illustrate research that is described for the first time in this edition. Dozens of new pieces of art have been developed and dozens of others have been revised. The result is a set of up-to-date, clear, consistent, and attractive illustrations.

MATLAB for Neuroscientists

MATLAB for Neuroscientists Author Pascal Wallisch
ISBN-10 9780123838377
Release 2014-01-09
Pages 570
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MATLAB for Neuroscientists serves as the only complete study manual and teaching resource for MATLAB, the globally accepted standard for scientific computing, in the neurosciences and psychology. This unique introduction can be used to learn the entire empirical and experimental process (including stimulus generation, experimental control, data collection, data analysis, modeling, and more), and the 2nd Edition continues to ensure that a wide variety of computational problems can be addressed in a single programming environment. This updated edition features additional material on the creation of visual stimuli, advanced psychophysics, analysis of LFP data, choice probabilities, synchrony, and advanced spectral analysis. Users at a variety of levels—advanced undergraduates, beginning graduate students, and researchers looking to modernize their skills—will learn to design and implement their own analytical tools, and gain the fluency required to meet the computational needs of neuroscience practitioners. The first complete volume on MATLAB focusing on neuroscience and psychology applications Problem-based approach with many examples from neuroscience and cognitive psychology using real data Illustrated in full color throughout Careful tutorial approach, by authors who are award-winning educators with strong teaching experience

Loose leaf Version for Introduction to Brain and Behavior

Loose leaf Version for Introduction to Brain and Behavior Author Bryan Kolb
ISBN-10 9781319034207
Release 2016-03-16
Pages 704
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From authors Bryan Kolb and Ian Whishaw, and new coauthor G. Campbell Teskey, An Introduction to Brain and Behavior offers a unique inquiry-based introduction to behavioral neuroscience, with each chapter focusing on a central question (i.e., "How Does the Nervous System Function?"). It also incorporates a distinctive clinical perspective, with examples showing students what happens when common neuronal processes malfunction. Now this acclaimed book returns in a thoroughly up-to-date new edition. Founders of a prestigious neuroscience institute at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, Kolb and Whishaw are renowned as both active scientists and teachers. G. Campbell Teskey of the University of Calgary, also brings to the book a wealth of experience as a researcher and educator. Together, they are the ideal author team for guiding students from a basic understanding the biology of behavior to the very frontiers of some of the most exciting and impactful research being conducted