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Behind Chocolate Bars

Behind Chocolate Bars Author Kathy Aarons
ISBN-10 9781101621059
Release 2016-10-04
Pages 304
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The national bestselling author of Truffled to Death returns with a mystery full of tricks and treats... DOUBLE, DOUBLE-BOIL, AND TROUBLE… Best friends and business partners Michelle and Erica have a monstrous to-do list as they prepare for the annual West Riverdale Halloween Festival. Their shop, Chocolates and Chapters, will have a booth at the event, where Michelle will serve spooky delights while Erica displays an assortment of spine-chilling books. Thank goodness the teenagers from Erica’s comic-book club are chipping in to help. But one of their volunteers winds up in trouble after a woman’s body is found in an abandoned house—with the teen’s superhero key ring close by. The teen swears he didn’t do it, but he’s obviously hiding something—leaving Michelle and Erica with a witch’s cauldron of questions. Soon they discover that the dead woman was tricking a whole bunch of people out of more than just treats. Now these two friends must go door-to-door if they hope to unmask a killer… Includes Scrumptious Chocolate-Making Recipes! From the Paperback edition.

Cocoa Narel Chocolate Shop Mysteries Box Set Books 1 3

Cocoa Narel Chocolate Shop Mysteries  Box Set  Books 1 3 Author Morgana Best
ISBN-10 9781925674729
Release 2018-01-24
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Cocoa Narel Chocolate Shop Mysteries Box Set Books 1 3 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cocoa Narel Chocolate Shop Mysteries Box Set Books 1 3 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cocoa Narel Chocolate Shop Mysteries Box Set Books 1 3 book for free.

Cam Jansen The Chocolate Fudge Mystery 14

Cam Jansen  The Chocolate Fudge Mystery  14 Author David A. Adler
ISBN-10 9781101076118
Release 2004-07-22
Pages 64
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No mystery is too great for super-sleuth Cam Jansen and her amazing photographic memory! Mysteries follow super-sleuth Cam Jansen everywhere she goes...even while selling candy door-to-door. Cam and Eric are knocking on doors to sell candy for their school fund-raiser when Cam notices that there is a full trash can outside of a house that is supposed to be empty. Could someone be hiding inside? Cam is going to find out! The Cam Jansen books are perfect for young readers who are making the transition to chapter books, and Cam is a spunky young heroine whom readers have loved for over two decades. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Mystery of the Purloined Chocolate Bar

The Mystery of the Purloined Chocolate Bar Author Wayne Greenough
ISBN-10 9781771116305
Release 2013-07-15
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Cousin Aliceês chocolate bar has been purloined. Petey has six hours before his stern Aunt Jennifer returns from shopping. Itês panic time for him. He was supposed to take care of Alice. Can he save the day by finding the missing candy?

The Chocolate Cat Caper

The Chocolate Cat Caper Author JoAnna Carl
ISBN-10 9781101563809
Release 2002-03-01
Pages 240
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After giving up her career as a Texas trophy wife, 28-year-old Lee McKinney finds herself in a Michigan resort town, keeping the books for her Aunt Nettie’s luxury chocolate business. But she soon finds that her new life isn’t all truffles and bonbons… Clementine Ripley, the defense attorney everyone loves to hate, is throwing a party that calls for several thousand dollars worth of custom chocolates—some made in the image of her champion cat. Lee jumps at the job, but sweet success takes a bitter turn when someone adds and extra ingrediant—cyanide—to one of their delicious chocolates and it finds its way into Ms. Ripley’s mouth. Now it’s up to Lee to figure out who tampered with Aunt Nettie’s recipe before they find themselves behind not-so-chocolate bars. INCLUDES YUMMY CHOCOLATE TRIVIA!

Key Lime Pie Murder

Key Lime Pie Murder Author Joanne Fluke
ISBN-10 9781472221537
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 384
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The ninth mouth-watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series. Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M. C. Beaton and Leslie Meier. It promises to be a busy week for Lake Eden, Minnesota's favourite baker Hannah Swensen. Not only is she whipping up treats for the chamber of commerce booth at the local fair; she's also judging the baking contest, acting as a magician's assistant, trying to coax her cat to end his hunger strike, and performing her own private carnival act by juggling the demands of her mother and sisters. But moments before the fair closes for the day, Hannah discovers the body of Willa Sunquist, student teacher and fellow bake contest judge, alongside an upended key lime pie. Hannah smells a murder, and as the week draws to a close, she cranks up the heat in a bid to catch the killer red handed before it's too late.

Crime de Cocoa

Crime de Cocoa Author JoAnna Carl
ISBN-10 0451216946
Release 2005
Pages 501
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The first three books in the "Chocoholic Mystery Series" are packaged in one volume. The series begins with the "Chocolate Cat Caper" and continue through "Chocolate Bear Burglary" and "Chocolate Frog Frame-up." Each tale includes chocolate trivia and lore.

The Great Mistake Mysteries 3 Book Bundle

The Great Mistake Mysteries 3 Book Bundle Author Sylvia McNicoll
ISBN-10 9781459741904
Release 2018-02-12
Pages 592
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Anxious young Stephen Noble and his friend Renée are the dogwalking detectives! This special three-book bundle collects the first three book in The Great Mistake Mysteries. Includes The Great Mistake Mystery Dogwalker Stephen Nobel has a habit of overanalyzing things. When the bomb squad searches his school and a car crashes into the building, Stephen can’t leave it alone. But now his new friend Renée and his furry clients Ping and Pong are wrapped up in a dangerous mystery with a real criminal! The Artsy Mistake Mystery Renée and Stephen team up when Renée’s brother Attila is accused of stealing the outdoor art that’s been disappearing all over the neighbourhood. Convinced that Attila is innocent, Renée and Stephen set out to find the truth about the missing art. The Snake Mistake Mystery In the third Great Mistake Mystery, Stephen and Renée investigate a recent robbery that has been pinned on the Noble Dogwalking Agency. The crime involves a missing python and a key that Stephen says he lost. Stephen and Renée need to solve this case or the Noble Dogwalking Agency will go under!

Cream Puff Murder

Cream Puff Murder Author Joanne Fluke
ISBN-10 9781472221506
Release 2015-02-12
Pages 384
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The eleventh mouth-watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series. Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M. C. Beaton and Leslie Meier. Hannah Swensen has enough on her plate running Lake Eden's best-loved bakery. But with the launch party of her mother's novel around the corner, she also has a dress to fit into and a date with her sister, Andrea, at new health club Heavenly Bodies. Things go from bad to worse when Hannah finds the body of femme fatale Ronni Ward floating in the gym's Jacuzzi. Especially when a plate of The Cookie Jar's very own cream puffs are found garnishing the murder scene. With half the town's female population on the list of suspects, has Hannah bitten off more than she can chew?

The Book of Chocolate

The Book of Chocolate Author HP Newquist
ISBN-10 9781101635179
Release 2017-03-21
Pages 160
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Chocolate . . . - Its scientific name means “food of the gods.” - The Aztecs mixed it with blood and gave it to sacrificial victims to drink. - The entire town of Hershey, Pennsylvania was built by Milton Hershey to support his chocolate factory. Its streetlights are shaped like chocolate Kisses. - The first men to climb to the top of Mount Everest buried a chocolate bar there as an offering to the gods of the mountain. - Every twenty-four hours, the U.S. chocolate industry goes through eight million pounds of sugar. - Its special flavor is created by a combination of 600 to 1000 different chemical compounds Join science author HP Newquist as he explores chocolate’s fascinating history. Along the way you’ll meet colorful characters like the feathered-serpent god Quetzalcoatl, who gave chocolate trees to the Aztecs; Henri Nestlé, who invented milk chocolate while trying to save the lives of babies who couldn’t nurse; and the quarrelsome Mars family, who split into two warring factions, one selling Milky Way, Snickers, and 3 Musketeers bars, the other Mars Bars and M&M’s. From its origin as the sacred, bitter drink of South American rulers to the familiar candy bars sold by today’s multimillion dollar businesses, people everywhere have fallen in love with chocolate, the world’s favorite flavor.

Death by Chocolate

Death by Chocolate Author Milda Harris
Release 2017-03-17
Pages 100
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Death by Chocolate has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Death by Chocolate also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Death by Chocolate book for free.


Candyfreak Author Steve Almond
ISBN-10 9781565127135
Release 2004-05-04
Pages 280
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Perhaps you remember the whipped splendor of the Choco-Lite, or the luscious Caravelle bar, or maybe the sublime and perfectly balanced Hershey's Cookies 'n Mint. The Marathon, an inimitable rope of caramel covered in chocolate. Oompahs. Bit-O-Choc. The Kit Kat Dark. Steve Almond certainly does. In fact, he was so obsessed by the inexplicable disappearance of these bars—where'd they go?—that he embarked on a nationwide journey to uncover the truth about the candy business. There, he found an industry ruled by huge conglomerates, where the little guys, the last remaining link to the glorious boom years of the candy bar in America, struggle to survive. Visiting the candy factories that produce the Twin Bing, the Idaho Spud, the Goo Goo Cluster, the Valomilk, and a dozen other quirky bars, Almond finds that the world of candy is no longer a sweet haven. Today's precious few regional candy makers mount daily battles against corporate greed, paranoia, and that good old American compulsion: crushing the little guy. Part candy porn, part candy polemic, part social history, part confession, Candyfreak explores the role candy plays in our lives as both source of pleasure and escape from pain. By turns ecstatic, comic, and bittersweet, Candyfreak is the story of how Steve Almond grew up on candy—and how, for better and worse, candy has grown up, too.

Plum Pudding Murder

Plum Pudding Murder Author Joanne Fluke
ISBN-10 9781472221490
Release 2015-02-12
Pages 384
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The twelfth mouth-watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series. Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M. C. Beaton and Leslie Meier. The busiest time of year for Lake Eden's best-loved bakery also happens to be the most wonderful time...for Christmas cookies, Hannah Swensen's special plum pudding - and romance! Hannah is busy as can be, and loving 'Lunatic Larry Jaeger's Crazy Elf Christmas Tree Lot', the carnival taking place on the village green. Things soon turn sour, however, when Hannah discovers Larry dead as a doornail in his own office... It seems quite a few people would have liked to fill Larry's stocking with coal. With suspects to investigate and the twelve days of Christmas ticking away, Hannah's running out of time in her bid to nab a murderous Scrooge who would rather she didn't see in the New Year...

The Chocolate Bar Bust

The Chocolate Bar Bust Author Miranda Barry
ISBN-10 0553482874
Release 1995
Pages 121
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With help from a mysterious person, the Ghostwriter team determines to rescue their kidnapped friend, Hector, who has gotten caught up in a scam to rob Brooklyn's senior citizens. Original.

Thea Stilton 19 Thea Stilton and the Chocolate Sabotage

Thea Stilton  19  Thea Stilton and the Chocolate Sabotage Author Thea Stilton
ISBN-10 9780545646574
Release 2014-05-27
Pages 176
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Join Thea Stilton and the Thea Sisters on an adventure packed with mystery and friendship! The Thea Sisters are visiting a friend in Ecuador who has a sweet job -- he runs a chocolate factory! His factory is in the running for a major award for its environmental methods. But suddenly, chocolate production starts to malfunction. Is it sabotage? It's up to the Thea Sisters to solve this mouthwatering mystery!

The Mystery in Chocolate Town Hershey Pennsylvania Teacher s Guide

The Mystery in Chocolate Town   Hershey  Pennsylvania Teacher s Guide Author Carole Marsh
ISBN-10 9780635081780
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 32
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The corresponding Teacher's Guide is a page-by-page supplementary resource that gives you additional activities to enhance the student's learning opportunities by using cross-curricular materials including discussion questions, reproducible vocabulary, science, geography and math activities. Each Teacher's Guide turns you into the expert-we've done all the research for you! This comprehensive resource enhances the many dramatic learning opportunities students can gain from reading this mystery by Carole Marsh. The supplementary Teacher's Guide includes: ¥ A chapter guide of additional information, trivia, historical facts, and more to help teachers be "Experts!" ¥ Activity ideas that make the book come dramatically to life for young readers! ¥ The author's additional comments and thoughts about the subject ¥ Some reproducible activities ¥ Great out-of-the-box ideas for activities.

The Chocopocalypse

The Chocopocalypse Author Chris Callaghan
ISBN-10 9781524719173
Release 2017-10-10
Pages 304
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Fans of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and readers of Chris Grabenstein and Wendy Mass will love is an action-packed mystery about what happens if the world is about to run out of chocolate! Life for Jelly Welly—or Jennifer Wellington—is totally and utterly normal in Chompton-on-de-Lyte. She lives with her mum and dad and gran, has nosy neighbors who like to gossip, and really needs to think of a science project that will get her a good grade. But when news breaks of an impending chocopocalypse, her whole world—and the world at large—is thrown into utter chaos. With only six days left until no more chocolate, Jelly has a sneaking suspicion that something isn’t right. She and her gran investigate, picking up on a mysterious trail of clues. Is it really the dreaded chocopocalypse, or is there a mastermind behind the madness? "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans and mystery enthusiasts will also enjoy this chocolatey adventure."-School Library Journal "[The Chocopocalypse] will likely find a place among readers who enjoy [Roald] Dahl's humor."-Kirkus Reviews