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Beliefs Agency and Identity in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching

Beliefs  Agency and Identity in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching Author Paula Kalaja
ISBN-10 9781137425959
Release 2015-10-26
Pages 237
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This book explores the phenomena of believing (or giving personal meanings), acting, and identifying (or identity construction), and the interconnectedness of these phenomena in the learning and teaching of English and other foreign languages.

Identity Motivation and Autonomy in Language Learning

Identity  Motivation and Autonomy in Language Learning Author Dr. Garold Murray
ISBN-10 1847694985
Release 2011-04-14
Pages 280
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In this volume researchers from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North and South America employ a variety of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches in their exploration of the links between identity, motivation, and autonomy in language learning. On a conceptual level the authors explore issues related to agency, metacognition, imagination, beliefs, and self. The book also addresses practice in classroom, self-access, and distance education contexts, considering topics such as teachers’ views on motivation, plurilingual learning, sustaining motivation in distance education, pop culture and gaming, study abroad, and the role of agency and identity in the motivation of pre-service teachers. The book concludes with a discussion of how an approach which sees identity, motivation, and autonomy as interrelated constructs has the potential to inform theory, practice and future research directions in the field of language teaching and learning.

Learner Identity and Learner Beliefs in EFL Writing

Learner Identity and Learner Beliefs in EFL Writing Author Olga Majchrzak
ISBN-10 9783319695600
Release 2017-12-21
Pages 269
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This book focuses on the concept of learner writer identity in the context of foreign language writing. The author demonstrates that the process of writing in a foreign language is much more complex and personal than many writing instructors may assume. The book’s theoretical chapters address such concepts as bilingualism, the process of L2 writing, and identity in L2 writing. The book’s empirical section discusses the students’ views on writing in L1 and in L2, the students’ writing processes in both languages, and the students’ identities in L1 and L2 writing. It is shown that writing in L2 poses problems of a linguistic nature; however, for the advanced EFL learners writing in L2 also creates opportunities they would never have when composing in their mother tongue.

Emotions in Second Language Teaching

Emotions in Second Language Teaching Author Juan de Dios Martínez Agudo
ISBN-10 9783319754383
Release 2018-03-12
Pages 449
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This edited volume explores the multifaceted nature of teacher emotions, presenting current research from different approaches and perspectives, focused towards the second language classroom. Twenty three chapters by well-known scholars from the applied linguistics, TESOL and educational psychology fields provide the reader with a holistic picture of teacher emotions, making this collection a significant contribution to the field of second language teaching. Given the emotional nature of teaching, the book explores a number of key issues or dimensions of L2 teachers’ emotions that were until now rarely considered. The contributions present the views of a select group of applied linguistic researchers and L2 teacher educators from around the world. This international perspective makes the book essential reading for both L2 teachers and teacher educators.

Challenges of Second and Foreign Language Education in a Globalized World

Challenges of Second and Foreign Language Education in a Globalized World Author Mirosław Pawlak
ISBN-10 9783319669755
Release 2017-09-07
Pages 344
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This edited collection brings together papers by eminent scholars who attempt to demonstrate how challenges can most successfully be ameliorated with an eye to enhancing the effectiveness of the processes of language teaching and learning. In Part One, emphasis is placed on challenges that second language education has to face, both those more general, dealing with language policy issues, and those more specific, concerned with instructional options in the language classroom. Part Two focuses on challenges involved in researching the processes of teaching and learning in the second and foreign languages classroom, both with respect to research methodology and efforts to tap some variables impinging upon the effects of instruction. Finally, Part Three is devoted to challenges involved in second and foreign language teacher education, the quality of which to a large extent determines the outcomes of second language education in any educational context.

The Routledge Handbook of Language Awareness

The Routledge Handbook of Language Awareness Author Peter Garrett
ISBN-10 9781317385332
Release 2017-11-06
Pages 536
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The Routledge Handbook of Language Awareness is a comprehensive and informative overview of the broad field of language awareness. It contains a collection of state-of-the-art reviews of both established themes and new directions, authored and edited by experts in the field. The handbook is divided into three sections and reflects the engaging diversity of language awareness perspectives on language teaching and teachers, language learning and learners, and extending to additional areas of importance that are less directly concerned with language instruction. In their introductory chapter, the editors provide valuable background to the language awareness field along with their summary of the chapters and issues covered. A helpful section giving further reading suggestions for each of the chapters is included at the end of the book. This volume is essential reading for graduate students and researchers working in the sphere of language awareness within applied linguistics, sociolinguistics and across the wider spectrum of language and communication.

Reflections on Language Teacher Identity Research

Reflections on Language Teacher Identity Research Author Gary Barkhuizen
ISBN-10 9781317286080
Release 2016-11-10
Pages 286
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Reflections on Language Teacher Identity Research is the first book to present understandings of language teacher identity (LTI) from a broad range of research fields. Drawing on their personal research experience, 41 contributors locate LTI within their area of expertise by considering their conceptual understanding of LTI and the methodological approaches used to investigate it. The chapters are narrative in nature and take the form of guided reflections within a common chapter structure, with authors embedding their discussions within biographical accounts of their professional lives and research work. Authors weave discussions of LTI into their own research biographies, employing a personal reflective style. This book also looks to future directions in LTI research, with suggestions for research topics and methodological approaches. This is an ideal resource for students and researchers interested in language teacher identity as well as language teaching and research more generally.

Expanding Individual Difference Research in the Interaction Approach

Expanding Individual Difference Research in the Interaction Approach Author Laura Gurzynski-Weiss
ISBN-10 9789027264886
Release 2017-12-12
Pages 327
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Expanding Individual Difference Research in the Interaction Approach: Investigating learners, instructors, and other interlocutors demonstrates why investigating the individual differences of all interlocutors with whom learners interact – including peer and heritage learners, instructors, researchers, and native speakers – is critical to understanding how second and foreign languages are taught and learned. Through state-of-the-art syntheses detailing what is known about learners and instructors, and novel empirical studies highlighting new avenues of inquiry, the volume articulates the most pressing needs for individual difference research. The book concludes with a scoping review, which reveals the many interlocutors still yet to be empirically considered and outlines next steps for this research. Uniquely combining linguistic theory, research synthesis, and empirical study, this book encourages students and established scholars alike to expand their conceptualization of individual differences. By demonstrating the importance of considering the individual differences of all interlocutors, the studies are also highly relevant to those teaching second and foreign languages in diverse contexts.

Narratives of learning and teaching EFL

Narratives of learning and teaching EFL Author Paula Kalaja
ISBN-10 0230545432
Release 2008-09-30
Pages 256
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A collection of research reports on lived experiences of the English language focusing on the subjective meanings and emotions involved in EFL contexts of learning and teaching. The contributors make use of fresh theoretical frameworks and innovative methods of data collection and analysis, including verbal and visual narratives.

Beliefs About SLA

Beliefs About SLA Author P. Kalaja
ISBN-10 9781402047510
Release 2007-10-03
Pages 249
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This edited collection of articles illustrates recent work on beliefs about second language acquisition, drawing on the thinking of educational philosophers and discursive psychologists including Dewey, Bakhtin, Vygotsky, and Potter. Coverage extends to beliefs held by second/foreign language learners and as well as teachers. The book includes detailed accounts of starting points, definitions, methods of data collection and analysis, main findings and implications for further research.

Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching

Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching Author Marion Williams
ISBN-10 9780194423960
Release 2016-06-28
Pages 171
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This book explores key areas of educational and social psychology and considers their relevance to language learning and teaching, using activities and questions for reflection. The topics discussed in the book include: • learners’ and teachers’ beliefs about how a language should be learned and taught • learning and working in groups • relationships with others • the role of the self in teaching and learning • motivation to start and persist with tasks • the role of emotions in learning. The authors provide useful insights for the understanding of language learning and discuss the important implications for language teaching pedagogy. Extra resources are available on the website: Marion Williams was formerly Reader in Applied Linguistics at the University of Exeter and is a past president of IATEFL. Sarah Mercer is Professor of Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Graz, Austria. Stephen Ryan is Professor in the School of Economics at Senshu University, Tokyo.

The Applied Linguistic Individual

The Applied Linguistic Individual Author Phil Benson
ISBN-10 1908049383
Release 2013
Pages 211
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A focus on learner individuality in Applied Linguistics has been considered a mark of theoretical weakness from several perspectives. One branch of second language acquisition research has systematically discounted individual characteristics in favour of a search for universal acquisition processes. Another has adopted 'individual differences' as its object of inquiry, but emphasises psychological and sociological group characteristics over those of individuals. At the other end of the spectrum, critical researchers have viewed these approaches as 'individualistic' and have emphasised instead the deeply social character of second language acquisition. More recently, however, the qualitative approaches favoured by socially-oriented researchers have begun to bring issues of individuality to the fore. Autonomy, agency and identity have emerged as important constructs through which researchers are seeking to understand relationships between individuals and the social contexts in which they learn and use languages, and case studies of individuals have become a preferred approach to Applied Linguistics research. These developments raise important questions about the relationship between the social and individual, which has now become a key philosophical and methodological issue in research. This volume addresses this issue through contributions from researchers who carry out their work in a variety of settings in Asia, Australasia, Europe, and North and South America. The authors explore how individuality is conceptualised in socially-oriented approaches to Applied Linguistics research, including Sociocultural Theory, Situated Learning, Imagined Communities, Complexity Theory, and Autonomy Theory. Is there a tension between the social and the individual in these approaches, and if so, how is it manifested and resolved in empirical research?

Teaching English as an International Language

Teaching English as an International Language Author Le Ha Phan
ISBN-10 9781847690487
Release 2008
Pages 204
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Drawing on both Western and Asian theoretical frameworks, this book showcases the complexity and sophistication of the negotiations that EIL (English as an international language) teachers have to make when their identities are challenged by values and practices that seem contradictory to their own.

New Directions in Language Learning Psychology

New Directions in Language Learning Psychology Author Christina Gkonou
ISBN-10 9783319234915
Release 2015-11-27
Pages 259
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This book explores potential new directions in the growing field of language learning psychology. The individual chapters cover theoretical and conceptual developments and innovative methodological designs, while also exploring practical implications. Language learning psychology is a vibrant field of research that typically involves constructs from social and educational psychology, which it considers in terms of their relevance for the domain of language learning. The diverse theoretical and empirical chapters examine a range of familiar and lesser-known constructs, highlighting the importance of taking into account both learner and teacher psychologies, and recognising the complexity, dynamism and situatedness of psychological constructs, as well as the value of employing diverse research methodologies. It is hoped that these ‘new directions’ concerning populations, constructs and theoretical and methodological frameworks will pave the way for innovative future developments in this vibrant field.

Reflective Dialogue

Reflective Dialogue Author Satoko Kato
ISBN-10 9781317577546
Release 2015-07-16
Pages 338
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Reflective Dialogue presents professional educators with the necessary background and skills to engage in reflective dialogue with language learners effectively. It draws on work in the fields of advising in language learning, reflective practice, sociocultural theory, language learner autonomy, counseling, and life coaching to provide both an introduction to the field and guidance for researching advising in action. The book also includes a wide variety of practical ideas and over 30 sample dialogues that offer clear demonstrations of the concepts discussed in practice. This dynamic textbook’s practical approach illustrates how reflective dialogue can promote language learner autonomy and how language advising can be implemented successfully both inside and outside the classroom.

Autonomy and Foreign Language Learning

Autonomy and Foreign Language Learning Author Henri Holec
ISBN-10 0130544612
Release 2001
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Autonomy and Foreign Language Learning has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Autonomy and Foreign Language Learning also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Autonomy and Foreign Language Learning book for free.

Studying Second Language Acquisition from a Qualitative Perspective

Studying Second Language Acquisition from a Qualitative Perspective Author Danuta Gabryś-Barker
ISBN-10 9783319083537
Release 2014-09-18
Pages 218
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This book presents a selection of empirical papers dealing with second and multiple language acquisition, in which qualitative research methodology is employed. Each of the studies reported in individual chapters is based on a solid theoretical background and an overview of studies in a given area. Although the main focus is on qualitative methods, some of the papers demonstrate the complementarity of quantitative and qualitative approaches in studying language acquisition.