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All Roads Lead Home

All Roads Lead Home Author Diane Greenwood Muir
ISBN-10 1482021803
Release 2013-01-17
Pages 368
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Polly Giller returned to Iowa from Boston to start a new life; with her inheritance, she purchased an old school building in Bellingwood and is in the middle of renovating it when the bones of two bodies are pulled out of a ceiling. The whole town knows who those bones belong to, but when she also finds crates and crates of items from the sixties through the early nineties in the old root cellar, they wonder if the two things are connected.

Finding the Road Home

Finding the Road Home Author Diane Greenwood Muir
ISBN-10 1548221996
Release 2017-06-19
Pages 132
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Before Polly Giller moved to Bellingwood, she lived in Boston where she had friends, a fantastic job, and a life she never considered leaving. When Polly left home to go to college in Boston, she never intended to go back - especially after her father died. She thought she had a plan for her future. In this prequel to the popular Bellingwood series, Diane Greenwood Muir uncovers the reasons for Polly's return to Iowa. Plans change. People change. Polly changed. People who are seen as ordinary become fascinating when viewed through Polly's eyes. From the stereotypical Italian mother, to annoying coworkers; self-centered friends to a wealthy boyfriend who knows no limits, she sees each one through the lens of love. Those who care for her, do so deeply, but once in a while, someone goes too far, frightening Polly and her friends. Follow Polly's story as she finds her road home.

Through the Storm

Through the Storm Author Diane Greenwood Muir
ISBN-10 1505352401
Release 2014-12-02
Pages 294
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Once things start falling apart around Polly Giller, chaos takes over and all she can do is hold on for the ride. Sylvie Donovan has finished school and things are supposed to be rainbows and unicorns. Not in Bellingwood. Her oldest son, Jason, has just started high school and isn't handling the transition well. Within the span of three weeks, his behavior has escalated to the point that she doesn't know what to do next. Her ex-husband shows up and the mere sight of him drains her confidence, returning her to the days when she lived with an abuser. Polly's little family is dealing with bedlam of its own. Jessie Locke is twenty years old and no matter how badly she wants to be an adult, she's making horrible decisions. When she runs away, Polly has to deal with a furious husband and a devastated little girl. Poor Rebecca Heater's life is already in disarray as she watches her mother's health deteriorate. The one constant through all of the storms that come is the friendships each person has developed along the way. Friends show up when you least expect it and are there when you need them. If there's one thing Polly knows and Sylvie is learning, it's that when you need strength to stand against the horrors of the world, you can find it in those who love you.

Boundless Dreams

Boundless Dreams Author Diane Greenwood Muir
ISBN-10 1977616739
Release 2017-09-24
Pages 378
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It's the middle of summer and Bellingwood has been relatively quiet so far. That's all about to change. Polly wakes up on a Monday morning ready for another fun week spent with her friends and her family. The fence around the back yard has been replaced giving the kids and the dogs a safe place to play. Renovations on the three upstairs bedrooms at the Bell House are nearly finished. and it won't be long before Polly regains control of the living room and dining room. A short walk through the cemetery is all it takes for her world to turn upside down. You might think that should be enough, but it's only the beginning of a very long day. A phone call tosses Polly's life into chaos and she soon realizes that is going to be the norm for the next few weeks. The donkeys are stolen from the Sycamore House pasture, frightening both Polly and her horses. Rebecca continues to test boundaries and in a surprising twist, Noah and Elijah stumble across an unexpected group of new friends. In the middle of it all, Polly rediscovers just what it means to have friends who will unexpectedly show up to take care of you. Welcome back to Bellingwood. Come for the chaos, stay for the fun. The short story - Break Through the Clouds - can be found at the end of the paperback version.

Look Always Forward

Look Always Forward Author Diane Greenwood Muir
ISBN-10 1517514266
Release 2015-09-24
Pages 286
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A quiet evening at home is rocked by an accident on the highway in front of Sycamore House. The car crash isn't the worst thing that will happen, but it is the first in a series of events that will disrupt Polly's easy summer. We all know that this is just the beginning of the chaos that will erupt around Polly Giller until it finally settles out and her life is changed. The beginning of the new school year is just a couple of weeks away. Andrew, Rebecca, and Kayla are going into seventh grade, leaving their elementary years behind them. This introduces an entirely new set of worries for kids who are just trying to figure out how to grow up. Change is enough to scare anyone and at this age, change happens every day. Characters are introduced to Bellingwood and whether they stay for a few days or much longer depends on the choices they make. From the knight errant to the new manager at the coffee shop, each person's unique personality knits them into the fabric of the community. Polly's big heart is tested by those she wants to trust and others that she wants to simply set aside. She is surprised at just how these people will find their way into her family's life.

A Heart s Assurance

A Heart s Assurance Author Diane Greenwood Muir
ISBN-10 1986803562
Release 2018-03-23
Pages 288
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Winter has taken hold in Bellingwood. Boots, coats, roaring fireplace, blankets, snow days - the Bell House is prepared for nearly anything. Nearly anything ... Let's see. Where shall we start? Rebecca's first big party following the Winter Snowball Dance fills the house with joy, but high school kids don't have much sense sometimes. The next day, a quick trip to Boone turns Polly's family upside down. Hayden and Cat's Christmas announcement will bring changes - something that everyone is excited about. Henry and Polly trained to be foster parents and while the Bell House can hold more people, are they ready? In one of Polly's most heart wrenching rescues we meet Shelly Nelson, taken from her family at a young age. Suddenly, she shows up again five years later. The young woman has been through inconceivable hell and trusts no one, yet her heart desperately wants to believe that there is goodness in the world and she can be safe again. In a world filled with brokenness, we look for those who remain steadfast in the midst of the storm. The Giller-Sturtz family has at its core - strength, love and stability. When Polly's stamina ebbs, she is restored by her friends who, in their selfless love, give each other unending support. Winter may have taken hold, but spring is coming to Bellingwood.

A Big Life in a Small Town

A Big Life in a Small Town Author Diane Greenwood Muir
ISBN-10 1483907031
Release 2013-03-20
Pages 318
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Polly Giller and her friends in Bellingwood are back with more stories to tell. The barn raising at Sycamore House promises to be an event that brings the whole community out. No one has ever seen anything like this before and no one wants to miss it. Dancing lessons from the gorgeous veterinarian help Polly get prepared for the hoe-down, but create havoc in her relationship with Henry. One of these days, Polly is going to have to decide whether or not she wants to commit to him, but she doesn't want to mess up a wonderful friendship if she messes up their relationship. While Polly and her team prepare for the barn raising and hoe-down, she also has to help Elise Myers, a young girl who has come to Sycamore House to stay while writing her doctoral thesis. However, Elise hasn't told Polly exactly why she's in the middle of Iowa. That little mystery knocks Polly out! Meanwhile, Lydia finds the dead body of a friend and discovers there's an unfinished note with some unfinished business. A big discovery by Polly and Sylvie will solve the mystery and change Polly's life one more time. Polly counsels young Jason that you have to learn to count on your friends when you're in trouble. The list of people she can count on to help her out continues to grow and she finds that she has a great big life in the small town of Bellingwood.

Love s Surprises

Love s Surprises Author Diane Greenwood Muir
ISBN-10 1983492493
Release 2018
Pages 364
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It's been five years since Polly Giller met new friends in Bellingwood. Her moving into town was the beginning of something amazing and that has never changed. Zombies are supposed to be the walking dead, not the lying down in the middle of the elementary school parking lot dead. This wasn't how Halloween is supposed to end. But she's Polly Giller and this is Bellingwood. It's just the beginning of this book's adventure. Strangers in ski masks attempt to break into the Bell House - for what, Polly can't imagine, but she and the dogs chase them into the cemetery where they escape from. The family has been lax in letting friends and neighbors know how to get into the house. The question is, who would take advantage of that? From small surprises to large ones, Polly's friends and family have plenty to share. Thank goodness, she has people around her who stay strong and steady when changes threaten to disrupt her life. Thank you for the first five years. I have the best readers and friends in the world ... Diane. The Christmas short story - The Most Wonderful Time - can be found at the end of the paperback version.

Regarding Anna

Regarding Anna Author Florence Osmund
ISBN-10 0991518527
Release 2015-02-21
Pages 272
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Things that happen to you in the past can mold you into someone you're not. After recovering from the shock of her parents perishing in a tragic accident, Grace Lindroth discovers clues in their attic that cause her to believe the people she called Mom and Dad her whole life may not have been her real parents. In her search for the truth, Grace encounters people whose actions cause her to be distrustful of just about everyone, making her mission that much more difficult but heightening her determination to uncover what she believes is essential for her to go on with her life. What Others Are Saying About REGARDING ANNA: For a fun, fascinating, and somewhat unpredictable mystery, look no further than Regarding Anna by Florence Osmund. Written in a friendly and straightforward style, readers will enjoy sleuthing alongside Grace as she seeks the truth about Anna. Grace is an admirable character, and her determination to understand where she came from, even as it begins to put her in danger, is amazing. Don't be surprised if you have a hard time putting this novel down --San Francisco Book Review

Spoonful Chronicles

Spoonful Chronicles Author Elen Ghulam
ISBN-10 0978187245
Release 2017-01-23
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Thaniya Rasid grew up in the Middle East dreaming of becoming a surgeon. Now living an ordinary life as a mother, wife and a hospital lab tech in Vancouver, Canada, she garners unexpected fame as youTube's Queen of Hummus when her video demonstrating the recipe goes viral. How could blending chickpeas in a food processor generate so much excitement? And how could her life have ended up so far away from all her expectations? To make sense of the unlikely events that have brought her to this place, Thaniya turns to food, curating memorable eating experiences of her life, searching for clues. Between her childhood aversion to cucumbers, her search for an authentic Iraqi kubeh in the city of Jerusalem, her 10-year tomato wars with her husband Samih, a mood altering encounter with a blood pudding in Edinburgh, and a Kafkaesque nightmare involving a cauliflower, Thaniya unravels repeated patterns occurring in her life. The secrets of love, friendship and destiny hidden in her cauldron of mishmashed cultures begin to reveal themselves. Between lust and disgust there is a thin line. Spoonful Chronicles is the beguiling story of one woman taking hold of her fate by uncovering the clandestine geography of this divide in her heart. If you enjoyed reading Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, Chocolat by Joanne Harris, The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais or Heartburn by Nora Ephron then this foodie fiction is for you.

The Complete Artist s Way

The Complete Artist s Way Author Julia Cameron
ISBN-10 158542630X
Release 2007
Pages 732
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Cameron reflects on the artists journey, and provides rich insights into how readers may set about cultivating a more creative and spiritually rewarding existence using the principles found in this compilation that includes "The Artists Way, Walking in This World," and "Finding Water."

You Won t Remember this

You Won t Remember this Author Kate Blackwell
ISBN-10 0870745158
Release 2007
Pages 229
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The twelve stories in Kate Blackwell’s debut collection illuminate the lives of men and women who appear as unremarkable as your next-door-neighbor until their lives explode quietly on the page. Her wry, often darkly funny voice describes the repressed underside of a range of middle-class characters living in the South. Blackwell’s focus is elemental--on marriage, birth, death, and the entanglements of love at all ages--but her gift is to shine a light on these universal situations with such lucidity, it is as if one has never seen them before. In "My First Wedding,” a twelve-year-old girl attends her cousin’s Deep South wedding, where she discovers both mystery and disillusionment and, in the end, finds she’s not immune to her family’s myth of romantic love. In "Heartbeatland,” when a young woman’s husband dies suddenly, she refuses to sell his Jeep to an importuning gay neighbor. The more she clings to the Jeep--and to the memory of her beloved David--the more he becomes someone she doesn’t recognize. In "Queen of the May,” a former belle looks for ways to assuage her loneliness in her large new house in the empty Carolina sandhills.

Mark of the Loon

Mark of the Loon Author Molly R. Greene
ISBN-10 9780985511203
Release 2016-04-12
Pages 250
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Madison Boone is keen to buy a fabulous old stone cottage in the country, and she nixes her budding relationship with Coleman Welles to do it. But once the renovation begins, the property’s long-buried secret threatens to derail everything. Can her friends help solve the mystery?

Capture Your Memories

Capture Your Memories Author Diane Greenwood Muir
ISBN-10 154309516X
Release 2017-02-12
Pages 160
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Capture Your Memories in this little journal. It offers a great deal of flexibility, as you can write when you wish and simply date the entry. Prompts to encourage your memory are scattered throughout the journal along with pages for you to be creative, whether you draw, doodle, write or use them to paste in memories or photographs. The journal includes inspirational quotations as well as photography by Maxim M. Muir. From the author of the bestselling Bellingwood series, this journal is part of a collection that will continue to expand. For more details, see Diane Greenwood Muir's website at

The Darkroom Cookbook

The Darkroom Cookbook Author Steve Anchell
ISBN-10 9781317337607
Release 2016-03-24
Pages 432
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This is the classic guide for analog photography enthusiasts interested in high-quality darkroom work. The fourth edition from darkroom master Steve Anchell is packed with techniques for silver-based processing. In addition to "recipes" for darkroom experiments, this book contains invaluable information on developers, push-processing, reversal processing, enlarged negatives, pyro formulas, printing, and toning prints. The Darkroom Cookbook also offers advice about where to get darkroom equipment, how to set up a darkroom, safe darkroom working spaces, and more. Key features of this revised edition include: Over 200 step-by-step or do-it-yourself formulas Tips for mastering the "ingredients" of analog photography processing, namely the chemicals used to develop, fix, stop and tone Special technique contributions and stunning black and white imagery by professionals such as Bruce Barnbaum, Tim Rudman, John Sexton, and more.

The Patient Killer

The Patient Killer Author Sean Campbell
ISBN-10 1532941358
Release 2016-04-25
Pages 306
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Bodies begin to pile up, the victims seemingly random. At first it seems that the only thing connecting the crimes is that each murder was meticulously planned and executed. When DCI Morton discovers that the latest victim, Primrose Kennard, was already at death's door, he has to ask: Who would bother to murder a dying woman?

Cracked a Magic IPhone Story

Cracked  a Magic IPhone Story Author Janine A. Southard
ISBN-10 1633270181
Release 2015-01-11
Pages 264
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What can your phone do for you? This is the story of a girl and her iPhone. No, that's not quite right. This is the story of a middle-aged statistician and her best friend. Though she didn't consider herself middle-aged. And the best friend was more of a roommate-with-whom-she'd-developed-a-friendship. And this description completely ignores the 6,000-year-old elf with whom the woman and her best friend enjoyed story gaming. So let's try this again. This is the story of a woman who wished to find love, but who would rather play story games than actively look for it. Especially in the wake of a horrid break-up six months before from a man who had never sent her a single gift. Until this Valentine's Day, when she received a brand new iPhone in a box with his name on it. Between story gaming and succumbing to the phone's insidious sleekness, she learns that friendship trumps romance. In Cracked A Magic iPhone Story, award-winning author Janine A. Southard (a Seattle denizen) shows you how the geeks of Seattle live, provides a running and often-hilarious social commentary on today's world, and reminds you that, so long as you have friends, you are never alone.