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Beyond the Modern University

Beyond the Modern University Author Marcus Peter Ford
ISBN-10 0897897943
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 131
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We are in the midst of an unprecedented, human-caused, environmental crisis. This study asks, "Given the present state of the world, what should be the primary objective of higher education?" The author contends that the modern university should help to make the world a better place by enabling human beings to live more meaningful and satisfying lives and by helping to promote social justice and environmental sustainability.

Spirituality in College Students Lives

Spirituality in College Students  Lives Author Matthew J. Mayhew
ISBN-10 9780415895057
Release 2012-07-26
Pages 218
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"Spirituality in College Students' Lives draws on data from a large-scale national survey examining the spiritual development of undergraduates and how colleges and universities can be more effective in facilitating students' spiritual growth. In this book, contributors from the fields of education, psychology, sociology, social work, and religion present research-based studies that explore the importance of students' spirituality and the impact of the college experience on their spiritual development. Offering a wide range of theoretical perspectives and worldviews, this volume also includes reflections from distinguished researchers and practitioners which highlight implications for practice. This original edited collection explores: Emerging theoretical frames and analytical approaches; differences in spiritual expressions and experiences among sub-populations; the impact of campus contexts; and how college experiences shape spiritual outcomes. Spirituality in College Students' Lives is an important resource for higher education and student affairs faculty, administrators, and practitioners interested in nurturing the inner lives of college students"--

Canadian Climate of Mind

Canadian Climate of Mind Author Timothy B. Leduc
ISBN-10 9780773598805
Release 2016-05-01
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The twenty-first century is a period of great environmental and social transformation as climate change increasingly marks lives at levels that are personal, familial, communal, national, and global. A Canadian Climate of Mind presents stories that emerge from the waters, lands, and climate of Canada, and which have the potential to renew a compassionate energy for changing human relations with each other and with our world. The turbulent effects of climate change are popularly discussed in the modern language of scientific knowledge, political policies, economic mechanisms, and technological innovation. While there is much to be learned from these views, Timothy Leduc suggests a more profound call for change by returning to past understandings of the land and climate. He argues that the world is initiating us into a broader and humbler sense of what it is to be human in an interconnected reality. The world is doing this by responding to unsustainable practices such as our devastating reliance on fossil fuels. Weaving together voices from numerous backgrounds and time periods with Indigenous views on present and past environmental challenges, A Canadian Climate of Mind illuminates a world that is being shaken to its core while we hesitate to act.

The Adventure of Education

The Adventure of Education Author Adam Christian Scarfe
ISBN-10 9789042025882
Release 2009-01
Pages 227
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This book on process-relational philosophy of education suggests that the notion of Adventure is foundational for the advancement of knowledge. Learning, teaching, and research are best conceived as rhythmic and relational processes, involving curiosity, imagination, valuation, creativity, and self-realization. Thus construed, contemporary educational practices can be revitalized from pedagogies of information retention and the current overemphasis on analytic precision.

Educating for an Ecological Civilization

Educating for an Ecological Civilization Author Marcus Ford
ISBN-10 1940447259
Release 2017-01-06
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The new form of civilization we so urgently need will require new ways of thinking and relating --ones that are more socially responsible, ecological, "mindful," and coherent--and new ways of educating ourselves. The essays in this volume describe features of an emerging, relational vision of civilization and some of the educational practices it suggests.

Knowing and Value

Knowing and Value Author Frederick Ferré
ISBN-10 0791439895
Release 1998
Pages 393
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Offers a postmodern theory of knowledge based on an ecological worldview that stresses real relations and the pervasiveness of values.

Humanism Betrayed

Humanism Betrayed Author Graham Good
ISBN-10 9780773521865
Release 2001-04-24
Pages 119
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In Humanism Betrayed Graham Good offers a defence of liberal humanism against the illiberal trends, political and intellectual, that dominate today's university. He uses the McEwen Report episode at the University of British Columbia to illustrate the current political climate in universities, showing how due process was neglected in favour of ideological inquisition.

Environment and Planning

Environment and Planning Author
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106018902335
Release 2006
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Environment and Planning has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Environment and Planning also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Environment and Planning book for free.

The Structurist

The Structurist Author
ISBN-10 PSU:000059713814
Release 2003
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The Structurist has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Structurist also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Structurist book for free.

Critical University

Critical University Author Tanya Loughead
ISBN-10 9781498526319
Release 2015-11-06
Pages 124
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Critical University: Moving Higher Education Forward traverses fields in critical theory (Marcuse, Althusser), psychoanalysis (Kristeva, Freud), phenomenology (Husserl), and the philosophy of education (predominantly Freire and hooks) to analyze the direction forward for the contemporary university. Loughead’s writing style is lucid and accessible, yet provocative. She aims first and foremost for a pedagogical engagement with the reader, avoiding (or explicating clearly) the specialized vocabulary of her discipline. Though this book deals with complex philosophical ideas, its goal is not to merely tease out some abstract philosophical problem, but instead to intervene and provoke new directions in the contemporary discussion of the university in crisis, and to be part of a collection of works inspiring a more just society.

Decolonizing the Westernized University

Decolonizing the Westernized University Author Ramón Grosfoguel
ISBN-10 9781498503761
Release 2016-10-26
Pages 280
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Decolonizing the Westernized University: Interventions in Philosophy of Education from Within and Without provides a sharper understanding of the crisis and the responses to the westernized university at multiple sites around the world. As an intervention in the philosophy of education discourse, which tends to assume the university is a neutral space, this collection will be of particular value to students and scholars working in philosophy of education, Latina/o philosophy, Africana philosophy, social epistemology, education, cultural studies, and ethnic studies, as well as to intellectual activists in the United States, south of the border, and around the world.

The Postmodern University

The Postmodern University Author Anthony Smith
ISBN-10 0335199593
Release 1997
Pages 125
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There is a widespread awareness that universities are changing radically: there are many more students, many more universities, a constant complaint about lack of resources, and continual debate about declining standards. This book brings together leading intellectuals from Britain and the USA to examine what is happening in higher education. Their concern is not how to manage the changes but how best to conceptualize and understand them; they explore the place of universities in contemporary society and address the issue of whether it is useful to affix the label 'postmodern' to the contemporary university. The "Postmodern University" signposts the major directions in which universities are moving, and provides the reader with tools for a better understanding of today's university. -- Back cover.

Being and Value

Being and Value Author Frederick Ferre
ISBN-10 0791427552
Release 1996
Pages 406
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Being and Value begins with a discussion on metaphysics, showing the vital relationship between human life and the philosophical placement of value, and emphasizing the current transition from the old mechanical worldview to the postmodern alternative inspired by ecology. Being and Value shows how intimately premodern philosophy bound value into the fabric of things, and analyzes the expulsion of value from factual being during the modern period. Special attention is given to beauty: What is the relationship between the subjective and objective conditions of beauty? Is the beauty of nature merely the product of human appreciation? The answer is that beauty - and value - is a more potent ingredient in the structure of things than modern reductionism allows.

Constructive Postmodernism

Constructive Postmodernism Author Martin Schiralli
ISBN-10 0897896955
Release 1999
Pages 163
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Identifies and retains the valuable contributions made by deconstructionism and postmodernism, and shows how postmodern thinking might move into more positive and constructive directions.

The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern Theology

The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern Theology Author Kevin J. Vanhoozer
ISBN-10 0521793955
Release 2003-07-31
Pages 295
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Postmodernity allows for no absolutes and no essence. Yet theology is concerned with the absolute, the essential. How then does theology sit within postmodernity? Is postmodern theology possible, or is such a concept a contradiction in terms? Should theology bother about postmodernism or just get on with its own thing? Can it? Theologians have responded in many different ways to the challenges posed by theories of postmodernity. In this introductory 2003 guide to a complex area, editor Kevin J. Vanhoozer addresses the issue head on in a lively survey of what 'talk about God' might mean in a postmodern age, and vice versa. The book then offers examples of different types of contemporary theology in relation to postmodernity, while the second part examines the key Christian doctrines in postmodern perspective. Leading theologians contribute to this clear and informative Companion, which no student of theology should be without.

Religion and Scientific Naturalism

Religion and Scientific Naturalism Author David Ray Griffin
ISBN-10 0791445631
Release 2000-05-18
Pages 345
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Articulates a metaphysical position capable of rendering both science and religious experience simultaneously and mutually intelligible.

Whitehead s Radically Different Postmodern Philosophy

Whitehead s Radically Different Postmodern Philosophy Author David Ray Griffin
ISBN-10 9780791480304
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 315
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Examines the postmodern implications of Whitehead’s metaphysical system.