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Biogas Production

Biogas Production Author Ackmez Mudhoo
ISBN-10 9781118062852
Release 2012-05
Pages 320
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"This book highlights the recent advances in the pretreatment and value addition of lignocellulosic wastes and other biomass forms"--

The Biogas Handbook

The Biogas Handbook Author Arthur Wellinger
ISBN-10 9780857097415
Release 2013-02-19
Pages 512
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With pressure increasing to utilise wastes and residues effectively and sustainably, the production of biogas represents one of the most important routes towards reaching national and international renewable energy targets. The biogas handbook: Science, production and applications provides a comprehensive and systematic guide to the development and deployment of biogas supply chains and technology. Following a concise overview of biogas as an energy option, part one explores biomass resources and fundamental science and engineering of biogas production, including feedstock characterisation, storage and pre-treatment, and yield optimisation. Plant design, engineering, process optimisation and digestate utilisation are the focus of part two. Topics considered include the engineering and process control of biogas plants, methane emissions in biogas production, and biogas digestate quality, utilisation and land application. Finally, part three discusses international experience and best practice in biogas utilisation. Biogas cleaning and upgrading to biomethane, biomethane use as transport fuel and the generation of heat and power from biogas for stationery applications are all discussed. The book concludes with a review of market development and biomethane certification schemes. With its distinguished editors and international team of expert contributors, The biogas handbook: Science, production and applications is a practical reference to biogas technology for process engineers, manufacturers, industrial chemists and biochemists, scientists, researchers and academics working in this field. Provides a concise overview of biogas as an energy option Explores biomass resources for production Examines plant design and engineering and process optimisation


Biogas Author Meisam Tabatabaei
ISBN-10 9783319773353
Release 2018-04-19
Pages 472
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This book presents the state of the art in biogas production using anaerobic digestion technology, with an emphasis on waste utilization/valorization. Offering a comprehensive reference guide to biogas production from different waste streams, it covers various aspects of anaerobic digestion technology from the basics, i.e., microbiological aspects to prominent parameters governing biogas production systems, as well as major principles of their operation, analysis, process control, and troubleshooting. Written and edited by internationally recognized experts in the field of biogas production from both academia and industry, it provides in-depth and cutting-edge information on central developments in the field. In addition, it discusses and reviews major issues affecting biogas production, including the type of feedstock, pretreatment techniques, production systems, design and fabrication of biogas plants, as well as biogas purification and upgrading technologies. ‘Biogas: Fundamentals, Process, and Operation’ also addresses the application of advanced environmental and energy evaluation tools including life cycle assessment (LCA), exergy, techno-economics, and modeling techniques. This book is intended for all researchers, practitioners and students who are interested in the current trends and future prospects of biogas production technologies.

Environmental Sustainability Using Green Technologies

Environmental Sustainability Using Green Technologies Author V. Sivasubramanian
ISBN-10 9781351978842
Release 2016-09-15
Pages 430
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Environmental Sustainability Using Green Technologies explains the role of green engineering and social responsibility in the development of chemicals, processes, products, and systems. Examining the relationship between economy, ecology, and equality—key factors in developing a sustainable society—this book covers several aspects of environmental sustainability, explores ways to use resources and processes more responsibly, and describes the tools required to overcome various challenges. It outlines the biotechnological applications, techniques, and processes needed to secure sustainable development and ensure long-lasting future success. Insightful and highly comprehensive, this body of work addresses: Wastewater treatment technologies Nanomaterials in environmental applications Green synthesis of ecofriendly nanoparticles The role of phytoremediation in maintaining environmental sustainability Algal biosorption of heavy metals Mass production of microalgae for industrial applications Integrated biological system for the treatment of sulfate rich wastewater Anaerobic digestion of pharmaceutical effluent Treatment of textile dye using bioaccumulation techniques Production of biosurfactants and their applications in bioremediation Biodegradable polymers Microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology Biodiesel from nonedible oil using a packed bed membrane reactor Production of ecofriendly biodiesel from marine sources Pretreatment techniques for the enhancement of biogas production A review of source apportionment of air pollutants by receptor models and more Environmental Sustainability Using Green Technologies provides excellent reference material that aids and supports sustainability, and offers practical guidance for professors, research scholars, industrialists, biotechnologists, and workers in the applied field of environmental engineering.

Anaerobic Digestion Processes

Anaerobic Digestion Processes Author Nigel Horan
ISBN-10 9789811081293
Release 2018-04-18
Pages 182
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This book presents new application processes in the context of anaerobic digestion (AD), such as phosphorus recovery, microbial fuel cells (MFCs), and seaweed digestion. In addition, it introduces a new technique for the modeling and optimization of AD processes. Chapters 1 and 2 review AD as a technique for converting a range of organic wastes into biogas, while Chapter 3 discusses the recovery of phosphorus from anaerobically digested liquor. Chapters 4 and 5 focus on new techniques for modeling and optimizing AD. Chapters 6 and 7 then describe the state of the art in AD effluent treatment. The book’s final three chapters focus on more recent developments, including microbial fuel cells (MFCs) (Chapter 8), seaweed production (Chapter 9), and enzyme technologies (Chapter 10).


Biofuels Author Xuefeng Lu
ISBN-10 9781908230638
Release 2014-07-15
Pages 258
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The increasing worldwide demand for energy combined with diminishing fossil fuel reserves and concerns about climate change have stimulated intense research into the development of renewable energy sources, in particular microbial biofuels. For a biofuel to be commercially viable, the production processes, yield and titre have to be optimised; this can be achieved through the use of microbial cell factories. Using multidisciplinary research approaches and through the application of diverse biotechnologies such as enzyme engineering, metabolic engineering, systems biology and synthetic biology, microbial cell factories have begun to yield some very encouraging data. Microbial biofuels have a very promising future. In this book a panel of international experts reviews the most important hot-topics in this area to provide a timely overview. The production of different biofuel molecules including hydrogen, methane, ethanol, butanol, higher chain alcohols, isoprenoids and fatty acid derivatives, from genetically engineered microbes, is comprehensively covered. Special focus is given to the use of metabolic engineering of microbes, including bacteria, yeast and microalgae, to enhance biofuel production. In addition authors discuss current research progress, technical challenges and future development trends for biofuel production. Essential reading for research scientists, graduate students, and other specialists interested in microbial biofuels, the book is also recommended reading for environmental microbiologists, chemists and engineers.

Driven by Nature

Driven by Nature Author Georg Cadisch
ISBN-10 UOM:39015047440519
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 409
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Biological management of nutrient supply to plants is intrinsically more complex than the provision of nutrients as inorganic fertilizers. We need to know whether the nutrients released are retained or lost from the system, whether rates of decomposition can be manipulated to improve nutrient use efficiency, and how the various fractions of plant residues translate into pools of organic matter in soil. Only then can predictive models for nutrient release, plant uptake and soil organic matter dynamics be truly tested and validated. This book brings together contemporary ideas on the characterization and manipulation of plant quality and especially its role in soil organic matter formation and nutrient cycling. It contains work from the leading workers in both temperate and tropical systems. There are also contributions describing work outside decomposition in soil ecosystems, such as the work of plant biochemists and animal nutritionists, as research in these areas has provided many ideas and concepts used in plant quality analysis. A wide range of topics is covered from investigations at the molecular level through to management options for farmers in relation to optimising biological management of crop residues. The work presented in this volume is valuable to all those researching and managing the supply of nutrients to plants. It is important reading for soil scientists, plant physiologists and crop scientists.

Biogas from Waste and Renewable Resources

Biogas from Waste and Renewable Resources Author Dieter Deublein
ISBN-10 9783527643714
Release 2011-08-15
Pages 578
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The leading book on the market just got better: With its unique approach covering all aspects of setting up and running a biogas plant, this new edition has been expanded to include recent advances in biomass processing. The author is a key player in the field, who has designed numerous small- and industrial-scale biogas plants, and who is also a long-time lecturer on biogas production, thus combining didactical skill with real-life expertise. As such, he covers both the biological and technical aspects of biogas generation. The full range of biogas substrates and processing modes is explained, from agricultural and industrial waste to marine algae and sediment. On-site use of biogas for conversion into electricity, fuel and heat is also discussed, as are safety and regulatory issues. Many real-life examples of European biogas plants already in operation illustrate the contents, as do numerous schemes, diagrams and summary tables. For this new edition, biogas analytics and quality control required for feeding biogas into natural gas networks are included, as is a completely new chapter on the microbiology of biogas-producing bacterial communities.

Biomethanization of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes

Biomethanization of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes Author J. Mata-Alvarez
ISBN-10 9781900222143
Release 2003
Pages 323
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This book is intended for introducing the fundamen

Lignin Valorization

Lignin Valorization Author Gregg T. Beckham
ISBN-10 9781782625544
Release 2018-03-29
Pages 528
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A comprehensive, interdisciplinary picture of how lignocellulosic biorefineries could potentially employ lignin valorization technologies.

The Microbiology of Anaerobic Digesters

The Microbiology of Anaerobic Digesters Author Michael H. Gerardi
ISBN-10 0471468959
Release 2003-09-19
Pages 192
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Anaerobic digestion is a biochemical degradation process that converts complex organic material, such as animal manure, into methane and other byproducts. Part of the author's Wastewater Microbiology series, Microbiology of Anareboic Digesters eschews technical jargon to deliver a practical, how-to guide for wastewater plant operators.

Anaerobic Biotechnology for Bioenergy Production

Anaerobic Biotechnology for Bioenergy Production Author Samir Kumar Khanal
ISBN-10 9781119949428
Release 2011-11-18
Pages 320
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Anaerobic biotechnology is a cost-effective and sustainable means of treating waste and wastewaters that couples treatment processes with the reclamation of useful by-products and renewable biofuels. This means of treating municipal, agricultural, and industrial wastes allows waste products to be converted to value-added products such as biofuels, biofertilizers, and other chemicals. Anaerobic Biotechnology for Bioenergy Production: Principles and Applications provides the reader with basic principles of anaerobic processes alongside practical uses of anaerobic biotechnology options. This book will be a valuable reference to any professional currently considering or working with anaerobic biotechnology options.

Emerging Technologies in Agricultural Engineering

Emerging Technologies in Agricultural Engineering Author Megh R. Goyal
ISBN-10 9781315342146
Release 2017-09-01
Pages 396
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This book covers an array of issues on emerging agricultural engineering and technology, featuring new research and studies. The volume is broken into three parts: emerging technologies, energy management in agriculture, and management of natural resources, in which particular attention is paid to water management, a necessary consideration for successful crop production, especially in water-scarce regions. Topics include: alleviating drainage congestion solar energy for agriculture anaerobic digestion by inoculation with compost self-propelled inter-cultivators agrobiodiversity watershed development and management This volume offers academia, engineers, technologists, students, and others from different disciplines information to gain knowledge on the breadth and depth of this multifaceted field of agricultural engineering. There is an urgent need to explore and investigate the current shortcomings and challenges of the current innovations and challenges.

Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts

Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts Author James W. Lee
ISBN-10 9781461433484
Release 2012-08-30
Pages 1122
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Designed as a text not only for students and researchers, but anyone interested in green technology, Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts offers the reader a vast overview of the state-of-the-art in renewable energies. The typical chapter sets out to explain the fundamentals of a new technology as well as providing its context in the greater field. With contributions from nearly 100 leading researchers across the globe, the text serves as an important and timely look into this rapidly expanding field. The 40 chapters that comprise Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts are handily organized into the following 8 sections: · Introduction and Brazil's biofuel success · Smokeless biomass pyrolysis for advanced biofuels production and global biochar carbon sequestration · Cellulosic Biofuels · Photobiological production of advanced biofuels with synthetic biology · Lipids-based biodiesels · Life-cycle energy and economics analysis · High-value algal products and biomethane · Electrofuels

Biogas Technology

Biogas Technology Author B. T. Nijaguna
ISBN-10 8122413803
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 298
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The Distinguishing Feature Of The Book Is Its Exhaustive Coverage Encompassing Theory And Practical Aspects On Items Like The Status Of Biogas Technology, Different Types Of Biogas Plants And Their Suitability For A Given Situation, Their Design Aspects, Sizing And Scaling Of Biogas Plants Which Are Illustrated With Calculations And Working Drawings. In Addition, Constructional Aspects, Cost Aspects, Diagnosis And Cure Of Faults During Operation And Details Of Utilisation Devices Are Detailed.

Biomethanation I

Biomethanation I Author Birgitte K. Ahring
ISBN-10 9783540458395
Release 2003-07-03
Pages 220
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Anaerobic digestion is a major field for the treatment of waste and wastewater. Lately the focus has been on the quality of the effluent setting new demands for pathogen removal and for successful removal of unwanted chemicals during the anaerobic process. The two volumes on Biomethanation are devoted to presenting the state of art within the science and application of anaerobic digestion. They describe the basic microbiolgical knowledge of importance for understanding the processes of anaerobic bioreactors along with the newest molecular techniques for examining these systems. In addition, the applications for treatment of waste and wastewaters are presented along with the latest knowledge on process control and regulation of anaerobic bioprocesses. Together these two volumes give an overview of a growing area, which previously has never been presented in such a comprehensive way.

Chemical and Biochemical Catalysis for Next Generation Biofuels

Chemical and Biochemical Catalysis for Next Generation Biofuels Author Blake Simmons
ISBN-10 9781849730303
Release 2011
Pages 194
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A general yet substantial review of the application of catalysis to biofuels production, covering the full spectrum of biomass catalysis.