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Biophysical Chemistry

Biophysical Chemistry Author Alan Cooper
ISBN-10 9781849730815
Release 2011
Pages 233
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This book will be ideal for early undergraduates studying chemical or physical sciences and will act as a basis for more advanced study.

Biophysical Chemistry

Biophysical Chemistry Author Alan Cooper
ISBN-10 9781782625100
Release 2015-11-09
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Biophysical Chemistry covers the physical chemistry of biological macromolecules and the experimental techniques used to study them. Topics covered include: an introduction to biological molecules; spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and hydrodynamics of macromolecules; a ""bluffer's guide"" to molecular thermodynamics; biomolecular kinetics; chromatography and electrophoresis; and single-molecule methods. The easily digestible, pragmatic approach captures the reader with the fascinating challenges the subject poses for theoretical and experimental scientists. This book will be ideal for early undergraduates studying chemical or physical sciences and will act as a basis for more advanced study. Students in other areas of biological sciences will appreciate the less intimidating approach to physical chemistry as demonstrated here. Ideal for the needs of undergraduate chemistry students, Tutorial Chemistry Texts is a major series consisting of short, single topic or modular texts concentrating on the fundamental areas of chemistry taught in undergraduate science courses. Each book provides a concise account of the basic principles underlying a given subject, embodying an independent-learning philosophy and including worked examples.

Textbook of Biophysical Chemistry

Textbook of Biophysical Chemistry Author U N Dash
ISBN-10 1403929432
Release 2006-02-01
Pages 288
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Textbook of Biophysical Chemistry is written primarily for MSc students of all Indian universities, and is structured according to the syllabi recommended by the Univer-sity Grants Commission. In this book, perhaps for the first time, both the subjects of

Biophysical Chemistry

Biophysical Chemistry Author Dagmar Klostermeier
ISBN-10 9781482252255
Release 2018-01-02
Pages 770
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Biophysical Chemistry explores the concepts of physical chemistry and molecular structure that underlie biochemical processes. Ideally suited for students of life sciences, but equally accessible to students and scientists in related fields, the book concisely describes the fundamental aspects of biophysical chemistry, and puts them into a biochemical context. The book is organized in four parts, covering thermodynamics, kinetics, molecular structure and stability, and biophysical methods. Cross-references within and between these parts emphasize common themes and highlight recurrent principles. End of chapter problems illustrate the main points explored and their relevance for biochemistry, enabling students to apply their knowledge and to transfer it to laboratory projects.

Textbook of biophysical chemistry

Textbook of biophysical chemistry Author Edward Staunton West
ISBN-10 UOM:39015017271985
Release 1956
Pages 399
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Textbook of biophysical chemistry has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Textbook of biophysical chemistry also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Textbook of biophysical chemistry book for free.

A Textbook of Physical Chemistry

A Textbook of Physical Chemistry Author Arthur Adamson
ISBN-10 9780323140706
Release 2012-12-02
Pages 1103
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A Textbook of Physical Chemistry, Second Edition serves as an introductory text to physical chemistry. Topics covered range from wave mechanics and chemical bonding to molecular spectroscopy and photochemistry; ideal and nonideal gases; the three laws of thermodynamics; thermochemistry; and solutions of nonelectrolytes. The kinetics of gas-phase reactions; colloids and macromolecules; and nuclear chemistry and radiochemistry are also discussed. This edition is comprised of 22 chapters; the first of which introduces the reader to the behavior of ideal and nonideal gases, with particular emphasis on the van der Waals equation. The discussion then turns to the kinetic molecular theory of gases and the application of the Boltzmann principle to the treatment of molar polarization; dipole and magnetic moments; the phenomenology of light absorption; and classical and statistical thermodynamics. The chapters that follow focus on the traditional sequence of chemical and phase equilibria, electrochemistry, and chemical kinetics in gas phase and solution phase. This book also considers wave mechanics and its applications; molecular spectroscopy and photochemistry; and the excited state, and then concludes with an analysis of crystal structure, colloid and polymer chemistry, and radio and nuclear chemistry. This reference material is intended primarily as an introductory text for students of physical chemistry.

Biophysics Biophysical Chemistry

Biophysics   Biophysical Chemistry Author D. Das
ISBN-10 818750465X
Release 1982
Pages 278
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Biophysics Biophysical Chemistry has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Biophysics Biophysical Chemistry also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Biophysics Biophysical Chemistry book for free.

Biomolecular Thermodynamics

Biomolecular Thermodynamics Author Douglas Barrick
ISBN-10 9781439800201
Release 2017-09-11
Pages 524
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"an impressive text that addresses a glaring gap in the teaching of physical chemistry, being specifically focused on biologically-relevant systems along with a practical focus.... the ample problems and tutorials throughout are much appreciated." –Tobin R. Sosnick, Professor and Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Chicago "Presents both the concepts and equations associated with statistical thermodynamics in a unique way that is at visual, intuitive, and rigorous. This approach will greatly benefit students at all levels." –Vijay S. Pande, Henry Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University "a masterful?tour de force.... Barrick's rigor and scholarship come through in every chapter." –Rohit V. Pappu, Edwin H. Murty Professor of Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis This book provides a comprehensive, contemporary introduction to developing a quantitative understanding of how biological macromolecules behave using classical and statistical thermodynamics. The author focuses on practical skills needed to apply the underlying equations in real life examples. The text develops mechanistic models, showing how they connect to thermodynamic observables, presenting simulations of thermodynamic behavior, and analyzing experimental data. The reader is presented with plenty of exercises and problems to facilitate hands-on learning through mathematical simulation. Douglas E. Barrick is a professor in the Department of Biophysics at Johns Hopkins University. He earned his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Stanford University, and a Ph.D. in biophysics and structural biology from the University of Oregon.

Biophysical Chemistry

Biophysical Chemistry Author James P. Allen
ISBN-10 9781444300734
Release 2009-01-26
Pages 512
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"Biophysical Chemistry is an outstanding book that delivers both fundamental and complex biophysical principles, along with an excellent overview of the current biophysical research areas, in a manner that makes it accessible for mathematically and non-mathematically inclined readers." (Journal of Chemical Biology, February 2009) This text presents physical chemistry through the use of biological and biochemical topics, examples and applications to biochemistry. It lays out the necessary calculus in a step by step fashion for students who are less mathematically inclined, leading them through fundamental concepts, such as a quantum mechanical description of the hydrogen atom rather than simply stating outcomes. Techniques are presented with an emphasis on learning by analyzing real data. Presents physical chemistry through the use of biological and biochemical topics, examples and applications to biochemistry Lays out the necessary calculus in a step by step fashion for students who are less mathematically inclined Presents techniques with an emphasis on learning by analyzing real data Features qualitative and quantitative problems at the end of each chapter All art available for download online and on CD-ROM

Methods in Modern Biophysics

Methods in Modern Biophysics Author Bengt Nölting
ISBN-10 9783642030222
Release 2009-09-16
Pages 273
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Incorporating dramatic recent advances, "Methods in Modern Biophysics" presents a fresh and timely introduction to modern biophysical methods. This innovative text surveys and explains the ten key biophysical methods, including those related to biophysical nanotechnology, scanning probe microscopy, X-ray crystallography, ion mobility spectrometry, mass spectrometry, and proteomics. Containing much information previously unavailable in tutorial form, "Methods in Modern Biophysics" employs worked examples and more than 260 illustrations to fully detail the techniques and their underlying mechanisms. The book was written for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, researchers, lecturers and professors in biophysics, biochemistry, general biology and related fields.

Biophysical Techniques

Biophysical Techniques Author Iain Campbell
ISBN-10 9780199642144
Release 2012-02-16
Pages 353
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Biophysical Techniques explains in a readily-accessible way the basics of the various biophysical methods available so students can understand the principles behind the different methods used, and begin to appreciate which tools can be used to probe different biological questions, and the pros and cons of each.

Quantum Mechanics for Chemists

Quantum Mechanics for Chemists Author David O. Hayward
ISBN-10 0854046070
Release 2002
Pages 184
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This book is designed to provide chemistry undergraduates with a basic understanding of the principles of quantum mechanics.

Inorganic Chemistry in Aqueous Solution

Inorganic Chemistry in Aqueous Solution Author Jack Barrett
ISBN-10 085404471X
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 184
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Inorganic Chemistry in Aqueous Solution is aimed at undergraduate chemistry students but will also be welcomed by geologists interested in this field.

Thermal Biophysics of Membranes

Thermal Biophysics of Membranes Author Thomas Heimburg
ISBN-10 9783527611607
Release 2008-02-08
Pages 378
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An overview of recent experimental and theoretical developments in the field of the physics of membranes, including new insights from the past decade. The author uses classical thermal physics and physical chemistry to explain our current understanding of the membrane. He looks at domain and 'raft' formation, and discusses it in the context of thermal fluctuations that express themselves in heat capacity and elastic constants. Further topics are lipid-protein interactions, protein binding, and the effect of sterols and anesthetics. Many seemingly unrelated properties of membranes are shown to be intimately intertwined, leading for instance to a coupling between membrane state, domain formation and vesicular shape. This also applies to non-equilibrium phenomena like the propagation of density pulses during nerve activity. Also included is a discussion of the application of computer simulations on membranes. For both students and researchers of biophysics, biochemistry, physical chemistry, and soft matter physics.

Physical Biology of the Cell

Physical Biology of the Cell Author Rob Phillips
ISBN-10 9781134111589
Release 2012-11-02
Pages 1058
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Physical Biology of the Cell is a textbook for a first course in physical biology or biophysics for undergraduate or graduate students. It maps the huge and complex landscape of cell and molecular biology from the distinct perspective of physical biology. As a key organizing principle, the proximity of topics is based on the physical concepts that unite a given set of biological phenomena. Herein lies the central premise: that the appropriate application of a few fundamental physical models can serve as the foundation of whole bodies of quantitative biological intuition, useful across a wide range of biological problems. The Second Edition features full-color illustrations throughout, two new chapters, a significantly expanded set of end-of-chapter problems, and is available in a variety of e-book formats.

Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules

Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules Author S. F. Sun
ISBN-10 0471623563
Release 2004-03-15
Pages 549
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Integrating coverage of polymers and biological macromolecules into a single text, Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules is carefully structured to provide a clear and consistent resource for beginners and professionals alike. The basic knowledge of both biophysical and physical polymer chemistry is covered, along with important terms, basic structural properties and relationships. This book includes end of chapter problems and references, and also: Enables users to improve basic knowledge of biophysical chemistry and physical polymer chemistry. Explores fully the principles of macromolecular chemistry, methods for determining molecular weight and configuration of molecules, the structure of macromolecules, and their separations.

Aromatic Chemistry

Aromatic Chemistry Author John D. Hepworth
ISBN-10 0854046623
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 168
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This book provides material required by undergraduate students and is also ideal for industrial chemists seeking to update their knowledge of this important aspect of chemistry.