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Bloodshed of Eagles

Bloodshed of Eagles Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 0786028734
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 312
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New lieutenant colonel Falcon MacCallister loses a man and two weapons in a murderous ambush, which prompts him to track the stolen guns through eastern Montana with the help of scout Isiah Dorman.

Destiny of Eagles

Destiny of Eagles Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 0786016299
Release 2004
Pages 303
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After notorious gunslinger Falcon MacCallister saves his life, Teddy Roosevelt calls upon his rescuer for one more favor when a judge's daughter is taken hostage by an unstable outlaw who is trying to free his brother from prison, causing Falcon to holster his guns once again. Original.

Massacre of Eagles

Massacre of Eagles Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 0786028688
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 336
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The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st Century Fame And The Fighting Man A long way from Montana Territory, Falcon MacCallister is back east, visiting his family, with Buffalo Bill Cody by his side. When the government asks both men to take a break from being famous to get back to fighting, Falcon and Buffalo Bill head west-into a hornet's nest of trouble. A renegade Indian has followed his vision of bloodshed on a once peaceable territory. A land baron uses the slaughter as an excuse to clear out a valley. And the U.S. Army, trying to keep the peace, is backstabbed by a traitor. Now, Falcon and Cody are headed into this beautiful, vast and deadly land. A place where history, spirits, greed, and guns have come together-and hot lead is roaring like a prairie fire. . .

Defiance of Eagles

Defiance of Eagles Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 9780786031306
Release 2013
Pages 329
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When his niece is kidnapped by a band of raiders, Falcon MacCallister vows to get her back from the ruthless, Army-trained criminal, Boyd Ackerman.

Texas Bloodshed

Texas Bloodshed Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 9780786030323
Release 2012-06-05
Pages 336
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The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st Century With his monumental Mountain Man and Eagles series, William W. Johnstone has become America's most popular Western writer. Now, with J.A. Johnstone, he unleashes the Sidewinders, two honest Texas cowboys with an uncanny knack for lighting wildfires everywhere they go… Home Sweet Deadly Home If there's anything better than coming home to Texas, it's getting paid to do it. For Scratch Morton and Bo Creel, always on the hunt for funds, the job is taking three vicious criminals from Arkansas to Tyler, Texas for trial. Little do they know that one of the criminals, the one that's a beautiful woman, is the most dangerous of all. Soon the journey home turns into a race for buried treasure, a shoot-out, and another double cross--until Scratch and Bo are making one last mad, bullet-sprayed dash through the land of their birth… or the land of their death…

Thunder of Eagles

Thunder of Eagles Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 9780786030408
Release 2012-11-06
Pages 320
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Where's The Thunder, There's Fire. . . Higbee Colorado, population 147, is booming. A visionary named Garrison Wade is building a railroad to connect Higbee to the Santa Fe. But a family named Clinton has its own selfish reasons for making sure these bands of steel go nowhere--and they've brought in a ruthless killer to derail Wade's plan. . . Falcon MacCallister owes a debt to the would-be railroad man Wade--and has a score to settle with the Clinton's hired gunman. But Falcon knows that Higbee is going to be torn to pieces; neighbors, families and lovers bitterly divided. For a man who has known war and peace, the fastest way to the end of a tragedy is straight through the blood and tears--behind the light of a blazing gun. . .

Scream of Eagles

Scream of Eagles Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 9780786037544
Release 2016-07-26
Pages 320
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THE GREATEST WESTERN WRITER OF THE 21ST CENTURY LIFE IS CHEAP IN ARIZONA TERRITORY Raised by the Shawnee, Jamie Ian MacCallister survived the bloodshed of the Alamo and the Civil War. With each victory, the MacCallister legend grew—as violent and unpredictable as the land that gave him life. Now the battle has gotten personal: the brutal murder of his wife at the hands of the wild Miles Nelson gang. Jamie’s journey of revenge will take him from Atlantic City’s bustling port of thieves, con men and whores to the pristine and deadly landscape of the Colorado Rockies…and finally to a place called Little Big Horn. All he has at his side are his sons and an unquenchable thirst for justice—MacCallister style.

Blood of Eagles

Blood of Eagles Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 0786011068
Release 2000
Pages 304
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Searching through the Oklahoma Panhandle, a hotbed of danger created to separate Texas from pro-union Kansas, for the killers who ambushed a small wagon train, notorious gunslinger Falcon MacCallister discovers that a new railway is at the root of all the bloodshed. Original.

Dreams of Eagles

Dreams of Eagles Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 9780786037520
Release 2016-07-26
Pages 416
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THE GREATEST WESTERN WRITER OF THE 21ST CENTURY In peace and war, he was the soul of a nation--and the flesh and blood of the American Frontier . . . It was a virgin land of vast horizons. . .a land of dreams and dust and blood, where men sought glory and hope died hard. But for Jamie Ian MacCallister, who'd grown to manhood among Indians and fought at the Alamo, war and wilderness were home . . . and survival was a way of life. From the battlegrounds of Texas to the Colorado Rockies and the goldfields of California, Jamie MacCallister was one of a handful of daring pioneers blazing trails in the American West. Joining famed frontiersman Kit Carson on the first U.S. Army expedition from Missouri to the wide Pacific, he forged a future in a dawning era of greatness and greed that would stain the pages of history with blood--and make men like MacCallister into legends. . .

Bloodshed of the Mountain Man

Bloodshed of the Mountain Man Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 9780786031412
Release 2015-11-24
Pages 336
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Where There’s Fire, There’s Smoke Smoke Jensen has journeyed up to the Colorado Rockies to a sell a prized bull to a local rancher. Instead, the rancher and his wife have been mercilessly slaughtered by outlaws only moments before Smoke’s arrival. In a hail of bullets, Smoke pulverizes two of the murderers and drags two others to the town of Brown Spur for justice. Come hanging day, the two killers are on the way to the gallows when a thundering gang of raiders crashes into town and rescues them from the jaws of death. When the bloody onslaught is over, dead bodies litter the streets, and Smoke Jensen is a man on a mission. Calling themselves the Ghost Riders, a savage gang of outlaws has stealthily moved in from Wyoming Territory. Smoke now has a personal motive for going up against the Ghost Riders. No matter how many they are, no matter how many guns they have, he’ll hunt them down—one killer at a time...

Iron Kingdom

Iron Kingdom Author Christopher Clark
ISBN-10 9780141904023
Release 2007-09-06
Pages 816
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'Of the "Great Powers" that dominated Europe from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries, Prussia is the only one to have vanished ... Iron Kingdom is not just good: it is everything a history book ought to be ... The nemesis of Prussia has cast such a long shadow that German historians have tiptoed around the subject. Thus it was left to an Englishman to write what is surely the best history of Prussia in any language' Sunday Telegraph

Ten Guns from Texas

Ten Guns from Texas Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 9780786035632
Release 2016
Pages 336
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When Duff MacCallister and his partner, Elmer, agree to rescue the Texas governor's daughter from a gang of fence cutters called the Blue Devils, they must team up with three outlaws that they don't completely trust.

Honor of the Mountain Man

Honor of the Mountain Man Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 0786014792
Release 2001-04-01
Pages 288
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Smoke Jensen, the legendary gunfighter of the High Lonesome, straps on a brace of .45s to help out his friend Joe Wales who is out to find and kill Jacob Murdock and the band of vaqueros who attacked his wife.


Purgatory Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 0786018682
Release 2008
Pages 328
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Sentenced to hang at Yuma Prison after a deadly gunfight, Matt Jensen goes on the run and must convince a very determined U.S. marshal that he is innocent as he tangles with a deadly band of outlaws. Original.

Guns of the Mountain Man

Guns of the Mountain Man Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 078601461X
Release 1999-11-01
Pages 253
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A despicable desperado makes a mistake when he crosses a rancher with a pair of burning six-guns and an intention to blow the desperado back to his maker.

Death Rides Alone

Death Rides Alone Author William W. Johnstone
ISBN-10 9780786035885
Release 2016-06-28
Pages 336
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The Greatest Western Writers Of The 21st Century Mountain Man Smoke Jensen's long-lost brother Luke Jensen is a dead shot scarred by war--the perfect formula for a bounty hunter. And he's cunning, and fierce enough to bring down the deadliest outlaws of his day. . . Law Of The Gun Luke Jensen has earned this bounty, hunting down the violent man charged with murdering a preacher's daughter. The outlaw Judd Tyler confesses to many crimes, but not the girl's murder. And he tells Luke they won't reach the town of White Fork alive because a corrupt sheriff does the bidding of a cattle baron, and that man's son is the true killer. Sure enough, halfway to White Fork, Luke and his prisoner are battling for their lives, and when they finally reach town, they're greeted by a storm of bullets, betrayal, and blood. With a band of innocent travelers caught up in the melee, Luke is outgunned, surrounded, and sure of only this: his only job now is survival--by the measured, efficient, righteous killing of as many men as he can...

The Book of Khalid

The Book of Khalid Author Ameen Rihani
ISBN-10 9783732680788
Release 2018-05-15
Pages 208
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Reproduction of the original: The Book of Khalid by Ameen Rihani