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Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Author Bobby Fischer
ISBN-10 9780553263152
Release 1982-07-01
Pages 352
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Programmed text offers experienced as well as beginning players the opportunity to develop chess skills.

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Author Bobby Fischer
ISBN-10 1861185472
Release 2018-03-15
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Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess book for free.

My 60 Memorable Games

My 60 Memorable Games Author Bobby Fischer
ISBN-10 0923891587
Release 2009-03
Pages 384
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This is an exact reproduction of the original 1969 classic work, "My 60 Memorable Games" by Bobby Fischer. Unfortunately, there have been many efforts by other authors and contributors to "improve" on Fischer's work by converting the text into algebraic notation and then correcting what they thought were mistakes in analysis. It turned out that what they thought were mistakes by Fischer were mistakes by themselves. Fischer's analysis was correct. Theirs was wrong. As a result, Fischer famously went on the radio to denounce those who claimed to have improved on his work. Even since his death, new editions have come out promising that there have been no changes from the original, but researchers have discovered hundreds of changes in the new editions that supposedly contain no changes. The book in your hands contains no changes at all on the inside of this book. Even a typo on the first page has been preserved.

How I Beat Fischer s Record

How I Beat Fischer s Record Author Judit Polgar
ISBN-10 1907982191
Release 2012
Pages 383
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"Notions of chess have been shattered by a teen-age Hungarian girl - some call her modest and soft-spoken, but many opponents know her as a ferocious tiger over the board - who after years of steady progress began breathing down the necks of the top men and now has broken the barrier of one of the worlds most exclusive clubs: she has earned the rank of grandmaster at 15 years, 5 months, one month younger than Bobby Fischer when he did it 34 years ago." New York Times, 1992 Great achievements often take a lifetime of preparation, but when these achievements are becoming the World Number 1 woman chess player at the age of 12 and the youngest ever grandmaster at the age of 15 you have to start early! In this very personal book Judit Polgar describes her early moments of success and the chess ideas she needed to master to achieve them. This exceptional book is the beginning of a unique project where one of the greatest players of our time transforms her personal journey to the top into a roadmap for everyone who ever wanted to better themselves in the game of chess.

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Searching for Bobby Fischer Author Fred Waitzkin
ISBN-10 9781504043038
Release 2017-02-07
Pages 242
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The inspiration for the iconic film, this memoir by the father of a prodigy reflects on chess, competition, and childhood. Fred Waitzkin fell in love with chess during the Cold War–era showdown between Russian champion Boris Spassky and young American superstar Bobby Fischer. Twelve years later, Waitzkin’s own son, Joshua, discovered chess in Washington Square Park and began displaying the telltale signs of a prodigy. Soon, crowds gathered to watch the six-year-old, calling him a “Young Fischer.” An unstoppable player, little Josh was suddenly catapulted into the intense world of competitive chess. When Josh first sat down at a chessboard, he was a charming, rambunctious, rough-and-tumble child. Within weeks, he was playing the game with poise and constrained violence, as if there were a wise old man plotting moves inside him. Then, renowned coach Bruce Pandolfini discovered Josh in the park and began to refine the child’s game. In Searching for Bobby Fischer, Waitzkin recounts his journey with his son into the world of chess, from the colorful milieu of street hustlers to the international network of grandmasters. Looming large over their story is the elusive Bobby Fischer, whose mysterious disappearance from the chess world created a vacuum that would profoundly affect young Josh and his dad. Josh went on to win eight national championships before he turned twenty—but his achievements did not come without cost. In this memoir, Waitzkin explores his love and ambition for Josh, who faces pressures far beyond his years. Even as father and son travel to Moscow to watch Kasparov challenge Karpov, Waitzkin doubts his own motives: Is he pushing his son too hard? Is the game a joy to Josh, or is he just fulfilling his father’s wishes? Searching for Bobby Fischer is about more than chess. “A little gem of a book,” it is ultimately about the struggle we all face to love our families and do right by them while also setting our own paths as individuals (The New York Times).

Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer Author Frank Brady
ISBN-10 9780486259253
Release 1973
Pages 435
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Revealing biography of the controversial chess champion, written by a chess player who knew Fischer since the latter was 11. It chronicles Fischer's tumultuous public and private lives, including an analysis of 90 games that trace his rise to supremacy plus a complete history of the1972 Fischer-Spassky match. 26 photographs.

Learn From Bobby Fischer s Greatest Games

Learn From Bobby Fischer s Greatest Games Author Eric Schiller
ISBN-10 9781580425469
Release 2013-09-02
Pages 160
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Bobby Fischer for Beginners

Bobby Fischer for Beginners Author Renzo Verwer
ISBN-10 9789056915575
Release 2014-07-07
Pages 128
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Everything you always wanted to know about world chess champion Bobby Fischer, complete with easily accessible examples of his chess playing style, in one compact and very readable volume. His youth in Brooklyn, his astonishing career, his many conflicts, his girlfriends and his tragic death in exile in Iceland in 2008: it is all there. You don?t need to be an accomplished chess player to be thrilled by the triumph and the tragedy of this lone genius.

Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer Author Elie Agur
ISBN-10 1857440013
Release 1992
Pages 276
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The return in 1992 of American Grandmaster Bobby Fischer against his old rival Boris Spassky has reawakened interest in the games of one of the most determined World Champions of all time. To Fischer, chess is a highly competitive sport which requires not only meticulous opening preparation, a high state of tactical alertness and perfect technique, but also a constant striving for the initiative, immense will to win and even calculated risk-taking. In 1972, when he won the supreme crown, he was years ahead of his time in his chess understanding and he influenced the way competitive chess is played today. Now he is back, all chess enthusiasts will be able to compare Fischer with the younger generation such as Kasparov and Short, neither of whom has played a single competitive game against the enigmatic American. By studying the deeply researched and thematically arranged material in this book, players of all strengths will change their attitude towards the game and improve their own play.

How to Beat Bobby Fischer

How to Beat Bobby Fischer Author Edmar Mednis
ISBN-10 0486298442
Release 1997
Pages 289
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Examines the rare defeats of a legendary player. 61 losing battles hold valuable lessons for all players, and text-and-diagram analyses offer a fascinating look at strategy, tactics.

Winning Chess

Winning Chess Author Irving Chernev
ISBN-10 0571092314
Release 1969
Pages 231
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Winning Chess has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Winning Chess also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Winning Chess book for free.


Endgame Author Frank Brady
ISBN-10 9781742664477
Release 2011-02-01
Pages 416
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Endgame is acclaimed biographer Frank Brady's decades-in-the-making tracing of the meteoric ascent-and confounding descent-of enigmatic genius Bobby Fischer. Only Brady, who met Fischer when the prodigy was only 10 and shared with him some of his most dramatic triumphs, could have written this book, which has much to say about the nature of American celebrity and the distorting effects of fame. Drawing from Fischer family archives, recently released FBI files, and Bobby's own emails, this account is unique in that it limns Fischer's entire life-an odyssey that took the Brooklyn-raised chess champion from an impoverished childhood to the covers of Time, Life and Newsweek to recognition as 'the most famous man in the world' to notorious recluse.

Bobby Fischer s Outrageous Chess Moves

Bobby Fischer s Outrageous Chess Moves Author Bruce Pandolfini
ISBN-10 0671874322
Release 1993
Pages 142
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This book is an invaluable reference tool and is bound to prove a source of endless inspiration to chess aficionados of every stripe.

Bobby Fischer Rediscovered

Bobby Fischer Rediscovered Author Andy Soltis
ISBN-10 0713488468
Release 2003
Pages 286
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A lively, personal, and wonderfully informative look at Bobby Fischer, his personality and his playing. Although three decades have passed since Fischer won the world chess title from the former Soviet Union, he still remains a source of fascination and admiration for all players. Andy Soltis, a grandmaster and author of numerous chess books, looks back at his first encounters with Fischer in New York when they were both teenagers; assesses Fischer's exceptional ability to obtain and realize an advantage in play; and analyzes his career right up to his final matches with Boris Spassky. Most important, Soltis comments on and annotates many of Fischer's major matches in detail, explaining the logic behind the moves in illuminating detail. A must for any fan of chess and this remarkably enigmatic champion.

Simple Chess

Simple Chess Author Michael Stean
ISBN-10 9780486316963
Release 2013-02-15
Pages 176
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Written by a Grand Master, this guide isolates basic elements and illustrates them through Master and Grand Master games, breaking down the mystique of strategy into easy-to-understand ideas.

Bobby Fischer s Games of Chess

Bobby Fischer s Games of Chess Author Bobby Fischer
ISBN-10 0923891463
Release 2008
Pages 11
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This is the only book ever written entirely by Bobby Fischer. It is not to be confused with other books with similar names that were written by other authors. Here is the blurb on the original dust jacket, as published in 1959: THERE ARE 34 games in this book. The 13 from the U.S. Championship Tournament of 1957-58 and the prize-winning "Game of the Century" from the Third Rosenwald Trophy Tournament are penetratingly analyzed by Bobby Fischer, whose annotations provide invaluable instructions to the chess player of either average or advanced ability. In addition, this book includes the scores of Bobby Fischer's 20 games from the 1958 Portoroz Interzonal Tournament in which he played against the world's elite in chess, among them Tal, Gligorich, Petrosyan, and Bronstein. The games in this book reveal Bobby Fischer's brilliance in middle and end-game strategy, and also the latest and soundest treatments of popular openings-in particular, the Sicilian and King's Indian defenses. By playing these games over, the reader will become familiar with the patterns of the latest and soundest lines in chess, and will automatically begin to make stronger moves in his own games. At the age of fifteen, Bobby Fischer was the youngest international grandmaster of all time. He lives in Brooklyn, was a junior at Erasmus Hall High School, and looking forward to the 1959 Candidates' Tournament, the winner of which challenges Mikhail Botvinnik for the world championship. About the Author At the age of fifteen, Bobby Fischer was the youngest international grandmaster of chess of all time. He lived in Brooklyn, was a junior at Erasmus Hall High School, and was looking forward to the 1959 Candidates'Tournament, the winner of which challenged Mikhail Botvinnik for the world championship.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Chess 3rd Edition

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Chess  3rd Edition Author Patrick Wolff
ISBN-10 9781615643820
Release 2005-05-03
Pages 448
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Written by a U.S. Chess Champion, International Chess Grandmaster, and longtime instructor, this book includes information for both novice and expert, including over 400 illustrated chessboards and photos; over 20 pages of detailed answer key notes; a completely new chapter on new evidence about chess and its impact on brain power; a guide to the art of chess collectibles; and more. - Foreword by Larry Evans, former International Grandmaster and author of 20 highly acclaimed chess books and a popular monthly advice column in Chess Life - For the beginner or the champ, and for young and old