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Borates Author Donald E. Garrett
ISBN-10 9780080500218
Release 1998-08-10
Pages 483
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This comprehensive reference is the first to cover industrially important borates, from deposits, through chemistry, mining, processing, and applications. The reference work begins with a listing of the 238 currently known borate minerals, their formulas, and properties. It features modern theories on the origin of borate deposits, their molecular structure and detailed descriptions of the world's borate deposits. Garrett describes the fascinating history of the discovery and development of borate deposits with anecdotes of how resourceful operators overcame obstacles in obtaining their minerals. Chapters on mining technology and processing detail the mineral's development from the earliest recorded times up to the sophisticated operations of the present day. The book also contains a comprehensive literature on boron isotope chemistry, their diverse applications, and productions and resource statistics for the world's largest industrial producers. Functions as a complete reference for geologists, engineers, and consumers of borate products Includes crystallographic descriptions, solution chemistry, isotopic distributions, and other properties of 170 borate minerals Provides detailed descriptions of mining and processing methods and economic uses Includes statistical data on borate production, consumption, prices, and ore reserves for every country of the world Provides an extensive bibliography Author is an authority on industrial minerals through many years of consulting and process development work

Sodium Sulfate

Sodium Sulfate Author Donald E. Garrett
ISBN-10 0122761510
Release 2001
Pages 365
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Sodium Sulfate: Handbook of Deposits, Processing, Properties, and Use will be the authoritative and up-to-date distillation of all that is known about naturally occurring sodium sulfate, detailed information on formation, worldwide deposits, processing technologies, and usage over time. Garrett provides a comprehensive overview of sodium sulfate from deposit formation, through processing technologies and usage. Garrett's reference addresses the need for a comprehensive handbook on this industrial mineral. Dr. Garrett's unique chemical engineering background and flair for history have allowed him to integrate information about the major borate deposits in the world with a discussion of their sociopolitical impact throughout the ages. The scope and detail of the book are unequaled in the literature. First comprehensive reference on naturally occuring sodium sulfates, their chemistry, deposits, and applications Author is a recognised authority and author on the chemical engineering aspects of saline minerals, borates, soda ash, and potash

Handbook of Lithium and Natural Calcium Chloride

Handbook of Lithium and Natural Calcium Chloride Author Donald E. Garrett
ISBN-10 0080472907
Release 2004-04-05
Pages 488
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Handbook of Lithium and Natural Calcium Chloride is concerned with two major industrial minerals: Lithium and Calcium Chloride. The geology of their deposits is first reviewed, along with discussions of most of the major deposits and theories of their origin. The commercial mining and processing plants are next described, followed by a review of the rather extensive literature on other proposed processing methods. The more important uses for lithium and calcium chloride are next covered, along with their environmental considerations. This is followed by a brief review of the production statistics for each industry, and some of their compounds' phase data and physical properties. Describes the chemistry, chemical engineering, geology and mineral processing aspects of lithium and calcium chloride Collects in one source the most important information concerning these two industrial minerals Presents new concepts and more comprehensive theories on their origin

Industrial Minerals Rocks

Industrial Minerals   Rocks Author Jessica Elzea Kogel
ISBN-10 0873352335
Release 2006
Pages 1548
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This widely read global reference tool is one of the most authoritative sources for timely information on industrial materials and rocks, the markets they serve, and their multitude of uses.


Potash Author D.E. Garrett
ISBN-10 9789400915459
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 734
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Potash is the term generally given to potassium chloride, but it is also loosely applied to the various potassium compounds used in agriculture: po tassium sulfate, potassium nitrate or double salts of potassium and magne sium sulfate (generally langbeinite, K S0 • 2MgS0 ). Sometimes the var 2 4 4 ious compounds are differentiated by the terms muriate of potash, sulfate of potash, etc. When referring to ores, or in geology, all of the naturally found potassium salts are called "potash ores". However, originally potash referred only to crude potassium carbonate, since its sole source was the leaching of wood ashes in large pots. This "pot ash" product was generally recovered from near-seacoast plants, such as the saltwort bush, whose ashes were richer in potassium than sodium carbonate. Inland plant's ashes were generally higher in sodium carbonate, giving rise to the word alkali from the Arabic word for soda ash, al kali. The term was then carried over after potassium was discovered to form the latin word for it, kalium. The recovery of potash from ashes became a thriving small cottage industry throughout the world's coastal areas, and developing economies, such as the early set tlers in the United States were able to generate some much-needed income from its recovery and sale. This industry rapidly phased out with the advent of the LeBanc process for producing soda ash in 1792, and the discovery about the same time of the massive sodium-potassium nitrate deposits in the Atacama Desert of Chile.

Economic Geology

Economic Geology Author Walter L. Pohl
ISBN-10 9781444394863
Release 2011-03-03
Pages 680
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Humanity’s ever-increasing hunger for mineral raw materials, caused by a growing global population and ever increasing standards of living, has resulted in economic geology becoming a subject of urgent importance. This book provides a broad panorama of mineral deposits, covering their origin and geological characteristics, the principles of the search for ores and minerals, and the investigation of newly found deposits. Practical and environmental issues that arise during the life cycle of a mine and after its closure are addressed, with an emphasis on sustainable and "green" mining. The central scientific theme of the book is to place the extraordinary variability of mineral deposits in the frame of fundamental geological processes. The book is written for earth science students and practicing geologists worldwide. Professionals in administration, resource development, mining, mine reclamation, metallurgy, and mineral economics will also find the text valuable. Economic Geology is a fully revised translation of the the fifth edition of the German language text Mineralische und Energie-Rohstoffe. Additional resources for this book can be found at: The author's website can be found at:

Industrial Minerals and Extractive Industry Geology

Industrial Minerals and Extractive Industry Geology Author P. W. Scott
ISBN-10 1862390991
Release 2002
Pages 376
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Industrial Minerals and Extractive Industry Geology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Industrial Minerals and Extractive Industry Geology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Industrial Minerals and Extractive Industry Geology book for free.

Chemical Engineering Economics

Chemical Engineering Economics Author D.E. Garrett
ISBN-10 9789401165440
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 432
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least, the author wishes to thank his constantly helpful wife Maggie and his secretary Pat Weimer; the former for her patience, encouragement, and for acting as a sounding-board, and the latter who toiled endlessly, cheerfully, and most competently on the book's preparation. CONTENTS Preface / iii 1. INTRODUCTION / 1 Frequently Used Economic Studies / 2 Basic Economic Subjects / 3 Priorities / 3 Problems / 6 Appendixes / 6 References / 6 2. EQUIPMENT COST ESTIMATING / 8 Manufacturers' Quotations / 8 Estimating Charts / 10 Size Factoring Exponents / 11 Inflation Cost Indexes / 13 Installation Factor / 16 Module Factor / 18 Estimating Accuracy / 19 Estimating Example / 19 References / 21 3. PLANT COST ESTIMATES / 22 Accuracy and Costs of Estimates / 22 Cost Overruns / 25 Plant Cost Estimating Factors / 26 Equipment Installation / 28 Instrumentation / 30 v vi CONTENTS Piping / 30 Insulation / 30 Electrical / 30 Buildings / 32 Environmental Control / 32 Painting, Fire Protection, Safety Miscellaneous / 32 Yard Improvements / 32 Utilities / 32 Land / 33 Construction and Engineering Expense, Contractor's Fee, Contingency / 33 Total Multiplier / 34 Complete Plant Estimating Charts / 34 Cost per Ton of Product / 35 Capital Ratio (Turnover Ratio) / 35 Factoring Exponents / 37 Plant Modifications / 38 Other Components of Total Capital Investment / 38 Off-Site Facilities / 38 Distribution Facilities / 39 Research and Development, Engineering, Licensing / 40 Working Capital / 40

Handbook of Forensic Drug Analysis

Handbook of Forensic Drug Analysis Author Fred Smith
ISBN-10 0080472893
Release 2004-12-31
Pages 584
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The Handbook of Forensic Drug Analysis is a comprehensive chemical and analytic reference for the forensic analysis of illicit drugs. With chapters written by leading researchers in the field, the book provides in-depth, up-to-date methods and results of forensic drug analyses. This Handbook discusses various forms of the drug as well as the origin and nature of samples. It explains how to perform various tests, the use of best practices, and the analysis of results. Numerous forensic and chemical analytic techniques are covered including immunoassay, gas chromatography, and mass spectrometry. Topics range from the use of immunoassay technologies for drugs-of-abuse testing, to methods of forensic analysis for cannabis, hallucinogens, cocaine, opioids, and amphetamine. The book also looks at synthetic methods and law enforcement concerns regarding the manufacture of illicit drugs, with an emphasis on clandestine methamphetamine production. This Handbook should serve as a widely used reference for forensic scientists, toxicologists, pharmacologists, drug companies, and professionals working in toxicology testing labs, libraries, and poison control centers. It may also be used by chemists, physicians and those in legal and regulatory professions, and students of graduate courses in forensic science. Contributed to by leading scientists from around the world The only analysis book dedicated to illicit drugs of abuse Comprehensive coverage of sampling methods and various forms of analysis

Borate Glasses

Borate Glasses Author L. D. Pye
ISBN-10 9781468433579
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 648
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Boron Oxide plays a key role in numerous glasses of high technological importance, yet its role in glass structure is far from clear. Indeed, in recent years there have been serious chal lenges to previous structure concepts for both crystalline and glassy borates. These challenges were sufficient to warrant a re examination of the structure of borate glasses using the most pow erful tools currently available. To provide a suitable forum for this undertaking, a four-day conference on "Boron in Glass and Glass Ceramics" was convened at Alfred University, June 3-8, 1977 to review the best scientific thinking on structure and to debate conflicting views and discuss properties and applications of borate glasses. This conference was also the first in a New University series on Glass Science to be rotated among Alfred University, The Pensyl vania State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the University of Missouri-Rolla. The present volume represents the proceedings of the first conference in this series. The volume begins with a review of the remarkable contribution of Jan Krogh-Moe to the understanding of the structure of Borate glasses. This review, authored by Professor N. J. Kreidl, concludes by dedicating the proceedings of this conference as a Krogh-Moe Fest schrift. The volume continues with a historical review by D. L. Griscom, originally prepared for circulation to the contributors prior to the conference. An Epilogue to the opening chapter brings the survey up-to-date in light of the conference papers.

California Geology

California Geology Author
ISBN-10 MINN:31951P00726804K
Release 2000
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California Geology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from California Geology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full California Geology book for free.

Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology

Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology Author Kirk-Othmer
ISBN-10 0471485195
Release 2004-03-29
Pages 872
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The fifth edition of the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology builds upon the solid foundation of the previous editions, which have proven to be a mainstay for chemists, biochemists, and engineers at academic, industrial, and government institutions since publication of the first edition in 1949. The new edition includes necessary adjustments and modernization of the content to reflect changes and developments in chemical technology. Volume 4 is due for publication in April 2004, and will present a wide scope of articles on: * Chemical substances, properties, manufacturing, and uses. * Industrial processes, unit operations in chemical engineering. * Fundamentals and scientific subjects related to the field.

Minerals Yearbook

Minerals Yearbook Author
ISBN-10 MSU:31293032855656
Release 2012
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Minerals Yearbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Minerals Yearbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Minerals Yearbook book for free.

American Book Publishing Record

American Book Publishing Record Author Bowker Staff
ISBN-10 0835240851
Release 1980-11-01
Pages 17426
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American Book Publishing Record has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Book Publishing Record also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Book Publishing Record book for free.


Chemistry Author J. J. Lagowski
ISBN-10 0028657225
Release 2004
Pages 4
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"Although written for the high school student, this concise, readable, and authoritative source presents any science learner with a clear introduction to chemistry. The 480 entries cover all aspects of chemistry and its practical applications. A running glossary explains words as they are encountered in the text, and most entries have accompanying diagrams and photographs."--"Reference that rocks," American Libraries, May 2005.

Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry

Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry Author R. Bruce King
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105128373573
Release 2005-10-14
Pages 6696
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The ultimate resource on inorganic chemistry – new and completely revised, 10 years after publication of the First Edition The first edition of the Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry treated the elements of the periodic system in alphabetical order, with multiple entries for key elements. The articles from the First Edition were written more than 10 years ago and all areas of inorganic chemistry have seen such a vigorous development that it was necessary to update most articles and to add a considerable number of new articles. The result of this major work is the proud Encylopedia of Inorganic Chemistry Second Edition (EIC-2). New – now includes colour 30% growth on previous edition – now 6,640 pages, published in 10 volumes EIC-2 continues to present articles in alphabetical order, but the content has been slightly reorganized to the following subject areas: Main Group Elements; Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry; Organometallic Chemistry; Bioinorganic Chemistry; Solid State, Materials, Nanomaterials and Catalysis; and General Inorganic Chemistry, Theoretical and Computational Methods.

Biomaterials Science Processing Properties and Applications V Ceramic Transactions

Biomaterials Science  Processing  Properties and Applications V  Ceramic Transactions Author Roger Narayan
ISBN-10 9781119190028
Release 2015-09-15
Pages 208
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Taking place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this CT Volume contains 17 papers from the following 2014 Materials Science and Technology (MS&T’14) symposia: Next Generation Biomaterials Surface Properties of Biomaterials