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Borderlands Origins

Borderlands  Origins Author Mikey Neumann
ISBN-10 9781623022860
Release 2013-06-05
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For the millions of fans of the smash-hit video game BORDERLANDS, a lingering question exists: how did the Vault Hunters get on the bus with Marcus in the first place? Find out how Roland got on the bus with Mordecai, Lilith, and Brick in this exciting look at the soldiers of the Crimson Lance and what made him leave their ranks and search for the Vault.

Borderlands 2 Unconquered

Borderlands  2  Unconquered Author John Shirley
ISBN-10 9781439198520
Release 2012-09-25
Pages 384
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Everyone already knows that. But the General of an army of Psycho Soldiers takes on this planetary hell headfirst, planning to enslave all of the Borderlands. And that General . . . is a Goddess. The General Goddess, Gynella, is a cunning maniac who uses the dark science of the vile Dr. Vialle to control a growing army of bandits and malcontents. Only four people stand in Gynella’s way. Roland. Mordecai. Brick. And . . . Daphne. Daphne?! Better known as Kuller the Killer, she was once the galaxy’s most effective assassin for organized crime—until her forced retirement on this abandoned wasteland of a world. Roland is one of the toughest fighters in the Borderlands, and Mordecai is the best shot in four solar systems—all the two really want is to get to the Crystalisks, harvest some Eridium, get rich, and leave the planet for the nearest intergalactic party. But there are nightmarish creatures to deal with: Varkids and Skags and Threshers. Worse, Gynella is still in their way. Brick—a pile of walking muscle who lives to smash his enemies, could be their ally or their enemy . . . but you’d definitely rather have him on your side. As for Daphne Kuller? Don't make her mad. Just . . . don’t. If you want to hear about the whole thing, take a ride on the bus to Fyrestone with Marcus. Because Marcus has a tale to tell you . . . an untold story of the Borderlands.

Borderlands The Fallen

Borderlands  The Fallen Author John Shirley
ISBN-10 9781439198476
Release 2011-11-22
Pages 333
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Roland, a former mercenary, becomes a guide and bodyguard to Zac Finn and his family on a dangerous planet in the Borderlands, and must protect them from aliens and bandits while Zac searches for alien treasure.

Borderlands Gunsight

Borderlands  Gunsight Author John Shirley
ISBN-10 9781439198537
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 320
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An original novel set in the universe of the award-winning video game! The Borderlands cannot be conquered! Mordecai and Daphne have gotten themselves in a tough spot near the highly dangerous town of Gunsight, one of the most remote outposts on the planet Pan­dora, out in the boonies of the boonies of the Borderlands. Daphne has been taken prisoner by Jasper, a local warlord who controls the area around Gunsight . . . except for that other settlement, the former mining town Tumessa. There’s some kind of big secret operation going on in Tumessa—another warlord, a particularly mutated Psycho named Reamus, is somehow making money. And he’s been relent­lessly raiding Gunsight and kidnapping Jasper’s people. Jasper may be scum, but he needs those people for raids on other towns, so it all has to balance out. Mordecai needs to negotiate for Daphne’s release, but now the only way he’ll ever see her alive again is to kill his way into Tumessa, find out what’s going on there, and report back to Jasper—only then will Mordecai get a paycheck and the girl. Mordecai doesn’t want the job, but he is pretty devoted to Daphne . . . and somehow, he just might be able to turn this entire mess to his advantage. . .

V Wars Vol 1 Crimson Queen

V Wars  Vol  1  Crimson Queen Author Jonathan Maberry
ISBN-10 9781623026776
Release 2014-11-05
Pages 112
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V-Wars is set in a world transformed by a global pandemic caused by a millennia-old virus that, once triggered, affects individuals differently depending on their DNA. The result is vampires as unique as their cultures, a response from unaffected humans like never before, and a story that is old-school, scary and complicated. Collects issues #1-5.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Author Doug Walsh
ISBN-10 0744014298
Release 2012
Pages 432
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Provides game walkthroughs, a storyline guide, an almanac of enemies, and interviews with the creators of the popular video game.

Graphic Novels A Guide to Comic Books Manga and More 2nd Edition

Graphic Novels  A Guide to Comic Books  Manga  and More  2nd Edition Author Michael Pawuk
ISBN-10 9781440851360
Release 2017-05-30
Pages 719
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Covering genres from action/adventure and fantasy to horror, science fiction, and superheroes, this guide maps the vast and expanding terrain of graphic novels, describing and organizing titles as well as providing information that will help librarians to build and balance their graphic novel collections and direct patrons to read-alikes. • Introduces users to approximately 1,000 currently popular graphic novels and manga • Organizes titles by genre, subgenre, and theme to facilitate finding read-alikes • Helps librarians build and balance their graphic novel collections

Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem Author Tom Waltz
ISBN-10 1613771207
Release 2012-01
Pages 124
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What do time-traveling Nazi UFOs, space pigs, and a hot French Resistance babe code-named the "French Tickler" have in common? They're all about to run head-on into Duke Nukem, and for some of them (the ones that don't look good in bikinis, that is), it's gonna end painfully! Video game legend Duke Nukem tears it up in his first-ever graphic novel, written by Tom Waltz (The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding) and illustrated by Xermanico. The King is finally back, baby, and he's bigger and badder than ever!

Dungeons Dragons the Legend of Drizzt 2

Dungeons   Dragons the Legend of Drizzt 2 Author Tim Seeley
ISBN-10 1631403540
Release 2015-07-14
Pages 144
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Adapting the second volume of R.A. Salvatore's The Legend of Drizzt! The Dark Elf known as Drizzt has abandoned the twisted society of his people to seek honor and justice. But his family will not let him go so easily and even greater dangers await Drizzt and his new ally Belwar in the caverns of the Underdark!

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol 1 Sinestro s Law

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol  1  Sinestro s Law Author Robert Venditti
ISBN-10 9781401273088
Release 2017-02-14
Pages 184
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Fear has a color. It’s the gruesome glow of yellow, wielded by the totalitarian tyrant Sinestro and his Yellow Lanterns. And now the entire universe is bathed in its sinister light. The Sinestro Corps have replaced the Green Lanterns as the peacekeepers of the galaxy. Oa, the homeworld of the Guardians and their Green Lantern Corps, is no more. In its place at the center of the universe orbits Warworld, Sinestro’s home base. The Green Lanterns have vanished, leaving no one to oppose the Sinestro Corps’ reign of terror. No one, that is, except the last Lantern: Hal Jordan. Convicted of crimes he didn’t commit, reduced to a being of pure thought and will, Hal must now battle back from the brink to reform the Corps and free all of creation from his archenemy’s iron fist. Sinestro’s word is law…but Hal Jordan is the lawbreaker! Collects issues #1-7 and the HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS: REBIRTH one-shot special.

The Art of Borderlands 2

The Art of Borderlands 2 Author BradyGames
ISBN-10 0744014379
Release 2012
Pages 272
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Celebrating the iconic art of Borderlands - explore the world in styleThe Art of Borderlands 2 offers fans of the games a stunningly visual and in-depth look at the mysterious world of Pandora. This unique and dangerous world has captured the imaginations of millions of gamers, and here you can see it come to life on the page. Filled with hundreds of images, including close-ups of Pandora's environments, vehicles and one-of-a-kind weapons; you can also follow the creation of your favourite characters and creatures, from the first sketches to the finished product. Every section boasts extensive commentary by the artists and developers who brought the game to life, making The Art of Borderlands 2 a real collector's item for any fan of the series.

Wonder Woman Her Greatest Battles

Wonder Woman  Her Greatest Battles Author Geoff Johns
ISBN-10 9781401276270
Release 2017-02-14
Pages 200
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The perfect companion piece to 2017’s highly anticipated film Wonder Woman is here. With the powers of a god and the fighting spirit of an Amazon, Wonder Woman is Earth’s fiercest defender. On Themyscira, Diana was trained from birth to be a warrior. Her skills in battle are unmatched, as are her bullet-stopping bracelets and Lasso of Truth. Now, relive her greatest triumphs! In these stories from such top-tier comics talents as Greg Rucka, George Pérez, John Byrne, Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang and Gail Simone, the Amazing Amazon must use every ounce of her strength and steel to bring down gods, monsters and—when mind-controlling villains take control—even her friends. Collects WONDER WOMAN #6, #119, #210, #219; WONDER WOMAN #41; JUSTICE LEAGUE: PART THREE #3; WONDER WOMAN #23.

From the Borderlands

From the Borderlands Author Elizabeth E. Monteleone
ISBN-10 0446610356
Release 2004-09-01
Pages 448
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The editors of the acclaimed Borderlands anthology series deliver a new collection of 25 all-original tales of terror by today's acclaimed masters, including Bentley Little, John Farris, and Tom Piccirilli, along with "Stationary Bike," a new novella by Stephen King.

Warren Ellis Bad World

Warren Ellis  Bad World Author Warren Ellis
ISBN-10 0970678487
Release 1998-08-12
Pages 80
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Warren Ellis Bad World has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Warren Ellis Bad World also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Warren Ellis Bad World book for free.

The Spider King

The Spider King Author Josh Vann
ISBN-10 1684052661
Release 2018-08-14
Pages 152
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It's Vikings vs. Aliens in this genre mashup! When a fleet of spaceships crash into northern Europe in the Middle Ages, a group of unlikely Viking heroes are the last line of defense against a merciless intergalactic warlord. Brutal, beautiful, and splattered with black humor, The Spider King is an action-packed genre crossover that explores the middle ground between science fiction and fantasy. It is the debut work of Australian writer Josh Vann and Italian artist Simone D'Armini. Collects the four-issue series plus two bonus short stories, "Before" and "Fluffy the Barbarian" as well as an art gallery featuring covers and pinups and a sketchbook of character designs by Simone D'Armini.

Chronicles of Conan Volume 22

Chronicles of Conan Volume 22 Author Michael Fleischer
ISBN-10 9781595828125
Release 2012
Pages 228
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Collects the adventures of Conan the Barbarian as he braves the Pictish wilderness in search of a king's treasure, and the beautiful Tetra.

Arthur Conan Doyle A Life in Letters

Arthur Conan Doyle  A Life in Letters Author Jon Lellenberg
ISBN-10 9780007346110
Release 2009-09-17
Pages 700
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A collection of letters between Arthur Conan Doyle (author and creator of Sherlock Holmes) and his mother, covering most of his life, written between 1867 and the year of her death in 1921.