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Born Again

Born Again Author Charles W. Colson
ISBN-10 0800783441
Release 1977
Pages 352
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Almost thirty years ago, against the backdrop of the explosive Watergate scandal, Charles Colson revealed the story of his own search for meaning during the tumultuous investigations that led to the collapse of the Nixon administration. A former special counsel to the President, Colson found new life not with success and power but, paradoxically, while in national disgrace and facing a term in prison. Colson describes the day he sat in his prison cell and began jotting down notes on a yellow pad about the events that brought about the fall of a President and the rebirth of his former "hatchet man." These notes developed into Born Again, a classic story of a changed life. In the decades since its initial telling, Charles Colson's inspiring story of a life renewed has brought hope, encouragement and new life to millions. Book jacket.

How To Be Born Again

How To Be Born Again Author Billy Graham
ISBN-10 9781418515713
Release 1989-02-16
Pages 240
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Man has a problem and God has an answer in Christ. How the do we respond? Dr. Graham gives the answer in simple, direct, and dynamic language. But he does not stop with the moment of the new birth, for newborns have a lot of growing to do. Here also is essential guidance to take them further, for they can scarcely realize so soon the potential of the new power God can release from deep within them. How to Be Born Again is at once universal and personal, for the new Christian and for the Christian along the way – an irresistible primer for finding salvation, a guidebook for continuing growth.

Born Again and Again

Born Again and Again Author Jon M. Sweeney
ISBN-10 1557254311
Release 2005
Pages 173
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With a remarkable range of experiences, Sweeney writes with warmth and affection for the faith he has left behind. And he offers wise reflections on those aspects of fundamentalism that all Christians might learn from.

Born Again

Born Again Author Timothy S. Lee
ISBN-10 9780824833756
Release 2010
Pages 228
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Known as Asia s evangelical superpower, South Korea today has some of the largest and most dynamic churches in the world and is second only to the United States in the number of missionaries it dispatches abroad. Understanding its evangelicalism is crucial to grasping the course of its modernization, the rise of nationalism and anticommunism, and the relationship between Christians and other religionists within the country. Born Again is the first book in a Western language to consider the introduction, development, and character of evangelicalism in Korea from its humble beginnings at the end of the nineteenth century to claiming one out of every five South Koreans as an adherent at the end of the twentieth. In this thoughtful and thorough study, Timothy S. Lee argues that the phenomenal rise of this particular species of Christianity can be attributed to several factors. As a religion of salvation, evangelicalism appealed powerfully to multitudes of Koreans, arriving at a time when the country was engulfed in unprecedented crises that discredited established social structures and traditional attitudes. Evangelicalism attracted and empowered Koreans by offering them a more compelling worldview and a more meaningful basis for association. Another factor is evangelicalisms positive connection to Korean nationalism and South Korean anticommunism. It shared in the aspirations and hardships of Koreans during the Japanese occupation and was legitimated again during and after the Korean conflict as South Koreans experienced the trauma of the war. Equally important was evangelicals relentless proselytization efforts throughout the twentieth century. Lee explores the beliefs and practices that have become the hallmarks of Korean evangelicalism: kibok (this-worldly blessing), saebyok kido (daybreak prayer), and kumsik kido (fasting prayer). He concludes that Korean evangelicalism is distinguishable from other forms of evangelicalism by its intensely practical and devotional bent. He reveals how, after a long period of impressive expansion, including the mammoth campaigns of the 1970s and 1980s that drew millions to its revivals, the 1990s was a decade of ambiguity for the faith. On the one hand, it had become South Korea s most influential religion, affecting politics, the economy, and civil society. On the other, it found itself beleaguered by a stalemate in growth, the shortcomings of its leaders, and conflicts with other religions. Evangelicalism had not only risen in South Korean society; it had also, for better or worse, become part of the establishment. Despite this significance, Korean evangelicalism has not received adequate treatment from scholars outside Korea. Born Again will therefore find an eager audience among English-speaking historians of modern Korea, scholars of comparative religion and world Christianity, and practitioners of the faith. "

Born Again Bodies

Born Again Bodies Author R. Marie Griffith
ISBN-10 0520938119
Release 2004-10-04
Pages 337
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"Fat People Don't Go to Heaven!" screamed a headline in the tabloid Globe in November 2000. The story recounted the success of the Weigh Down Workshop, the nation's largest Christian diet corporation and the subject of extensive press coverage from Larry King Live to the New Yorker. In the United States today, hundreds of thousands of people are making diet a religious duty by enrolling in Christian diet programs and reading Christian diet literature like What Would Jesus Eat? and Fit for God. Written with style and wit, far ranging in its implications, and rich with the stories of real people, Born Again Bodies launches a provocative yet sensitive investigation into Christian fitness and diet culture. Looking closely at both the religious roots of this movement and its present-day incarnations, R. Marie Griffith vividly analyzes Christianity's intricate role in America's obsession with the body, diet, and fitness. As she traces the underpinning of modern-day beauty and slimness ideals—as well as the bigotry against people who are overweight—Griffith links seemingly disparate groups in American history including seventeenth-century New England Puritans, Progressive Era New Thought adherents, and late-twentieth-century evangelical diet preachers.

Born Again Vintage

Born Again Vintage Author Bridgett Artise
ISBN-10 9780770435202
Release 2013-11-13
Pages 144
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Fashion designer Bridgett Artise believes in second chances—a philosophy that extends all the way to her clothing line, B. Artise Originals. Fashion gave her a second chance at happiness and success, and, in turn, she gives vintage garments that have lost their luster another chance at being fashionable. Mixing contemporary clothing with the best elements of a vintage piece—like the collar of a funky fifties housedress or the pockets of a seventies-style jacket—and piecing them back together in a whole new way, she creates one-of-a-kind garments that are both trend setting and timeless. An old-fashioned ruffled shirt with terrific buttons, plus an inexpensive tank top, can become a unique top. A poodle skirt and that so-last-year’s knee-length cardigan sweater can be turned into anything from a mini-poncho to a structured tube top. With fashions for every season, Born-Again Vintage contains patterns for: •Pants that pair perfectly with winter boots and a sweater dress that’s sexy and simple •A cropped jacket + sweater corset that are perfect for a flirty spring fling •Dresses + bags to keep summer easy and breezy •Pretty-in-a-blink dresses + accessories for a big night out Born-Again Vintage updates the trends of fashion eras gone by and brings the unparalleled quality of vintage into a new age. Complete with a vintage shopping guide, handy style tips, and ideas for reinventing disused cast-offs, Born-Again Vintage is a must-have for vintage shoppers and sewers alike.

Born Again

Born Again Author Charles W. Colson
ISBN-10 1585589411
Release 2008-09-01
Pages 384
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In 1974 Charles W. Colson pleaded guilty to Watergate-related offenses and, after a tumultuous investigation, served seven months in prison. In his search for meaning and purpose in the face of the Watergate scandal, Colson penned Born Again. This unforgettable memoir shows a man who, seeking fulfillment in success and power, found it, paradoxically, in national disgrace and prison. In more than three decades since its initial publication, Born Again has brought hope and encouragement to millions. This remarkable story of new life continues to influence lives around the world. This expanded edition includes a brand-new introduction and a new epilogue by Colson, recounting the writing of his bestselling book and detailing some of the ways his background and ministry have brought hope and encouragement to so many.

Born Again and Growing

Born Again    and Growing Author Rosie Justus
ISBN-10 9781602475496
Release 2007-12
Pages 127
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What are the real priorities in your life? Author Rosie Justus will help you to discover what is truly important in her book Born Again...and Growing! Life can be over whelming and it is only human to not lead to most God-centered life possible. Born Again...and Growing! shows us how to live a life with Jesus as our priority while being more of a tour guide than an expositor. This book is for those that have been saved for years, those that have only recently been saved and anyone that needs to reaffirm the priorities in life. It is a journey through the books of the Bible in search of what God says to each of us as an individual in relation to Himself. If you would like to know what God's thoughts and plans are for you, this is a must read book for you!

Born Fundamentalist Born Again Catholic

Born Fundamentalist  Born Again Catholic Author David Currie
ISBN-10 9781681490588
Release 2017-08-03
Pages 215
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David Currie was raised in a devout Christian family whose father was a fundamentalist preacher and both parents teachers at Moody Bible Institute. Currie's whole upbringing was immersed in the life of fundamentalist Protestantism - theology professors, seminary presidents and founders of evangelical mission agencies were frequent guests at his family dinner table. Currie received a degree from Trinity International University and studied in the Masters of Divinity program. This book was written as an explanation to his fundamentalist and evangelical friends and family about why he became a Roman Catholic. Currie presents a very lucid, systematic and intelligible account of the reasons for his conversion to the ancient Church that Christ founded. He gives a detailed discussion of the important theological and doctrinal beliefs Catholic and evangelicals hold in common, as well as the key doctrines that separate us, particularly the Eucharist, the Pope, and Mary.

Born Again Marriage

Born Again Marriage Author Bonnie Libhart
ISBN-10 9781456601829
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 217
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Tony and Bonnie's marriage endured many storms...From their survival of the press box crash at the Indy 500 to their struggle to hold onto their lives in an Arkansas tornado. But the whirlwind of divorce wreaked the most damaged on their lives. Their search for happiness in power, prestige, and possessions fed it winds. To support that search, Bonnie spent more and more hours at her job as a TV talk show host while Tony devoted more and more of himself to his company. Finally there wasn't left for each other. When the storm winds had done their damage, they left behind only the splintered remains of the Libhart's marriage. That was when Bonnie called out to God- and He answered her cry. Born-Again Marriage is a story of wreckage and rebuilding. But more that it's a handbook you can use to look at your own priorities. The unique Analysis-Action sections at the end of each priorities are-and a chance to set new ones. Born-Again Marriage offers an exciting story of struggle and romance. You, too, can have a Born-Again relationship, if you would please. Thank you for taking us home with you. Please let us now how this has helped you and if we can use your story in the sequel at

Beyond Born Again

Beyond Born Again Author Robert M. Price
ISBN-10 1434477487
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 172
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Beyond Born Again has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Beyond Born Again also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Beyond Born Again book for free.

Born Again in Brazil

Born Again in Brazil Author R. Andrew Chesnut
ISBN-10 0813524067
Release 1997
Pages 203
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Born Again

Born Again Author Ruthven Roy
ISBN-10 9781456613051
Release 2014-06-17
Pages 200
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This book truly lives up to its name by showing how being born again can be an enjoyable, meaningful, sustainable experience to anyone who believes. It speaks with clarity and certainty about how to be a true follower of Christ without any regrets, or any desire to turn back. Born-again life is not an upgrade or a transformation of our life in Adam, but a total replacement of it. This life, though expressed through our physical humanity, has not a thread of humanity in it. It is absolutely incorruptible and totally divine, because it originated directly from the incorruptible God. Many born-again Christians are failing in their walk with God because, unknowingly, they are disconnected from the very life they received from Him, while attempting to do the impossible--desperately trying to make their life in Adam live for Christ. However, born-again life is not about me trying living for Christ, but totally about Christ living for me, and me surrendering to the reality of His presence and work in, and through, me. This book is designed to show believers--new and old--how to recognize and connect with the incorruptible, victorious life of Jesus within them, and how to successfully integrate and reflect the power of that life in all their daily interactions and affairs. God has created us anew in Christ Jesus to accomplish great and wonderful things in the earth, and it is time for the world to see the magnificent manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. Certainly, this priceless, literary gem holds a lot of pleasant surprises for you. It is guaranteed to challenge your current understanding of yourself, and produce a positive, permanent change in your life. God gave you the inalienable right to become His child, through Jesus Christ, and you deserve to enjoy the full measure of that life NOW! This book will show you how.

The Born Again Catholic

The Born Again Catholic Author Albert H. Boudreau
ISBN-10 9780595128167
Release 2000-09-01
Pages 209
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Millions of Christians claim a born again experience -a rich and lasting relationship with God as Father. Can a Catholic have such a revitalizing experience and remain a good Catholic? This book not only says yes, it proves that the born again experience is Catholic Christianity at its best. It answers questions, dispels doubts, and leads the reader into a rich and exciting relationship with their heavenly Father. It provides a chance to recapture the faith that so many find slipping away. An exciting treatment of a fascinating subject backed by competent Catholic authority. The book has been granted an Imprimatur.

Discourse on being born again

Discourse on being born again Author Mrs. Barbauld (Anna Letitia)
Release 1827
Pages 14
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Discourse on being born again has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Discourse on being born again also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Discourse on being born again book for free.

Confessions of a Born Again Pagan

Confessions of a Born Again Pagan Author Anthony T. Kronman
ISBN-10 9780300224917
Release 2016-10-28
Pages 1176
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In this passionate and searching book, Anthony Kronman offers a third way—beyond atheism and religion—to the God of the modern world We live in an age of disenchantment. The number of self-professed “atheists” continues to grow. Yet many still feel an intense spiritual longing for a connection to what Aristotle called the “eternal and divine.” For those who do, but demand a God that is compatible with their modern ideals, a new theology is required. This is what Anthony Kronman offers here, in a book that leads its readers away from the inscrutable Creator of the Abrahamic religions toward a God whose inexhaustible and everlasting presence is that of the world itself. Kronman defends an ancient conception of God, deepened and transformed by Christian belief—the born-again paganism on which modern science, art, and politics all vitally depend. Brilliantly surveying centuries of Western thought—from Plato to Augustine, Aquinas, and Kant, from Spinoza to Nietzsche, Darwin, and Freud—Kronman recovers and reclaims the God we need today.

Born Again

Born Again Author Walter Semkiw
ISBN-10 0966298241
Release 2011-08
Pages 427
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"With easy to read synopses of the Anne Frank, James Leininger, Amitabh Bachchan, Picasso, Gauguin, Laurel & Hardy, Lincoln and over 50 other fascinating reincarnation cases."