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Bought By A Bear

Bought By A Bear Author Aria Chase
ISBN-10 9781947101043
Release 2017-08-04
Pages 113
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She’s an earnest philanthropist. He’s a billionaire with a dark secret who always gets what he wants. And what he wants is her. When Olivia Thornton agrees emcee a charity auction for WishGranters Foundation, she doesn’t expect to end up on the auction block. That doesn’t stop billionaire Jensen Meade from bidding six million dollars for an evening of her time. Olivia is shocked by Jensen’s offer. She’s still recovering from a bad relationship, and the last thing she needs is a man who thinks he can buy her love. But at the same time, she knows how badly the foundation could use that money. Reluctantly, she agrees to go on a date with him. After all, it’s only one night. One look at Olivia, and Jensen is hooked. As a former military hot shot turned billionaire, he’s used to being in charge, no matter what. But when someone seeking revenge against Jensen sets his sights on Olivia, things get messy. Jensen knows he can win Olivia over if she would just give him a chance. But keeping her without revealing the truth about his past? That’s going to be his greatest challenge yet. And he’s willing to pay any price to do it. *** Bought By A Bear is a standalone billionaire bear shifter paranormal romance with no cliffhangers and a happily ever after.***

Bearly Breathing

Bearly Breathing Author Aria Chase
ISBN-10 9781947101012
Release 2017-07-14
Pages 96
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An Heiress in Distress Breanna Dawson hears wedding bells in her future. The curvy heiress is engaged to Silicon Valley billionaire William Keys, and her parents are certain the marriage of convenience is the answer to her family’s humiliating money problems. Breanna would do almost anything to win her parents’ approval, but the thought of spending the rest of her life with a cold, cruel man is too much to bear — even for a dutiful daughter like her. The closer she gets to saying “I do,” the more suffocated she feels. In a moment of white-hot panic, her survival instinct flares, and she flees. But her escape goes awry when she crashes her stolen car in the middle of a raging blizzard and wakes up half-dressed in a handsome stranger’s bed. Trapped in the wilderness with no way to get home, Breanna should be afraid. So why is she so aroused by the tall, mysterious man who rescued her? A single look from his emerald green eyes makes her body hum with need. His sexy smile, his possessive touch, and his deep, rumbling voice flood her mind with fantasies and leave her aching to submit to his every desire. A Bear Shifter Meets His Mate Bear shifter Rafe Cabello just wants to be left alone. Balancing the needs of his inner bear with running a multi-million dollar company is hard enough without the distraction of a relationship. But when a voluptuous woman wrecks her car right in front of him, he can’t turn away. He pulls the unconscious woman from the crash and carries her back to his cabin to patch her up. He has every intention of getting rid of her as soon as possible. But his bear has other ideas. Every glimpse of her pouty lips makes him salivate with want. Every swish of her ample hips, every flutter of her lashes, every graze of her skin against his sets his body on fire. Rafe knows that if he acts on his growing attraction to Breanna, there’s no going back. His bear insists she’s their fated mate, and with every day that passes, it gets harder and harder to deny his animal’s fierce desire. A Secret Revealed But before Rafe can give into the passion flaring between them, he has to reveal his secret. And that secret may just send his sweet, curvy mate running as fast as she can all the way back to civilization… *** This steamy novella is a standalone BBW billionaire bear shifter paranormal romance.***

Fighting for Her Bear

Fighting for Her Bear Author Kit Fawkes
ISBN-10 1533397384
Release 2016-05-20
Pages 250
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When Maya investigates a tip about illegal bear fights on a private island, she doesn't expect to discover the bears are actually bear-shifters being exploited for their genetic abilities and as entertainment to build a criminal's gambling empire. Before she can do anything with the information, she's captured and detained. As a veterinarian-in-training, she persuades them to let her care for the fighters instead of killing her. She immediately connects with one of the shifters, slowly winning Hale's trust. Hale and Maya face a tough fight as they battle to regain their freedom and bring down the whole operation. It's an even tougher fight for him to move on from what he's been forced to do as a captive, and she has to fight his misguided good intentions to keep him from pushing her away when he needs her most.

The Bear s Secret Baby

The Bear s Secret Baby Author Aria Chase
ISBN-10 9781947101098
Release 2017-08-24
Pages 103
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A Headstrong Woman’s Plea For Help When Shayla Dalton’s sister turns her back on her newborn baby, Shayla steps in to raise the child as her own. But when little Aislinn comes down with a mysterious illness that no doctor can identify, the fiercely independent Shayla runs out of options. A visit to Bear Island — and the sexy, abrasive man who doesn’t even know his child exists — is their only hope. A Bear Shifter’s Battle for Custody When Kade Lassiter is abandoned by his supposed mate, he swears off women forever. But when his ex’s sister — beautiful, headstrong Shayla — shows up with a sick baby girl that she says is his child, he knows he’ll do anything in his power to protect Aislinn. And that means keeping her with him on Bear Island, where she belongs — whether Shayla likes it or not. A Child’s Life Hanging In The Balance Their contentious custody battle is complicated by their undeniable hunger for each other. But when Aislinn’s shifter DNA ends up in the wrong hands, Kade and Shayla have a choice to make. Can set their selfish desires aside to come together and fight for Aislinn’s rights — and her life? And will Kade be able to accept his feelings for Shayla and give true love another chance? *** This steamy novella is a standalone BBW billionaire bear shifter paranormal romance, and is book three in a series.***


Reparation Author Aria Chase
ISBN-10 9781947101081
Release 2017-08-19
Pages 95
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When an Alpha wolf is betrayed, he’ll stop at nothing to get revenge on his enemies and secure his position in the pack. But when he claims the traitor’s sister as his mate, will his growing hunger for her outweigh his desire for reparation? Jared is just weeks away from rising to his position as Alpha of the Sundown Pack when his betrothed runs away with an Omega pack member. Overcome with rage and a primal craving for revenge, he sets his sights on the Omega’s sister Alyra. Once he claims her, Alyra will help him fulfill his destiny as Alpha. But more importantly, owning her will satisfy his need for reparation. After loving Jared from afar for so long, Alyra gives in to his advances without hesitation. But she knows the passion between them won’t last, even as she takes advantage of the momentary lapse in judgment fueled by Jared’s anger and desperation. An Alpha could never take an Omega as his mate. Once Jared’s desire for revenge has passed, he’ll see the truth, and the masquerade will be over. But when Jared’s desire for revenge finally passes, it leaves another burning desire in its place—a desire only Alyra can quench. And he’ll have to fight his parents and his pack to keep her at his side. Faced with a choice between his love for Alyra and his destiny as Alpha, can Jared find the courage to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of happily ever after? Fans of Emilia Hartley, Selina Coffey and Lauren Lively will enjoy this standalone wolf shifter paranormal romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a happily ever after.

Mad Hatters and March Hares

Mad Hatters and March Hares Author Ellen Datlow
ISBN-10 9780765391087
Release 2017-12-12
Pages 352
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From master anthologist Ellen Datlow comes an all-original of weird tales inspired by the strangeness of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There. Between the hallucinogenic, weird, imaginative wordplay and the brilliant mathematical puzzles and social satire, Alice has been read, enjoyed, and savored by every generation since its publication. Datlow asked eighteen of the most brilliant and acclaimed writers working today to dream up stories inspired by all the strange events and surreal characters found in Wonderland. Featuring stories and poems from Seanan McGuire, Jane Yolen, Catherynne M. Valente, Delia Sherman, Genevieve Valentine, Priya Sharma, Stephen Graham Jones, Richard Bowes, Jeffrey Ford, Angela Slatter, Andy Duncan, C.S.E. Cooney, Matthew Kressel, Kris Dikeman, Jane Yolen, Kaaron Warren, Ysbeau Wilce, and Katherine Vaz. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Polar Bond

Polar Bond Author Aria Chase
ISBN-10 194710103X
Release 2017-04-30
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An Ordinary GirlWhile visiting Seattle for her best friend's wedding, curvy Grace DiPlaski is immediately attracted to the best man. When he reciprocates her feelings, lavishes her with expensive gifts, and introduces her to pleasure unlike anything she's ever known, Grace feels herself falling for him - and falling fast. So why does she get the feeling that he's too good to be true? An Extraordinary AttractionKingston Meade knew Grace was his mate the moment he laid eyes on her. He's determined to claim her and show her what passion truly means - but only on his terms. He knows he can offer her almost everything a woman wants, but the one thing he can't promise is total honesty. Their magnetic pull to one another is undeniable, but Kingston can't call it love - not with such a massive secret hanging between them. A Dangerous WorldBut when panther shifter Ashley views Grace as a threat, Grace's previously ordinary life is turned upside down. Ashley is determined to get her claws into Kingston, and she's willing to slash Grace out of his life to do it. When Kingston realizes he may lose her forever, will he brave enough to share his secret and find a way to save his curvy human queen? *** This steamy novella is a standalone BBW billionaire bear shifter paranormal romance.***

Gifted to the Bear

Gifted to the Bear Author Amira Rain
ISBN-10 1523341866
Release 2016-02-10
Pages 362
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Avery Clarke always assumed she was just a normal girl living in a normal world but she had no idea that she was one of the GIFTED. This was a select few people that had been blessed with special supernatural powers and Avery was one of them. However, the Gifted are also the HUNTED. FBI agents, government officials and other evil forces all want a piece of her gift and they will not stop until they get it. So now Avery Clarke has TWO choices. Run and hide, or trust in a mysterious shapeshifting WereBear named Jim Duncan who promises that he can keep her safe and help her uncover the truth about just how important her gift really is...

What It Takes

What It Takes Author Mark Herzlich
ISBN-10 9780698151130
Release 2014-06-03
Pages 288
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In 2011, he became starting linebacker for the New York Giants and triumphed in the Super Bowl—after being told his cancer diagnosis meant he would never play football again.... As a child, Herzlich found an inspiring and grounding force in football, eventually turning his passion into a first-team All-American spot at Boston College. But after being named the conference’s top defensive player his junior season, the budding star was sidelined by a persistent, debilitating pain in his left leg. After months of tests, Herzlich received a shocking diagnosis: He had Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. Doctors put his odds of survival as low as fifteen percent—and no one thought he would be able to run, much less play, again. Then Herzlich learned of a radical alternative treatment that would give him the best chance to regain his strength and maybe even play football again. He had a choice to make, one that would allow him the chance to return to the game he loved, but it came at the risk of his life. Herzlich relied on family, friends, faith, and deep wells of determination to help him through treatment, and his drastic plan worked. Not only could he run, but he was stronger than ever physically, and mentally ready to battle his way to a spot on an NFL roster. When he was passed over by all 32 teams in the draft, he dug deeper and continued his training, winning a spot in the Giants’ training camp, and eventually, on the team. Mark Herzlich fought a battle against cancer, against statistics, and some days against himself. Told with candor and raw emotion, this is a story for anyone who has ever fought to beat the odds, for anyone who has ever been told that what they are about to attempt is next to impossible. Herzlich’s story embodies powerful lessons about what can be achieved through persistence and belief, and he serves as living proof that overcoming the impossible is only the beginning. With a foreword by New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin


Stolen Author Willow Danes
ISBN-10 0692500820
Release 2015-07-29
Pages 264
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Kidnapped from Earth by an alien warrior when she visits her uncle, Summer Mills is terrified she will never be able to return home. Her alien captors are using human females as breeding stock and her only chance to return to Earth is Ke'lar, the one Hir warrior willing to stand between her and his own kind. Returning this human female home won't be easy and Ke'lar knows by this act of defiance he is throwing his own chances at a lifemate away. Both his family's enemies and his own clan have pledged to reclaim the woman he has stolen, the only woman he will ever love . . .

Run to Ground

Run to Ground Author Katie Ruggle
ISBN-10 9781492643050
Release 2017-06-06
Pages 416
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"Vivid and charming."—CHARLAINE HARRIS, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series He lost his mentor. He lost his K9 partner. He almost lost his will to live. But when a ruthless killer targets a woman on the run, Theo and his new K9 companion will do whatever it takes to survive—and save the woman neither can live without. Grieving the death of his partner, Theo Bosco has no room in his life for distractions. Though his instincts scream that he should avoid Juliet 'Jules' Jackson, he can't seem to stay away. It doesn't help that Theo's new K9 companion has fallen head over paws with Jules's rambunctious family. Or that when he's with her, Theo finally knows peace. When Jules rescued her siblings, whisking them away to the safety of the beautifully rugged Colorado Rockies, she never expected to catch the eye—or the heart—of a cop. Yet as Jules struggles to fight her growing attraction to the brooding K9 officer, another threat lurks much closer to home... And this time, there's no escape. "Gripping suspense, unique heroines, sexy heroes." —CHRISTINE FEEHAN, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit Series: Run to Ground (Book 1) On the Chase (Book 2) Survive the Night (Book 3) Through the Fire (Book 4) What People Are Saying: "I love Ruggle's characters. They're sharply drawn, and vividly alive. I'm happy when they find each other. These are wonderful escapist books."—CHARLAINE HARRIS, #1 New York Times Bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series "Sexy and suspenseful, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough."—JULIE ANN WALKER, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author for Hold Your Breath "Chills and thrills and a sexy slow-burning romance from a terrific new voice."—D.D. AYRES, author of the K-9 Rescue Series for Hold Your Breath

Once Upon a Tiger

Once Upon a Tiger Author Kat Simons
ISBN-10 1944600000
Release 2016-03-14
Pages 128
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"She'll never run." Among the tiger shifters, Alexis Tarasova is regarded as fierce and dangerous, with a reputation that would make even the most daring tiger think twice about challenging her. Female tiger shifters may be rare and the mating run a critical part of their species's survival, but Alexis is the only female Tracker and will not back down, even at the threat of tiger law. She will not be forced to mate. So when a handful of males band together to force her to participate in the run, Alexis chooses to stand her ground and fight instead. "He's forbidden to run." Outcast from the tiger shifters after a vicious childhood attack left him mute, Victor Romanov has never taken part in the mate run. He's never particularly cared, though, since the woman he loves refuses to take a mate. However, when he learns Alexis may be in danger, all bets are off. Nothing will keep him from her side. "Together, they're unmovable." The chemistry between them burns wickedly hot and forges them into an unbeatable pair. Alexis knows that being with Victor means she will have to break another one of her people's laws-a move that might push the tigers too far. But, for Victor, she will risk everything, including her life, and do what she thought she'd never do-run.

Burning Bright

Burning Bright Author A. Catherine Noon
ISBN-10 1609287088
Release 2012-08-07
Pages 290
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After partying at the Chicago's hottest new club, veterinary surgeon Sasha Soskoff stumbles down the wrong alley and comes up against three muggers. As consciousness fades, the mere appearance of his rescuer is enough to chase the attackers off. Ex-Marine Neal Harrison has little trouble maintaining control at his club. But with Sasha, he can't seem to keep his hands to himself. Yet there's danger in allowing any close relationships, particularly with a naïve young newcomer. The safety of his business depends on the iron-clad secret he and his ex-Marine buddies all hide. While Neal seems happy to satisfy Sasha's insatiable curiosity about the erotic scenes played out in the club's private rooms, Sasha senses his new lover is holding something back. When the truth claws its way out amid a night of tribal blood and violence, Neal discovers his lover has a secret of his own. And that the forces arrayed against them all could make a mugging look like a walk in the park…

Wild Cat

Wild Cat Author Jennifer Ashley
ISBN-10 9781101553862
Release 2012-01-03
Pages 320
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Heartbroken from the death of her mate three years ago, Shifter Cassidy Warden is tracking down his mysterious killer-one who could bring danger to all Shifters. But Detective Diego Escobar rekindles the flames of her mating desire. And once the fires begin, nothing and no one can put them out...

Bearly Healed

Bearly Healed Author Moxie North
ISBN-10 1974647005
Release 2015-11-08
Pages 312
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Beware of shifters bearing cheese puffs ... they might be about to steal your heart and make you whole again.What do you get when you mix one feisty sprite of a woman ...Cassidy Hackett knows all about life's hard knocks. After growing up in foster care, her only family is her friend Effie, who sees past Cassie's sarcasm to the heart she shields so carefully.But now Effie is mated to a cougar shifter, and Cassie feels left behind. When a fateful decision to drown her sorrows one night leaves her broken and scarred, she's almost ready to give up on life.Almost.With one burly, sexy man ...Grizzly shifter Cash Rochon loves his family and his job. But it feels like he's been searching forever for his mate--that special woman meant only for him.When he hears about a human recuperating from a terrible accident at a relative's house, he's glad to help out. Little does he know that his greatest wish is about to be answered ... in a way he never expected.And lots of patience, devotion, and peanut butter cups?Cassidy needs to heal inside and out, and it won't be easy. The one thing that keeps her going--not that she would ever admit it--is Cash, who refuses to give up on her.He's willing to do whatever it takes to coax his sharp-tongued pixie out of her shell--even indulge her junk food habit. Cash wants nothing more than to show her the love she's always needed. But after a lifetime of wearing emotional armor, is Cassie ready to lower her guard?

White Tiger

White Tiger Author Jennifer Ashley
ISBN-10 9780425281352
Release 2016-04-05
Pages 330
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For twenty years, Kendrick, a white tiger Shifter, has been the Guardian of Un-Collared Shifters who spend their lives living in secret - and in fear of being shunted into Shiftertowns. When Kendrick's group is discovered and forced to flee, Kendrick is more desperate than ever to protect them. His only salvation comes in the form of a beautiful - and unexpected - stranger. Lonely waitress Addison Price is more than willing to help the crushingly sensual white tiger and his cubs in a passionate bid for freedom.

Way of the Wolf

Way of the Wolf Author Mark E. Cooper
ISBN-10 1905380186
Release 2014-05
Pages 596
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Doctor David Lephmann had a great life. A new post at the prestigious Saint Bartholomew's Hospital, a beautiful fiance whose father happened to be famous in medical circles, money wasn't an issue, and advancement in his chosen field seemed assured... until he meets his new boss. The bigoted Doctor Hoberman has strong views where werewolves and shifters are concerned, and he isn't shy about spreading his dangerous and irresponsible ideas to anyone willing to listen. David is disgusted to learn that his boss is a closet member of the fanatical and outlawed Anti Monster League, and finds himself ostracized by Hoberman's clique. Before he knows what's happening, he is forced to take a stand to get away from Hoberman and his lackeys, and accepts a position at Mercy Hospital, where LA's non-human welfare cases find succor. His new mentor is desperate for the help, and welcomes him to the paranormal world of non-human customs, elf healing rituals, and strange magics. One night after a long day at the hospital, David is confronted by the realities of his new life, when he intervenes in a fight he knows nothing about. Two women are fighting for their lives in the street, and before he can really think about it, he foolishly chooses sides and wades into the battle. One moment he's restraining a remarkably strong and lithe woman, the next he's struggling to escape a huge wolf! The shapeshifter savages him, and shatters his new life. Sorely wounded and infected with lycanthropy, he's thrust into a world of violence and mistrust where the only thing that matters is strength. Hoping to find the shifter who destroyed his life, he tracks down her enemy and allies himself with her and Steven Edmonton, a powerful master vampire in need of help himself. A shadow war is brewing in the city, and forces are maneuvering for advantage. Steven is building an army of shifters to protect his interests, and welcomes David into the fold, but challenge and counter is the way of the wolf, and the others won't accept his dominance until he proves his strength. He certainly hadn't been looking for werewolf romance while fighting for his life, but there's something very intriguing about a certain shifter woman, and fighting isn't on his mind whenever he sees her beguiling eyes and snarling lips. With no way back to his old life, he must fight for a place in this new one, but he's never had to fight for anything in his life. Can he survive the challenge?