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Mummy s Little Helper The heartrending true story of a young girl secretly caring for her severely disabled mother

Mummy   s Little Helper  The heartrending true story of a young girl secretly caring for her severely disabled mother Author Casey Watson
ISBN-10 9780007479580
Release 2013-03-14
Pages 320
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The fifth book from bestselling author and specialist foster carer Casey Watson. A recent census shows that there are at least 175,000 child carers in the UK, 13,000 of whom care for more than 50 hours a week. Many remain invisible to a system that would otherwise help them. Abigail is one of those children. This is her story.

The Boy No One Loved A Heartbreaking True Story of Abuse Abandonment and Betrayal

The Boy No One Loved  A Heartbreaking True Story of Abuse  Abandonment and Betrayal Author Casey Watson
ISBN-10 9780007436576
Release 2011-10-13
Pages 304
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Sunday Times bestselling author and foster carer Casey Watson’s first heartbreaking memoir. Justin was five years old; his brothers two and three. Their mother, a heroin addict, had left them alone again. Later that day, after trying to burn down the family home, Justin was taken into care.

My Secret Sister

My Secret Sister Author Helen Edwards
ISBN-10 9781743512036
Release 2013-04-01
Pages 288
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The powerful story of two sisters separated at birth, one abused and one loved, and their search to understand their past. Helen grew up in a pit village in Tyneside in the post-war years, with her gran, aunties and uncles living nearby. She felt safe with them, but they could not protect her from her neglectful mother and violent father. Behind closed doors, she suffered years of abuse. Sometimes she talked to an imaginary sister, the only one who understood her pain. Jenny was adopted at six weeks and grew up in Newcastle. An only child, she knew she was loved, and with the support of her parents she went on to become a golfing champion, but still she felt that something was missing... Neither woman knew of the other's existence until, in her fifties, Jenny went looking for her birth family and found her sister Helen. Together they searched for the truth about Jenny's birth - and uncovered a legacy of secrets that overturned everything Helen thought she knew about her family. Happily, they also discovered that they were not just sisters, they were twins. Inspirational and moving, this is the story of two women brave enough to confront their past, and strong enough to let love not bitterness define them.

Three More Words

Three More Words Author Ashley Rhodes-Courter
ISBN-10 9781481415576
Release 2015-06-30
Pages 320
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A sequel to Three Little Words traces the author's post-foster care years, describing her adventures in college, her relationship with her spouse and her decision to have both biological and foster children.

Hurting Too Much

Hurting Too Much Author Harry Keeble
ISBN-10 9780857208491
Release 2012-02-16
Pages 288
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Detective Sergeant Harry Keeble's bestselling books, Baby X and Little Victim described his early years in Hackney's Child Protection Unit, as he battled to get to grips with cases of unimaginably horrific child abuse. In Broken Angels, a more experienced Harry relates a series of extraordinary cases he encountered with Ella, a young and newly qualified social worker. Together, Harry and Ella faced the violence of forced marriage, the horror of maternal incest and the cruelty of child slavery. Their investigations took them into a mosque, a drug den and a recording studio. Just as the unrelenting caseload threatened to push the inexperienced Ella over the edge, Harry uncovered one of the most shocking cases of child abuse he'd ever encountered, forcing the duo to tread new ground in the search for justice. Broken Angels reveals why working in Child Protection has never been so tough. It also shows why, despite the fact that so many courageous people are ready and willing to meet impossible challenges, we are still unable to reach all of the broken angels that so desperately need our help.

Just a Boy An Inspiring and Heartwarming Short Story

Just a Boy  An Inspiring and Heartwarming Short Story Author Casey Watson
ISBN-10 9780007529353
Release 2013-05-09
Pages 72
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A heartwarming short story from bestselling author and foster carer Casey Watson.

Trafficked The Terrifying True Story of a British Girl Forced into the Sex Trade

Trafficked  The Terrifying True Story of a British Girl Forced into the Sex Trade Author Sophie Hayes
ISBN-10 9780007439546
Release 2012-01-19
Pages 304
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He’d been her friend for years. He said he loved her. Then she realised she didn’t know him at all...

They Cage the Animals at Night

They Cage the Animals at Night Author Jennings Michael Burch
ISBN-10 9780451489517
Release 2017-07-11
Pages 336
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Shuttled through a bleak series of foster homes, orphanages, and institutions, Jennings never remained in any of them long enough to make a friend. Here, in his own words, Jennings Michael Burch reveals the abuse and neglect he experienced during his lost childhood. But while his experiences are both shocking and devastating, his story is ultimately one of hope - the triumphant tale of a forgotten child who somehow found the courage to reach out for love and found it waiting for him.

The Girl With Two Lives

The Girl With Two Lives Author Angela Hart
ISBN-10 9781509839063
Release 2018-02-22
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Twelve year old Danielle has been excluded from a special school and her former foster family can no longer cope. She arrives as an emergency placement at the home of foster carer Angela, who soon suspects that there is more to the young girl's disruptive behaviour than meets the eye. Can Angela's specialist training unlock the horrors of Danielle's past and help her start a brave new life? The Girl With Two Lives is the fourth book from well loved foster carer and Sunday Times bestselling author Angela Hart. Another true story from the experienced and bestselling foster carer – sharing the tale of one of the many children she has fostered over the years. A story of the difference that quiet care, a watchful eye and sympathetic ear can make to those children whose upbringing has been less fortunate than others.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Author Maya Angelou
ISBN-10 9780307477729
Release 2010-07-21
Pages 288
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Sent by their mother to live with their devout, self-sufficient grandmother in a small Southern town, Maya and her brother, Bailey, endure the ache of abandonment and the prejudice of the local “powhitetrash.” At eight years old and back at her mother’s side in St. Louis, Maya is attacked by a man many times her age–and has to live with the consequences for a lifetime. Years later, in San Francisco, Maya learns about love for herself and the kindness of others, her own strong spirit, and the ideas of great authors (“I met and fell in love with William Shakespeare”) will allow her to be free instead of imprisoned. Poetic and powerful, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is a modern American classic that will touch hearts and change minds for as long as people read. From the Paperback edition.

The Girl Nobody Wants

The Girl Nobody Wants Author Lilly O'Brien
ISBN-10 9781780880334
Release 2011-11-24
Pages 235
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You only get one chance to live your life as a child, but Lily was never given that chance; her childhood was taken from her before it ever begun. From the age of four, when she was first sexually abused, her life changed forever; when she walked through the institution’s doors in Ireland, her life continued along the same path that has destroyed her soul. Her emotional pain is as strong today as it was the day it began and will never leave her alone.“When I go to sleep it’s in my head and when I wake up I can see it in the mirror and I am only waiting to die.” A child abuse story that will stay with you forever and one that you will talk about for many years to come, The Girl Nobody Wants is a harrowing true story that will appeal to fans of biographies and fans of Jodi Picoult. It has been compared to Dave Pelzer’s A Child Called It, Damaged by Cathy Glass and The Kid by Kevin Lewis.

Finding Fish

Finding Fish Author Antwone Q. Fisher
ISBN-10 0061847070
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 352
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Baby Boy Fisher was raised in institutions from the moment of his birth in prison to a single mother. He ultimately came to live with a foster family, where he endured near-constant verbal and physical abuse. In his mid-teens he escaped and enlisted in the navy, where he became a man of the world, raised by the family he created for himself. Finding Fish shows how, out of this unlikely mix of deprivation and hope, an artist was born -- first as the child who painted the feelings his words dared not speak, then as a poet and storyteller who would eventually become one of Hollywood's most sought-after screenwriters. A tumultuous and ultimately gratifying tale of self-discovery written in Fisher's gritty yet melodic literary voice, Finding Fish is an unforgettable reading experience.

Daddy s Little Princess

Daddy   s Little Princess Author Cathy Glass
ISBN-10 9780007569380
Release 2014-03-27
Pages 304
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The latest title from the internationally bestselling author and foster carer Cathy Glass. Beth is a sweet-natured child who appears to have been well looked after. But it isn’t long before Cathy begins to have concerns that the relationship between Beth and her father is not as it should be.

Mummy s Little Soldier

Mummy s Little Soldier Author Casey Watson
ISBN-10 000759514X
Release 2016-05-19
Pages 320
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Caseyâe(tm)s Unit is, as ever, full of troubled, disaffected pupils, and new arrival Leo is something of a conundrum. Thirteen year old Leo isnâe(tm)t a bad lad âe" in fact, heâe(tm)s generally polite and helpful, but heâe(tm)s in danger of permanent exclusion for repeatedly absconding and unauthorised absences. Despite letters being sent home regularly, his mother never turns up for any appointments, and when the school calls home she always seems to have an excuse. Though Casey has her hands full, she offers to intervene for a while, to try get Leo engaged in learning again and remaining in school. The headâe(tm)s sceptical though and warns her that this is Leoâe(tm)s very last chance. But Caseyâe(tm)s determined, because thereâe(tm)s something about Leo that makes her want to fight his corner, and get to the bottom of whatever it is that compels this enigmatic boy to keep running away. With Leo so resolutely tight-lipped and secretive, Casey knows that if sheâe(tm)s going to keep this child in education, sheâe(tm)s going to have to get to the bottom of it herselfâe¦


Betrayed Author Rosie Lewis
ISBN-10 0007541805
Release 2015-02-12
Pages 304
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In the much-anticipated follow-up to Sunday Times bestseller Trapped, foster carer Rosie Lewis tells the heartbreaking true story of 13-year-old Zadie. When the young teenage girl runs away from home and is discovered hiding on the city streets by the police, it is clear that all is not as it should be. Taught to believe that Westerners should not be trusted, when Zadie is initially delivered into the experienced hands of foster carer Rosie she is polite and well-behaved, but understandably suspicious of the family around her. Through Rosie's support and understanding, gradually Zadie begins to settle into her new surroundings, but loyalty to her relatives, and fear of bringing shame on those around her, prevents her from confessing the horrifying truth about her troubled past. When the shocking truth finally emerges, Rosie and her family can hardly believe that Zadie had managed to keep the shocking secrets to herself for so long.

Broken Trouble

Broken Trouble Author Kristan Billups
ISBN-10 1537391569
Release 2016-06-20
Pages 322
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Seventeen year old Nova has one last chance to turn her life around. When the judge gave her an ultimatum of getting herself and her life together or going to prison, she is sent to a ranch in the middle of nowhere swarming with hot cowboys. The same ranch that she had burnt a barn down on that had sent her back to Juvenile detention. The same cowboys that had almost lost their ranch because of her. How do you change when everyone hates you and doesn't trust you? How do you change when you don't want to? Which life will she choose? The fun but dark life she's been living her entire life or something even better?

Dirty Heart Clean Heart

Dirty Heart Clean Heart Author Casey Watson
ISBN-10 1625095643
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 30
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Cody is a nine year old girl who loves God with her whole heart. She has many adventures on the family's farm and sees God in everything she does. Not everything is perfect- Cody gets into trouble and has the same struggles all other kids do. But when she remembers to rely on God and His word, it changes the whole situation. Join Cody as she learns how to raise a lamb to show at the county fair, and has a hard time when she doesn't win the grand prize.