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Brilliant Activities to Stimulate Creative Thinking

Brilliant Activities to Stimulate Creative Thinking Author Will Hussey
ISBN-10 1783170212
Release 2013-10
Pages 104
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Brain trainers (originally title - Think Brilliantly ) contains over 150 entertaining, open-ended challenges providing mental stimulation for all children, not just gifted and talented. The activities develop pupils higher level thinking skills. The creative, challenging activities develop mental agility and the ability to think outside the

Stretching Gifted and Talented Children

Stretching Gifted and Talented Children Author Ashley McCabe-Mowat
ISBN-10 9780857472458
Release 2011-01-05
Pages 104
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Brilliant Activities for Stretching Gifted and Talented Children contains refreshing, motivating activities, based on the latest theories and research, to stretch your pupils’ analytical, creative and evaluative skills. Activities range from quick warm-ups, brainteasers and math-focussed activities to entertaining, open-ended exercises for pupils to complete independently. All the activities are photocopiable, so that you can easily select the best activity to suit your particular needs. With over 100 activities, Brilliant Activities for Stretching Gifted and Talented Children will be able to keep stretching your pupils for many years to come.

Brilliant Activities for Gifted and Talented Children

Brilliant Activities for Gifted and Talented Children Author Ashley McCabe-Mowat
ISBN-10 9780857475596
Release 2012-08-28
Pages 52
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Open-ended activities to develop students’ creative and critical thinking skills. Gifted children are not the only ones who will benefit from this book! All children will thoroughly enjoy these activities. Some of the activities can be last for days, others such as the brainteaser section can be used for a quick warm-up to spark interest and excite the brain. Activities linked to Bloom’s taxonomy.

Able Writers in Your School

Able Writers in Your School Author Brian Moses
ISBN-10 9780857473738
Release 2010-11-17
Pages 141
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The ideas, practical advice and lesson plans in Able Writers in Your School will help you to develop the potential of the gifted and talented pupils in your primary school – and all the other pupils as well. Suggestions for poetry range from taking an idea and stretching it, making the familiar scary an dealing with serious issues. The chapters on prose include creating a realistic character, building conflict, looking at point of view and developing dialogue. Over 70 inspirational examples of children's work show the standard of children's work achievable.

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick Author Chris Van Allsburg
ISBN-10 9780547794082
Release 2015-12-15
Pages 32
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Fourteen black-and-white drawings, each accompanied by a title and a caption, entice readers to make up his or her own story.

Helping Gifted Children Soar

Helping Gifted Children Soar Author Carol Ann Strip
ISBN-10 9780910707411
Release 2000
Pages 270
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A guide to the many issues gifted children face that offers parents and teachers advice on identifying gifted children, helping them get the most of classroom programs, forming parent support groups, meeting social and emotional needs, and choosing the appropriate curriculum.

The Gifted and Talented

The Gifted and Talented Author Frances Degen Horowitz
ISBN-10 MINN:31951000767326Z
Release 1985
Pages 477
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The chapters that this book comprises represent what is known about the gifted and the talented from a developmental perspective. As one author after the other stresses, this volume is equally a testament to what is not known. The chapters in this section [Part I] reflect the lack of agreement in past research over the nature of giftedness, but the authors raise similar questions for future investigations. These five chapters set forth major issues facing investigators in the field of giftedness. From the diverse points of view emerges one commonality: the call for prospective developmental research, guided by theory, to aid our understanding of the complex of factors that contribute to gifted performance. The authors of the chapters in this section [Part II] discuss giftedness in a social perspective and suggest areas in which research and innovative action might be most useful. In this section [Part III], authors explore approaches to studying the development of the gifted from diverse and innovative points of view.

Iggy Peck Architect

Iggy Peck  Architect Author Andrea Beaty
ISBN-10 9781613129845
Release 2016-02-01
Pages 32
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A hilarious, irreverent book about doing your own thing Meet Iggy Peck—creative, independent, and not afraid to express himself! In the spirit of David Shannon’s No, David and Rosemary Wells’s Noisy Nora, Iggy Peck will delight readers looking for irreverent, inspired fun. Iggy has one passion: building. His parents are proud of his fabulous creations, though they’re sometimes surprised by his materials—who could forget the tower he built of dirty diapers? When his second-grade teacher declares her dislike of architecture, Iggy faces a challenge. He loves building too much to give it up! With Andrea Beaty’s irresistible rhyming text and David Roberts’s puckish illustrations, this book will charm creative kids everywhere, and amuse their sometimes bewildered parents. Also from the powerhouse author-illustrator team of Iggy Peck, Architect, is Rosie Revere, Engineer, a charming, witty picture book about believing in yourself and pursuing your passion. Ada Twist, Scientist, the companion picture book featuring the next kid from Iggy Peck's class, is available in September 2016.

Creativity Giftedness and Talent Development in Mathematics

Creativity  Giftedness  and Talent Development in Mathematics Author Bharath Sriraman
ISBN-10 9781607528388
Release 2008-09-01
Pages 313
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Our innovative spirit and creativity lies beneath the comforts and security of today's technologically evolved society. Scientists, inventors, investors, artists and leaders play a vital role in the advancement and transmission of knowledge. Mathematics, in particular, plays a central role in numerous professions and has historically served as the gatekeeper to numerous other areas of study, particularly the hard sciences, engineering and business. Mathematics is also a major component in standardized tests in the U.S., and in university entrance exams in numerous parts of world. Creativity and imagination is often evident when young children begin to develop numeric and spatial concepts, and explore mathematical tasks that capture their interest. Creativity is also an essential ingredient in the work of professional mathematicians. Yet, the bulk of mathematical thinking encouraged in the institutionalized setting of schools is focused on rote learning, memorization, and the mastery of numerous skills to solve specific problems prescribed by the curricula or aimed at standardized testing. Given the lack of research based perspectives on talent development in mathematics education, this monograph is specifically focused on contributions towards the constructs of creativity and giftedness in mathematics. This monograph presents new perspectives for talent development in the mathematics classroom and gives insights into the psychology of creativity and giftedness. The book is aimed at classroom teachers, coordinators of gifted programs, math contest coaches, graduate students and researchers interested in creativity, giftedness, and talent development in mathematics.


TASC Author Belle Wallace
ISBN-10 0907360211
Release 1993
Pages 188
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TASC has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from TASC also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full TASC book for free.

Reading lessons from the eighteenth century

Reading lessons from the eighteenth century Author Evelyn Arizpe
ISBN-10 0955210615
Release 2006
Pages 244
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Reading lessons from the eighteenth century has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Reading lessons from the eighteenth century also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Reading lessons from the eighteenth century book for free.

Bright Not Broken

Bright Not Broken Author Diane M. Kennedy
ISBN-10 9781118101834
Release 2011-08-02
Pages 256
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The future of our society depends on our gifted children—the population in which we’ll find our next Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, or Virginia Woolf. Yet the gifts and talents of some of our most brilliant kids may never be recognized because these children fall into a group known as twice exceptional, or “2e.” Twice exceptional kids are both gifted and diagnosed with a disability—often ADHD or an Autism Spectrum Disorder—leading teachers and parents to overlook the child’s talents and focus solely on his weaknesses. Too often, these children get lost in an endless cycle of chasing diagnostic labels and are never given the tools to fully realize their own potential. Bright Not Broken sheds new light on this vibrant population by identifying who twice exceptional children are and taking an unflinching look at why they’re stuck. The first work to boldly examine the widespread misdiagnosis and controversies that arise from our current diagnostic system, it serves as a wake-up call for parents and professionals to question why our mental health and education systems are failing our brightest children. Most importantly, the authors show what we can do to help 2e children, providing a whole child model for parents and educators to strengthen and develop a child’s innate gifts while also intervening to support the deficits. Drawing on painstaking research and personal experience, Bright Not Broken offers groundbreaking insight and practical strategies to those seeking to help 2e kids achieve their full potential. Diane M. Kennedy, author of The ADHD-Autism Connection, is a long time advocate, international speaker/trainer, and mother of three twice-exceptional sons. Rebecca S. Banks, M.A., co-author of The ADHD-Autism Connection, is a veteran educator, national speaker/trainer, and mother of two twice-exceptional children. Temple Grandin, Ph.D., is a professor, prolific author, and one of the most accomplished and renowned adults with autism in the world.

Why Brilliant People Believe Nonsense

Why Brilliant People Believe Nonsense Author J. Steve Miller
ISBN-10 0988304899
Release 2015-08-01
Pages 448
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The passing of time reveals much expert opinion to be nonsense. How can we evaluate expert opinion and learn to think for ourselves? "In the midst of an information explosion, we face a wisdom deficit," notes author J. Steve Miller. This book, in a remarkably accessible and entertaining way, equips readers to think more clearly, innovate more creatively, see through the deceptions of clever advertisers and salesmen, simplify complex and convoluted arguments, manage life's decisions with more confidence, and express convictions more powerfully. This book is designed to be read by all individuals interested in learning critical and creative thinking skills. It can also be used as a text targeting high school seniors and college freshmen. An accompanying website offers free lesson plans and teaching tips.

Raising Gifted Kids

Raising Gifted Kids Author Barbara Schave Klein
ISBN-10 0814429912
Release 2007
Pages 251
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Raising an extremely bright child - quick, curious, sensitive, and introspective - is a daunting challenge. Parents need insight into their own motivations (as well as those of their children), and the courage and ability to make tough decisions about their child's development. "Raising Gifted Kids" will help parents understand and cope with the obstacles they face in raising a gifted child, and help them make the best choices for their son's or daughter's growth and happiness.

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes Author Mark Pett
ISBN-10 9781402255441
Release 2011
Pages 32
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Beatrice is so well-known for never making a mistake that she is greeted each morning by fans and reporters, but a near-error on the day of the school talent show could change everything.

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students Author Christine Fonseca
ISBN-10 9781618214591
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 225
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Teaching children how to manage their intense emotions is one of the most difficult aspects of parenting or educating gifted children. Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students: Helping Kids Cope With Explosive Feelings provides a much-needed resource for parents and educators for understanding of why gifted children are so extreme in their behavior and how to manage the highs and lows that accompany emotional intensity. Presented in an easy-to-read, conversational style, this revised and updated second edition contains additional chapters addressing temperament and personality development, as well as expanded role-plays and strategies designed to show parents and teachers how to interact and guide gifted children in a way that teaches them how to recognize, monitor, and adjust their behavior. Updated resources and worksheets make this practical resource a must-read for anyone wishing to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of gifted children.

Razzle Dazzle Writing

Razzle Dazzle Writing Author Melissa Forney
ISBN-10 9780929895482
Release 2001
Pages 173
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"Good writing is more than we say; it is how we say it. This book shows how to master fifty key target skills that will improve their writing and raise heir assessment scores."--Editor.