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Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters Author Karl König
ISBN-10 9781782501015
Release 2014-03-31
Pages 90
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Are you an oldest, middle, youngest or only child? What effect has your birth order had on your life? In this classic work, Karl König attempts to explain the various characteristi of first-, second- and third-born people, without losing sight of the tremendous individuality of the human being. Just as our environment shapes our language, social behaviour and mannerisms, so our place in the family also determines how we encounter life. This book is a fascinating handbook for parents, teachers and carers. Over the years it has become a definitive reference on the subject of child development.

Foundation Studies Courses In Anthroposophy

Foundation Studies Courses In Anthroposophy Author Conrad Rehbach
ISBN-10 9781257241569
Release 2013-03-13
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The purpose of this workbook is to give individuals and groups interested in studying the fundamental ideas of Anthroposophy a helpful guide for their journey. Due to the massive amounts of reading material readily available today, the human mind wants to be: - Quickly attracted - Easily organized - Deeply engaged. I imagine individuals who reside in places where Anthroposophical studies are not readily available, to use this book as a basis for their studies. I imagine study groups that formed through a common interest in Anthroposophy to use this book as a guide to forming a temporary learning community.

The Origin of the Family Private Property and the State

The Origin of the Family  Private Property and the State Author Friedrich Engels
ISBN-10 UOM:39015024944756
Release 1902
Pages 217
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The Origin of the Family Private Property and the State has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Origin of the Family Private Property and the State also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Origin of the Family Private Property and the State book for free.

Being Human

Being Human Author
ISBN-10 9781621511069
Release 1989
Pages 138
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Being Human has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Being Human also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Being Human book for free.

The Trumps

The Trumps Author Gwenda Blair
ISBN-10 9781501139369
Release 2015-10-06
Pages 592
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The definitive family biography of President Donald Trump. The revealing story of the Trumps mirrors America’s transformation from a land of striving immigrants to a world in which the aura of wealth alone can guarantee a fortune. The Trumps begins with a portrait of President Trump’s immigrant grandfather, who as a young man built hotels for miners in Alaska during the Klondike gold rush. His son, Fred, took advantage of the New Deal, using government subsidies and loopholes to construct hugely successful housing developments in the 1940s and 1950s. The profits from Fred’s enterprises paved the way for President Trump’s roller-coaster ride through the 1980s and 1990s into the new century. With his talent for extravagant exaggeration—he calls it “truthful hyperbole”—President Trump turned the deal-making know-how of his forebears into an art form. By placing this much-publicized life within the context of family, Gwenda Blair adds a new dimension to the larger-than-life figure who ascended to the American Presidency.

In Need of Special Understanding

In Need of Special Understanding Author Karl König
ISBN-10 PSU:000013998431
Release 1986-01-01
Pages 201
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Lectures entitled "The image of man as it pertains to our villagers", "The threefold constitution of man" and "Learning and working - the karma of vocation" given at Aberdeen, Scotland between 1962 and 1964 for co-workers in the then recently-founded Camphill village communities in Britain.

Embryology and World Evolution

Embryology and World Evolution Author Karl König
ISBN-10 OCLC:912677599
Release 2009
Pages 87
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Embryology and World Evolution has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Embryology and World Evolution also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Embryology and World Evolution book for free.

The Child with Special Needs

The Child with Special Needs Author Karl König
ISBN-10 0863156932
Release 2009
Pages 220
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Karl König, the founder of Camphill, was a prolific lecturer and writer on a wide range of subjects from anthroposophy and Christology through social questions and curative education to science and history. The Karl König Archive are working on a programme of publishing these works over the coming years. This is the fourth book to be published in the series.In this remarkable collection of Karl König's letters and essays, König considers and discusses the fundamentals of special needs education. He shows that there are three core aspects to a successful holistic education and healing approach: firstly, a positive social environment, which in the context of Camphill is achieved through small family units of carers and children; secondly, that carers' work is based on an insightful understanding of the nature and potential of each individual child and disability; and thirdly that medical treatment is imbued with courage to keep believing that the impossible is possible.

When Scotland Was Jewish

When Scotland Was Jewish Author Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman
ISBN-10 0786455225
Release 2015-05-09
Pages 258
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"Much traditional history of Scotland rests on fundamental interpretive errors perpetuated to maintain an origin as Celtic, Christian. This equation of Scotland with Celtic culture in popular (and academic) imagination has buried a more accurate understan

Kaspar Hauser and Karl K nig

Kaspar Hauser and Karl K  nig Author Karl König
ISBN-10 086315879X
Release 2012
Pages 167
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Kaspar Hauser was a young man who appeared on the streets of Nuremberg in Germany in the early nineteenth century. His innocence and mysterious background captured the hearts of many at the time.2012 marks the 200th anniversary of Kaspar Hauser's birth. This timely book draws together Karl König's thoughts on the enigma of Kaspar Hauser, as well as exploring König's deep connection to the young man.The book includes König's essay 'The Story of Kaspar Hauser', as well as essays from Peter Selg on 'König, Wegman and Kaspar Hauser' and Richard Steel on how König spoke of Kaspar Hauser in his diaries, notes and letters.

Faculty Meetings with Rudolf Steiner

Faculty Meetings with Rudolf Steiner Author Rudolf Steiner
ISBN-10 9780880109949
Release 1998-09-01
Pages 537
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The Waldorf School movement has it roots in the chaotic period following the First World War. Struggling to create the first school, Rudolf Steiner worked on every detail. Lesson plans, religious education, school hours, course resources, administration, finance, child study; no aspect of school life was beyond his attention. Guiding the faculty and demonstrating a phenomenal range of knowledge, Steiner moved toward his goal of creating a vehicle for social transformation. These two volumes span the years 1919 to 1924 and cover, meeting by meeting, the development of the first Waldorf School. Here is Rudolf Steiner, not through the written word or lectures but in transcribed interaction that details the creation process. Participating in a work in progress, Steiner deals with an amazing array of problems, frustrations, successes and failures. His sleeves rolled up and his sight on a vision that he made a reality, Rudolf Steiner lays the foundations of Waldorf Education. This detailed look, behind the scenes, will interest not only teachers, but also parents and students: anyone who wants to know how a successful worldwide school movement arose.


ISBN-10 1782503749
Release 2017-05-18
Pages 448
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Fourteen plays written for Camphill communities, to bring groups of people together.

Phases of Childhood

Phases of Childhood Author Bernard Lievegoed
ISBN-10 0880104465
Release 1997-05
Pages 208
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Children cannot become happy, wise, and skilled adults unless educators consider, from the very beginning, their whole development of body, soul, and spirit. The author describes the three main stages of child development and the genetic and biographical potential that unfolds at each stage. He explores the practical application of these insights as an educational method in harmony with the child's developing relationship with the surrounding world.

Becoming Human

Becoming Human Author Karl König
ISBN-10 0863158099
Release 2011
Pages 183
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Explores the idea that social change must begin in individuals.

Brownshirt Princess

Brownshirt Princess Author Lionel Gossman
ISBN-10 9781906924065
Release 2009
Pages 202
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"Princess Marie Adelheid of Lippe-Biesterfeld was a rebellious young writer who became a fervent Nazi. Heinrich Vogeler was a well-regarded artist who was to join the German Communist Party. Ludwig Roselius was a successful businessman who had made a fortune from his invention of decaffeinated coffee. What was it about the revolutionary climate following World War I that induced three such different personalities to collaborate in the production of a slim volume of poetry -- entitled Gott in mir -- about the indwelling of the divine within the human? Lionel Gossman's study situates this poem in the ideological context that made the collaboration possible. The study also outlines the subsequent life of the Princess who, until her death in 1993, continued to support and celebrate the ideals and heroes of National Socialism"--Publisher's description.

At the Threshold of the Modern Age

At the Threshold of the Modern Age Author Karl König
ISBN-10 0863158455
Release 2011
Pages 497
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The late nineteenth-century was an era of contrasts. On the one hand, philosophical materialism was increasing its influence over science. On the other, there was a growing social awareness and quest for spiritual values.Karl König explores the personal stories of twenty-nine pioneers whose work and experiences helped shape that era. They include artists and writers, social reformers, philosophers and political activists, and scientists. He considers how they responded as individuals to the challenges of the changing world around them. His insights and conclusions are relevant for us today, as we face our own time of change and upheaval.The biographies include Helen Keller (1880–1968), Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843), Sigmund Freud (1856–1939), Lou Salomé (1861–1937), Gustav Mahler (1860–1911), Charles Darwin (1809–1882) and Adolf von Hildebrand (1847–1921).

Social Farming

Social Farming Author Karl König
ISBN-10 1782500588
Release 2014
Pages 238
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"The task is to create a form of social life by which the soil, the plants, the animals are in harmony with each other." -- Karl K nig Karl K nig was deeply concerned for the relationship between the earth and humanity, and how landscape, plants and animals contribute to that relationship. This book presents sixteen lectures and essays by K nig, which explore the connection between biodynamics, domestic animals, elemental beings and many other aspects of farming and agriculture, all the time looking for how harmony and balance can be achieved in relation to the needs of human beings. This includes a revised edition of material previously published in Earth and Man.