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Bulletproof Author Patrick King
ISBN-10 1508531765
Release 2015-02-19
Pages 100
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Are you a victim of low confidence, low self-esteem, and insecurity - and are they preventing you from the life that you want and deserve?Does this leave you afraid to take action? Continually sitting on the sidelines and thinking about the "what ifs" in your life?All of this can be changed, improved, and upgraded with an injection of explosive, unshakeable confidence! Everything that you want in life is achievable if you possess the confidence to allow your positive traits to shine through and take action. Say goodbye to your fears, roadblocks, excuses, and hello to new heights and accomplishments.BULLETPROOF is a synthesis of the confidence hacks and laws that I've used to grow my confidence to what it is today... from my humble roots as a fat kid and possibly the most insecure 7 year old in the world. It was a painful process of experimentation and deep introspection - a process which I hope to spare you in bringing you my 15 laws for unshakeable confidence!The 15 laws I present are intuitive, insightful, and above all else, actionable and realistic. There is also none of "faking it 'til you make it," and other generic pieces of advice that don't help you. Nothing else matters if you can't utilize my laws and take lessons and value from them - and I can promise that you'll get that here.What will the confidence laws teach me?* Why perfectionism kills your confidence and how to break out of it.* How embracing failure can be your greatest teacher and asset.* Where true confidence should stem from and why.* How confidence makes you a magnetic presence anywhere you go.As well as:* Eleven simple confidence hacks and mindsets that you can use TODAY!* Six confidence-destroying mindsets that you need to eliminate NOW.Confidence is a trait that makes people stand up and take notice of you in all the best ways. Don't let this chance to shatter your limits and fears and accomplish new heights pass you by. Start the rest of your life with your head high and start the process towards smashing your goals and fears! Finally live the life you know you deserve.Scroll up and click BUY NOW today.Bulletproof confidence is an essential factor in any type of success - seize it now.

Bulletproof Confidence

Bulletproof Confidence Author Patrick King
ISBN-10 1974074609
Release 2017-07-31
Pages 192
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Stop making decisions based on fear of failure, rejection, and judgment. Break out of your shell and live boldly. All the goals you have, all the people you are jealous of, and the life you want to live are unlocked by one simple key: Bulletproof Confidence. Everybody wants it, but how do you get it? More than "fake it 'til you make it" or "just smile more." Bulletproof Confidence is filled with real, actionable advice for your life TODAY. It's not generic, borderline useless advice you can read in any blog post online. This book will take you on a deep dive into the depth of confidence, self-perception, and the psychology of confidence - understand yourself so you can break through your mental barriers. Everything from psychology, biology, and even cognitive behavioral therapy is referenced in giving you the tools to feel more invincible on a daily basis. Finally feel comfortable in your own skin. Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and sought-after social skills coach and trainer. He was also one of the roundest children you've ever seen, and understands the pains and processes of confidence like few others. This book was written by someone who knows exactly what you're thinking and how you're hurting. Quiet the voice in your head and live how you want to. -Learn the subconscious triggers that make you fearful and what to do about them. -Smash imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis, and perfectionism. -The life-changing magic of taking action. -How to change your self-perception and feedback loops. Become bolder, more fearless, and good enough. -How to prepare yourself for any obstacle. -Mindsets for success and mindsets to avoid. -How cognitive behavioral therapy can help you. -Why to embrace the zone of "mere discomfort." Stop thinking about the "what ifs" in your life. Because confidence will turn them all into inevitabilities. Your goals, your social circle, your relationships, your career, and your life - confidence is the key. Confidence creates the life you want and lets you smash through goals, while making sure you never feel invisible, waste your potential, or feel paralyzed from anxiety. Say goodbye to fear and anxiety TODAY by scrolling up and clicking the BUY NOW button! There is also a companion confidence workbook to help you work through your specific issues and find your own version of confidence: https: //

Zombie Loyalists

Zombie Loyalists Author Peter Shankman
ISBN-10 9781466879379
Release 2015-01-27
Pages 256
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Marketing and PR expert Peter Shankman has been working with the biggest companies in the world to create what he calls "Zombie Loyalists," fervent fans that help companies massively increase their customer base, brand awareness, and most importantly, revenue. After all, why should you have to tell the world how amazing you are if you can have your existing customers do it for you? Imagine an army of customers who will do your public relations, marketing and advertising, without being asked, each and every time they give you their money. These are Zombie Loyalists. They are ready to buy what you sell, respond to your email offers and demand that their friends to do the same. So how do you get this rabid following? There's been a lot of lip service given to customer loyalty over the past few years, but most companies still don't realize that a points program or a slew of untargeted emails simply won't do it. With so many products and platforms to choose from, amazing customer service is the only differentiator that will truly put you ahead of your competition. Looking at exceptional companies like the Ritz Carlton, Commerce Bank, and Starwood Hotels, as well as smaller businesses to turn their customers into Zombie Loyalists, he shows how you can create your own customer army.

Mindset Mastery

Mindset Mastery Author David De Las Morenas
ISBN-10 1537129368
Release 2016-08-25
Pages 182
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How to Control Your Thoughts, Change Your Mindset, and Unlock Your Full Potential Your thoughts are the only thing you have power over. You can take control of them and use them to build yourself up, connect with other people, and achieve success in life... Or you can ignore them and continue to struggle with low self-confidence, poor productivity, and unnecessary suffering. "Mindset Mastery" will show you exactly how to take control of your thoughts and harness their power to create massive positive momentum in your life! Inside this book you'll learn how to program your mind to: - Overcome the fears of failure and rejection - Take consistent action towards achieving your goals - Assert yourself firmly in high-pressure social situations - Get over social anxiety - Uncover your passions and find your true purpose - End negative self-talk that cripples your self-esteem - Stop seeking validation and approval from others ...and much, much more!

How to Grow a Backbone

How to Grow a Backbone Author Susan Marshall
ISBN-10 0809224941
Release 2000-09-01
Pages 224
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To succeed in business today, an individual must be smart, competitive, and fearless. In short, they need a good, old-fashioned backbone. In "How to Grow a Backbone", Marshall, a top business consultant, outlines skills that readers can develop and perfect to become stronger, and more influential on the job. Using straight talk laced with wry humor, the author draws upon business situations from a variety of companies and industries to show how a strong backbone can change not only the outcome of the situation but also how one is perceived.

Children of the Lens

Children of the Lens Author E. E. "Doc" Smith
ISBN-10 9781365345333
Release 2016-08-21
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It was beginning to look as if no one could prevent the destruction of the Universe. For a strange intelligence was directing the destruction of all civilization from the icy depths of space. Kim Kinnison of the Patrol was one of the few men who knew how near the end was. And in the last desperate plan to save all life, he knew he had to use his children as bait for the evil powers of the planet Ploor.

What It Takes To Be Number 1 Vince Lombardi on Leadership

What It Takes To Be Number  1  Vince Lombardi on Leadership Author Vince Lombardi
ISBN-10 0071379797
Release 2001-01-03
Pages 278
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Leadership continues to be one of the most written-about and most trained-for qualities in business today. And no figure so fully embodies the leadership qualities managers hope to cultivate in their professional and personal lives as the late Vince Lombardi, the greatest NFL coach of all time. The exalted place Lombardi holds in American culture has never been clearer than it is today, as evidenced by the enormous success of the 1999 bestseller, When Pride Still Mattered, as well as the vast popularity of the coach's son, Vince Lombardi, Jr., America's most sought-after motivational speaker. In What It Takes to Be #1, Vince Lombardi, Jr. explores his father's leadership philosophy, and extracts powerful lessons about what it takes to be an effective leader. Taking as his jumping-off point his father's legendary 1970 speech on the supreme importance of self-knowledge, character, and integrity, Lombardi, Jr. examines each of those qualities and offers guidelines on cultivating and applying them at work and in your personal life. Throughout, What It Takes to Be #1is enlivened by personal anecdotes and quotes about and by his father, as well as quotes from other great leaders providing further wisdom and inspiration.

What I Wish Every Job Candidate Knew

What I Wish Every Job Candidate Knew Author Russell Tuckerton
ISBN-10 1500605158
Release 2013-12-29
Pages 48
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You CAN Interview Better in 15 Minutes - Let a Hiring Manager Teach You How Stop Making Mistakes Candidates Make Over and Over Again - Do You Want the Job? Learn from my 20 years of interviewing and hiring people just like you, across multiple Fortune 500 companies. You're qualified for the job - it should be yours. Let me show you what goes through the head of the interviewer so you can use it to your advantage. An advantage others won't have. I've captured a highly condensed set of recommendations in this book that will put you in the very small set of interviewees that will stand above other candidates. Whether you are seeking an entry level or an experienced management position these recommendations will give you the edge. I see "bad" behaviors across all levels of interviews, without candidates even being aware of what they are doing that prevents them from being hired. You don't need to memorize 101 interview questions and answers. You need actual experiences from the other side of the table to guide you. Listen to Hiring Managers - Is the book you're reading now written by the person who decides to hire you, or by someone else involved in the process such as a recruiter or human resources role? If so their guidance may get you an interview, but won't give you insight into what goes through the manager's head. Scroll up and grab your copy today. Learn how to bring your BEST self to the job interview! Cover Design by Melody Simmons of eBookindiecovers

The Art of Witty Banter

The Art of Witty Banter Author Patrick King
ISBN-10 1540552632
Release 2016-11-22
Pages 150
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Learn conversational agility to think quickly on your feet, be incredibly smooth, funny, and clever - all at once. Goodbye awkward silences!No matter where you lie on the spectrum of awkward to engaging, witty banter is always the end goal - and it should be. Witty banter, and all the steps that lead to it, allows you to (1) disarm and connect with anyone, (2) immediately exit boring small talk mode, and (3) instantly build rapport like you're old friends.Flow with the conversational twists and turns like water.The Art of Witty Banter is a book that carefully examines the art, nuance, and mechanics of banter and charm to make you witty comeback machine, the likes of which your friends have never seen. You'll be able to handle, defend, disarm, and engage others in a way that makes you comfortable and confident with each growing day.Transform interview conversations to comfortable rapport.Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and social skills and conversation coach. As someone who teaches people to speak for a living, he's broken wit and banter down to a science and given you real guidelines on what to say and when.Make a sharp, smart, and savvy impression - every time.There's no guesswork here - you'll get exact examples and phrases to plug into your daily conversations. 18 specific points to up your charisma quotient.How will you be clever, be quick, and be interesting?*Why the questions you use make people freeze.*How to master teasing, witty comebacks, and initiating jokes and humor.*What free association is and how it makes you quick-witted.*How to create an instant "in-group" and inside joke with someone.As well as:*The reactions and exact phrases to make yourself be heard.*How to create your Conversation Resume.*The best types of compliments to give and what you're doing wrong.*What a fallback story is and how it can save you.Conversation is the key to all that you want in life. Make the most out of them and specialize in witty banter. If you can roll with any punch, be quick and lively, and make it look effortless, what would that say about you? You'll have a waiting list for your new friends!Make the best impression on your first try, and never be worried that you're boring anyone again.Click the BUY NOW button at the top right of this page!

Improve Your Conversations Think on Your Feet Witty Banter and Always Know Wh

Improve Your Conversations  Think on Your Feet  Witty Banter  and Always Know Wh Author Patrick King
ISBN-10 1514660679
Release 2015-06-23
Pages 110
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Does your mind blank at the worst times in a conversation and create awkward silences? Do you want to think faster on your feet? Do you run out of things to say, and suck at keeping a conversation going?Or do you just wish you could be wittier and cleverer in every day conversation? Introverted? It's easier than you think... all you need to do is just improv your conversations!Improv(e) Your Conversations utilizes and teaches you how to use the ingenious framework from improv comedy and apply it directly to your every day social interactions and conversations... and can't we learn something from the greatest improv comedians in the world like Tina Fey and Will Ferrell?Improv comedy and memorable conversations have almost everything in common: from their premise, what makes them great, and their end goals. In this book, I have pieced together the 14 best actionable and practical techniques from the improv comedy world designed to create conversational flow and connection... and simply have better interactions.You never know when a single connection can change your life, so make sure that each one is memorable.How will you learn to improv(e) your conversations?* The number one cause of awkward silences and how to beat them.* How to maintain an equal give and take for maximum conversational flow.* The three topics you can always go to when your mind blanks.* The mindset to always know what to say and think quickly on your feet.* How to direct the conversation to exactly where you want.* What Sherlock Holmes has to do with great conversations.* Countless examples...and much more!Plus 14 insightful exercises to illustrate and practice each technique!This is NOT a book of generic, vague tips like "fake it 'til you make it" and "just make more eye contact and smile." No, this is a book of real tips that you can implement today to immediately increase your conversational fluency and flow.Think about all the benefits there are to improving your conversations!* You will be able to avoid awkward silences and keep conversations going.* You will learn how to make great impressions and be instantly likable.* You will be able to make friends more easily, even complete strangers.* Initiating conversations will be a snap, and you will be able to get past dry small talk into real discussion.* You will be able to network better, and even be able to avoid boring interview-mode conversations.Don't hesitate to pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!P.S. And of course, you will be much, much better at talking to the opposite sex.

Laugh Tactics

Laugh Tactics Author Patrick King
ISBN-10 1541318501
Release 2016-12-27
Pages 172
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Exact phrases to develop your sense of humor, master witty remarks, make people laugh, and be funnier - even if you're not naturally funny. Laugh Tactics is full of strategies that dissect, break down, and analyze all of the types of humor that you'll encounter in daily conversation - stuff you can really use with people you talk to. We're not all trying to become standup comedians, and this isn't a book about ha-ha jokes with setups and punch lines. Learn to simply make a better impression on people, put them at ease, charm them, and make them smile with you. Learn witticisms, quips, retorts, comebacks, and wisecracks without being cheesy or corny. Don't worry if you feel like you've never understood humor or how to be funny. I've done the work for you and analyzed everyone from comedy writers to standup comedians and given you step-by-step, complete guidance to use common joke structures in everyday situations. Adaptable to any premise, topic, or setting! Strategies to instantly be clever and witty and sound like a world-class comedian. Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and sought-after Social Skills and Conversation Coach. He teaches building rapport, and a major part of that is using humor to connect with others - shared moments of laughter are incredible bonding moments, and you'll be able to create them without being "that guy/girl." What techniques will you learn to make people laugh spontaneously? What makes an impactful comedic delivery and storytelling. How to use irony and sarcasm conversationally. How to create and build a banter chain with others. Injecting role play into any situation. You will also learn the following: How to play on people's expectations and sense of contrast. The art of misconstruing. Why relatability is so darn funny. The famous "comic triple." Humor is the highway to the relationships you want in life. It's not just hilarious jokes and mastering laugh tactics. When you can make someone laugh, you create a shared moment and experience that leads immediately to rapport and friendship. Humor is the ability to lighten people's moods, ease tension, provide comfort, and give perspective in tough times to make everything okay. 100% proven and replicable techniques to be interesting and funny, broken down for your consumption and use. Click the BUY NOW button at the top right of this page!"

Conversation Tactics

Conversation Tactics Author Patrick King
ISBN-10 1517487943
Release 2015-09-23
Pages 102
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Do you want to become more charming and likable - instantly? Or just make sure you can defend yourself verbally, and not be a doormat?Do you lose arguments, find yourself speechless, or get taken advantage of by others? Or do you just want to build meaningful connections and friendships more quickly?Sounds like you need to learn as many Conversation Tactics as possible! In this book you'll learn 18 powerful techniques that can be used for everything under the sun - charming people, befriending strangers, increased charisma, and even arguing effectively.You can never underestimate the power of a simple conversation.It can be the start of something beautiful, or it can potentially ruin your day. These 18 techniques, learned from years of coaching social skills and conversations, will ensure better conversations and fewer arguments.In addition to incredibly shrewd and nuanced insights to make conversation flow, you'll learn how win arguments and diffuse dirty tricks.What actionable and realistic conversation tactics will you learn?* How standup comedians use conversational high points for great reactions.* What the two-second rule is and how it makes you appear incredibly attentive.* How interrupting artfully can be your secret weapon to bonding.* The singular best way to warm up for any conversation, anywhere.Also the following insights:* The foolproof method of rehearsing only your hellos and goodbyes.* The 2:1 ratio and why math even matters in successful conversations.* The logic of not laughing at your own jokes.* The 5 most common argument tactics and how to neuter them.* How to deflect any ridicule.Here's what this book isn't: advice that isn't helpful and doesn't work, like "fake it 'til you make it" and "just be yourself." Real, practical advice for everyday conversations.How will your daily life improve?* Always know how to defend yourself and come out on top.* Pinpoint what people are looking for in their connections.* Never fall for people's dirty argument tricks.* Gain people's respect and never be a doormat again.* Find the carpool lane to people's inner circle, quickly.* Turn enemies into friends, and friends into confidantes.* Always know what to say, and never fall prey to awkward silences.Implement these 18 techniques and see your charisma skyrocket.Don't hesitate to pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!P.S. You'll be able to notice a difference within 24 hours.

From Presentation to Standing Ovation

From Presentation to Standing Ovation Author Ron Tsang
ISBN-10 1517455987
Release 2015-09-21
Pages 144
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Discover the blueprint to connect with any audience! Need to speak and make a great impression? If you want to go from fearful to confident, and average to outstanding, then this is the book that will take you to a standing ovation.Acclaimed speaker Ron Tsang shows you 15 powerful public speaking lessons in this practical and entertaining book, From Presentation to Standing Ovation.You'll discover how to:* Overcome public speaking anxiety so that your expertise can shine* Win over hearts and minds using your natural speaking personality* Master the art of storytelling with 10 Hollywood secrets* Create captivating keynotes, seminars, and presentations* Present with more influence, power, and poise This quick read is for everyone from experts and business owners, to students and employees, who want to sell their ideas and wow their audiences. The book includes access to additional free online resources, giving you all the help you need for your speaking success.

The Modern Alpha Male

The Modern Alpha Male Author Patrick King
ISBN-10 1503069664
Release 2014-11-02
Pages 82
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Are you stuck in the friendzone with women... or stuck being a follower in your personal or professional life? Ever wondered how you can seize the lead and become a strong, confident ALPHA MALE? Has your masculinity been challenged, your strength questioned, or your inner resolve been put in doubt? Have you lost your mojo, swag, and need a manly pep talk?! You've found the right book. What the hell is an "ALPHA MALE," much less a MODERN one? I'll tell you what. An alpha male is strong, confident, self-assured and doesn't take bull from anyone. He's driven by inner confidence and the recognition that his potential is only bound by the limitations of his imagination. Women, friends, career? He's got it all figured out. Damn straight. Sound appealing? Sound TOUGH? Don't worry, The Modern Alpha Male doesn't need to imitate anyone else or conform to anyone else's expectations. He forges his own path with his own unique strengths and creates a truly authentic alpha version of himself... the version that only he can be. I'm not going to tell you be something you're not, or simply to "fake it 'til you make it" like any other book on the topic. You're more than that and you should embrace your own strengths! What's inside this book? Where an alpha male's true confidence stems from and how to unlock it. The secret to how an alpha male is never in the friendzone with women. The surprising way that Will Smith can help you on your journey and development. How leadership can come easily with a simple mindset shift. Also check out... The 28 day alpha male kickstart plan - a plan for how to kickstart your new life and begin dominating. How focus and discipline will defeat your fears time and time again. Secrets to blazing your own trail and finding your own version of contentedness. The best part is that these traits and mindsets are eminently learnable, and as an experienced dating and social skills coach, I'll show you how to shine the light on your inner strength and resolve. You'll see how a commitment to embracing these principles will significantly affect you and more importantly, how people treat you. What will you gain? An upgraded dating life. More true friends. Confidence growth. Charisma as a second nature. Leadership skills and prowess. Most importantly, you'll love the person you are... because you will be the man you were born to be. What are you waiting for? Don't delay the first step to your new, upgraded, authentic, alpha life. Scroll up and click BUY NOW now! P.S. FINALLY seize control of your life!

30 Bangs

30 Bangs Author Roosh V
ISBN-10 1470198924
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 104
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Erotic memoir


Cryptonomicon Author Neal Stephenson
ISBN-10 9780061792571
Release 2009-03-17
Pages 1168
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With this extraordinary first volume in what promises to be an epoch-making masterpiece, Neal Stephenson hacks into the secret histories of nations and the private obsessions of men, decrypting with dazzling virtuosity the forces that shaped this century. As an added bonus, the e-book edition of this New York Times bestseller includes an excerpt from Stephenson's new novel, Seveneves. In 1942, Lawrence Pritchard Waterhouse—mathematical genius and young Captain in the U.S. Navy—is assigned to detachment 2702. It is an outfit so secret that only a handful of people know it exists, and some of those people have names like Churchill and Roosevelt. The mission of Waterhouse and Detachment 2702—commanded by Marine Raider Bobby Shaftoe-is to keep the Nazis ignorant of the fact that Allied Intelligence has cracked the enemy's fabled Enigma code. It is a game, a cryptographic chess match between Waterhouse and his German counterpart, translated into action by the gung-ho Shaftoe and his forces. Fast-forward to the present, where Waterhouse's crypto-hacker grandson, Randy, is attempting to create a "data haven" in Southeast Asia—a place where encrypted data can be stored and exchanged free of repression and scrutiny. As governments and multinationals attack the endeavor, Randy joins forces with Shaftoe's tough-as-nails granddaughter, Amy, to secretly salvage a sunken Nazi submarine that holds the key to keeping the dream of a data haven afloat. But soon their scheme brings to light a massive conspiracy with its roots in Detachment 2702 linked to an unbreakable Nazi code called Arethusa. And it will represent the path to unimaginable riches and a future of personal and digital liberty...or to universal totalitarianism reborn. A breathtaking tour de force, and Neal Stephenson's most accomplished and affecting work to date, Cryptonomicon is profound and prophetic, hypnotic and hyper-driven, as it leaps forward and back between World War II and the World Wide Web, hinting all the while at a dark day-after-tomorrow. It is a work of great art, thought and creative daring; the product of a truly iconoclastic imagination working with white-hot intensity.

Traders Guns and Money

Traders  Guns and Money Author Satyajit Das
ISBN-10 9780273745082
Release 2012-08-21
Pages 384
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Traders Guns and Money is a wickedly comic exposé of the culture, games and pure deceptions played out every day in trading rooms around the world. And played out with other people’s money. A sensational insider’s view of the business of trading and marketing derivatives, this revised edition explains the frighteningly central role that derivatives and financial products played in the global financial crisis. This worldwide bestseller reveals the truth about derivatives: those financial tools memorably described by Warren Buffett as ‘financial weapons of mass destruction’. Traders, Guns and Money will introduce you to the players and the practices and reveals how the real money is made and lost. The global financial crisis took almost everyone by surprise and even now new problems keep appearing and solutions continue to be elusive. In the original version of Traders, Guns and Money, Satyajit Das provided a highly prescient insight into the structure and risk of the world financial system exposing the problems that are becoming readily apparent. In a 2006 speech – The Coming Credit Crash – Das argued that: "an informed analysis … shows that risk is not better spread but more leveraged and (arguably) more concentrated…. This does not improve the overall stability and security of the financial system but exposes it to increased risk of a "crash".