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Burdens of History

Burdens of History Author Antoinette Burton
ISBN-10 9780807860656
Release 2000-11-09
Pages 318
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In this study of British middle-class feminism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Antoinette Burton explores an important but neglected historical dimension of the relationship between feminism and imperialism. Demonstrating how feminists in the United Kingdom appropriated imperialistic ideology and rhetoric to justify their own right to equality, she reveals a variety of feminisms grounded in notions of moral and racial superiority. According to Burton, Victorian and Edwardian feminists such as Josephine Butler, Millicent Garrett Fawcett, and Mary Carpenter believed that the native women of colonial India constituted a special 'white woman's burden.' Although there were a number of prominent Indian women in Britain as well as in India working toward some of the same goals of equality, British feminists relied on images of an enslaved and primitive 'Oriental womanhood' in need of liberation at the hands of their emancipated British 'sisters.' Burton argues that this unquestioning acceptance of Britain's imperial status and of Anglo-Saxon racial superiority created a set of imperial feminist ideologies, the legacy of which must be recognized and understood by contemporary feminists.

Burdens of History

Burdens of History Author Antoinette M. Burton
ISBN-10 0807844713
Release 1994
Pages 301
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In this study of British middle-class feminism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Antoinette Burton explores an important but neglected historical dimension of the relationship between feminism and imperialism. Demonstrating how feminis

Burdens of History

Burdens of History Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:604204071
Release 1994
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Burdens of History has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Burdens of History also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Burdens of History book for free.

Latin American Women and the Search for Social Justice

Latin American Women and the Search for Social Justice Author Francesca Miller
ISBN-10 0874515580
Release 1991
Pages 324
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A clear and detailed study of Latin American women’s history from the late nineteenth century to the present.

Women in Sub Saharan Africa

Women in Sub Saharan Africa Author Iris Berger
ISBN-10 0253213096
Release 1999
Pages 169
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Iris Berger's essay focuses on East and southern Africa, tracing women's history from earliest times to the present. By exploring their place in social, economic, political, and religious life, Berger highlights the changing societal position of women through shifts over time in ideas about gender and the connections between women's publi and private spheres. The essay by E. Frances White examines the status and activities of women in West and Central Africa, from the earliest periods through the rise of various kingdoms and states, to the establishment of colonies and independent nations. It looks at women's participation in trade, including the slave trade, and agriculture; women's political roles in chiefship, other leadership positions, and nationalist movements; and the current constraints under which women function.

After the Imperial Turn

After the Imperial Turn Author Antoinette Burton
ISBN-10 9780822384397
Release 2003-05-08
Pages 380
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From a variety of historically grounded perspectives, After the Imperial Turn assesses the fate of the nation as a subject of disciplinary inquiry. In light of the turn toward scholarship focused on imperialism and postcolonialism, this provocative collection investigates whether the nation remains central, adequate, or even possible as an analytical category for studying history. These twenty essays, primarily by historians, exemplify cultural approaches to histories of nationalism and imperialism even as they critically examine the implications of such approaches. While most of the contributors discuss British imperialism and its repercussions, the volume also includes, as counterpoints, essays on the history and historiography of France, Germany, Spain, and the United States. Whether looking at the history of the passport or the teaching of history from a postnational perspective, this collection explores such vexed issues as how historians might resist the seduction of national narratives, what—if anything—might replace the nation’s hegemony, and how even history-writing that interrogates the idea of the nation remains ideologically and methodologically indebted to national narratives. Placing nation-based studies in international and interdisciplinary contexts, After the Imperial Turn points toward ways of writing history and analyzing culture attentive both to the inadequacies and endurance of the nation as an organizing rubric. Contributors. Tony Ballantyne, Antoinette Burton, Ann Curthoys, Augusto Espiritu, Karen Fang, Ian Christopher Fletcher, Robert Gregg, Terri Hasseler, Clement Hawes, Douglas M. Haynes, Kristin Hoganson, Paula Krebs, Lara Kriegel, Radhika Viyas Mongia, Susan Pennybacker, John Plotz, Christopher Schmidt-Nowara, Heather Streets, Hsu-Ming Teo, Stuart Ward, Lora Wildenthal, Gary Wilder

Engendering the Chinese Revolution

Engendering the Chinese Revolution Author Christina Kelley Gilmartin
ISBN-10 0520917200
Release 1995-11-01
Pages 302
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Christina Kelley Gilmartin rewrites the history of gender politics in the 1920s with this compelling assessment of the impact of feminist ideals on the Chinese Communist Party during its formative years. For the first time, Gilmartin reveals the extent to which revolutionaries in the 1920s were committed to women's emancipation and the radical political efforts that were made to overcome women's subordination and to transform gender relations. Women activists whose experiences and achievements have been previously ignored are brought to life in this study, which illustrates how the Party functioned not only as a political organization but as a subculture for women as well. We learn about the intersection of the personal and political lives of male communists and how this affected their beliefs about women's emancipation. Gilmartin depicts with thorough and incisive scholarship how the Party formulated an ideological challenge to traditional gender relations while it also preserved aspects of those relationships in its organization.

The ANC Women s League

The ANC Women   s League Author Shireen Hassim
ISBN-10 9780821445266
Release 2015-01-12
Pages 160
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First formed in the early twentieth century, the ANC Women’s League has grown into a leading organization in the women’s movement in South Africa. The league has been at the forefront of the nation’s century-long transition from an authoritarian state to a democracy that espouses gender equality as a core constitutional value. It has, indeed, always regarded itself as the women’s movement, frequently asserting its primacy as a vanguard organization and as the only legitimate voice of the women of South Africa. But, as this deeply insightful book shows, the history of the league is a more complicated affair — it was neither the only women’s organization in the political field nor an easy ally for South African feminism.

The Trouble with Empire

The Trouble with Empire Author Antoinette Burton
ISBN-10 9780199936601
Release 2015
Pages 336
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While imperial blockbusters fly off the shelves, there is no comprehensive history dedicated to resistance in the 19th and 20th century British Empire. The Trouble with Empire is the first volume to fill this gap, offering a brief but thorough introduction to the nature and consequences ofresistance to British imperialism. Historian Antoinette Burton's study spans the 19th and 20th centuries, when discontented subjects of empire made their unhappiness felt from Ireland to Canada to India to Africa to Australasia, in direct response to incursions of military might and imperial capitalism. The Trouble with Empire offersthe first thoroughgoing account of what British imperialism looked like from below and of how tenuous its hold on alien populations was throughout its long, unstable life. By taking the long view, moving across a variety of geopolitical sites and spanning the whole of the period 1840-1955, Burtonexamines the commonalities between different forms of resistance and unveils the structural weaknesses of the British Empire. From the Indian Mutiny of 1857 to the Anglo-Zulu War to the Opium War, The Trouble with Empire reveals the often-overlooked indigenous agency throughout the British empire and illuminates the limits of imperial power, both official and unofficial.

Ten Books That Shaped the British Empire

Ten Books That Shaped the British Empire Author Antoinette Burton
ISBN-10 9780822375920
Release 2014-11-17
Pages 296
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Combining insights from imperial studies and transnational book history, this provocative collection opens new vistas on both fields through ten accessible essays, each devoted to a single book. Contributors revisit well-known works associated with the British empire, including Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre, Thomas Macaulay's History of England, Charles Pearson's National Life and Character, and Robert Baden-Powell's Scouting for Boys. They explore anticolonial texts in which authors such as C. L. R. James and Mohandas K. Gandhi chipped away at the foundations of imperial authority, and they introduce books that may be less familiar to students of empire. Taken together, the essays reveal the dynamics of what the editors call an "imperial commons," a lively, empire-wide print culture. They show that neither empire nor book were stable, self-evident constructs. Each helped to legitimize the other. Contributors. Tony Ballantyne, Elleke Boehmer, Catherine Hall, Isabel Hofmeyr, Aaron Kamugisha, Marilyn Lake, Charlotte Macdonald, Derek Peterson, Mrinalini Sinha, Tridip Suhrud, André du Toit

The First Anglo Afghan Wars

The First Anglo Afghan Wars Author Antoinette Burton
ISBN-10 9780822376699
Release 2014-04-14
Pages 288
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Designed for classroom use, The First Anglo-Afghan Wars gathers in one volume primary source materials related to the first two wars that Great Britain launched against native leaders of the Afghan region. From 1839 to 1842, and again from 1878 to 1880, Britain fought to expand its empire and prevent Russian expansion into the region's northwest frontier, which was considered the gateway to India, the jewel in Victorian Britain's imperial crown. Spanning from 1817 to 1919, the selections reflect the complex national, international, and anticolonial interests entangled in Central Asia at the time. The documents, each of which is preceded by a brief introduction, bring the nineteenth-century wars alive through the opinions of those who participated in or lived through the conflicts. They portray the struggle for control of the region from the perspectives of women and non-Westerners, as well as well-known figures including Kipling and Churchill. Filled with military and civilian voices, the collection clearly demonstrates the challenges that Central Asia posed to powers attempting to secure and claim the region. It is a cautionary tale, unheeded by Western powers in the post–9/11 era.

The Glassworkers of Carmaux

The Glassworkers of Carmaux Author Joan Wallach Scott
ISBN-10 0674354400
Release 1974-01
Pages 239
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This study analyzes in close detail the experiences of glassworkers as mechanization transformed their trade from a highly skilled art to a semiskilled occupation. Ms. Scott argues that changes in the organization of work altered the life style and political outlook of glassworkers. These changes also created a new identity for them as residents of Carmaux, a city in the Department of the tarn in southwestern France. Once an isolated group of itinerant workers within the city, glassworkers became active trade unionists and militant socialists in the 1890s.

A Primer for Teaching World History

A Primer for Teaching World History Author Antoinette Burton
ISBN-10 9780822351887
Release 2011-12-20
Pages 154
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This book offers principles to consider when creating a world history syllabus; it prompts a teacher, rather than aiming for full world coverage, to pick an interpretive focus and thread it through the course. It will be used by university faculty, graduate students, and high school teachers who are teaching world history for the first time or want to rethink their approach to teaching the subject.

Archive Stories

Archive Stories Author Antoinette Burton
ISBN-10 9780822387046
Release 2006-01-04
Pages 408
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Despite the importance of archives to the profession of history, there is very little written about actual encounters with them—about the effect that the researcher’s race, gender, or class may have on her experience within them or about the impact that archival surveillance, architecture, or bureaucracy might have on the histories that are ultimately written. This provocative collection initiates a vital conversation about how archives around the world are constructed, policed, manipulated, and experienced. It challenges the claims to objectivity associated with the traditional archive by telling stories that illuminate its power to shape the narratives that are “found” there. Archive Stories brings together ethnographies of the archival world, most of which are written by historians. Some contributors recount their own experiences. One offers a moving reflection on how the relative wealth and prestige of Western researchers can gain them entry to collections such as Uzbekistan’s newly formed Central State Archive, which severely limits the access of Uzbek researchers. Others explore the genealogies of specific archives, from one of the most influential archival institutions in the modern West, the Archives nationales in Paris, to the significant archives of the Bakunin family in Russia, which were saved largely through the efforts of one family member. Still others explore the impact of current events on the analysis of particular archives. A contributor tells of researching the 1976 Soweto riots in the politically charged atmosphere of the early 1990s, just as apartheid in South Africa was coming to an end. A number of the essays question what counts as an archive—and what counts as history—as they consider oral histories, cyberspace, fiction, and plans for streets and buildings that were never built, for histories that never materialized. Contributors. Tony Ballantyne, Marilyn Booth, Antoinette Burton, Ann Curthoys, Peter Fritzsche, Durba Ghosh, Laura Mayhall, Jennifer S. Milligan, Kathryn J. Oberdeck, Adele Perry, Helena Pohlandt-McCormick, John Randolph, Craig Robertson, Horacio N. Roque Ramírez, Jeff Sahadeo, Reneé Sentilles

Women of the Press in Nineteenth Century Britain

Women of the Press in Nineteenth Century Britain Author B. Onslow
ISBN-10 0333683781
Release 2000-10-31
Pages 312
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To nineteenth century writers the dynamic periodical press appeared both an influential medium and a means to pay the bills. How did women fare in Grub Street? Could they harness the power of the press? Who were the 'lady journalists'? Drawing on varied contemporary sources and a database covering hundreds of women, Barbara Onslow assesses their contribution to journalism and how it affected the careers of writers as diverse as George Eliot, Anna Maria Hall, Mary Braddon and Charlotte Yonge.

Indian Suffragettes

Indian Suffragettes Author Sumita Mukherjee
ISBN-10 019948421X
Release 2018-07-05
Pages 288
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Indian Suffragettes focuses on the different geographical spaces in which Indian women were operating and the various transnational networks they participated in. It covers the period from the 1910s up until 1950. It shows how Indian suffragettes positioned themselves and were represented in these locales and invoked varying identities, whether regional, national, imperial, or international, in the context of debates about the vote. Crucially and significantly, this case study of Indian suffragettes analyses how these global connections had an impact on social and political change in the Indian subcontinent, highlighting the under-researched field of Indian mobility at a time when they were colonial subjects

Empire in Question

Empire in Question Author Antoinette Burton
ISBN-10 9780822349020
Release 2011-05-03
Pages 392
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Essays written by Antoinette Burton since the mid-1990s trace her thinking about modern British history and engage debates about how to think about British imperialism in light of contemporary events.