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Business Analytics

Business Analytics Author Rahul Saxena
ISBN-10 9781461460800
Release 2012-12-05
Pages 164
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This book provides a guide to businesses on how to use analytics to help drive from ideas to execution. Analytics used in this way provides “full lifecycle support” for business and helps during all stages of management decision-making and execution. The framework presented in the book enables the effective interplay of business, analytics, and information technology (business intelligence) both to leverage analytics for competitive advantage and to embed the use of business analytics into the business culture. It lays out an approach for analytics, describes the processes used, and provides guidance on how to scale analytics and how to develop analytics teams. It provides tools to improve analytics in a broad range of business situations, regardless of the level of maturity and the degree of executive sponsorship provided. As a guide for practitioners and managers, the book will benefit people who work in analytics teams, the managers and leaders who manage, use and sponsor analytics, and those who work with and support business analytics teams.

Building Intuition

Building Intuition Author Dilip Chhajed
ISBN-10 0387736999
Release 2008-07-11
Pages 186
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This is the first book in the field that uses the power of the basic models and principles to provide students and managers with an "intuitive understanding" of operations management. The book touches on nine fundamental models and principles, and outlines the key insights behind each one. Some of the very biggest names in the Management Science field have developed and carefully written these chapters on the field’s basic models.

Handbook of Quantitative Supply Chain Analysis

Handbook of Quantitative Supply Chain Analysis Author David Simchi-Levi
ISBN-10 1402079524
Release 2004-05-31
Pages 817
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Over the past two decades, not only has supply chain analysis become a strategic focus of leading firms, it has also spawned an impressive array of research that brings together diverse research communities. Adding to this diversity and intellectual energy is the emergence of E-Business. E-Business creates new competitive dimensions that are fast-paced, ever-changing, and risk-prone, dimensions where innovation, speed, and technological savvy often define success. Most importantly, E-Business challenges the premises and expands the scope of supply chain analysis. The handbook is a comprehensive research reference that is essential for anyone interested in conducting research in supply chain. Unique features include: "Audience: " This volume is suitable for researchers, faculty, graduate students, and practitioners in the following areas: supply chain management, operations research, management science, decision science, industrial engineering, operations management, civil engineering/transportation, logistics management, risk management, applied mathematics, economics, computer science, industrial management, and other related areas.

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis State of the Art Surveys

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis  State of the Art Surveys Author Salvatore Greco
ISBN-10 9780387230818
Release 2006-01-20
Pages 1048
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Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis: State of the Art Surveys provides survey articles and references of the seminal or state-of-the-art research on MCDA. The material covered ranges from the foundations of MCDA, over various MCDA methodologies (outranking methods, multiattribute utility and value theories, non-classical approaches) to multiobjective mathematical programming, MCDA applications, and software. This vast amount of material is organized in 8 parts, with a total of 25 chapters. More than 2000 references are listed.

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis Author Salvatore Greco
ISBN-10 9781493930944
Release 2016-02-18
Pages 1347
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In two volumes, this new edition presents the state of the art in Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA). Reflecting the explosive growth in the field seen during the last several years, the editors not only present surveys of the foundations of MCDA, but look as well at many new areas and new applications. Individual chapter authors are among the most prestigious names in MCDA research, and combined their chapters bring the field completely up to date. Part I of the book considers the history and current state of MCDA, with surveys that cover the early history of MCDA and an overview that discusses the “pre-theoretical” assumptions of MCDA. Part II then presents the foundations of MCDA, with individual chapters that provide a very exhaustive review of preference modeling, along with a chapter devoted to the axiomatic basis of the different models that multiple criteria preferences. Part III looks at outranking methods, with three chapters that consider the ELECTRE methods, PROMETHEE methods, and a look at the rich literature of other outranking methods. Part IV, on Multiattribute Utility and Value Theories (MAUT), presents chapters on the fundamentals of this approach, the very well known UTA methods, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and its more recent extension, the Analytic Network Process (ANP), as well as a chapter on MACBETH (Measuring Attractiveness by a Categorical Based Evaluation Technique). Part V looks at Non-Classical MCDA Approaches, with chapters on risk and uncertainty in MCDA, the decision rule approach to MCDA, the fuzzy integral approach, the verbal decision methods, and a tentative assessment of the role of fuzzy sets in decision analysis. Part VI, on Multiobjective Optimization, contains chapters on recent developments of vector and set optimization, the state of the art in continuous multiobjective programming, multiobjective combinatorial optimization, fuzzy multicriteria optimization, a review of the field of goal programming, interactive methods for solving multiobjective optimization problems, and relationships between MCDA and evolutionary multiobjective optimization (EMO). Part VII, on Applications, selects some of the most significant areas, including contributions of MCDA in finance, energy planning problems, telecommunication network planning and design, sustainable development, and portfolio analysis. Finally, Part VIII, on MCDM software, presents well known MCDA software packages.

Models Methods Concepts Applications of the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Models  Methods  Concepts   Applications of the Analytic Hierarchy Process Author Thomas L. Saaty
ISBN-10 9781461435976
Release 2012-04-11
Pages 346
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The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a prominent and powerful tool for making decisions in situations involving multiple objectives. Models, Methods, Concepts and Applications of the Analytic Hierarchy Process, 2nd Edition applies the AHP in order to solve problems focused on the following three themes: economics, the social sciences, and the linking of measurement with human values. For economists, the AHP offers a substantially different approach to dealing with economic problems through ratio scales. Psychologists and political scientists can use the methodology to quantify and derive measurements for intangibles. Meanwhile researchers in the physical and engineering sciences can apply the AHP methods to help resolve the conflicts between hard measurement data and human values. Throughout the book, each of these topics is explored utilizing real life models and examples, relevant to problems in today’s society. This new edition has been updated and includes five new chapters that includes discussions of the following: - The eigenvector and why it is necessary - A summary of ongoing research in the Middle East that brings together Israeli and Palestinian scholars to develop concessions from both parties - A look at the Medicare Crisis and how AHP can be used to understand the problems and help develop ideas to solve them.

Social Media Marketing am Beispiel der Versicherungsbranche

Social Media Marketing am Beispiel der Versicherungsbranche Author Claudia Hilker
ISBN-10 9783743176904
Release 2017-02-03
Pages 144
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Social Media haben sich längst in der Wirtschaft etabliert. Versicherungen können mit Social-Media-Marketing hohe Reichweiten mit geringen Kosten erzielen. Trotzdem sind Versicherungen im Branchenvergleich rückständig bzgl. Einsatzfelder und Nutzungsintensität. Die Analyse zeigt drei Probleme in der Strategie-Entwicklung und Umsetzung: (1) Nur die Hälfte der Versicherungen verwendet eine Social-Media-Strategie mit Integration in die strategische Marketing-Kommunikation. (2) Nur die Hälfte der Versicherungen misst die Social-Media-Erfolge. (3) Viele Versicherer haben Defizite in der Strategie-Umsetzung. Insgesamt fehlen Nutzen-Argumente zum ökonomischen Social-Media-Marketing für Versicherungen. Deshalb ist die Wirksamkeit der Investitionen im Social-Media-Marketing unklar. Daraus resultieren Vorbehalte gegenüber Social-Media-Marketing auf Management-Ebene und ein geringer Stellenwert im Unternehmen. Die Dissertation untersucht, wie Versicherungen in Deutschland mit Social-Media-Marketing ihre Unternehmensziele strategisch und operativ unterstützen können. Dr. Hilker analysiert Modelle zur Social-Media-Erfolgsmessung und erstellt eine Social-Media-Balanced-Scorecard für eine Versicherung, Kap. 4.1. Die Dissertation untersucht das Facebook-Marketing der dreißig größten deutschen Versicherungen über drei Jahre (2012-2014) und gibt dazu Handlungsempfehlungen, Kap. 4.2. Dr. Hilker hat Fallbeispiele aus der Praxis (Allianz, Debeka) in Bezug auf von Online-Reputation analysiert und gibt Handlungsempfehlungen zur proaktiven Krisen-Prävention, Kap. 4.3. Zudem gibt sie Handlungsempfehlungen zur Social-Media-Integration in die Wertschöpfung. Die Forschungsziele werden durch einen iterativen Prozess mit Evaluation von Kausalzusammenhängen und explorativen und deskriptiven Methoden verfolgt. Der Beitrag der Dissertation für die Wissenschaft ist im Bereich Marketing-Management bzw. in der Kommunikationspolitik anzusiedeln. Die Dissertation zeigt, dass Social-Media-Marketing das Erreichen von Unternehmenszielen in Versicherungen fördern kann, z. B. in den Bereichen: Reputationsaufbau, Service-Kommunikation, Kundenbeziehungen und indirekte Umsatzsteigerung. Deutlich wird, dass es für Wirkungserfolge nicht ausreicht, nur eine Social-Media-Strategie zu entwickeln. Ebenso erforderlich ist eine sorgfältige Umsetzung mit Ergebnismessung, operatives Management mit qualifizierten Mitarbeitern und IT-Werkzeuge (Social-Media-Monitoring, Business-Intelligence-Analysen).

A PRACTITIONER S GUIDE TO BUSINESS ANALYTICS Using Data Analysis Tools to Improve Your Organization s Decision Making and Strategy

A PRACTITIONER S GUIDE TO BUSINESS ANALYTICS  Using Data Analysis Tools to Improve Your Organization   s Decision Making and Strategy Author Randy Bartlett
ISBN-10 9780071807609
Release 2013-01-25
Pages 256
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Gain the competitive edge with the smart use of business analytics In today’s volatile business environment, the strategic use of business analytics is more important than ever. A Practitioners Guide to Business Analytics helps you get the organizational commitment you need to get business analytics up and running in your company. It provides solutions for meeting the strategic challenges of applying analytics, such as: Integrating analytics into decision making, corporate culture, and business strategy Leading and organizing analytics within the corporation Applying statistical qualifications, statistical diagnostics, and statistical review Providing effective building blocks to support analytics—statistical software, data collection, and data management Randy Bartlett, Ph.D., is Chief Statistical Officer of the consulting company Blue Sigma Analytics. He currently works with Infosys, where he has helped build their new Business Analytics practice.

Handbook of Healthcare Operations Management

Handbook of Healthcare Operations Management Author Brian T. Denton
ISBN-10 9781461458852
Release 2013-02-28
Pages 536
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From the Preface: Collectively, the chapters in this book address application domains including inpatient and outpatient services, public health networks, supply chain management, and resource constrained settings in developing countries. Many of the chapters provide specific examples or case studies illustrating the applications of operations research methods across the globe, including Africa, Australia, Belgium, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Chapters 1-4 review operations research methods that are most commonly applied to health care operations management including: queuing, simulation, and mathematical programming. Chapters 5-7 address challenges related to inpatient services in hospitals such as surgery, intensive care units, and hospital wards. Chapters 8-10 cover outpatient services, the fastest growing part of many health systems, and describe operations research models for primary and specialty care services, and how to plan for patient no-shows. Chapters 12 – 16 cover topics related to the broader integration of health services in the context of public health, including optimizing the location of emergency vehicles, planning for mass vaccination events, and the coordination among different parts of a health system. Chapters 17-18 address supply chain management within hospitals, with a focus on pharmaceutical supply management, and the challenges of managing inventory for nursing units. Finally, Chapters 19-20 provide examples of important and emerging research in the realm of humanitarian logistics.

Supply Chain Risk

Supply Chain Risk Author George A. Zsidisin
ISBN-10 9780387799346
Release 2008-09-08
Pages 350
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Risk is of fundamental importance in this era of the global economy. Supply chains must into account the uncertainty of demand. Moreover, the risk of uncertain demand can cut two ways: (1) there is the risk that unexpected demand will not be met on time, and the reverse problem (2) the risk that demand is over estimated and excessive inventory costs are incurred. There are other risks in unreliable vendors, delayed shipments, natural disasters, etc. In short, there are a host of strategic, tactical and operational risks to business supply chains. Supply Chain Risk: A Handbook of Assessment, Management, and Performance will focus on how to assess, evaluate, and control these various risks.

The Logic of Logistics

The Logic of Logistics Author David Simchi-Levi
ISBN-10 9781461491491
Release 2013-11-19
Pages 447
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Fierce competition in today's global market provides a powerful motivation for developing ever more sophisticated logistics systems. This book, written for the logistics manager and researcher, presents a survey of the modern theory and application of logistics. The goal of the book is to present the state-of-the-art in the science of logistics management. As a result, the authors have written a timely and authoritative survey of this field that many practitioners and researchers will find makes an invaluable companion to their work.

Handbook of Transportation Science

Handbook of Transportation Science Author Randolph Hall
ISBN-10 9780306480584
Release 2006-04-11
Pages 741
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Over the past thirty-five years, a substantial amount of theoretical and empirical scholarly research has been developed across the discipline domains of Transportation. This research has been synthesized into a systematic handbook that examines the scientific concepts, methods, and principles of this growing and evolving field. The Handbook of Transportation Science outlines the field of transportation as a scientific discipline that transcends transportation technology and methods. Whether by car, truck, airplane - or by a mode of transportation that has not yet been conceived - transportation obeys fundamental properties. The science of transportation defines these properties, and demonstrates how our knowledge of one mode of transportation can be used to explain the behavior of another. Transportation scientists are motivated by the desire to explain spatial interactions that result in movement of people or objects from place to place. Its methodologies draw from physics, operations research, probability and control theory.

Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications

Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications Author Robert Nisbet
ISBN-10 9780124166455
Release 2017-11-09
Pages 822
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Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications, Second Edition, is a comprehensive professional reference book that guides business analysts, scientists, engineers and researchers, both academic and industrial, through all stages of data analysis, model building and implementation. The handbook helps users discern technical and business problems, understand the strengths and weaknesses of modern data mining algorithms and employ the right statistical methods for practical application. This book is an ideal reference for users who want to address massive and complex datasets with novel statistical approaches and be able to objectively evaluate analyses and solutions. It has clear, intuitive explanations of the principles and tools for solving problems using modern analytic techniques and discusses their application to real problems in ways accessible and beneficial to practitioners across several areas—from science and engineering, to medicine, academia and commerce. Includes input by practitioners for practitioners Includes tutorials in numerous fields of study that provide step-by-step instruction on how to use supplied tools to build models Contains practical advice from successful real-world implementations Brings together, in a single resource, all the information a beginner needs to understand the tools and issues in data mining to build successful data mining solutions Features clear, intuitive explanations of novel analytical tools and techniques, and their practical applications

Analytics at Work

Analytics at Work Author Thomas H. Davenport
ISBN-10 9781422177693
Release 2010
Pages 214
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As a follow-up to the successful Competing on Analytics, authors Tom Davenport, Jeanne Harris, and Robert Morison provide practical frameworks and tools for all companies that want to use analytics as a basis for more effective and more profitable decision making. Regardless of your company's strategy, and whether or not analytics are your company's primary source of competitive differentiation, this book is designed to help you assess your organization's analytical capabilities, provide the tools to build these capabilities, and put analytics to work. The book helps you answer these pressing questions: What assets do I need in place in my organization in order to use analytics to run my business? Once I have these assets, how do I deploy them to get the most from an analytic approach? How do I get an analytic initiative off the ground in the first place, and then how do I sustain analytics in my organization over time? Packed with tools, frameworks, and all new examples, Analytics at Work makes analytics understandable and accessible and teaches you how to make your company more analytical.

Blackstone s Police Sergeants Inspectors Mock Examination Paper 2009

Blackstone s Police Sergeants    Inspectors  Mock Examination Paper 2009 Author Paul Connor
ISBN-10 0199553297
Release 2008-10-16
Pages 110
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This revised and updated Blackstone's Police Sergeants' Mock Examination Paper 2009 ensures that Sergeants' Part I candidates are fully prepared for their multiple-choice examination. The book is designed in the format of the actual exam, so candidates can practice taking the whole exam in 3 hours. Like the exam, the book is A4 and is split into two handy sections, one containing the 150 question mock exam and answer sheet and the second containing the answers and detailed marking matrix with explanations and references. The book tests the content of the Blackstone's Police Manuals 2009 and candidates will find the book a user-friendly and valuable tool which should ensure a clearer understanding of the format and requirements of the exam. Covers all recent legal developments including the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 and updates to the Police and Justice Act 2006, the Road Safety Act 2006, the Criminal Justice Act 2003, the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 and revised PACE Codes of Practice 2008. This product is not endorsed by NPIA.

Profiles in Operations Research

Profiles in Operations Research Author Arjang A. Assad
ISBN-10 1441962816
Release 2011-06-28
Pages 867
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Profiles in Operations Research: Pioneers and Innovators recounts the development of the field of Operations Research (OR), the science of decision making. The book traces the development of OR from its military origins to a mature discipline that is recognized worldwide for its contributions to managerial planning and complex global operations. Over the past six decades, OR analyses have impacted our daily lives: when making an airline or hotel reservation, waiting in line at a bank, getting the correctly blended fuel at the gas station, and ensuring that the book you are holding arrived at its destination on time. OR originated in the late 1930s when British scientists from various disciplines joined Royal Air Force officers to determine the most effective way to employ new radar technology for intercepting enemy aircraft. During World War II, similar applied research groups were formed to study, test, and evaluate military operations on both sides of the Atlantic. Their work resulted in great improvements—OR helped the Allies win the war. The scientific field that emerged from these studies was called operational research in the U.K. and operations research in the U.S. Today, OR provides a broad and powerful science to aid decision making. Profiles describes the lives and contributions of 43 OR pioneers and innovators and relates how these individuals, with varying backgrounds and diverse interests, were drawn to the nascent field of OR. The profiles also describe how OR techniques and applications expanded considerably beyond the military context to find new domains in business and industry. In addition to their scientific contributions, these profiles capture the life stories of the individuals—interwoven with personal tales, vivid vignettes, family backgrounds, and views of the mission and future of OR. Collectively, the profiles recount the fascinating story of the growth and development of a field enriched by the convergence of different disciplines. The Editors: Arjang A. Assad is Dean of the School of Management, University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Saul I. Gass is Professor Emeritus, Department of Decision, Operations & Information Technologies, Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park. From the Reviews Profiles In Operations Research: Pioneers and Innovators. Book Review by Nigel Cummings: U.K. OR Society's e-journal, Inside OR., Sept 2011. "I can thoroughly recommend this book. I found it both enlighteningand undeniably gripping, so much so in fact, you may find it difficultto put it down once you have commenced reading it. Arjang A. Assad and Saul I. Gass have created a masterwork whichwill serve to immortalise [stet] the pioneers of O.R. for many years to come." *For a list of all known typos, plus further discussion on the book, please visit

Handbook of Research on Global Fashion Management and Merchandising

Handbook of Research on Global Fashion Management and Merchandising Author Vecchi, Alessandra
ISBN-10 9781522501114
Release 2016-05-03
Pages 862
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Innovation and novel leadership strategies have aided the successful growth of the fashion industry around the globe. However, as the dynamics of the industry are constantly changing, a deficit can emerge in the overall comprehension of industry strategies and practices. The Handbook of Research on Global Fashion Management and Merchandising explores the various facets of effective management procedures within the fashion industry. Featuring research on entrepreneurship, operations management, marketing, business modeling, and fashion technology, this publication is an extensive reference source for practitioners, academics, researchers, and students interested in the dynamics of the fashion industry.