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The California Landlord s Law Book

The California Landlord s Law Book Author David Brown
ISBN-10 9781413323641
Release 2017-04-05
Pages 488
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For over 30 years, The California Landlord’s Law Book has been guiding landlords safely and efficiently through the maze of regulations that affect them, and keeping them profitable and out of legal hot water. Choosing tenants, raising the rent, and returning deposits--these are just a few of the things landlords do that are strictly regulated by law in California. Here, you will find all the easy-to-understand information you need to minimize legal risk, including a California-specific lease and rental agreement and more than 40 forms with complete instructions. You'll learn how to: screen prospective tenants - without discriminating illegally prepare (and enforce) leases and rental agreements collect and return security deposits so as to avoid lawsuits raise the rent and change other terms of the tenancy hire, work with, and fire a property manager keep up with repairs and maintenance limit liability and rent withholding follow state privacy laws on entering rental units restrict tenants from subletting or hosting short-term guests act promptly when rent is late terminate a tenancy, ...and much more.

The California Landlord s Law Book

The California Landlord s Law Book Author David Wayne Brown
ISBN-10 1413313124
Release 2011
Pages 580
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Provides thorough legal and practical information, including dozens of forms, for landlords in California, in a new edition that explains the new utility-shutoff law and discusses how to terminate tenants when becoming the owner of a foreclosed-upon home. Original.

The California Landlord s Law Book

The California Landlord s Law Book Author David Wayne Brown
ISBN-10 0873374436
Release 1998-04-01
Pages 496
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This book covers everything landlords and property managers need to know about deposits, leases, and rental agreements, inspections, habitability, discrimination, and rent control. Recent legislation is detailed in this seventh edition. Includes 25 tear-out forms and agreements. Illustrations.

The Landlord s Law Book Rights and responsibilities

The Landlord s Law Book  Rights and responsibilities Author David Wayne Brown
ISBN-10 0873373197
Release 1996
Pages 448
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Every California landlord and property manager should have this book--which covers everything they need to know about deposits, leases and rental agreements, inspections, habitability, discrimination, and rent control. It provides 25 tear-out forms and agreements, including rental applications, leases and rental agreements, 3-day and 30-day notices, sample letters, and more.

California Landlord s Law Book The Evictions

California Landlord s Law Book  The   Evictions Author David Brown
ISBN-10 9781413318517
Release 2013-02-28
Pages 416
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Ready to evict a problem tenant? Use the definitive step-by-step guide to evictions in California Sooner or later, every landlord is faced with handling an eviction. Don't get caught spending thousands on attorney's fees when The California Landlord's Law Book: Evictions will guide you through the process every step of the way -- without breaking the bank. Read up on the different legal grounds for eviction in plain English, plus get all the forms and step-by-step instructions needed to perform a successful and legal eviction. Learn how to: . prepare and serve 3-, 30-, 60- or 90-day notices . file an unlawful detainer complaint in court . win by default if the tenant doesn't respond . handle a contested case . represent yourself in court . deal with eviction-delaying tactics . collect the unpaid rent after you win California landlords can pay a lawyer several thousands of dollars to do an eviction, or can download it themselves. All official forms, with detailed instructions on how to fill them out and present their case in court. Includes information on collecting a money judgment. Nolo has dozens of products created just for California residents. -- Download forms for book at

California Tenants Rights

California Tenants  Rights Author Janet Portman
ISBN-10 9781413325263
Release 2018-06-01
Pages 448
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Many tenants have to deal with roommates who don't pull their weight, neighbors who routinely engage in illegal activities, landlords who don't know -- or won’t follow -- national or state laws and local rent ordinances. Use this book to give you the information and tips you need to protect and assert your rights as a renter in California. Find out how to: understand and negotiate a lease inspect a rental before moving in fight discrimination get needed repairs and maintenance deal with a nosy landlord break a lease with minimum fall-out get your security deposit back figure out rules for rent increases fight an eviction.

The California Landlord s Law Book

The California Landlord s Law Book Author David Brown Attorney
ISBN-10 9781413316063
Release 2011-03-29
Pages 608
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The California landlord's comprehensive, practical guide to residential property management Every California landlord and residential property manager needs The California Landlord's Law Book: Rights & Responsibilities. For over 20 years, the definitive guide for landlords in the Golden State has clearly and comprehensively covered everything you need to know about: security deposits leases and rental agreements inspections habitability liability lead paint discrimination rent control satellite dishes ...and much more The 14th edition includes fully up-to-date landlord-tenant laws and legal forms, including new details on how to terminate a lease when you become the owner or a foreclosed-upon home, and a plain English explanation of the new utility shutoff law. Plus, you'll get over 25 legal forms and agreements, including rental applications; leases and rental agreements; 3-, 30-, 60- and 90-day eviction notices -- and much more. Not a California landlord? Check out Every Landlord's Legal Guide. Also available: California Landlord's Law Book: Evictions

Renters Rights

Renters  Rights Author Janet Portman
ISBN-10 9781413324839
Release 2018-03-10
Pages 296
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Handle problems with landlords and roommates! The landlord ignores your repair requests. Your roommate is always late with his share of the rent. Your upstairs neighbors party all the time. The landlord won't return your security deposit. How can you deal with these problems--and others--and prevent them from happening again? Turn to Renters' Rights: The Basics for answers! Written in plain English, this fully updated bestseller covers: leases and rental agreements credit reports and references roommates sublets and short-term vacation rentals privacy discrimination and retaliation security deposits repairs and maintenance getting out of a lease, and and more. This 9th edition, featuring easy-to-use summaries of each state's laws, is completely updated and revised to reflect the key landlord-tenant laws of your state.

Leases Rental Agreements

Leases   Rental Agreements Author Marcia Stewart
ISBN-10 9781413324501
Release 2017-08-30
Pages 240
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Anyone who owns or manages residential real estate, anywhere in the U.S., should buy this book, as it provides a solid lease, that can be tailored to the laws of a specific state, and the key rental documents needed to start a tenancy.

Every Tenant s Legal Guide

Every Tenant s Legal Guide Author Janet Portman
ISBN-10 9781413325065
Release 2018-04-01
Pages 440
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The only book of its kind, Every Tenant's Legal Guide find a great home and landlord know your rights when it comes to pets fight improper rent increases and late fees get a landlord to make repairs pronto withhold rent without getting into legal trouble protect your privacy fight illegal discrimination handle roommate problems deal with lead paint, mold, asbestos and bed bugs break a lease with minimum financial liability, and get your security deposit back This 9th edition of Every Tenant's Legal Guide includes the latest state rules and procedures on tenant rights, including how to legally break a lease and fight an eviction.

Every Landlord s Legal Guide

Every Landlord s Legal Guide Author Marcia Stewart
ISBN-10 9781413325188
Release 2018-05-01
Pages 496
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Every Landlord's Legal Guide gives landlords and property managers the legal and practical solutions they need to rent residential property right. From move-in to move-out, this book covers a wide range of issues, including fair housing, repairs, sublets, screening for good tenants, environmental hazards such as mold and bedbugs, and evictions. Handy 50-state charts list specific laws for each state. Nolo's bestselling Every Landlord's Legal Guide helps landlords and managers: screen and choose tenants prepare leases and rental agreements make security deposit deductions avoid discrimination charges keep up with repairs and maintenance hire a property manager minimize liability for personal injury lawsuits, handle broken leases and terminations, and deal with problem tenants. This book provides over 30 forms landlords and managers need, including state-specific leases and rental agreements. This (14th) edition is completely revised with the latest in federal and state laws, including updated rules on evictions and terminations.

Landlords Rights Duties in California

Landlords  Rights   Duties in California Author John Talamo
ISBN-10 1570713596
Release 1998
Pages 259
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California's landlord-tenant law contains specific rights and remedies for landlords, and unless the law is followed precisely, the landlord can lose thousands of dollars in lost rent, legal fees and damages. This book includes everything the California landlord needs to know to legally and successfully operate his or her rentals.

Manager s Legal Handbook The

Manager s Legal Handbook  The Author Amy DelPo
ISBN-10 9781413315103
Release 2009-11-23
Pages 504
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The quick reference to employment law for anyone who oversees workers. Whether you're managing workers or working in the HR department, The Manager's Legal Handbook is the perfect introduction to supervising employees and independent contractors safely and legally. Need some information about overtime? Want some useful ideas on workplace policies? Have a question about trade secrets and need the answer now? This one-of-a-kind book provides everything you need to stay within the bounds of the law, including: frequently asked questions concise articles helpful tips "lessons from the real world" dozens of resources, online and off Designed for managers and supervisors who need answers quickly, as well as professionals pursuing a career in human resources, The Manager's Legal Handbook covers hiring, firing and everything in between. The 5th edition is completely overhauled to provide quick answers to the questions that managers encounter every day. It includes updated 50-state legal charts and new sections on setting pay and communicating with employees.

Save Your Small Business

Save Your Small Business Author Ralph E. Warner
ISBN-10 9781413310412
Release 2009
Pages 316
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Written by a business owner who has survived three decades of challenges, this resource provides 12 no-nonsense strategies for small business owners on protecting personal assets from creditors and surviving the current recession.

The Complete California Landlord s Kit

The Complete California Landlord s Kit Author John Talamo
ISBN-10 1572485434
Release 2006
Pages 304
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Your Essential Guide to Being a Successful Landlord Understanding your rights and responsibilities under California's landlord/tenant law is essential to becoming a successful and profitable landlord. From credit checks to evictions, from security deposits to subletting, The Complete California Landlord's Kit gives you everything you need to protect yourself and your property, and to make the money you want. Manage Your Money Make smart decisions in selecting tenants, collecting rent, reporting your income and saving at tax time. Make Use of Handy Tools Use quick and easy tools like tips, reminders and sample forms to ensure that you are doing everything by the book and locking in the right tenant. Watch Out for Red Flags Avoid the common mistakes that many landlords make regarding background checks, making repairs and ending the tenancy. Protect Your Property Keep your property in excellent condition with regular maintenance and responsible tenants. Navigate the Court System If you have to go to court with a tenant, make sure you know your rights, your responsibilities and how to recover possession of your property. Customize Your Forms Use the included CD-ROM to customize rental agreements, notices to tenants and other landlord/tenant forms for your own particular needs. Simple, Complete and Ready to Help-The Only Book You Need for Success

Every Landlord s Guide to Finding Great Tenants

Every Landlord s Guide to Finding Great Tenants Author Janet Portman
ISBN-10 9781413323870
Release 2017-06-26
Pages 472
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No rental property can survive the ravages of a determined, bad tenant. Owners need to scrupulously screen applicants to make sure that their investment will be well-used and that the rent will be paid. Learn how to avoid poor risks, while avoiding fair housing claims.

First Time Landlord

First Time Landlord Author Janet Portman
ISBN-10 9781413324457
Release 2017-09-18
Pages 360
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Whether you're ready for a new entrepreneurial opportunity or considering renting out a home instead of selling, you'll need to learn the basics of being a landlord. Let First-Time Landlord show you how to start your landlording business and maintain it in your spare time. Get the concise information you need to start making money with a single-family home, written for property owners with little business savvy -- and even less time and patience. Learn how to rent out your property lawfully and safely with valuable information on: how to determine whether the property will turn a profit landlord business basics finding the right tenants preparing and signing the lease handling repairs complying with your state's rental laws dealing with problem tenants, and preparing for sale of the property. From timely tips to true stories from successful landlords, First-Time Landlord is an indispensable book for property owners who want to rent out a single-family home without the hassle -- quickly, efficiently and legally.