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Canadian National Cinema

Canadian National Cinema Author Chris Gittings
ISBN-10 9781134764853
Release 2012-10-02
Pages 352
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Canadian National Cinema explores the idea of the nation across Canada's film history, from early films of colonisation and white settlement such as The Wheatfields of Canada and Back to God's Country, to recent films like Nô, LE Confessional Mon Oncle Antoine, Grey Fox, Highway 61, Kanehsatake, and I've Heard the Mermaids Singing.

Quebec National Cinema

Quebec National Cinema Author Bill Marshall
ISBN-10 077352116X
Release 2001
Pages 371
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In Quebec National Cinema Bill Marshall tackles the question of the role cinema plays in Quebec's view of itself as a nation. Surveying mostly fictional feature films, Marshall demonstrates how Quebec cinema has evolved from the innovative direct cinema of the early 1960s into the diverse canvas of popular comedies, glossy co-productions, and reworked auteur cinema of the postmodern 1990s. He explores the faultlines of Quebec identity - its problematic and contradictory relationship with France, the question of Native peoples, the influence of the cosmopolitan and pluralist city of Montreal, and the encounters between sexuality, gender, and nation traced and critiqued in women's and queer cinemas. In the first comprehensive, theoretically informed work in English on Quebec cinema, Marshall views his subject as neither the assertion of some unproblematic national wholeness nor a random collection of disparate voices that drown out or invalidate the question of nation. Instead, he shows that while the allegory of nation marks Quebec film production it also leads to a tension between textual and contextual forces, between homogeneity and heterogeneity, and between major and minor modes of being and identity. Drawing on a broad framework of theory and particularly indebted to the work of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Quebec National Cinema makes a valuable contribution to debates in film studies on national cinemas and to the burgeoning interest in French studies in the culture and politics of la francophonie. Bill Marshall is professor of Modern French Studies at the University of Glasgow. He has written several books and numerous articles on film and Francophone culture.

Irish National Cinema

Irish National Cinema Author Ruth Barton
ISBN-10 0415278945
Release 2004
Pages 214
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From the international successes of Neil Jordan and Jim Sheridan, to the smaller productions of the new generation of Irish filmmakers, this book explores questions of nationalism, gender identities, the representation of the Troubles and of Irish history as well as cinema's response to the so-called Celtic Tiger and its aftermath. Irish National Cinema argues that in order to understand the unique position of filmmaking in Ireland and the inheritance on which contemporary filmmakers draw, definitions of the Irish culture and identity must take into account the so-called Irish diaspora and engage with its cinema. An invaluable resource for students of world cinema.

Australian National Cinema

Australian National Cinema Author Tom O'Regan
ISBN-10 9781134933488
Release 2005-08-10
Pages 416
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Tom O'Regan's book is the first of its kind on Australian post-war cinema. It takes as its starting point Bazin's question 'What is cinema?'and asks what the construct of a 'national' cinema means. It looks at the broader concept from a different angle, taking film beyond the confines of 'art' into the broader cultural world. O'Regan's analysis situates Australian cinema in its historical and cultural perspective producing a valuable insight into the issues that have been raised by film policy, the cinema market place and public discourse on film production strategies. Since 1970 Australian film has enjoyed a revival. This book contains detailed critiques of the key films of this period and uses them to illustrate the recent theories on the international and Australian cinema industries. Its conclusions on the nature of the nation's cinema and the discourses within it are relevant within a far wider context; film as a global phenomenon.

Great Canadian Film Directors

Great Canadian Film Directors Author George Melnyk
ISBN-10 9780888644794
Release 2007
Pages 468
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Great Canadian Film Directors is the first major study that reflects the cultural and linguistic diversity of Canada’s most dynamic film directors. The 19 essays in this collection focus on each filmmaker’s ability to create a vision that both reveals and redefines our national cultures. Together, these essays, by established and emerging scholars, highlight the diversity, imaginative power, and talent of Canadian filmmakers. This collection’s value is in its contemporary analysis of major figures as well as critical discussions of the work of women directors and young filmmakers. Filmographies and selected bibliographies for each director provide film students and the movie-going public with an unrivalled study of a cinema that now garners world attention.

Canadian National Cinema

Canadian National Cinema Author Christopher E. Gittings
ISBN-10 0415243912
Release 2002
Pages 338
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Canadian National Cinema has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Canadian National Cinema also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Canadian National Cinema book for free.

Canadian Cinema Since the 1980s

Canadian Cinema Since the 1980s Author David Lawrence Pike
ISBN-10 9781442612402
Release 2012
Pages 367
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Award-winning author David L. Pike offers a unique focus on the crucial quarter-century in Canadian filmmaking when the industry became a viable force on the international stage. Pike provides a lively, personal, and accessible history of the most influential filmmakers and movements of both Anglo-Canadian and Quebecois cinema, from popular movies to art film and everything in between. Along with in-depth studies of key directors, including David Cronenberg, Patricia Rozema and Denys Arcand, Jean-Claude Lauzon, Robert Lepage, Léa Pool, Atom Egoyan, and Guy Maddin, Canadian Cinema since the 1980s reflects on major themes and genres and explores the regional and cultural diversity of the period. Pike positions Canadian filmmaking at the frontlines of a profound cinematic transformation in the age of global media and presents fresh perspectives on both its local and international contexts. Making a significant advance in the study of the film industry of the period, Canadian Cinema since the 1980s is also an ideal text for students, researchers, and Canadian film enthusiasts.

Cinemas of the World

Cinemas of the World Author James Chapman
ISBN-10 9781861895745
Release 2004-06-03
Pages 480
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The cinema has been the pre-eminent popular art form of the 20th century. In Cinemas of the World, James Chapman examines the relationship between film and society in the modern world: film as entertainment medium, film as a reflection of national cultures and preoccupations, film as an instrument of propaganda. He also explores two interrelated issues that have recurred throughout the history of cinema: the economic and cultural hegemony of Hollywood on the one hand, and, on the other, the attempts of film-makers elsewhere to establish indigenous national cinemas drawing on their own cultures and societies. Chapman examines the rise to dominance of Hollywood cinema in the silent and early sound periods. He discusses the characteristic themes of American movies from the Depression to the end of the Cold War especially those found in the western and film noir – genres that are often used as vehicles for exploring issues central to us society and politics. He looks at national cinemas in various European countries in the period between the end of the First World War and the end of the Second, which all exhibit the formal and aesthetic properties of modernism. The emergence of the so-called "new cinemas" of Europe and the wider world since 1960 are also explored. "Chapman is a tough-thinking, original writer . . . an engaging, excellent piece of work."—David Lancaster, Film and History

One Hundred Years of Canadian Cinema

One Hundred Years of Canadian Cinema Author George Melnyk
ISBN-10 0802084443
Release 2004
Pages 361
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Melnyk argues passionately that Canadian cinema has never been a singular entity, but has continued to speak in the languages and in the voices of Canada's diverse population.

The Cinema of Canada

The Cinema of Canada Author Jerry White
ISBN-10 1904764606
Release 2006
Pages 268
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Often overlooked and overshadowed by its North American cousin, Canadian cinema has nevertheless produced some mesmerising films and directors, including Atom Egoyan, Robert Lepage and Denys Arcand. The Cinema of Canada contains 24 essays, each on a different film and divides itself into three distinct categories: English-Canadian cinema; Qu�bec cinema; Aboriginal cinema. In so doing, it provides a fascinating historical account of the development of film and documentary traditions across the diverse national and regional communities in Canada. Among the many important films discussed are Le D�clin de l'empire am�ricain (1988), I've Heard the Mermaids Singing (1988), Exotica (1994), Le Confessionale (1995) and Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (2001).

Encyclopedia of Diasporas

Encyclopedia of Diasporas Author Melvin Ember
ISBN-10 9780306483219
Release 2005-05-30
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Immigration is a topic that is as important among anthropologists as it is the general public. Almost every culture has experienced adaptation and assimilation when immigrating to a new country and culture; usually leaving for what is perceived as a "better life". Not only does this diaspora change the country of adoption, but also the country of origin. Many large nations in the world have absorbed, and continue to absorb, large numbers of immigrants. The foreseeable future will see a continuation of large-scale immigration, as many countries experience civil war and secessionist pressures. Currently, there is no reference work that describes the impact upon the immigrants and the immigrant societies relevant to the world's cultures and provides an overview of important topics in the world's diasporas. The encyclopedia consists of two volumes covering three main sections: Diaspora Overviews covers over 20 ethnic groups that have experienced voluntary or forced immigration. These essays discuss the history behind the social, economic, and political reasons for leaving the original countries, and the cultures in the new places;Topics discusses the impact and assimilation that the immigrant cultures experience in their adopted cultures, including the arts they bring, the struggles they face, and some of the cities that are in the forefront of receiving immigrant cultures;Diaspora Communities include over 60 portraits of specific diaspora communities. Each portrait follows a standard outline to facilitate comparisons. TheEncyclopedia of Diasporas can be used both to gain a general understanding of immigration and immigrants, and to find out about particular cultures, topics and communities. It will prove of great value to researchers and students, curriculum developers, teachers, and government officials. It brings together the disciplines of anthropology, social studies, political studies, international studies, and immigrant and immigration studies.

So close to the State s

So close to the State s Author Michael Dorland
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105020170515
Release 1998-05-01
Pages 199
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An acute analysis of filmmaking in a nation forced to produce culture under the shadow of Hollywood. Michael Dorland crafts a careful historical analysis of Canadian feature film policy from the 1950s to the present, based on an impressive array of government records of meetings, memos, reports, and speeches, as well as in-depth personal interviews with key participants.

Film in Canada

Film in Canada Author Jim Leach
ISBN-10 0195419510
Release 2006
Pages 196
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Examining both the political and cultural contexts, Film in Canada presents a comprehensive discussion of Canadian cinema. The main focus of the text is to examine the films themselves, but it also addresses many issues surrounding the film industry within Canada including: national identity, ethnic diversity, the nation's official languages, and global media marketplace. Each chapter is organized around a specific topic, exploring both the historical trends and contemporary examples allowing them to be used in sequence or independently.

Canadian Journal of Film Studies

Canadian Journal of Film Studies Author
ISBN-10 IND:30000107285078
Release 2005
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Canadian Journal of Film Studies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Canadian Journal of Film Studies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Canadian Journal of Film Studies book for free.

New Contexts of Canadian Criticism

New Contexts of Canadian Criticism Author Ajay Heble
ISBN-10 1551111063
Release 1997-04-18
Pages 404
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Times change, lives change, and the terms we need to describe our literature or society or condition—what Raymond Williams calls “keywords”—change with them. Perhaps the most significant development in the quarter-century since Eli Mandel edited his anthology Contexts of Canadian Criticism has been the growing recognition that not only do different people need different terms, but the same terms have different meanings for different people and in different contexts. Nation, history, culture, art, identity—the positions we take discussing these and other issues can lead to conflict, but also hold the promise of a new sort of community. Speaking of First Nations people and their literature, Beth Brant observes that “Our connections … are like the threads of a weaving. … While the colour and beauty of each thread is unique and important, together they make a communal material of strength and durability.” New Contexts of Canadian Criticism is designed to be read, to work, in much the same manner.

The End of Cinema as We Know it

The End of Cinema as We Know it Author Jon Lewis
ISBN-10 0745318797
Release 2002
Pages 385
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In The End of Cinema As We Know It, contributors well known in the 'movie' field talk about the movie industry and look at the variety of new ways we are viewing films. They query whether or not we are getting different, better movies?

Challenge for Change

Challenge for Change Author Thomas Waugh
ISBN-10 9780773585270
Release 2010-02-01
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Pioneering participatory, social change-oriented media, the program had a national and international impact on documentary film-making, yet this is the first comprehensive history and analysis of its work. The volume’s contributors study dozens of films produced by the program, their themes, aesthetics, and politics, and evaluate their legacy and the program’s place in Canadian, Québécois, and world cinema. An informative and nuanced look at a cinematic movement, Challenge for Change reemphasizes not just the importance of the NFB and its programs but also the role documentaries can play in improving the world.