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Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer Immunotherapy Author George C. Prendergast
ISBN-10 9780123946331
Release 2013-06-04
Pages 684
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There has been major growth in understanding immune suppression mechanisms and its relationship to cancer progression and therapy. This book highlights emerging new principles of immune suppression that drive cancer, and it offers radically new ideas about how therapy can be improved by attacking these principles. Following work that firmly establishes immune escape as an essential trait of cancer, recent studies have now defined specific mechanisms of tumor immune suppression. It also demonstrates how attacking tumors with molecular targeted therapeutics or traditional chemotherapeutic drugs can produce potent anti-tumor effects in preclinical models. This book provides basic, translational, and clinical cancer researchers with an indispensable overview of immune escape as a critical trait in cancer and how applying specific combinations of immunotherapy and chemotherapy to attack this trait may radically improve the treatment of advanced disease. Offers a synthesis of concepts that are useful to cancer immunologists and pharmacologists, who tend to work in disparate fields with little cross-communication Drs. Prendergast and Jaffee are internationally recognized leaders in cancer biology and immunology who have created a unique synthesis of fundamental and applied concepts in this important new area of cancer research Summarizes the latest insights into how immune escape defines an essential trait of cancer Includes numerous illustrations, including how molecular-targeted therapeutic drugs or traditional chemotherapy can be combined with immunotherapy to improve anti-tumor efficacy and how reversing immune suppression by the tumor can cause tumor regression

Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice

Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice Author Lisa H. Butterfield, PhD
ISBN-10 9781617052736
Release 2017-06-28
Pages 936
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Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice, from the Society of Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC), is the authoritative reference on cancer immunobiology and the immunotherapy treatments that harness the immune system to combat malignant disease. Featuring five sections and over 50 chapters covering the Basic Principles of Tumor Immunology, Cancer Immunotherapy Targets and Classes, Immune Function in Cancer Patients, Disease Specific Treatments and Outcomes, and Regulatory Aspects of Cancer Immunotherapy, this book covers all major topics that have shaped the development of immunotherapy and propelled it to its current place at the forefront of cancer treatment innovation. This volume is a comprehensive resource for oncologists and fellows, immunologists, cancer researchers, and related practitioners seeking understanding of the basic science and clinical applications of cancer immunotherapy. As well as presenting the evidence for immune-based cancer treatment, it positions immunotherapy in the context of other available cancer treatments and provides data on response rates, risks, and toxicities across a variety of diseases. Filled with detailed tables, and instructive illustrations, as well as key points for quick reference, Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice simplifies a challenging and dynamic subject. Key Features: Clearly summarizes the basic principles and research supporting cancer immunotherapy clinical translation Contains expert guidance and treatment strategies for all immunotherapy classes and agents, including cell-based therapies, monoclonal antibodies, cytokine therapies, checkpoint inhibitors, oncolytic viruses, adjuvant approaches, and treatment combinations Includes expert perspectives from leading authorities in the field Provides information on all FDA-approved immunotherapies, including clinical management and outcome data Discusses clinical aspects of immunotherapy for individual cancer types, including melanoma and other skin cancers, lung cancers, gynecologic cancers, gastrointestinal cancers, hematologic cancers, genitourinary cancers, head and neck cancers, sarcomas, brain and other CNS cancers, breast cancer, and pediatric malignancies. Explains regulatory aspects behind the development and approval of immunotherapy drugs Includes Online Access to the Digital Book

The Basics of Cancer Immunotherapy

The Basics of Cancer Immunotherapy Author Haidong Dong
ISBN-10 9783319706221
Release 2018-01-05
Pages 160
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This book provides patients and their physicians (especially “non-oncologist” health care providers) with a clear and concise introduction to cancer immunotherapy, which, unlike traditional forms of cancer therapy, acts by boosting the patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. The unique features of cancer immunotherapy make its management, monitoring and side-effects different from those of traditional cancer therapy. Especially novel are the side effects of cancer immunotherapy, necessitating greater awareness for both patients and physicians in order to minimize complications of therapy. The patient-friendly, concise, easy-to-understand, and up-to-date knowledge presented in this book will inform patients about the benefits and risks of cancer immunotherapy, and help them and their care providers to understand how immunotherapy would control their unique disease. Researchers and academic professionals in the field of cancer immunotherapy will also find clear and useful information to help them communicate with patients or address unresolved problems. Some key features of the book are: Expertise. All editors and authors are scientists and oncologists specializing in cancer immunotherapy, and are involved in scientific discovery from the early stage of immune-checkpoint inhibitors to today’s daily patient care. Their insights, expertise and experience guarantee the high quality and authority in the science, medicine and practice of cancer immunotherapy. Patient-friendly. This book is written for cancer patients in order to meet their needs when considering immunotherapy. As an educational tool, this book will help the reader balance the risks and benefits based on both science and clinical facts, and therefore to make the best choice in receiving or withdrawing from immunotherapy. Disease Specificity. Cancer is a complicated disease involving multiple stages and pathology. Its response to immunotherapy is individualized and varies depending on cancer types. The authors’ expertise in treating different types of cancers, including melanoma, lung, kidney, bladder, and lymphoma, provides disease-specific insights in applying immunotherapy to each disease.

Frontiers in Cancer Immunology

Frontiers in Cancer Immunology Author Jianxun Song
ISBN-10 9781681080482
Release 2015-04-16
Pages 283
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Clinicians, patients and scientists, alike, have been battling cancer for over several decades; however, patient outcomes have not significantly improved over the years with conventional therapies. In recent years, this has caused researchers to look for a change in the status quo, and, the awareness of the human immune system, which has an intrinsic mechanism to control microbial pathogens and dysfunctional self-tissues, has triggered scientists to look for new modes of cancer therapy. Cancer Immunotherapy has become a major research field as a result of these efforts, gaining some recognition for notable breakthroughs in cancer patient prognosis. Frontiers in Cancer Immunology collectively presents the methods which have been studied and used in cancer immunotherapy based on the different components of human immune system. The series will give clinicians and immunologists a roadmap of current trends in all branches of cancer immunology. This volume lists the major immune system components (such as T cells and NK cells and associated antigens/antibodies) which have been demonstrated to limit the growth of or kill tumor cells. Relevant applications in cancer therapy are also included in addition to a general introduction to engineered as well as targeted cancer immunotherapies (cancer vaccines).


Oncoimmunology Author Laurence Zitvogel
ISBN-10 9783319624310
Release 2017-12-13
Pages 724
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In this book, leading experts in cancer immunotherapy join forces to provide a comprehensive guide that sets out the main principles of oncoimmunology and examines the latest advances and their implications for clinical practice, focusing in particular on drugs with FDA/EMA approvals and breakthrough status. The aim is to deliver a landmark educational tool that will serve as the definitive reference for MD and PhD students while also meeting the needs of established researchers and healthcare professionals. Immunotherapy-based approaches are now inducing long-lasting clinical responses across multiple histological types of neoplasia, in previously difficult-to-treat metastatic cancers. The future challenges for oncologists are to understand and exploit the cellular and molecular components of complex immune networks, to optimize combinatorial regimens, to avoid immune-related side effects, and to plan immunomonitoring studies for biomarker discovery. The editors hope that this book will guide future and established health professionals toward the effective application of cancer immunology and immunotherapy and contribute significantly to further progress in the field.

Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy

Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Author Robert C. Rees
ISBN-10 9780199676866
Release 2014-05-20
Pages 442
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Patients are beginning to benefit from antibody based, cellular and vaccine approaches that are effective against genetically diverse and therapy-resistance cancers. BCG immunotherapy is now being used as a first line treatment for human bladder cancer and the introduction of prophylactic vaccination against Hepatitis B and HPV cancers is starting to show positive results. Following recent FDA approval for a vaccination against prostate cancer, and optimistic results in clinical trials for a vaccine targeting cancer antigens in lung cancer, cancer immunotherapy is now significantly impacting patient clinical management. Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy provides an up-to-date and comprehensive account of cancer immunity and immunotherapy. It discusses our adaptive and innate immunity to cancer, the mechanisms underpinning our immune response, current approaches to cancer immunotherapy, and how tumour and host responses can circumvent effective anti-cancer immunity. The book examines recent results, publications and current areas of interest including 'immune editing' and the specific issues that are affecting the research and development of vaccines, providing insight into how these problems may be overcome, as viewed by world leaders in the field. Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy will appeal to clinicians working in oncology and cancer immunotherapy, and research scientists including PhD and masters students, post-doctoral researchers and senior investigators.

Progress in Cancer Immunotherapy

Progress in Cancer Immunotherapy Author Shuren Zhang
ISBN-10 9789401775557
Release 2016-05-30
Pages 283
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This book provides readers an extensive overview of recent progress in basic and clinical research on cancer immunotherapy. Thanks to rapid advances in molecular biology and immunology, it has become increasingly evident that cancer growth is influenced by host immune responses. With the success of a number of clinical trials, immunotherapy has become a promising treatment modality of cancer. This book covers five major topics, including monoclonal antibodies, biological response modifiers, cancer vaccines, adoptive cellular therapy and oncolytic viruses. It also examines the combination of different immune strategies as well as the combination of immunotherapy with other treatments to increase anti-tumor effects. Through the comprehensive discussion of the topic, the book sheds valuable new light on the treatment of tumors.

Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Author Glenn Dranoff
ISBN-10 3642141366
Release 2011-04-11
Pages 306
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The interplay between tumors and their immunologic microenvironment is complex, difficult to decipher, but its understanding is of seminal importance for the development of novel prognostic markers and therapeutic strategies. The present review discusses tumor-immune interactions in several human cancers that illustrate various aspects of this complexity and proposes an integrated scheme of the impact of local immune reactions on clinical outcome. Current active immunotherapy trials have shown durable tumor regressions in a fraction of patients. However, clinical efficacy of current vaccines is limited, possibly because tumors skew the immune system by means of myeloid-derived suppressor cells, inflammatory type 2 T cells and regulatory T cells (Tregs), all of which prevent the generation of effector cells. To improve the clinical efficacy of cancer vaccines in patients with metastatic disease, we need to design novel and improved strategies that can boost adaptive immunity to cancer, help overcome Tregs and allow the breakdown of the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment.

Cancer Immunotherapy in Clinical Practice

Cancer Immunotherapy in Clinical Practice Author Michael M. Boyiadzis
ISBN-10 1259642046
Release 2018-09-22
Pages 512
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A top-to-bottom overview of cancer immunotherapy – from basic science to clinical application The rapidly evolving field of immunotherapy is thoroughly and expertly covered in this cutting-edge text. Written by a world-renowned author team, this innovative resource provides readers with a solid grasp of the fundamental principles of basic immunology so they can better understand the medical uses of immunotherapy. The book then advances to practical application and toxicity management. Presented in a concise, templated, and easy-to-read format, Cancer Immunotherapy is the single-best resource for readers to familiarize themselves with the medical use of immunotherapy. The book includes an entire section on eighteen individual cancer types (brain, breast, etc.) with listings of approved drugs, information on each drug, and discussion of emerging therapies for each of the cancers. • Groundbreaking in that it is the first cancer immunology book to combine the basic science with actual clinical application • Includes the latest guidelines for immunotherapy, cancer immunotherapy, and toxicity management • Valuable opening section includes discussion of introduction to immunotherapy, components of the immune system, vaccines, the immune system in cancer, and more

Immunotherapy of Cancer

Immunotherapy of Cancer Author Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi
ISBN-10 9784431550310
Release 2016-02-22
Pages 358
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This timely book, published just as cancer immunotherapy comes of age, summarizes the rationale, present status, and future perspective for cancer immunotherapy. Included are explanations of the constitution of the immune system and immunocheckpoints, the mechanism of antigen presentation and recognition, valuable modalities, clinical trials and guidance, personalization, and biomarkers, all of which are essential for understanding the success of cancer immunotherapy. This innovative therapy has been investigated worldwide as the fourth line of cancer treatment after the standard treatments of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. The progress in fundamental understanding of tumor immunology and the recent advances in clinical trials have opened new avenues with a cancer vaccine in 2010 and immunocheckpoint modulation in 2011, with their approval already granted in the United States. Today, there are no doubts, even among experts in cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy, that the immune system plays a vital role in tumor eradication. Following American approval, many clinical trials of cancer immunotherapy are being conducted. With this book the reader will readily understand the paradigm shift in cancer treatment and will realize the importance of cancer immunotherapy. The great value of immunotherapy will be obvious, not only for tumor shrinkage but for prolonging patient survival.

Early Phase Cancer Immunotherapy

Early Phase Cancer Immunotherapy Author Sandip Pravin Patel
ISBN-10 9783319637570
Release 2017-11-03
Pages 331
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This volume, a state-of-the-art review of early phase clinical trials for cancer immunotherapy, discusses biomarker selection, combinatorial strategies and their safety or toxicity, determination of Phase 2 dosing, endpoints in the setting of radiographic pseudoprogression, histology selection, and novel immunotherapeutics as they relate to early phase cancer immunotherapy.

Curing Cancer with Immunotherapy

Curing Cancer with Immunotherapy Author Rene Chee
ISBN-10 0997820012
Release 2016-08-30
Pages 346
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Four out of ten people will be diagnosed with cancer. For decades, standard therapies have remained powerless against advanced cancer. But in the 1890s, an American surgeon showed that terminal patients could be cured by stimulating their immune systems. The treatment? A concoction of dead bacteria known as Coley's Toxins.This is the real-life story of Rene Chee, a biologist diagnosed with an aggressive cancer while working at Stanford University. After conventional treatment, she realizes it is a matter of time before her incurable cancer returns and takes her life. She and her husband explore alternative treatments and discover Coley's Toxins. Intent on a cure, they embark on an arduous adventure to obtain Coley's Toxins and other immunotherapies. They have an ally: a world-renowned immunologist who teaches them how to unleash Rene's immune system against her cancer.Through their journey, you will discover:- How cutting-edge immunotherapies work- How tumors can hide from the immune system- How to maximize immunotherapy by combining treatments- How low-carb diets and high omega-3 diets can weaken tumors- How to obtain immunotherapyAn immune-based cure is possible today. If you are ready to examine the evidence and see how it can be achieved, this book is for you.

Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer Immunotherapy Author James Allison
ISBN-10 9780080463377
Release 2006-05-19
Pages 400
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For some time immunotherapy has been heralded as a breakthrough approach for cancer treatment. Although the potential of this strategy remains solid, the approach needs considerable refinement. Whilst some programmes are looking to increase the understanding of molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the stimulation of antitumor immunity, others are trying to find the most appropriate clinical setting that will reveal the role of the immune system in combating cancer. Among the most important discoveries have been tumor-specific antigens. This thematic volume highlights some key issues and discusses where they may move forward. It has been put together by two leading cancer immunotherapists from two eminent institutions that focus on cancer research.

Phosphopeptides as targets for cancer immunotherapy

Phosphopeptides as targets for cancer immunotherapy Author Joy Marie Polefrone
ISBN-10 UVA:X030220356
Release 2007
Pages 202
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Phosphopeptides as targets for cancer immunotherapy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Phosphopeptides as targets for cancer immunotherapy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Phosphopeptides as targets for cancer immunotherapy book for free.

Immunotherapy of Cancer

Immunotherapy of Cancer Author Mary L. Disis
ISBN-10 9781597450119
Release 2007-10-28
Pages 516
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Expert bench and clinical scientists join forces to concurrently review both the state-of-the-art in tumor immunology and its clinical translation into promising practical treatments. The authors explain in each chapter the scientific basis behind such therapeutic agents as monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, vaccines, and T-cells, and illustrate their clinical manipulation to combat cancer. Additional chapters address statistical analysis-both of clinical trials and assay evaluations-methods for the discovery of antigens, adoptive T cell therapy, and adaptive and innate immunity. The challenges in clinical trial design, the need for biomarkers of response-such as novel imaging techniques and immunologic monitoring-and the new advances and directions in cancer immunotherapy are also fully examined.

Defects in T Cell Trafficking and Resistance to Cancer Immunotherapy

Defects in T Cell Trafficking and Resistance to Cancer Immunotherapy Author Emmanuel Donnadieu
ISBN-10 9783319422237
Release 2016-10-02
Pages 199
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This volume focuses on recent advances in understanding T cells as key players in antitumor immune responses, and as a result T cell-based immunotherapy is starting to transform the treatment of advanced cancers. However, despite recent successes, many patients with cancer fail to respond to these treatments. Defective migration of T cells into and within tumors is considered as an important resistance mechanism to cancer immunotherapy.The volume includes three sections. The first section covers general knowledge about T cell trafficking during a normal immune response but also during tumor development. The second section provides an in-depth description of the different obstacles that prevent T cells from migrating and contacting tumor cells. The third section explores therapeutic strategies to improve trafficking of T cells into tumors and, thus, to enhance the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy.

Cancer Immunotherapy at the Crossroads

Cancer Immunotherapy at the Crossroads Author James H. Finke
ISBN-10 9781592597437
Release 2003-11-24
Pages 386
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Leading investigators and clinicians detail the different mechanisms used by tumors to escape and impair the immune system and then spell out possible clinical strategies to prevent or reverse tumor-induced immune dysfunction. The authors review the mechanisms of immune dysfunction and evasion mechanisms in histologically diverse human tumors, focusing on tumor-induced molecular defects in T cells and antigen-presenting cells (dendritic cells and tumors), that may serve as biomarkers for patient prognosis. They discuss the means by which these immune functions may be protected or restored in order to more effectively support the process of tumor rejection in situ. Cutting-edge techniques are outlined with the capacity to monitor the strength and quality of patients' immune responses using immunocytometry, MHC-peptide tetramers combined with apoptosis assay, ELISPOT assay, and detection of MHC-TAA peptide complexes on tumor cells.