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Capture Management

Capture Management Author Gregory A. Garrett
ISBN-10 9780808009337
Release 2005-03-01
Pages 330
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The Capture Management Life-Cycle provides a comprehensive step-by-step approach to help individuals and companies win more business. The philosophy behind the Capture Management Life-Cycle is that business is won with mutually beneficial offers that meet a customer's objectives as well as the seller's requirements for profitability. The three-phase Capture Management Life-Cycle model is presented with inputs, tools and techniques, outputs, case studies and forms/templates to assist business professionals in selling products, services or solutions. The Capture Management Life-Cycle consists of three phases, ten stages and more than 35 key actions for winning more business..

U S Military Program Management

U S  Military Program Management Author Gregory A. Garrett
ISBN-10 9781523097333
Release 2006-12
Pages 464
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An indispensable resource for all defense industry professionals—governmental and commercial! Introducing the only book on the market offering valuable best practices and lessons learned for U.S. military program management The U.S. Department of Defense and the related defense industry together form the largest and most powerful government and business entity in the world, developing some of the most expensive and complex major systems ever created. U. S. Military Program Management presents a detailed discussion, from a multi-functional view, of the ins and outs of U.S. military program management and offers recommendations for improving practices in the future. More than 15 leading experts present case studies, best practices, and lessons learned from the Army, Navy, and Air Force, from both the government and industry/contractor perspectives. This book addresses the key competencies of effective U.S. military program management in six comprehensive sections: • Requirements management • Program leadership and teamwork • Risk and financial management • Supply chain management and logistics • Contract management and procurement • Special topics

Solicitations Bids Proposals and Source Selection

Solicitations  Bids  Proposals and Source Selection Author CCH Incorporated
ISBN-10 9780808016120
Release 2007-04
Pages 350
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This fast-paced book walks you through the entire buying and selling life-cycle in just the first chapter. Chapters 2-7 then provide the detailed process inputs, proven tools and techniques, and desired outputs for all three phases and each of the seven key steps which both buyers and sellers must accomplish to achieve business success. Chapters 8, 9, and 10 each provide a thought-provoking discussion of proven effective best practices to improve buying and selling. Each chapter provides best practices in solicitations, bids/proposals, and contracts in a different marketplace. Chapter 8 addresses best practices in the U.S. Federal Government Marketplace. Chapter 9 provides best practices in the U.S. Commercial Marketplace. Finally, Chapter 10 discusses buying and selling best practices in the Multi-National/Global Marketplace. This one-of-a-kind book provides both breadth and depth of practical guidance, which few books have ever delivered. Plus, the authors have included numerous excellent interviews of buying and selling business professionals, from both the U.S. Government and industry. The interviews alone are worth the price of this book. If you are a business professional involved in any aspect of buying or selling products, services, and/or solutions, then this book is a must buy, read, and do!

Contract Negotiations

Contract Negotiations Author Gregory A. Garrett
ISBN-10 9780808012467
Release 2005
Pages 365
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Contract Negotiations: Skills, Tools and Best Practices discusses today's dynamic performance-based business environment in both the public and private business sectors. Contract Negotiations covers the important aspects of contract negotiation planning, conducting contract negotiations, documenting contract negotiations and contract formation. You'll find an engaging discussion of the competencies and skills that must be mastered to become a world-class contract negotiator. The book features a proven effective contract negotiation process, supplemented with numerous tools, forms, templates, case studies and best practices.

Shipley Business Development Lifecycle Guide

Shipley Business Development Lifecycle Guide Author Larry Newman
ISBN-10 9781626759831
Release 2013-05-15
Pages 114
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Organizations with effective business development processes gain the following benefits: • Reduced costs and risks of capturing business • Increased productivity and staff morale • Improved sales forecasting • Increased management visibility and control • More competitive solutions and proposals The most successful organizations in any market or selling environment innovate and improve framework processes based upon fundamental principles. Less effective organizations follow tightly defined processes, but limited understanding of the fundamental principles reduces their flexibility to adapt to market and customer shifts. The least effective organizations lack consistent processes and fail to understand fundamental principles. Help senior managers design a single, flexible, and scalable business development process based on industry best practices. Organizations with a single business development process eliminate confusion about which process applies. If you have multiple processes, individuals will repeatedly rationalize why the more disciplined process does not apply to a given opportunity. Business development managers that permit ad hoc processes and rely on heroes for success are consistently less successful. A flexible process can be adapted to different types of selling environments, markets, opportunities, and customer requirements. A scalable process can be adapted to differing sizes of opportunities, schedules, resources, and budgets. As with our Proposal Guide and Capture Guide, these guidelines are based upon fundamental principles of our consulting practice: • Align your process to the customer’s process. • Use a disciplined business development process that emphasizes planning. • Schedule to the process and maintain schedule discipline. • Base your strategy and tactics on the customer’s perspective. • Maintain customer focus through every step. • Use Decision Gate reviews to prompt senior management to decide whether to advance the opportunity to the next phase or end the pursuit. • Use Color Team reviews to improve the quality of the business development work product, whether an account plan, pursuit plan, capture plan, strategy, solution, or proposal. Help individuals understand the business development process. Whether highly experienced or new to business development, individuals must use common vocabularies and definitions to work effectively and efficiently as a team. Likewise, winning complex, competitive opportunities requires a cohesive, coordinated business development team working with a common understanding of the work process, individual roles, and required tasks. This Business Development Lifecycle Guide is designed to help individuals on your marketing, capture, and proposal teams reach a common understanding of business development process best practices and terms. These fundamental best practices are readily applicable and adaptable when selling to governments and businesses in domestic, international, and export markets; when selling services and products; and in situations requiring security clearances. Individuals often use common terms with different implicit meanings. Common terms are defined to support cohesive, effective business development teams. Record best practices in a clear, linear order. At Shipley Associates, we have observed, studied, and recommended business development best practices since 1972. We endeavor to follow these principles in our consulting practice, teach them in our training practice, apply them in our business development process re-engineering practice, and share them in our series of Guides. This Business Development Lifecycle Guide describes a business development process comprising 96 steps divided into seven phases. We urge business development professionals to adapt, scale, and tailor this 96-step process to the types and sizes of business opportunities encountered by their organizations.

Getting Results

Getting Results Author Ann Costello
ISBN-10 9780808018186
Release 2008
Pages 289
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This book focuses on what it takes to achieve great business results in the complex world of U.S. Federal Government contracts and projects. Specifically, the book addresses: the nature of the blended (multisector) workforce challenges and opportunities, the need for knowledge management throughout the acquisition life cycle, and the mandate to provide effective program/project management in an environment of performance-based acquisition. The book provides a comprehensive discussion of the six integrated disciplines of Performance-Based Project Management (PBPM), including: Cultural Transformation Strategic Linkage Governance Communications Risk Management Performance Management. Key topics include effective management of a multisector workforce; how to create and sustain a knowledge management culture; success with complex FAR programs and contracts. The book provides 100+ proven best practices, tools, techniques, and more than 12 case studies from both U.S. government agencies and industry. The book concludes with a brief discussion of the Future Acquisition Workforce and what it will take to get great results with on time delivery of quality products, services and integrated solutions at competitive pricing.

AALL Directory and Handbook

AALL Directory and Handbook Author
ISBN-10 IND:30000107666566
Release 2004
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AALL Directory and Handbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from AALL Directory and Handbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full AALL Directory and Handbook book for free.

Shipley Capture Guide

Shipley Capture Guide Author Larry Newman
ISBN-10 9781626756595
Release 2013-04-15
Pages 235
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The most effective organizations are 10 times more effective in winning competitive new business than industry averages, based on several industry benchmarking studies dating back to the late 1980s. Researchers have concluded that the most effective organizations follow defined framework processes based upon fundamental principles. Less effective organizations follow defined processes but lose sight of principles that help them adapt to individual opportunities. The least effective organizations lack consistent processes, or defined principles, and rely instead on valiant efforts of heroes following ad hoc processes. Help individuals position their organizations to capture competitive business opportunities Guidelines are based on fundamental principles revealed by business development research: • Align capture activities with the customer’s analysis and selection process. • Influence the customer to prefer your organization and solution early, and maintain that preference through selection, award, and delivery. • Base your strategy on the customer’s perspective of reality. • Align your actions and messages throughout the business development cycle. • Use decision gate reviews of potential business opportunities for determining the best manner in which to proceed and color team reviews to improve quality of the product and outcome. Follow these principles to win more business, more effectively, economically, and consistently. Guide individuals in capture planning roles The structure for the Shipley Capture Guide originated with the Shipley Proposal Guide. While many capture planning principles were included in the Proposal Guide, clients repeatedly requested more specific advice. As organizations placed more individuals into capture planning roles, these individuals needed to understand how to adapt best practices and tools to their individual markets and opportunities. This Capture Guide is designed to be a quick reference for individuals assigned to be capture managers or to contribute to capture teams. Record capture management and planning best-practice guidelines At Shipley Associates, we have observed and recommended industry best practices in business development consulting, training, and process re-engineering since 1972. We endeavor to follow these guidelines in our consulting practice, teach them in our professional development practice, tailor them in our process practice, and share them in our series of Guides. This Capture Guide, like the companion Proposal Guide and Business Development Lifecycle Guide, offers guidelines, not rules. Reality encompasses more variations than can be covered in a guide intended to be concise. When in doubt, consider the underlying principles.

Project Manager s Handbook

Project Manager s Handbook Author David L. Cleland
ISBN-10 9780071542715
Release 2007-10-14
Pages 720
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Market: project managers, construction managers, business managers, special projects managers, and strategic planner Thirty percent of the book is drawn from international projects Covers non-traditional industries such as health care, educational systems, media and entertainment, and computers and communications

Managing Complex Outsourced Projects

Managing Complex Outsourced Projects Author Gregory A. Garrett
ISBN-10 9780808010739
Release 2005-03-30
Pages 328
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The ever-changing world of outsourcing demands that project managers be adept at team building, meeting management, group-based problem solving and conflict management. Managing Complex Outsourced Projects provides a comprehensive review of what it takes to successfully manage outsourced projects resulting in improved performance and reduced expenses. Author Gregory A. Garrett discusses the concept of Integrated Project Management (IPM), which is the discipline of ensuring that appropriate practices, tools and techniques are implemented by all parties involved in the outsourcing process. In Managing Complex Outsourced Projects, you'll find more than 400 tips and best practices, over 40 forms and more than 20 case studies that depict how the most successful companies effectively manage outsourced complex projects.

ProActive Sales Management

ProActive Sales Management Author William Miller
ISBN-10 9780814414576
Release 2009-07-15
Pages 256
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Today's sales managers have to be quicker than ever, being more proactive about hiring the best performers and retaining them, multi-tasking, and managing complex sales processes in order to close more and more deals. This book provides readers with a proven method for managing the sales process as well as the salespeople. Packed with specific, field-tested techniques, ProActive Sales Management shows sales managers how to: * motivate a sales team * get their sales team to prospect and qualify * create a proactive sales culture * effectively coach and counsel up and down the sales organization * reduce reports to one sheet of paper and 10 minutes a week * forecast with up to 90% accuracy * take A players to A+ levels Packed with all new metrics and tactics for making the numbers in today's sales environment, this is an important resource no sales manager should be without.

Successful Proposal Strategies for Small Businesses Using Knowledge Management to Win Government Private Sector and International Contracts Sixth Edition

Successful Proposal Strategies for Small Businesses    Using Knowledge Management to Win Government  Private Sector  and International Contracts  Sixth Edition Author Robert S. Frey
ISBN-10 9781608074747
Release 2012
Pages 696
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Here's your one-stop-shop for winning new business! the new, Sixth Edition of this perennial bestseller updates and expands all previous editions, making this volume the most exhaustive and definitive proposal strategy resource. Directly applicable for businesses of all sizes, Successful Proposal Strategies provides extensive and important context, field-proven approaches, and in-depth techniques for business success with the Federal Government, the largest buyer of services and products in the world. This popular book and its companion CD-ROM are highly accessible, self-contained desktop references developed to be informative, highly practical, and easy to use. Small companies with a viable service or product learn how to gain and keep a customer's attention, even when working with only a few employees. Offering a greatly expanded linkage of proposals to technical processes and directions, the Sixth Edition includes a wealth of new material, adding important chapters on cost building and price volume, the criticality of business culture and investments in proposal success, the proposal solution development process, and developing key conceptual graphics. CD-ROM Included! Features useful proposal templates in Adobe Acrobat, platform-independent format; HTML pointers to Small Business Web Sites; a comprehensive, fully searchable listing Proposal and Contract Acronyms; and a sample architecture for a knowledge base or proposal library.

Entity Information Life Cycle for Big Data

Entity Information Life Cycle for Big Data Author John R. Talburt
ISBN-10 9780128006658
Release 2015-04-20
Pages 254
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Entity Information Life Cycle for Big Data walks you through the ins and outs of managing entity information so you can successfully achieve master data management (MDM) in the era of big data. This book explains big data’s impact on MDM and the critical role of entity information management system (EIMS) in successful MDM. Expert authors Dr. John R. Talburt and Dr. Yinle Zhou provide a thorough background in the principles of managing the entity information life cycle and provide practical tips and techniques for implementing an EIMS, strategies for exploiting distributed processing to handle big data for EIMS, and examples from real applications. Additional material on the theory of EIIM and methods for assessing and evaluating EIMS performance also make this book appropriate for use as a textbook in courses on entity and identity management, data management, customer relationship management (CRM), and related topics. Explains the business value and impact of entity information management system (EIMS) and directly addresses the problem of EIMS design and operation, a critical issue organizations face when implementing MDM systems Offers practical guidance to help you design and build an EIM system that will successfully handle big data Details how to measure and evaluate entity integrity in MDM systems and explains the principles and processes that comprise EIM Provides an understanding of features and functions an EIM system should have that will assist in evaluating commercial EIM systems Includes chapter review questions, exercises, tips, and free downloads of demonstrations that use the OYSTER open source EIM system Executable code (Java .jar files), control scripts, and synthetic input data illustrate various aspects of CSRUD life cycle such as identity capture, identity update, and assertions

Performing Information Governance

Performing Information Governance Author Anthony David Giordano
ISBN-10 9780133385632
Release 2014-09-11
Pages 672
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Make Information Governance Work : Best Practices, Step-by-Step Tasks, and Detailed Deliverables Most enterprises recognize the crucial importance of effective information governance. However, few are satisfied with the value of their efforts to date. Information governance is difficult because it is a pervasive function, touching multiple processes, systems, and stakeholders. Fortunately, there are best practices that work. Now, a leading expert in the field offers a complete, step-by-step guide to successfully governing information in your organization. Using case studies and hands-on activities, Anthony Giordano fully illuminates the “who, what, how, and when” of information governance. He explains how core governance components link with other enterprise information management disciplines, and provides workable “job descriptions” for each project participant. Giordano helps you successfully integrate key data stewardship processes as you develop large-scale applications and Master Data Management (MDM) environments. Then, once you’ve deployed an information asset, he shows how to consistently get reliable regulatory and financial information from it. Performing Information Governance will be indispensable to CIOs and Chief Data Officers…data quality, metadata, and MDM specialists…anyone responsible for making information governance work. Coverage Includes Recognizing the hidden development and operational implications of information governance—and why it needs to be integrated in the broader organization Integrating information governance activities with transactional processing, BI, MDM, and other enterprise information management functions Establishing the information governance organization: defining roles, launching projects, and integrating with ongoing operations Performing information governance in transactional projects, including those using agile methods and COTS products Bringing stronger information governance to MDM: strategy, architecture, development, and beyond Governing information throughout your BI or Big Data project lifecycle Effectively performing ongoing information governance and data stewardship operational processes Auditing and enforcing data quality management in the context of enterprise information management Maintaining and evolving metadata management for maximum business value

Lifecycle Investing

Lifecycle Investing Author Ian Ayres
ISBN-10 9781458758422
Release 2010-05-21
Pages 356
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Diversification provides a well-known way of getting something close to a free lunch: by spreading money across different kinds of investments, investors can earn the same return with lower risk (or a much higher return for the same amount of risk). This strategy, introduced nearly fifty years ago, led to such strategies as index funds. What if we were all missing out on another free lunch that's right under our noses? In Lifecycle Investing, Barry Nalebuff and Ian Ayres - two of the most innovative thinkers in business, law, and economics - have developed tools that will allow nearly any investor to diversify their portfolios over time. By using leveraging when young - a controversial idea that sparked hate mail when the authors first floated it in the pages of Forbes - investors of all stripes, from those just starting to plan to those getting ready to retire, can substantially reduce overall risk while improving their returns. In Lifecycle Investing, readers will learn.

GIS for Business

GIS for Business Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105123674587
Release 1995
Pages 287
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GIS for Business has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from GIS for Business also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full GIS for Business book for free.

Agile by Design

Agile by Design Author Rachel Alt-Simmons
ISBN-10 9781118905661
Release 2015-10-12
Pages 288
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Beyond merely defining analytics projects, this important book equips you with the information you need to apply agile methodologies in a way that tailors your approach to individual initiatives{OCLCbr#97}and the needs of your projects and team. --