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Cargopilot Author Christiaan Van Heijst
ISBN-10 0993260446
Release 2016-12-05
Pages 208
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Cargopilot has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cargopilot also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cargopilot book for free.

Outlaws Inc

Outlaws Inc Author Matt Potter
ISBN-10 9781608195398
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 336
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This riveting account reveals the secret corners of our supposedly flat world: black markets where governments are never seen but still spend outrageous amounts of money. Journalist Matt Potter tells the story of Yuri and his crew, a gang of Russian military men who, after the collapse of the Soviet Union found themselves without work or prospects. So they bought a decommissioned Soviet plane-at liquidation prices, straight from the Russian government-and started a shipping business. It wasn't long before Yuri, and many pilots like him, found themselves an unlikely (and ethically dubious) hub of global trading. Men like these are paid by the U.S., the Taliban, and blue-chip multinational companies to bring supplies- some legal, some not-across dangerous borders. In a feat of daring reportage, Potter gets onto the flight deck with these outlaws and tells the story of their fearless missions. Dodging gunfire, Potter is taken from place to place by men trafficking everything from illicit weapons to emergency aid, making enemies everywhere but no reliable friends. As the world changes, we see the options for the crew first explode, then slowly diminish, until, in a desperate maneuver, they move their operations to the most lawless corners of Africa, where they operate to this day. The story of these outlaws is a microcosm of the world since the end of the cold war: secret contracts, guerrilla foreign policy, and conflicts too thorny to be handled in public. Potter uses the story of these men to articulate an underground history of the globalized world. At once thrilling, provocative, and morally circumspect, this book is a must-read for anyone with an interest in espionage, or in how the world works today.

The Rescue of Bat 21

The Rescue of Bat 21 Author Darrel Whitcomb
ISBN-10 9781612515830
Release 2014-07-15
Pages 224
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When his electronic warfare plane, call sign Bat 21, was shot down on 2 April 1972, fifty-three-year-old Air Force navigator Iceal "Gene" Hambleton parachuted into the middle of a North Vietnamese invasion force and set off the biggest and most controversial air rescue effort of the Vietnam War. After twenty-five years of official secrecy, the story of that dangerous and costly rescue is revealed by a decorated Air Force pilot and Vietnam veteran. Involving personnel from all services, including the Coast Guard, the unorthodox rescue operation claimed the lives of eleven soldiers and airmen, destroyed or damaged several aircraft, and put hundreds of airmen, a secret commando unit, and a South Vietnamese infantry division at risk. It also examines the thorny debates arising from an operation that balanced one man's life against mounting U.S. and South Vietnamese casualties and material losses, the operation's impact on one of the most critical battles of the war, and the role played by search and rescue as America disengaged from that war.


Skyfaring Author Mark Vanhoenacker
ISBN-10 9780385351829
Release 2015-06-02
Pages 368
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A poetic and nuanced exploration of the human experience of flight that reminds us of the full imaginative weight of our most ordinary journeys—and reawakens our capacity to be amazed. The twenty-first century has relegated airplane flight—a once remarkable feat of human ingenuity—to the realm of the mundane. Mark Vanhoenacker, a 747 pilot who left academia and a career in the business world to pursue his childhood dream of flight, asks us to reimagine what we—both as pilots and as passengers—are actually doing when we enter the world between departure and discovery. In a seamless fusion of history, politics, geography, meteorology, ecology, family, and physics, Vanhoenacker vaults across geographical and cultural boundaries; above mountains, oceans, and deserts; through snow, wind, and rain, renewing a simultaneously humbling and almost superhuman activity that affords us unparalleled perspectives on the planet we inhabit and the communities we form.

The Long Haul A Trucker s Tales of Life on the Road

The Long Haul  A Trucker s Tales of Life on the Road Author Finn Murphy
ISBN-10 9780393608724
Release 2017-06-06
Pages 256
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A long-haul mover’s rollicking account of life out on the Big Slab. More than thirty years ago, Finn Murphy dropped out of college to become a long-haul trucker. Since then he’s covered more than a million miles packing, loading, and hauling people’s belongings all over America. Known by his trucker handle as U-Turn, he spends his days (and many of his nights) in a 53-foot eighteen-wheeler he calls Cassidy. In The Long Haul, Murphy offers a trucker’s-eye view of America on the move. Going far beyond the myth of the American road trip, he whisks readers down the I-95 Powerlane, across the Florida Everglades, in and out of the truck stops of the Midwest, and through the steep grades of the Rocky Mountains. As he crisscrosses the country, Murphy recounts with wit, candor, and charm the America he has seen change over the decades, from the hollowing-out of small towns to changing tastes in culture and home furnishings. Some 40 million Americans move each year, and very few have any idea what they’re getting into or the kind of person to whom they are relinquishing their worldly goods. The Long Haul is also a behind-the-scenes look at the moving industry, revealing what really happens when we call in “the movers.” Through it all, Murphy tells poignant, funny, and often haunting stories of the people he encounters on the job: a feisty hoarder in New Hampshire; a Virginia homeowner raging when Murphy’s truck accidentally runs down a stand of trees; an ex-banker in Colorado who treats Finn and his crew with undisguised contempt; a widow who needs Murphy to bring her archeologist husband’s remains and relics to a Navajo burial ceremony in New Mexico. These experiences inspire Finn’s memorable reflections on work, class, and the bonds we form with the things we own and the places we live. Brimming with personality and filled with great characters, The Long Haul is a resonant portrait of the enduring appeal of manual labor in the dark underbelly of the American Dream.

Power and Plenty

Power and Plenty Author Ronald Findlay
ISBN-10 1400831881
Release 2009-08-10
Pages 648
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International trade has shaped the modern world, yet until now no single book has been available for both economists and general readers that traces the history of the international economy from its earliest beginnings to the present day. Power and Plenty fills this gap, providing the first full account of world trade and development over the course of the last millennium. Ronald Findlay and Kevin O'Rourke examine the successive waves of globalization and "deglobalization" that have occurred during the past thousand years, looking closely at the technological and political causes behind these long-term trends. They show how the expansion and contraction of the world economy has been directly tied to the two-way interplay of trade and geopolitics, and how war and peace have been critical determinants of international trade over the very long run. The story they tell is sweeping in scope, one that links the emergence of the Western economies with economic and political developments throughout Eurasia centuries ago. Drawing extensively upon empirical evidence and informing their systematic analysis with insights from contemporary economic theory, Findlay and O'Rourke demonstrate the close interrelationships of trade and warfare, the mutual interdependence of the world's different regions, and the crucial role these factors have played in explaining modern economic growth. Power and Plenty is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the origins of today's international economy, the forces that continue to shape it, and the economic and political challenges confronting policymakers in the twenty-first century.

Double Down

Double Down Author Susan Hayes
ISBN-10 9781988446004
Release 2016-07-19
Pages 180
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When it comes to love, sometimes the best bet is to double down. Kit and Luke Armas are cyborgs created for one purpose, battle. Now that the war is over, they must fight to carve out a place for themselves in a universe they were intended to die for but never be a part of. Cargo pilot Zura Watson came to the edge of civilized space to start over. The Drift is a haven for the hunted, the lost, and those seeking second chances. It was also the last place in the cosmos Zura expected to find love. When the shadows of the past threaten to eclipse this trio’s future, they’ll have to fight for their chance at love and the life they’ve always dreamed of. Keywords: menage, genes, cyborgs, alpha males, cyberpunk, Protector heroine in peril ugly duckling, aliens, suspense, corporations, love,

Christmas from Heaven

Christmas from Heaven Author Tom Brokaw
ISBN-10 1609077008
Release 2013
Pages 32
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Presents the story of how an American pilot participated in the Berlin Airlift and decided to drop candy for the German children caught behind the post-World-War II Soviet blockade, an effort intended to heal the wounds of war.


Airframe Author Michael Crichton
ISBN-10 9780345526779
Release 2011-03
Pages 448
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A fatal mid-air collision involving a commercial airliner prompts a frantic, desperate investigation into the causes of the accident, in a thriller exploring the issue of safety and security in the aircraft industry.

Far Tortuga

Far Tortuga Author Peter Matthiessen
ISBN-10 1860463142
Release 1997
Pages 416
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In a harbour in the Cayman Islands, the schooner Lillias Eden prepares to set sail for the turtling grounds of the western Caribbean. Her captain is Raib Avers, a bitter man with a violent temper, one of the last of a dying breed of turtle-fishers. Her crew consists of a mixed bag of both experienced and inexperienced sailors, those few who are prepared to accept Avers' tyrannical style of captaincy. They include his teenage son, a few of Avers' fellow veterans from the once-thriving turtle fishing industry, a one-eyed psychic, a black Honduran from the Bay Islands and a troublesome would-be singer who feels himself destined for greater things than a life at sea. Following the fortunes of the old Caribbean schooner and her crew, Peter Matthiessen's outstanding novel is both a powerful story of the sea and a resonantly symbolic account of the relations between man and nature.

Tiger Tales

Tiger Tales Author LeVerne J. Moldrem
ISBN-10 0964949857
Release 1996
Pages 421
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A hardcover book of 456 pages of anecdotes from over 100 Flying Tiger pilots, flight attendants, & others which combine to form a living history of the of the Flying Tiger Line. Share personal experiences ranging from hilarious bar stories on layovers to engine failures, inflight fires & tragic accidents. Experience the exploits of the ten pilots who flew with Chennault's American Volunteer Group in China & later flew the "Hump", before forming their own airline in 1945. Personal accounts of operations in support of U.S. forces in Japan, the Korean airlift & the Viet Nam war. The Dewline operation in the arctic - many hairy stories & a few wrecks. Humanitarian flights, relocation of refugees, aid to earthquake victims & emergency relief flights to Cambodia, Ethiopia & the Sudan. These men & women worked hard & played hard, as the company grew to become the largest air cargo line in the world. This is their story. The author retired as a Boeing 747 captain after 31 years with the Flying Tiger Line. Order from: Bookworld 1-800-444-2524.

Squawk 7700

Squawk 7700 Author Peter M. Buffington
ISBN-10 9780971208421
Release 2010-09
Pages 400
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Squawk 7700 is a first-hand account of author Peter Buffington's experiences as a commercial airline pilot and the journey he took to reach his childhood dream. Buckle your seatbelt and prepare for an eye-opening, turbulent ride into the world of aviation from the pilot's seat. From student pilot at age 15, to flying instructor, to nighttime cargo pilot, and finally as first officer aboard the ATR42 and ATR72 turboprop airliners island hopping the Caribbean. Squawk 7700 is a riveting aviation adventure.

Tiger 747

ISBN-10 0993260462
Release 2017-05-15
Pages 208
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Tiger 747 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tiger 747 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tiger 747 book for free.

Eight Worlds of Warriors

Eight Worlds of Warriors Author M J Sanders
ISBN-10 9781479741915
Release 2012-11-30
Pages 203
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Summary Earths governments and the galactic bureaucracies which followed humanity into the stars, do little to represent the people. Mankind and its derivatives and cross species thereof, either live as drones of the corporate empires or as political puppets, while there is yet another group who have chosen to fight for the safety of humanity. The military remains the only beacon of hope for the people and still the stinch of the Corporations filter throughout its ranks. But for a strong few, another path awaits. The tournament, and with it the opportunity to see time re-written and mistakes erased.

Caravan Cessna s Swiss Army Knife with Wings

Caravan   Cessna s Swiss Army Knife with Wings Author John David Lewis
ISBN-10 1560276827
Release 2008
Pages 288
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Known for being one of the most versatile and robust aircraft ever produced, the Cessna Caravan has become the DC-3 workhorse of our current times—as Cessna nicknames it, a "Swiss Army Knife with wings"! This pilot favorite does it all, on land or sea: bush flying, geophysical exploration and mapping, patrol, air ambulance, military, sightseeing, corporate, commuter airline, skydiving, cargo, missionary and humanitarian flying, and much more. The Caravan’s almost legendary reputation of safety and reliability remains a comforting constant for those who affectionately refer to the aircraft as their “flying SUV,” “Suburban with a turbine,” or “aerial truck.” From its coverage of the Caravan’s colorful history to its innovative-yet-conventional aircraft systems, to interesting pilot stories, tips, and beautiful photography throughout, Lewis and Cook's book is both entertaining and enlightening—Caravan edutainment at its best! The chapters parallel flight phases on a typical mission, and are chock-full of experience, insights and trivia from preflight to postflight—a truly amazing story for all pilots interested in this legendary powerhouse. Every chapter contains a special topic along with the related phase of flight, comprised of Lewis and Cook's coverage of pertinent Caravan characteristics, or stories told by pilots flying Caravans in unusual circumstances and faraway places. Two sections of color photography are included, and multiple appendices with further information on specifications and industry contacts for Caravan owners, as well as extensive footnotes and bibliography. Foreword by Steve Stafford.

The Mcgregor Chronicles

The Mcgregor Chronicles Author Larry K. Collins
ISBN-10 1508663785
Release 2015-03-01
Pages 106
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“Wake up, Matt, wake up,” an insistent voice repeats in my head.From that moment, Matt McGregor's life will never be the same. Upon awaking from cold sleep, Matt, co-captain of the space freighter, HC7 McGregor-15, discovers the ship has been abandoned and life support is failing. Once he gets the systems started, he finds out his brother and co-captain, Mike, has been captured by space pirates. Matt immediately sets out to rescue Mike, aided by the disembodied voices. He is reluctantly paired with Federation Lieutenant Tracy Warren. How will they find Mike and save him? Can they work together, despite their differences? Will they survive the rescue attempt? And who are those voices in Matt's head?

The Wrong Side of the Sky

The Wrong Side of the Sky Author Gavin Lyall
ISBN-10 9781448210794
Release 2013-01-07
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Jack Clay, an ex-Royal Air Force pilot, makes a threadbare living flying charter cargos of dubious legitimacy around the Mediterranean. Time catching up with him, and financial stability nowhere to be seen, his dreams of owning an airplane and his own chartering company are as distant as ever. All this changes in Athens when Clay bumps into an old war-time buddy, who is now helping the former Nawab of Tungabhadra recover his stolen fortune. Clay joins the hunt, but he is not the only one looking; there are many men-and women-who are prepared to lie and cheat, murder and maim, in order to get to the diamonds first… First published in 1961, The Wrong Side of the Sky was Gavin Lyall's debut novel and became an international bestseller.