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Catapult Loading System

Catapult Loading System Author Joey Myers
ISBN-10 1985570726
Release 2018-02-14
Pages 140
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"My son at 10yo (90-lbs) is highly coach-able. I taught him the system in February and he hit well during the season but could only hit the ball around 180'. Then all of a sudden around June he started killing the ball. He was hitting home runs every game and hit a ball at least 250-feet" - Michael Parillo (via email) Sick of struggling to help hitters drive the ball hard with more consistency? Dramatically increase power without sacrificing swing quality. Literally thousands of coaches across the nation are getting predictably positive results with hitters using the CLS system. How? By applying human movement principles validated by REAL science to hitting a ball, and NOT "bro-science." THIS STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO CONSISTENT POWER TEACHES: How to master a handful of human movement principles, so you can slice the "teach hitting" learning curve in half. How to effectively load the body, so your hitters can optimize their batted ball distance potential. How elite-hitters are revealing ways to hit balls with High-Exit-Speeds, swing after swing, using three elements a 4-year-old can understand. Why 'loading and exploding the hips' is bad for lower back, and how to teach hitters a highly effective but SAFE swing. THE NEW EXPANDED EDITION INCLUDES: 'How to practice' section at end of each movement principle Chapter. How to train a 2-year-old to hit a moving ball (proof that NOT only elite hitters can be taught these movements). Why pitchers are taught to pitch around ineffective swing paths, and how to turn their weapon against them. Why coaches MUST focus their hitters' efforts on targeting and elevating pitches low in the zone. How to teach timing and get hitters on-time more often in games.

Catapult Loading System

Catapult Loading System Author Joey D. Myers
ISBN-10 1540817644
Release 2017-01-03
Pages 98
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"My son is 12 and I have used some of the teaching of the Hitting Performance Lab are posting on here and my son hit the ball over 280 feet several times already in the game, not just practices, and also hit the fence on the fly on 300 feet field, so what this guy is teaching works, a least for my son...He weighs about 110 now but ,what I have noticed is how consistent his power has become thank you so much for your help, I played 10 years of professional baseball, and I wish I could of used some of this advice."- Sandy ArecenaThis book is where Bill Nye the Science Guy meets Babe Ruth. Joey Myers uses human movement principles that are validated by science, to hitting a ball. With this system, Joey and literally hundreds of coaches across the nation are helping baseball and fast pitch hitters, to consistently triple their body-weight in batted ball distance.This Step-by-Step guide shows hitting coaches:* Why hitting philosophy fails and principles that are validated by science succeed* Why you shouldn't make video analysis FIRST priority when modeling elite hitters* What 30+ year coaching experience and pro players won't tell you, and how the information source you focus on can dramatically cut down your learning curve* How to become a hitting expert when you've never played higher than Little League* There's a BIG advantage to learning how the body actually loads (and it's not what you're thinking)* A simple method that helped Babe Ruth to consistently crush the ball with some of the heaviest bats ever used* SPECIFIC elite hitters revealing ways to hit high Ball Exit Speeds, swing after swing, using three elements even a 4yo can understand* At last, the secret to transitioning grooved batting practice swings into game at-bats is revealed

The Catapult Loading System

The Catapult Loading System Author Joey Myers
ISBN-10 0692829849
Release 2017-01-03
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The Catapult Loading System has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Catapult Loading System also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Catapult Loading System book for free.

The Complete Guide to Pitching

The Complete Guide to Pitching Author Derek Johnson
ISBN-10 9780736079013
Release 2013
Pages 262
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A progressive instruction manual, written by one of America's top pitching coaches, includes high-quality photo sequences and a 75-minute DVD that features topics ranging from techniques to conditioning to the psychological aspects of pitching, drills, exercises and personal insights from Johnson. Original.

The Science of Sticky Coaching

The Science of Sticky Coaching Author Joey D. Myers
ISBN-10 1542860032
Release 2017-01-30
Pages 134
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Discover How-To Teach, What to Teach, and How Athletes Optimally Learn By Doing What the Top 1% of Coaches Do This The Science of Sticky Coaching: How to Turn Ordinary Athletes into Extraordinary book is split up into three sections: 1. KNOWLEDGE - (How-To Teach, Doing Things Right, "Effectiveness"): equipping inexperienced coaches, parents, and organizational leaders on how to effectively run their associations and teams, 2. LEARNING - (How they learn) - the science of successful learning, optimizing how young athletes acquire new skills, and maintaining a rich soil for learning, and 3. DEVELOPMENT - (What to teach, Doing the Right Things, "Efficiency"): training crucial fundamentals like playing catch, opposite field hitting, and throwing strikes and locating pitches. After surveying tens of thousands of my email subscribers, specific thorn-in-the-side frustrations for coaches coaching Little League and 12 years old softball kept coming up. So this book is an attempt to address all these frustrations using science and what the top 1% of coaches are doing to handle them.

Nolan Ryan s Pitcher s Bible

Nolan Ryan s Pitcher s Bible Author Nolan Ryan
ISBN-10 9780671705817
Release 1991-04-15
Pages 316
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Offers advice on the mechanics of pitching, and recommends a program of weight training, aerobic exercise, and sound nutrition

Hitting Biomechanics

Hitting Biomechanics Author Bob Keyes
ISBN-10 1979535949
Release 2017-12-10
Pages 234
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Since the beginning of organized baseball there has been a great deal of material written on the extremely difficult skill of hitting a baseball. Hall of Fame players and former Major League hitting coaches have produced much of this literature, sharing decades of experience from the baseball "trenches" with those who aspire to follow in their profession. However, despite the thousands of publications written over the last hundred years, little information is available on the correct and essential body mechanics required to achieve success at the highest levels of baseball. Biomechanics is the science of measuring and describing human body movement. The purpose of this book is to define the "art" of hitting a baseball using knowledge gained from the science of biomechanical analysis.In 1986 Bio Kinetics Research & Development began conducting biomechanical research to better understand the body mechanics of the best hitters in the game of baseball, captured during live Major League competition. This book addresses the results of those three dimensional analyses that Bio Kinetics performed on hundreds of Major League hitters over the course of three decades. It is important to note that the information presented is NOT based on any past or present hitting theories or a simple two dimensional observation (such as with video or still images), as is the case with almost all prior publications. To the best of our knowledge, the scope and depth of this work is unique, and no other organization currently has both the process and the expertise employed by Bio Kinetics Research & Development. So, how have we accomplished this? The process starts with data capture. Multiple synchronized high speed and high resolution video cameras are used to record hitters in actual game situations. Next, the multiple two dimensional motion sequences are digitized and converted into a single computerized three dimensional motion sequence. Finally, the laws of physics, along with knowledge of exercise physiology and motor learning, are applied to yield an in-depth understanding of the essential patterns of movement, balance and muscular exertion required to successfully hit a major league pitch. It is the science of biomechanics, not simple observation that provides the irrefutable data presented in this book. Under the title of "Pitch Out" various detailed experiences of this 30 year venture are told in each section. The author is well aware of the various "schools of thought" on the correct understanding of hitting mechanics, each with its attending army of vocal proponents and equally vocal opponents! The intention of this publication is neither to praise nor attack prevailing hitting theory, nor to discount anyone's contribution to the science of hitting. It is important to remember that the evolution of knowledge and understanding of the baseball swing began more than one hundred years ago and many have made positive contributions along the way. Our research, and this book are simply the next step on the path. Three dimensional motion analyses, captured from live competition and compiled over three decades, provides solid evidence of what REALLY happens in the baseball swing, while exposing a tremendous amount of misinformation about the mechanics of hitting as well. This book separates fact from fiction and style from absolute efficient mechanics by presenting cutting edge objective information from those analyses.While the focus of this book is what the best hitters in baseball do, biomechanically, it is important to point out that hitting a baseball is more than simply a mechanical skill. Although often affected by mechanics, the mental, perceptual, and reactional components of this skill are discussed in chapters 9, 10 &11.

Mind of a Superior Hitter

Mind of a Superior Hitter Author Michael McCree
ISBN-10 069205751X
Release 2018-02-13
Pages 194
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Mind of a Superior Hitter: The Art, Science, and Philosophy takes an in-depth look into the key aspects of becoming a great hitter from a psychological, emotional and strategic perspective. The book is designed to enhance the intelligence of hitters in both baseball and softball on a level that is unprecedented. It includes quotes and advice from some of the top hitting coaches in the world, former professional players and prominent minds that have contributed to today's leading hitting ideologies. Throughout, players and coaches are provided valuable information on what it takes to become a better all-around hitter. Hitters of all ages will learn how to: - MENTALLY DEAL WITH SLUMPS - DEVELOP IMPROVED FOCUSED IN THEIR TRAINING - BECOME A BETTER SITUATIONAL HITTER - CUSTOMIZE THEIR SWING TO FIT THEIR STRENGTHS - BE MORE CONFIDENT AND POSITIVE IN THEIR APPROACH Input from master teacher's of hitting such as: - Steve Springer, former professional player and hitting coach - C.J. Stewart, former professional player and private hitting coach for pro players - Laura Berg, 4-time All-American softball player, 4-time Olympian and Olympic Hall of Famer - Jacob Cruz, former MLB player and professional hitting instructor

9 Innings of Hitting

9 Innings of Hitting Author Troy Silva
ISBN-10 1457519577
Release 2013-05-01
Pages 120
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From swing mechanics to the hitter's mental approach, 9 Innings of Hitting is one of the most in-depth resources ever written to help baseball and fast-pitch softball players improve as hitters. Troy Silva of Rijo Athletics explains what players and coaches really need to know about hitting, and exposes the common myths and misconceptions taught by coaches today including irrelevant principles that actually hinder on-field performance. Tailored to hitters who aspire to play at a higher level, 9 Innings of Hitting offers specific insights about proper swing mechanics, how to improve bat speed, pitch recognition, developing the right plan and approach, slow-motion video analysis, sport-specific strength training, and how to put Troy's concepts to work in training, BP, and games. Coaches, players, and parents desperately need this information so they completely understand what it takes for players to perform to their full capability. Learn the fundamental hitting principles that Troy has used to help thousands of baseball and softball players unlock their true potential!

Introduction to UAV Systems

Introduction to UAV Systems Author Paul Fahlstrom
ISBN-10 9781118396810
Release 2012-07-11
Pages 312
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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been widely adopted in the military world over the last decade and the success of these military applications is increasingly driving efforts to establish unmanned aircraft in non-military roles. Introduction to UAV Systems, 4th edition provides a comprehensive introduction to all of the elements of a complete Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). It addresses the air vehicle, mission planning and control, several types of mission payloads, data links and how they interact with mission performance, and launch and recovery concepts. This book provides enough information to encourage a student to learn more; to provide a specialist with a basic appreciation of the technical issues that drive other parts of the system and interact with their specialty; or to help a program manager understand system-level tradeoffs and know what questions to ask. Key features: Comprehensive overview of all elements of a UAS and of how they interact. Introduces the underlying concepts of key subsystems. Emphasizes system-integration issues and how they relate to subsystem design choices. Practical discussion of issues informed by lessons learned in UAV programs. Introduction to UAV Systems, 4th edition is written both for newcomers to the subject and for experienced members of the UAV community who desire a comprehensive overview at the system level. As well as being a primary text for an introductory course on UAS or a supplementary text in a course that goes into more depth in one of the individual technologies involved in a UAS, this book is a useful overview for practicing engineers, researchers, managers, and consultants interested in UAV systems.


ISBN-10 9781477285084
Release 2012-12-12
Pages 166
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Have you ever watched young ball players field A baseball and then hesitate? One of the coaches yells “2nd”, a team mate yells “go home” and where ever the player throws, there is no positive result for his team. Those developing baseball players from the ages of six to twelve need to have more “smarts” about the game. “If the ball is hit to me - what do I do with it” is the most fundamental area of the game following physical skills. Developing this skill can make the difference between a mediocre and a good baseball player. It can give them the edge, it can mean being a starter or a sub, it’s the little things that make the big difference. This book gives infielders and outfielders the basic solutions to every base running situation. It gives situations that make them think to develop that instinctive sense of what to do with the ball. This book can be used in the field by coaches, in the backyard by dads, between players on the way to the game to build confidence. It is a basic tool for every player.

The Spinal Engine

The Spinal Engine Author serge gracovetsky
ISBN-10 9781427629975
Release 1988
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The Spinal Engine has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Spinal Engine also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Spinal Engine book for free.

Postwar Japan as History

Postwar Japan as History Author Andrew Gordon
ISBN-10 0520074750
Release 1993
Pages 496
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As they examine three related themes of postwar history, the authors describe an ongoing historical process marked by unexpected changes, such as Japan's extraordinary economic growth, and unanticipated continuities, such as the endurance of conservative rule. --From publisher's description.

Criminal Capital

Criminal Capital Author Stephen Platt
ISBN-10 113733729X
Release 2015-01-12
Pages 248
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In the first book to expose the role played by the international financial services industry in facilitating crime and laundering criminal property, one of the world's leading anti-financial crime specialists scrutinises the vulnerability of banks, brokerages, trust companies, and investment funds to criminal abuse. Discover: - How the finance industry enables corruption, drug trafficking, terrorism, human trafficking, proliferation, piracy, and tax evasion - Why extreme and dangerous industry behaviour correlates with the risk taking that toppled the global economy in 2008 - What measures can be taken to prevent criminals from compromising the legitimacy of the global financial system Examining the role of the traditional powerhouse financial centres as well as offshore centres and rapidly emerging international financial centres in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, this highly informative book challenges the reader to consider whether following the 2008 crisis, sufficient steps have been taken to address toxic behaviours in financial services; or whether radical reform is needed.

The GoodBatting Book

The  GoodBatting Book Author Kevin Wilson
ISBN-10 1534718893
Release 2016-06-03
Pages 54
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For more than a decade, Kevin Wilson has been one of the most respected hitting coaches in the game. He works behind the scenes as a private hitting consultant to some of the best hitters in Major League Baseball. Now, for the first time ever in print, he takes you inside the mental game of hitting, explaining things you wish you knew before you got into high school, college or professional baseball. The term #GoodBatting is a mindset. It's a feel. It's simple. It's based on your WHY. It's filled with purpose and intent. It's individual. It's genuine. It's a complete understanding of YOU. It's confidence. It's clarity. It's controlled. It's repeatable. It's natural. Kevin takes you all-access inside his world of #GoodBatting. It's not only a mindset, but it's a way of life. Visit and follow Kevin on Twitter @KWBaseball

Parachute Recovery Systems

Parachute Recovery Systems Author T. W. Knacke
ISBN-10 PSU:000043624584
Release 1992
Pages 512
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The purpose of this manual is to provide recovery system engineers in government and industry with tools to evaluate, analyze, select, and design parachute recovery systems. These systems range from simple, one-parachute assemblies to multiple-parachute systems, and may include equipment for impact attenuation, flotation, location, retrieval, and disposition. All system aspects are discussed, including the need for parachute recovery, the selection of the most suitable recovery system concept, concept analysis, parachute performance, force and stress analysis, material selection, parachute assembly and component design, and manufacturing. Experienced recovery system engineers will find this publication useful as a technical reference book; recent college graduates will find it useful as a textbook for learning about parachutes and parachute recovery systems; and technicians with extensive practical experience will find it useful as an engineering textbook that includes a chapter on parachute- related aerodynamics. In this manual, emphasis is placed on aiding government employees in evaluating and supervising the design and application of parachute systems. The parachute recovery system uses aerodynamic drag to decelerate people and equipment moving in air from a higher velocity to a lower velocity and to a safe landing. This lower velocity is known as rate of descent, landing velocity, or impact velocity, and is determined by the following requirements: (1) landing personnel uninjured and ready for action, (2) landing equipment and air vehicles undamaged and ready for use or refurbishment, and (3) impacting ordnance at a preselected angle and velocity.

Offshore Wind Farms

Offshore Wind Farms Author Chong Ng
ISBN-10 9780081007808
Release 2016-03-03
Pages 654
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Offshore Wind Farms: Technologies, Design and Operation provides the latest information on offshore wind energy, one of Europe’s most promising and quickly maturing industries, and a potentially huge untapped renewable energy source which could contribute significantly towards EU 20-20-20 renewable energy generation targets. It has been estimated that by 2030 Europe could have 150GW of offshore wind energy capacity, meeting 14% of our power demand. Offshore Wind Farms: Technologies, Design and Operation provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging technologies, design, and operation of offshore wind farms. Part One introduces offshore wind energy as well as offshore wind turbine siting with expert analysis of economics, wind resources, and remote sensing technologies. The second section provides an overview of offshore wind turbine materials and design, while part three outlines the integration of wind farms into power grids with insights to cabling and energy storage. The final section of the book details the installation and operation of offshore wind farms with chapters on condition monitoring and health and safety, amongst others. Provides an in-depth, multi-contributor, comprehensive overview of offshore technologies, including design, monitoring, and operation Edited by respected and leading experts in the field, with experience in both academia and industry Covers a highly relevant and important topic given the great potential of offshore wind power in contributing significantly to EU 20-20-20 renewable energy targets