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Catch a Wave

Catch a Wave Author Peter Ames Carlin
ISBN-10 9781594868993
Release 2007-06-26
Pages 352
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Now the subject of the movie Love & Mercy, starring John Cusack! Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson, along with Mike Love and Al Jardine--better known as the Beach Boys--rocketed out of a working-class Los Angeles suburb in the early sixties, and their sun-and-surf sound captured the imagination of kids across the world. In a few short years, they rode the wave all the way to the top, standing with the Beatles as one of the world's biggest bands. Despite their utopian visions, infectious hooks, and stunning harmonies, the Beach Boys were beset by drug abuse, jealousy, and terrifying mental illness. In Catch a Wave, Peter Ames Carlin pulls back the curtain on Brian Wilson, one of popular music's most revered luminaries, as well as its biggest mystery. Drawing on hundreds of interviews and never-before heard studio recordings, Carlin follows the Beach Boys from their earliest days through Brian's deepening emotional problems to his triumphant re-emergence with the release of Smile, the legendarily unreleased album he had originally shelved.

The Beach Boys and the California Myth

The Beach Boys and the California Myth Author David Leaf
ISBN-10 0448146266
Release 1978-01-01
Pages 192
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How the Beach Boys created the myth of California in the early sixties.

The Experience of Suburban Modernity

The Experience of Suburban Modernity Author Michael John Law
ISBN-10 9781847799432
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 288
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The experience of suburban modernity explores how the adoption of new forms of private transport transformed inter-war suburban London. It shows how London's suburban middle classes used their newly found disposable income to enjoy driving, motorcycling and flying. The experience of suburban modernity demonstrates that these new practices were welcomed by many, but met resistance to change from those who were dismayed by the accidents that resulted from increased mobility and the aesthetic and cultural changes that were the consequence of Americanisation and suburban development. The book is divided into three sections. In the first, Law considers each of the private transport technologies in turn: the car, the bicycle and motorcycle, and the aeroplane and shows how they contributed to a sense of suburban modernity. Secondly, he examines the infrastructure that supported these technologies and shows how they were interpreted in contested visions of the meaning of Englishness. Finally, Law describes a set of journeys that demonstrate a condition of suburban modernity. These include the roadhouse, a site of Americanisation and transgression, new mobile practices of consumption, the embodied experiences of driving in a modern way, and the disastrous consequences of air and car accidents. This book will be welcomed by academics and students working in suburban studies, historical geography and inter-war British history and can also be enjoyed by anyone interested in the history of London


London Author Paul L. Knox
ISBN-10 1858946271
Release 2015-02-19
Pages 304
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London, a fascinating metropolis not just in terms of its history and landmark buildings, is also a city that grew out of villages. Its unique geography is expressed in a mosaic of districts, each with its own distinctive character and pedigree. London’s districts, with their patchwork layout of primarily Georgian and Victorian squares and terraces juxtaposed with modern buildings and estates, reflect changing ideals in architecture, urban design and planning as well as shifting values in real estate and the insatiable thirst of its consumers. London is thus both text and context: fossilized social history, layerings of economic, social, and architectural history conveyed in stock brick, stucco, Portland stone, glass and steel. Underpinning this urban landscape is an evolutionary resilience that has maintained the basic spatial framework of the metropolis and sustained its imitable character. The city’s institutional framework has been severely ruptured and reinvented time and time again after fires, bombs, floods or wholesale redevelopment. Political unrest and racial conflict have resulted in riots, while successive rounds of investment and disinvestment have replaced elements of the built environment many times over. This book offers an insightful perspective into the distinctiveness of London as expressed through its socially significant buildings and districts.

Local Eats London

Local Eats London Author Natasha McGuinness
ISBN-10 0990537080
Release 2016-05-10
Pages 96
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Local Eats London is a charming guide to the traditional British fare found in the markets, pubs, tea shops and cafes of the city. Informative text defines each food item, so those wondering what exactly spotted dick or eton mess is need not stay in the culinary dark. From breakfast to late night snacks and every meal in between, this beautifully illustrated guide is all food-loving travelers need. Chapters include Morning food, Savory Food, Pub Food, Small Plates, Picnic Food, Afternoon Tea, World Food, Desserts and traditional Midnight Snacks to help travelers navigate the what's what of the casual London food scene. Each featured dish is illustrated with charming water colors to help hungry travelers decide what nibbles to choose. The small format makes this mini tomb the perfect guidebook to tuck into purse or backpack.

London in Fifty Design Icons

London in Fifty Design Icons Author Design Museum Enterprise Limited
ISBN-10 9781840917024
Release 2015-09-07
Pages 112
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In this new series, the Design Museum looks at the fifty design icons of major cities around the world - icons that, when viewed together, inherently sum up the spirit of their city. Covering anything from buildings and monuments to a graffiti mural or an item of clothing, we are able to build up an intricate portrait of a city, layer by layer. From its long-serving Routemaster buses and world-famous tube map to the miniskirts of the swinging sixties and the imposing silhouette of Battersea Power Station, London is a tapestry of design masterpieces. Join Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum, as he unravels the visual history of one of our most complex and intriguing cities. Contents include: The Times masthead Abbey Road Battersea Power Station Tate Modern Turbine Hall Banksy graffiti mural Mary Quant miniskirt Tube map Christopher Kane flourescent dress Lloyd's of London London Aquatics Centre ...and many more.

Hidden Treasures of London

Hidden Treasures of London Author Michael McNay
ISBN-10 9781847946171
Release 2015
Pages 582
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A lavishly illustrated guide to London's lesser-known cultural gems Nobody could deny that London is one of the most culturally and architecturally rich places in the world. We cannot think of it without calling to mind buildings such as the Houses of Parliament and St. Paul's Cathedral, monuments such as Nelson's Column and the Cenotaph, and the incredible collections of museums such as the V&A and Natural History Museum. But such glories can make us overlook some of the other, less obvious wonders that the city has to offer. Michael McNay has collected these more esoteric attractions here, highlighting masterpieces and locations of significance the length and breadth of the city and its suburbs. In some cases an entire building may draw his attention; perhaps a beautiful church tucked away on a backstreet or an unobtrusive townhouse which lodged some great figure. In other cases it may be only a particular object or feature; a display of photographs, or some particularly fine relief sculpture. In every case McNay describes the subject at hand in vivid detail and provides the reader with the cultural and historical context needed to fully appreciate it. However well you may think you know the capital, this book is certain to unlock more of its secrets to you, leading you away from well-trodden tourist destinations to explore the amazing secret history of this great city.

Inside the Music of Brian Wilson

Inside the Music of Brian Wilson Author Philip Lambert
ISBN-10 9781441107480
Release 2007-03-19
Pages 418
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Inside the Music of Brian Wilson is, as author Phillip Lambert writes in the prologue "completely, and intensely, focused on the music of Brian Wilson, on the musical essence of his songs and the aesthetic value of his artistic achievements. It acknowledges the familiar biographical contexts of his songs, but it tells completely new stories about the birth and evolution of his musical ideas, identifying important musical trends in his work, heretofore undisclosed inter-song connections within his music, or between his music and that of others, and the nature and extent of his artistry. It aims not just to identify great songs, but to explain exactly what makes them so." Lambert, a renowned musicologist, brings to this work to life with both his professional expertise and an infectious personal appreciation of the power of pop music. His clear, engaging tone and accessible writing style allows even a musically inexperienced reader to follow him as he traces Wilson's musical evolution, with a particular focus on the years leading up to the writing and recording of Pet Sounds and SMiLE, albums which many consider to be the masterpieces of his oeuvre. Inside the Music of Brian Wilson is the definitive book on Wilson's music and is essential reading for fans of Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys, and great pop music. Includes THREE amazing Appendixes: Appendix 1: Brian Wilson Song Chronology* Appendix 2: Four Freshmen Albums, 1955-1961 Appendix 3: Favorite Songs and Influences Through 1961 *The most complete song chronology ever published.

Spon s External Works and Landscape Price

Spon s External Works and Landscape Price Author AECOM
ISBN-10 9781351607773
Release 2017-09-22
Pages 636
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This year the rates in the book include contractor’s overheads and profit, making the book easier for design and planning professionals. Now in its 37th edition, Spon's External Works and Landscape Price Book 2018 offers the only comprehensive source of information for detailed external works and landscape costs. It covers all the items to be found in hard and soft landscape contracts, and forms an indispensable reference book for quantity surveyors, landscape architects, contractors and local authority managers – essential for compiling estimates, specifications, bills of quantities and works schedules – no matter what the size of the project being undertaken. Use the access code inside the front cover of the book to get set up with a VitalSource® ebook of this 2018 edition. This versatile and powerful online data viewing package is available for use until the end of December 2018. This NRM edition includes the following new items: BEGA external lighting Build-ups for Wienerberger Dutch paving bricks SUDS paving Alternative french drainage systems Pop-up power Porcelain paving Portland stone paving Portland stone walls and cladding And new Cost Models for commercial housing and civic environments. All the standard features that you expect from SPON'S EXTERNAL WORKS AND LANDSCAPE PRICE BOOK remain: material and measured work prices covering contract items from preliminaries and site clearance and encompassing the core external works activities with full breakdowns into labour, materials and other components detailed guidance on wage rates, landscape consultants’ fee scales an extensive Approximate Estimates section for rapid spot estimating updates, free of charge, two or three times a year – see inside for registration details. Updates are available online at

Song Means Analysing and Interpreting Recorded Popular Song

Song Means  Analysing and Interpreting Recorded Popular Song Author Allan F. Moore
ISBN-10 9781317052654
Release 2016-04-01
Pages 412
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The musicological study of popular music has developed, particularly over the past twenty years, into an established aspect of the discipline. The academic community is now well placed to discuss exactly what is going on in any example of popular music and the theoretical foundation for such analytical work has also been laid, although there is as yet no general agreement over all the details of popular music theory. However, this focus on the what of musical detail has left largely untouched the larger question - so what? What are the consequences of such theorization and analysis? Scholars from outside musicology have often argued that too close a focus on musicological detail has left untouched what they consider to be more urgent questions related to reception and meaning. Scholars from inside musicology have responded by importing into musicological discussion various aspects of cultural theory. It is in that tradition that this book lies, although its focus is slightly different. What is missing from the field, at present, is a coherent development of the what into the so what of music theory and analysis into questions of interpretation and hermeneutics. It is that fundamental gap that this book seeks to fill. Allan F. Moore presents a study of recorded popular song, from the recordings of the 1920s through to the present day. Analysis and interpretation are treated as separable but interdependent approaches to song. Analytical theory is revisited, covering conventional domains such as harmony, melody and rhythm, but does not privilege these at the expense of domains such as texture, the soundbox, vocal tone, and lyrics. These latter areas are highly significant in the experience of many listeners, but are frequently ignored or poorly treated in analytical work. Moore continues by developing a range of hermeneutic strategies largely drawn from outside the field (strategies originating, in the most part, within psychology and philosophy) but still deeply r

Heroes And Villains

Heroes And Villains Author Steven Gaines
ISBN-10 9780306806476
Release 1995-08-22
Pages 374
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Through candid interviews with close friends, family, and the Beach Boys themselves, this biography portrays and evaluates all those who propelled the California myth, and the group who sang about it, into world-wide prominence. With dozens of photos, this book recounts the bitter saga of the American dream realized and distorted, and the music that survived. 66 photos.