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The Category of the Person

The Category of the Person Author Michael Carrithers
ISBN-10 0521277574
Release 1985-12-27
Pages 309
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The concept that people have of themselves as a 'person' is one of the most intimate notions that they hold. Yet the way in which the category of the person is conceived varies over time and space. In this volume, anthropologists, philosophers, and historians examine the notion of the person in different cultures, past and present. Taking as their starting point a lecture on the person as a category of the human mind, given by Marcel Mauss in 1938, the contributors critically assess Mauss's speculation that notions of the person, rather than being primarily philosophical or psychological, have a complex social and ideological origin. Discussing societies ranging from ancient Greece, India, and China to modern Africa and Papua New Guinea, they provide fascinating descriptions of how these different cultures define the person. But they also raise deeper theoretical issues: What is universally constant and what is culturally variable in people's thinking about the person? How can these variations be explained? Has there been a general progressive development toward the modern Western view of the person? What is distinctive about this? How do one's notions of the person inform one's ability to comprehend alternative formulations? These questions are of compelling interest for a wide range of anthropologists, philosophers, historians, psychologists, sociologists, orientalists, and classicists. The book will appeal to any reader concerned with understanding one of the most fundamental aspects of human existence.

Category 7

Category 7 Author Bill Evans
ISBN-10 1429923563
Release 2007-07-10
Pages 384
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A Category 4 hurricane, with winds of up to 155 miles per hour, tears roofs off buildings, smashes windows and doors, and can send floodwaters up to the second floor. Evacuation is suggested for up to six miles inland. Hurricane Katrina was a Category 4 when she made landfall. Hurricane Simone is a Category 7—the biggest, strongest storm in recorded history. When she hits New York City, skyscrapers will fall. Subways and tunnels will flood. Lower Manhattan and much of Queens and Brooklyn will disappear under more than thirty feet of water. All along the Eastern Seaboard, towns and cities are being evacuated as wind-driven rain lashes the coast and storm surges crash through seawalls. Roads are packed with fleeing motorists whose cars are jammed with every personal possession that can be crammed in, plus family members, friends, and beloved pets. A huge natural disaster is brewing in the Atlantic. Except that Simone isn't natural. She's the product of rogue weather science being wielded by billionaire Carter Thompson as part of a personal vendetta against US President Winslow Benson. Once Carter wanted to bring rain to the desert and feed the starving peoples of the planet. Now he wants to show Benson—and the rest of the world—just how powerful wind and water can be. If technology created Simone, perhaps technology can stop her. It's up to Kate Sherman, once a member of Carter's weather team; and Jake Baxter, a weatherman for the CIA, to try, using a secret US Navy weapon. The catch? It has to be deployed inside the hurricane. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


Category Author Edward Gorey
ISBN-10 0764937502
Release 2006-08-01
Pages 112
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Finally, back in print! Edward Gorey's CATEGORY was first published by Gotham Book Mart in 1974. The English language edition has been out of print for decades. One of Gorey's most beloved books, CATEGORY collects a series of fifty cat vignettes, originally created by the artist as accompaniments to a limited edition of his book Amphigorey. Gorey once said, "I can't conceive of a life without cats." Now Gorey fans and cat lovers alike won't have to conceive of a world without CATEGOREY. Edward Gorey (1925-2000) may be best known for his mildly unsettling illustrated tales and cautionary alphabets—The Deranged Cousins, The Gashlycrumb Tinies, and The Doubtful Guest, among many others. He was also a playwright, an award-winning set and costume designer, and the creator of the animated introductions to the PBS series Mystery!

Categories Types and Data Structures

Categories  Types and Data Structures Author Andréa Asperti
ISBN-10 0262011255
Release 1991
Pages 306
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Categories Types and Data Structures has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Categories Types and Data Structures also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Categories Types and Data Structures book for free.

Category Theory 1991

Category Theory 1991 Author Robert Andrew George Seely
ISBN-10 0821860186
Release 1992-01-01
Pages 447
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As category theory approaches its first half-century, it continues to grow, finding new applications in areas that would have seemed inconceivable a generation ago, as well as in more traditional areas. The language, ideas, and techniques of category theory are well suited to discovering unifying structures in apparently different contexts. Representing this diversity of the field, this book contains the proceedings of an international conference on category theory. The subjects covered here range from topology and geometry to logic and theoretical computer science, from homotopy to braids and conformal field theory. Although generally aimed at experts in the various fields represented, the book will also provide an excellent opportunity for nonexperts to get a feel for the diversity of current applications of category theory.

The Politics of Affirmative Action

The Politics of Affirmative Action Author Carol Lee Bacchi
ISBN-10 1446238350
Release 1996-09-24
Pages 208
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"This book makes a major contribution to an issue of central concern to feminists. It is well written, thoroughly researched and thoughtfully argued. Wide-ranging and comprehensive in scope, the book is carefully structured, using different countries to illustrate the specific ways in which affirmative action is co-opted and contained in practice' - Jeanne Gregory, Middlesex University " This timely and incisive book brings a theoretical lens to the debates around affirmative action. It presents a comparative analysis of those countries reputed to be leading the way in policies for women - the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, The Netherlands and Norway. Carol Lee Bacchi draws upon current social and feminist theory to present a lucid analysis of the implementation of reform. Taking account of the particular historical context of affirmative action policies, she considers why expressed commitment to affirmative action for women has failed to translate into meaningful reform. She describes how conceptual and identity categories are given meanings and positioned in debate in ways which work to contain the effects of the reform. Bacchi concludes that proponents of affirmative action need to direct more attention to the political uses of categories than to their abstract content, and to concentrate their efforts upon exposing the effects of category politics.

From Good Goddess to Vestal Virgins

From Good Goddess to Vestal Virgins Author Ariadne Staples
ISBN-10 9781134787883
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 217
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The role of women in Roman culture and society was a paradoxical one. On the one hand they enjoyed social, material and financial independence and on the other hand they were denied basic constitutional rights. Roman history is not short of powerful female figures, such as Agrippina and Livia, yet their power stemmed from their associations with great men and was not officially recognised. Ariadne Staples' book examines how women in Rome were perceived both by themselves and by men through women's participation in Roman religion, as Roman religious ritual provided the single public arena where women played a significant formal role. From Good Goddess to Vestal Virgins argues that the ritual roles played out by women were vital in defining them sexually and that these sexually defined categories spilled over into other aspects of Roman culture, including political activity. Ariadne Staples provides an arresting and original analysis of the role of women in Roman society, which challenges traditionally held views and provokes further questions.

Mana A History of a Western Category

Mana  A History of a Western Category Author Nicolas Meylan
ISBN-10 9789004349247
Release 2017-07-06
Pages 216
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In Mana: A History of a Western Category Nicolas Meylan proposes a critical account of the Western imaginations of mana, an Oceanic word borrowed by Westerners to denote ‘supernatural power’.

What is Category Theory

What is Category Theory Author Giandomenico Sica
ISBN-10 9788876990311
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 290
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What is Category Theory has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from What is Category Theory also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full What is Category Theory book for free.

Arcana Coelestia

Arcana Coelestia Author Emanuel Swedenborg
ISBN-10 PSU:000053028082
Release 1961
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Arcana Coelestia has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Arcana Coelestia also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Arcana Coelestia book for free.

Accessible Categories

Accessible Categories Author Michael Makkai
ISBN-10 9780821851111
Release 1989
Pages 176
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Intended for category theorists and logicians familiar with basic category theory, this book focuses on categorical model theory, which is concerned with the categories of models of infinitary first order theories, called accessible categories. The starting point is a characterization of accessible categories in terms of concepts familiar from Gabriel-Ulmer's theory of locally presentable categories. Most of the work centers on various constructions (such as weighted bilimits and lax colimits), which, when performed on accessible categories, yield new accessible categories. These constructions are necessarily 2-categorical in nature; the authors cover some aspects of 2-category theory, in addition to some basic model theory, and some set theory. One of the main tools used in this study is the theory of mixed sketches, which the authors specialize to give concrete results about model theory. Many examples illustrate the extent of applicability of these concepts. In particular, some applications to topos theory are given. Perhaps the book's most significant contribution is the way it sets model theory in categorical terms, opening the door for further work along these lines. Requiring a basic background in category theory, this book will provide readers with an understanding of model theory in categorical terms, familiarity with 2-categorical methods, and a useful tool for studying toposes and other categories.

Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists

Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists Author Benjamin C. Pierce
ISBN-10 0262660717
Release 1991
Pages 100
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Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists provides a straightforward presentationof the basic constructions and terminology of category theory, including limits, functors, naturaltransformations, adjoints, and cartesian closed categories.

Aristotle on the Category of Relation

Aristotle on the Category of Relation Author Pamela Michelle Hood
ISBN-10 0761830073
Release 2004
Pages 154
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In Aristotle on the Category of Relation, Pamela Hood challenges the view that Aristotle's conception of relation is so divergent from our own that it does not count as a theory of relation at all. This book presents compelling evidence that Aristotle's theory of relation is more robust than originally suspected.

Consumer Centric Category Management

Consumer Centric Category Management Author ACNielsen
ISBN-10 9781118429105
Release 2012-06-12
Pages 368
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In some parts of the world, especially in developing markets, category management today remains a stretch goal – a new idea full of untapped potential. In other areas, the original eight-step process that emerged in the late 1980’s forms the foundation of many companies’ approach to category management. In still others, particularly in developed countries like the U.S., the U.K., and others, refinements are being made – most of them designed to place consumer understanding front and center. New ideas are emerging – from "trip management" to "aisle management" to "customer management." Whether a new descriptor emerges to replace "category management" is yet to be seen. Even if that does happen, what won’t change is the overall objective – to help retailers and their manufacturer partners succeed by offering the right selection of products that are marketed and merchandised based on a complete understanding of the consumers they are committed to serving. This book, which explores both the state of and the state-of-the-art in category management, is for everyone with a vested interest in category management. It can serve such a broad audience because category management is about bringing a structured process to how executives think and make decisions about their businesses, no matter what information and information technology they have access to.

Imagining Transgender

Imagining Transgender Author David Valentine
ISBN-10 0822338696
Release 2007-08-30
Pages 302
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Imagining Transgender is an ethnographic examination of the emergence and institutionalization of "transgender" as a category of collective identity. Embraced by activists in the early 1990s as a means to advocate for rights and services specific to the needs of gender variant people, the category quickly gained momentum in public health, social service, scholarly, and legislative contexts. Working as a safe-sex activist in Manhattan during the late 1990s, David Valentine conducted ethnographic research, mostly among male-to-female transgender-identified people, across sites including drag balls, support groups, meetings of a cross-dresser organization, clinics, bars, and clubs. He found that while young fem queens were labeled "transgender" by social service agencies and activists, many of them either did not know the term or were fiercely resistant to its use. They self-identified as gay. Valentine analyzes the reasons for and potential consequences of this difference - between how some of the most vulnerable and marginalized gender variant people conceive of themselves and how they are perceived by service providers and others. Valentine argues that "transgender" was so rapidly adopted because it clarifies a model of gender and sexuality that has been gaining traction since the 1970s: a paradigm in which gender and sexuality are distinct arenas of human experience. Prevalent within feminism, psychiatry, and mainstream gay and lesbian politics, this distinction and categories based on it unintentionally exclude some gender variant people - particularly poor persons of color - for whom gender and sexuality are deeply connected experiences. Valentine does not oppose the rise of "transgender" as a category; he appreciates the genuine legal, medical, and social advances it has facilitated. Instead, he advocates a broad, inclusive vision of social justice and an attentiveness to the politics of language.

Categories and Modules with K Theory in View

Categories and Modules with K Theory in View Author A. J. Berrick
ISBN-10 0521632765
Release 2000-05-25
Pages 361
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This book, first published in 2000, develops aspects of category theory fundamental to the study of algebraic K-theory. Ring and module theory illustrates category theory which provides insight into more advanced topics in module theory. Starting with categories in general, the text then examines categories of K-theory. This leads to the study of tensor products and the Morita theory. The categorical approach to localizations and completions of modules is formulated in terms of direct and inverse limits, prompting a discussion of localization of categories in general. Finally, local-global techniques which supply information about modules from their localizations and completions and underlie some interesting applications of K-theory to number theory and geometry are considered. Many useful exercises, concrete illustrations of abstract concepts placed in their historical settings and an extensive list of references are included. This book will help all who wish to work in K-theory to master its prerequisites.

Category Theory and Computer Science

Category Theory and Computer Science Author David H. Pitt
ISBN-10 354054495X
Release 1991-08-21
Pages 304
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The papers in this volume were presented at the fourth biennial Summer Conference on Category Theory and Computer Science, held in Paris, September3-6, 1991. Category theory continues to be an important tool in foundationalstudies in computer science. It has been widely applied by logicians to get concise interpretations of many logical concepts. Links between logic and computer science have been developed now for over twenty years, notably via the Curry-Howard isomorphism which identifies programs with proofs and types with propositions. The triangle category theory - logic - programming presents a rich world of interconnections. Topics covered in this volume include the following. Type theory: stratification of types and propositions can be discussed in a categorical setting. Domain theory: synthetic domain theory develops domain theory internally in the constructive universe of the effective topos. Linear logic: the reconstruction of logic based on propositions as resources leads to alternatives to traditional syntaxes. The proceedings of the previous three category theory conferences appear as Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volumes 240, 283 and 389.