Pathophysiology of Heart Disease: A Collaborative Project of Medical Students and Faculty

Author Leonard S. Lilly MD ISBN-10 1451192754 ISBN-13 9781451192759 Year 2015-09-18 Pages 480 Language English Publisher LWW Download Link Click Here Specifically designed to prepare medical students for their initial encounters with patients with heart disease this award winning text bridges basic cardiac physiology with clinical care Written by internationally recognized Harvard Medical School faculty and select medical students Pathophysiology of Heart Disease Sixth Edition provides a solid foundation of knowledge regarding diseases of the heart and circulation Under the experienced editorial guidance of Dr Leonard S Lilly this best selling monograph has an outstanding reputation among medical students and faculty worldwide Student friendly features of the Sixth Edition include a new full color design and illustrations end of chapter summaries updated content including recent technological advances and access to an interactive eBook New full color presentation makes the text more visually appealing Up to date medical imaging and color clinical photographs show real world examples of cardiovascular diseases and related conditions Updated Chapter Summaries reflect consistency in length and format making study easier Updated Additional Reading references keep readers abreast of the latest literature in the field Winner of two awards of excellence from the American Medical Writers Association…

A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America

Author Ronald Takaki ISBN-10 0316022365 ISBN-13 9780316022361 Year 2008-12-08 Pages 529 Language English Publisher Back Bay Books Download Link Click Here Upon its first publication A Different Mirror was hailed by critics and academics everywhere as a dramatic new retelling of our nation s past Beginning with the colonization of the New World it recounted the history of America in the voice of the non Anglo peoples of the United States Native Americans African Americans Jews Irish Americans Asian Americans Latinos and others groups who helped create this country s rich mosaic culture Now Ronald Takaki has revised his landmark work and made it even more relevant and important Among the new additions to the book are The role of black soldiers in preserving the Union The history of Chinese Americans from 1900 1941 An investigation into the hot button issue of illegal immigrants from Mexico A look at the sudden visibility of Muslim refugees from Afghanistan This new edition of A Different Mirror is a remarkable achievement that grapples with the raw truth of American history and examines the ultimate question of what it means to be an American

Double Your Profits: In Six Months or Less

Author Bob Fifer ISBN-10 088730740X ISBN-13 9780887307409 Year 1995-05-10 Pages 256 Language English Publisher Harper Paperbacks Download Link Click Here One of the nations foremost financial consultants shares 78 proven ways to cut costs dramatically send productivity through the roof and in just six months double profits

Hiroko’s American Kitchen: Cooking with Japanese Flavors

Author Hiroko Shimbo ISBN-10 1449409784 ISBN-13 9781449409784 Year 2012-10-30 Pages 224 Language English Publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing Download Link Click Here Incorporating Japanese flavors into your everyday Western menu is simple using six easy sauces to create 125 quick and delicious recipes Well loved best selling cookbook author Hiroko Shimbo shares the key to marrying Japanese and Western flavors You love Japanese food You enjoy it at restaurants whenever you can But what you really want to do is to prepare it in your own kitchen That s easy using Hiroko Shimbo s classic books The Japanese Kitchen and The Sushi Experience But wait Can you find the ingredients Can you take the time to prepare it Your friends family significant other will they relish these foreign dishes the way you do Hiroko s American Kitchen provides answers to all of those questions Here there are 125 new recipes that highlight the best of Japanese cuisine but in new simpler ways The recipes are organized in chapters each using one of two stocks or four sauces By preparing and storing these easily made items with a minimum of time and fuss you can enjoy a wide variety of delicious dishes…

The SPEED of TRUST: The One Thing That Changes Everything

Author Stephen M .R. Covey ISBN-10 1416549005 ISBN-13 9781416549000 Year 2008-02-05 Pages 354 Language English Publisher FREE PRESS Download Link Click Here Stephen M R Covey shows how trustand the speed at which it is established with clients and employeesis essential to a successful organization With nearly 750 000 copies in print this instant classic shows that establishing trust is the one thing that changes everything Marcus Buckingham coauthor of Now Discover Your Strengths in both business and life Trust says Stephen M R Covey is the very basis of the new global economy and he shows how trustand the speed at which it is established with clients employees and constituentsis the essential ingredient for any highperformance successful organization For business leaders and public figures in any arena The Speed of Trust offers an unprecedented and eminently practical look at exactly how trust functions in our every transaction and relationshipfrom the most personal to the broadest most indirect interactionand how to establish trust immediately so that you and your organization can forego the timekilling bureaucratic checkandbalance processes so often deployed in lieu of actual trust

Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success

Author Rory Vaden ISBN-10 0399537767 ISBN-13 9780399537769 Year 2012-12-31 Pages 224 Language English Publisher TarcherPerigee Download Link Click Here The New York Times bestseller that will help you get off the escalator and tackle the work that leads to real successHow do successful people achieve results In short they do it the old fashioned way with focus and self discipline Popular speaker and strategist Rory Vaden presents a simple program for taking the stairsthat is resisting the temptations of quick fixes eliminating distractions and transcending personal setbacks in order to reach your goals Whatever your vision of success is this proven program will help you get thereone stair at a time

The Midas Legacy: A Novel (Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase)

Author Andy McDermott ISBN-10 1101965312 ISBN-13 9781101965313 Year 2017-03-28 Pages 640 Language English Publisher Dell Download Link Click Here American archaeologist Nina Wilde and her husband ex SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase search for King Midass legacy in the latest thrilling adventure in Andy McDermotts globe spanning series For Nina Wilde and her ex SAS husband Eddie Chase locating the legendary lost city of Atlantis was just the beginning of an even greater quest to discover what mysterious treasure drew an ancient Atlantean explorer to the Himalayas But theyre unaware of the risks they face the secrets gathering around them and the powerful forces desperate to possess historys greatest prize High in the snowbound peaks Nina and Eddie uncover a cave guarded by Buddhist monks There a shadowy enemy awaits them And after a vicious battle Nina finds herself with a fragment of a millennia old puzzleand questions only one person can answer her long lost grandmother Drawing on her familys painful secrets Nina gains knowledge that will lead her and Eddie from a remote Icelandic retreat to the Hermit Kingdom of North Koreaand expose the shocking truth about the mythical King Midas and a terrifying plot that could doom all…