SVG Animations: From Common UX Implementations to Complex Responsive Animation

Author Sarah Drasner ISBN-10 1491939702 ISBN-13 9781491939703 Year 2017-04-06 Pages 246 Language English Publisher O’Reilly Media Download Link Click Here SVG is extremely powerful with its reduced HTTP requests and crispness on any display It becomes increasingly more interesting as you explore its capabilities for responsive animation and performance boons When you animate SVG you must be aware of normal image traits like composition color implementation and optimization But when you animate it increases the complexity of each of these factors exponentially This practical book takes a deep dive into how you can to solve these problems with stability performance and creativity in mind Learn how to make SVG cross browser compatible backwards compatible optimized and responsivePlan and debug animationMake a complex animation responsive as many sites are responsiveProfile each animation technique in terms of performance so that you know what you re getting in to with each library or native technology

Adult CCRN Strategies, Practice, and Review with 2 Practice Tests (Kaplan Test Prep)

Author Kaplan Nursing ISBN-10 1625231156 ISBN-13 9781625231154 Year 2015-09-01 Pages 432 Language English Publisher Kaplan Publishing Download Link Click Here Everything you need to pass the Adult CCRN guaranteed or your money back Kaplan sAdultCCRN Strategies Practice and Review with 2 Practice Testsis a focused review of test topics for practicing nurses studying for the Adult CCRN certification exam This comprehensive guide includes 2 full length practice tests with detailed rationales one in the book one online10 end of chapter practice setsA focused look at the exam blueprintExpert advice on each specific question typeReview of the Synergy Model for Patient CareStrategies for tackling the computer based test formatKaplans effective test taking strategiesMoney back guaranteeWith in depth coverage of all tested material and detailed answer explanations Kaplan sAdult CCRNis all you need to take this next step in your professional nursing certification

Amazon Echo: Master Your Amazon Echo; User Guide and Manual

Author Andrew Mckinnon ISBN-10 1514325837 ISBN-13 9781514325834 Year 2015-06-12 Pages 154 Language English Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Download Link Click Here AMAZON ECHO 2017 USER GUIDE UPDATED FULLY FOR 2017 Amazon just never stops getting better with one of their most popular products it just takes the entire Amazon experience into a whole new level The Amazon Echo is a device that follows a voice command providing you answers about news music weather and more You can also use it to play your favorite music audiobooks and even use it as an alarm clock The possibilities are endless This book will provide you with everything you need to know about the Amazon Echo Youll get to know its design and setup and learn how to navigate the device itself including its App Amazon Echo has a name and you can call her Alexa She will make your life more convenient on a day to day basis Youll be surprised with whats in store for you Heres a Preview of the Book The Amazon Echo is highly efficient at what it does and this is possible only because of the resourceful and well placed parts embedded in the device This…

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 DMC-FZ330 User’s Guide

Author Mr G Houghton ISBN-10 1544702175 ISBN-13 9781544702179 Year 2017-04-13 Pages 256 Language English Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Download Link Click Here An full colour illustrated user s manual for the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ300 330 camera covering both the basic camera set up in the full auto intelligent auto and all the other semi automatic and manual modes Plenty of illustrations and examples of the effects of the control settings and extensive background information on the image taking process with this camera Advise on how to take pictures in any situation and practical advice for recording video and audio with this camera from lighting and external microphone choice Practical hints and tips for advancing your photography with access to more tutorials and web based information

The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde

Author Shannon Hale ISBN-10 0763690899 ISBN-13 9780763690892 Year 2016-12-13 Pages 96 Language English Publisher Candlewick Download Link Click Here Its a case of monstrous cuteness as the Princess in Black encounters her biggest challenge yet a field overrun by adorable bunnies Princess Magnolia and her unicorn Frimplepants are on their way to have brunch with Princess Sneezewort an occasion Frimplepants enjoys more than anything in the world But just when he can smell the freshly baked bread and the heaping platters of sugar dusted doughnuts Princess Magnolias glitter stone ring rings The monster alarm After a quick change in the secret cave Princess Magnolia and Frimplepants are transformed into the Princess in Black and her faithful pony Blacky But when they get to the goat pasture all they can see is a field full of darling little bunnies nibbling on grass twitching their velvet noses and wiggling their fluffy tails Where are the monsters Are these bunnies as innocent as they appear

Evolution: Making Sense of Life

Author Carl Zimmer ISBN-10 1936221551 ISBN-13 9781936221554 Year 2015-07-13 Pages 752 Language English Publisher W. H. Freeman Download Link Click Here Science writer Carl Zimmer and evolutionary biologist Douglas Emlen have produced a thoroughly revised new edition of their widely praised evolution textbook Emlen an award winning evolutionary biologist at the University of Montana has infusedEvolution Making Sense of Lifewith the technical rigor and conceptual depth that todays biology majors require Zimmer an award winning New York Times columnist brings compelling storytelling to the book bringing evolutionary research to life Students will learn the fundamental concepts of evolutionary theory such as natural selection genetic drift phylogeny and coevolution The book also drives home the relevance of evolution for disciplines ranging from conservation biology to medicine With riveting stories about evolutionary biologists at work everywhere from the Arctic to tropical rainforests to hospital wards the book is a reading adventure designed to grab the imagination of students showing them exactly why it is that evolution makes such brilliant sense of life

Deep South Dish: Homestyle Southern Recipes (Best of the Best Presents)

Author Mary Foreman ISBN-10 1938879139 ISBN-13 9781938879135 Year 2015-05-01 Pages 224 Language English Publisher Quail Ridge Press Download Link Click Here Mary Foreman loves to share her Homestyle Southern Recipes like her mother and grandmother used to make A popular food blogger and recipe developer Mary gets millions of unique page views per year to her blog Deepsouthdish com She calls on her heritage of good cooking for recipes that all have one thing in common incredibly great taste So pull up a chair grab a glass of sweet tea and join Mary in dishing up good ole southern recipes from the Deep South USA

Hardening, Tempering and Heat Treatment (Workshop Practice)

Author George Gently ISBN-10 0852428375 ISBN-13 9780852428375 Year 1984-06-10 Pages 128 Language English Publisher Trans-Atlantic Publications, Inc. Download Link Click Here A comprehensive exposition of the structure of steels and the effects of different heat treatments particularly in respect of tools It includes solid fuel gas and electric furnaces case hardening tempering and other practical information Features accurate colour temperature charts

Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung?: Inspiring Stories for Welcoming Life’s Difficulties

Author Ajahn Brahm ISBN-10 0861712781 ISBN-13 9780861712786 Year 2005-08-30 Pages 288 Language English Publisher Wisdom Publications Download Link Click Here The 108 pieces in the international bestseller Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung offer thoughtful commentary on everything from love and commitment to fear and pain Drawing from his own life experience as well as traditional Buddhist folk tales author Ajahn Brahm uses over thirty years of spiritual growth as a monk to spin delightful tales that can be enjoyed in silence or read aloud to friends and family Featuring titles such as The Two Finger Smile and The Worm and His Lovely Pile of Dung these wry and witty stories provide playful pithy takes on the basic building blocks of everyday life Suitable for children adults and anyone in between this eloquent volume wraps insight and inspiration inside of a good old yarn

The Scent of Rain and Lightning: A Novel

Author Nancy Pickard ISBN-10 0345471024 ISBN-13 9780345471024 Year 2011-02-01 Pages 352 Language English Publisher Ballantine Books Download Link Click Here One beautiful summer afternoon Jody Linder receives shocking news The man convicted of murdering her father is being released from prison and returning to the small town of Rose Kansas It has been twenty three years since that stormy night when her father was shot and killed and her mother disappeared presumed dead Neither the protective embrace of Jodys three uncles nor the safe haven of her grandparents ranch could erase the pain caused by Billy Crosby on that catastrophic night Now Billy Crosby is free thanks to the efforts of his son Collin a lawyer who has spent most of his life trying to prove his fathers innocence Despite their long history of carefully avoiding each other in such an insular community Jody and Collin find that they share an exclusive sense of loss As Jody revisits old wounds startling truths emerge about her familys tragic past But even through struggle and hardship she still dares to hope for a better futureand maybe even love Look for special features inside Join the Circle for author chats and more RandomHouseReadersCircle…

Muscle and a Shovel

Author Michael Shank ISBN-10 0012066869 ISBN-13 9780615474618 Year 2011-05-30 Pages 380 Language English Publisher Michael Shank Download Link Click Here If Amazon displays Out of Stock please go to muscle and a shovel dot com Our site is never out of stock and you can order the book at a discount Muscle and a Shovelis a raw and gritty true story about a pair of young newly weds who move to the city to chase the American dream In the process they re befriended by a man who turns their belief about God their church and their faith upside down Baptists Methodists Presbyterians Catholics the Community Churches none are spared when Truth is at stake and their new friend Randall isn t about to candy coat God s Word for the sake of political correctness or religious tolerance This story will grip you from opening to close and will stimulate your spirit on levels you didn t think possible Get ready to fight or flee because Muscle and a Shovel is one of those rare books that will raise your heart rate and your blood pressure You won t want to wait to share it with your friends or you…

The Arsenal of Democracy: FDR, Detroit, and an Epic Quest to Arm an America at War

Author A. J. Baime ISBN-10 0544483871 ISBN-13 9780544483873 Year 2015-05-05 Pages 400 Language English Publisher Mariner Books Download Link Click Here A touching and absorbing portrait of one of the forgotten heroes of World War II A J Baime has given us a memorable portrait not just of an industry going to war but of a remarkable figure who helped to make victory possible Wall Street Journal As the United States entered World War II the military was in desperate need of tanks jeeps and most important airplanes Germany had been amassing weaponry and airplanes for five yearsthe United States for only months So President Roosevelt turned to the American auto industry specifically the Ford Motor Company where Edsel Ford made the outrageous claim that he would construct the largest airplane factory in the world a plant that could build a bomber an hour And so began one of the most fascinating and overlooked chapters in American history Drawing on unique access to archival material and exhaustive research A J Baime has crafted a riveting narrative that hopscotches from Detroit to Washington to Normandy from the assembly lines to the frontlines and from the depths of professional and personal failure…

UML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language (3rd Edition)

Author Martin Fowler ISBN-10 0321193687 ISBN-13 9780321193681 Year 2003-09-25 Pages 208 Language English Publisher Addison-Wesley Professional Download Link Click Here More than 300 000 developers have benefited from past editions of UML Distilled This third edition is the best resource for quick no nonsense insights into understanding and using UML 2 0 and prior versions of the UML Some readers will want to quickly get up to speed with the UML 2 0 and learn the essentials of the UML Others will use this book as a handy quick reference to the most common parts of the UML The author delivers on both of these promises in a short concise and focused presentation This book describes all the major UML diagram types what they re used for and the basic notation involved in creating and deciphering them These diagrams include class sequence object package deployment use case state machine activity communication composite structure component interaction overview and timing diagrams The examples are clear and the explanations cut to the fundamental design logic If you are like most developers you don t have time to keep up with all the new innovations in software engineering This new edition of Fowler s…

Beauty and the Wolf

Author Bridget Essex ISBN-10 1544869614 ISBN-13 9781544869612 Year 2017-03-23 Pages 274 Language English Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Download Link Click Here Even a beast can be beautiful Bella has lived her whole life in the little town of Paris Vermont Her family s restaurant the Rose Garden Diner has been a point of pride until they re forced to sell it Unfortunately the diner s buyer is Andrew a cruel bully and when he fires Bella s friend for stealing food scraps Bella s had it up to here But Bella s fierce loyalty hasn t gone unnoticed Every day a mysterious woman comes to the diner for lunch Mel Grim enchants Bella and when Grim makes her an offer she can t refuse Bella goes to work for her But it seems that everyone in Paris has their secrets and Grim s secret might be the strangest one of all Is their love strong enough to overcome the truth Or are they destined for an unhappily ever after

This Cheese is Nuts!: Delicious Vegan Cheese at Home

Author Julie Piatt ISBN-10 0735213798 ISBN-13 9780735213791 Year 2017-06-13 Pages 208 Language English Publisher Avery Download Link Click Here The essential primer and guide to preparing delicious totally vegan nut based cheeses from the coauthor of The Plantpower Way In their debut cookbook The Plantpower Way Julie Piatt and her ultra endurance athlete husband Rich Roll inspired thousands to embrace a plant fueled lifestyle and through their advocacy efforts podcasts and talks countless people are now enjoying healthier and more vibrant lives In This Cheese is Nuts Julie is bringing that message to the forefront once more with a stunning collection of flavorful nut based cheeses Julie has always been known for her dairy free cheeses and here she shares seventy five recipes using almonds cashews and other nuts to create cheeses anyone can make right at home Nut based cheeses are on the cutting edge in the world of vegan cuisine Theyre remarkably simple to prepare all you need are a few simple ingredients and a basic dehydrator and in as little as twenty minutes you can have an assortment of tasty fresh cheeses fit for any occasion Even creating aged cheeses is easythey require only a day or…

Karnak: The Flaw in All Things

Author Warren Ellis ISBN-10 0785198482 ISBN-13 9780785198482 Year 2017-03-14 Pages 136 Language English Publisher Marvel Download Link Click Here My curse is that I see the flaw in all things Systems Philosophies Structures People Everything Never forget who I am I am Karnak of the Inhumans You may not know who Karnak is now but you will when Warren Ellis MOON KNIGHT PLANETARY and Gerardo Zaffi no are done with you Phil Coulson goes to Karnak to help with a S H I E L D case with Inhuman implications and what he s going to find will terrify you COLLECTING KARNAK 1 6

White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son

Author Tim Wise ISBN-10 1593764251 ISBN-13 9781593764258 Year 2011-09-13 Pages 208 Language English Publisher Soft Skull Press Download Link Click Here With a new preface and updated chapters White Like Me is one part memoir one part polemical essay collection It is a personal examination of the way in which racial privilege shapes the daily lives of white Americans in every realm employment education housing criminal justice and elsewhere Using stories from his own life Tim Wise demonstrates the ways in which racism not only burdens people of color but also benefits in relative terms those who are white like him He discusses how racial privilege can harm whites in the long run and make progressive social change less likely He explores the ways in which whites can challenge their unjust privileges and explains in clear and convincing language why it is in the best interest of whites themselves to do so Using anecdotes instead of stale statistics Wise weaves a narrative that is at once readable and yet scholarly analytical and yet accessible