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Centered Riding

Centered Riding Author Sally Swift
ISBN-10 0312127340
Release 1985-01-15
Pages 198
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Demonstrates an approach to horseback riding that focuses on proper breathing, position, and balance, and suggests exercises to improve turns, circles, transitions, cantering, and jumping

Complete Horse Riding Manual

Complete Horse Riding Manual Author William Micklem
ISBN-10 9780756699871
Release 2012-03-05
Pages 400
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Horses allow ordinary people to do extraordinary things, and this extraordinary book shows you how. Now revised and updated, the Complete Horse Riding Manual covers dressage, show jumping, and cross-country riding, detailing everything you need to know to compete in these events, whether you are a beginner or more experienced rider. Complete Horse Riding Manual is brimming with advice on finding the best horse for you, training a young horse, forming the ultimate horse-and-rider team, boosting and maintaining your own physical fitness and suppleness, and building the fitness and stamina of your horse.

40 Fundamentals of English Riding

40 Fundamentals of English Riding Author Hollie H. McNeil
ISBN-10 9781603427890
Release 2011
Pages 179
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"90-minute DVD, all 40 fundamentals fully demonstrated with narration by the author"--Sticker on dust jacket.

Advanced English Riding

Advanced English Riding Author Sharon Biggs
ISBN-10 9781937049430
Release 2012-01-03
Pages 200
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An advanced rider, whether professional horseman, Olympic athlete, or just a horse lover who has learned the fundamentals and go on to ride his or her own horse, in the author’s view, “is someone who graps the idea of good horsemanship and puts a great deal of time and effort into developing his or her seat and position.” Advanced English Riding is designed to helped riders develop those skills and to help them move on to the next level of riding. Author Sharon Biggs, whose credits also include The Original Horse Bible, shares her considerable experience in English riding in this Horse Illustrated Guide that goes beyond the fundamentals to refine the riding skills of hunter/jumper riders and dressage riders, from improving seat and position to advanced schooling techniques and participating successfully and joyfully in competitions. This book offers step-by-step instructions and great advice for all English riders looking to develop, improve, or refine their skills in the various aspects of this popular riding discipline. This extensive guide is divided into 15 chapters and covers the following topics: honing the seat and position, the half halt, riding within the gaits (transitions, stride adjustment, collection, extensions, etc.), riding figures, lateral work, cavalletti and group poles (for hunters, jumpers, and dressage), gridwork (incorporating placing poles and cavalletti), cross-country jumping, hunter courses, show jumping courses, advanced competition in dressage, eventing, hunters, and show jumping, and more

The Rider s Fitness Program

The Rider s Fitness Program Author Dianna Robin Dennis
ISBN-10 9781580175425
Release 2004
Pages 214
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Here is the perfect book for beginning riders who are using muscles they never knew they had before, advanced riders who want to stay in top form (especially as they get older), and weather-bound riders who want to be fit when spring arrives. The Rider's Fitness Program details a fun and effective six-week program that strengthens the muscles riders use while improving overall balance, flexibility, and coordination. The book features more than 85 exercises designed to help new riders get over the aches and pains of getting started and experienced riders hone their skills and technique and prevent injuries. The routines are flexible, so you can customize the workout you need for jumping, dressage, reining, endurance, polo, or rodeo. The exercises are accompanied by step-by-step photographs that demonstrate how to perform each action properly (with an emphasis on safety). They progress from basic to advanced and are suitable for riders at all fitness levels. The authors also include fundamental information on diet, general health and safety, and clothing and equipment.

The Compassionate Equestrian

The Compassionate Equestrian Author Allen Schoen
ISBN-10 9781570767173
Release 2015-08-17
Pages 440
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This marvelous book, borne of a unique collaboration between Dr. Allen Schoen—a world-renowned veterinarian and author—and trainer and competitor of many years Susan Gordon, introduces the 25 Principles of Compassionate Equitation. These Principles, conceived by Dr. Schoen and Gordon, are a set of developmental guidelines, encouraging a level of personal awareness that may be enacted not only through the reader's engagement with horses, but can be extended to all humans and sentient beings he or she encounters. The 25 Principles share stories and outline current, peer-reviewed studies that identify and support methods of training, handling, and caring for horses that constitute a safe, healthy, non-stressful, and pain-free environment. Through their Compassionate Equestrian program, the authors encourage all involved in the horse industry to approach training and handling with compassion and a willingness to alleviate suffering. By developing deeper compassion for their own horses, and subsequently, all equines, equestrians transcend their differences in breed preferences, riding disciplines, and training methodologies. This leads to the ability to empathize and connect more closely with the “global collective” of horses and horse people. In doing so, a worldwide community of compassionate equine practitioners and horse owners will emerge, which will not only benefit the horses: People involved with horses are found in many influential segments of society and have the potential to affect wide circles of friends, acquaintances, and co-workers from every walk of life. These are simple changes any horse person can make that can have a vast impact on the horse industry and society as a whole.

Connect with Your Horse from the Ground Up

Connect with Your Horse from the Ground Up Author Peggy Cummings
ISBN-10 1570764220
Release 2011
Pages 142
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At a young age Peggy Cummings noticed that many horses she rode and worked with were sadly inhibited--unable to express their innate curiosity, trust, and freedom of motion--and went about their work in a mechanical, stiff way. This inspired a lifelong search for real-world ways to achieve the "lightness" and "ease" promoted by top instructors and classical texts. Now, in this long-awaited book, Cummings describes the essentials of her specialized groundwork--the first half of her acclaimed Connected Riding program--along with over two dozen highly illustrated exercises to help horses and their handlers find a reciprocal "connection" on the ground before attempting to establish it from the more difficult position in the saddle. These exercises--done both standing still and in motion--drastically change the way you see and feel your horse, and radically improve how your horse moves, responds, and goes about his work.

Ride from Within

Ride from Within Author James Shaw
ISBN-10 1570763186
Release 2005
Pages 258
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An exploration of Tai Chi as it relates to riding and to developing a mind-body connection both on and off the horse.

Horse Speak An Equine Human Translation Guide

Horse Speak  An Equine Human Translation Guide Author Sharon Wilsie
ISBN-10 9781570767548
Release 2016-11-29
Pages 224
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Horse Speak is not a training method or technique—it is a practical system for “listening” and “talking” to horses in their language, instead of expecting them to comprehend ours. Horse Speak can be used by anyone who works with horses, whether riding instructor, colt starter, recreational rider, or avid competitor. It promises improved understanding of what a horse is telling you, and provides simple replies you can use to tell him that you “hear” him, you “get it,” and you have ideas you want to share with him, too. The result? Time with your horse will be full of what horse trainer and equine-assisted learning instructor Sharon Wilsie of Wilsie Way Horsemanship calls Conversations, and soon the all-too-common misunderstandings that occur between horse and human will evolve into civil discussions with positive and progressive results! Learn Horse Speak in 12 easy steps; understand equine communication via breath and body language; and discover the Four Gs of Horse Speak: Greeting, Going Somewhere, Grooming, and Gone. Practice regulating your intensity, and sample dozens of ready-made Conversations with your horse, as step-by-step templates and instructional color photographs walk you through the eye-opening process of communicating on a whole new level.

Jane Savoie s Dressage 101

Jane Savoie s Dressage 101 Author Jane Savoie
ISBN-10 9781570768774
Release 2018-04-04
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"First published in two volumes: Cross-train your horse and More cross-training in 1998"--T.p. verso.

Ride with Your Mind Essentials

Ride with Your Mind Essentials Author Mary Wanless
ISBN-10 1872119522
Release 2006-02-06
Pages 144
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Whilst the horse world is rich in descriptions that tell us what horse and rider should look like, we lack good information about exactly "how" to produce the desired results. Good horsemen ride well without knowing how they do it, and without understanding why you are not like them and cannot do it too. During 23 years of research it has been Mary Wanless's personal mission to expose the secrets of horsemanship, breaking down riding skills into "bite-size chunks" and finding ways of describing them that work for average riders. By using the learning strategies given here the rider should discover how to connect with the horse in a way that makes sense to him and enables him to carry himself well, in self-carriage. At the same time the techniques aim to offer the rider security, stability and effectiveness in the saddle. This title sets out to simplify "Ride With Your Mind" methods and to provide a basic tool-kit for the acquisition of a truly independent seat in walk, trot and through transitions, on straight lines, turns and circles - and, importantly, how to make corrections when things don't go exactly to plan. Mary explains how to use the hands, legs and body correctly, and gives the ingredients for perfect contact. In each section, the instruction is backed up by practical self-tests and exercises to ensure success, and there are ideas for troubleshooting during the learning process and in the future.

Handbook of Riding Essentials

Handbook of Riding Essentials Author Francois Lemaire de Ruffieu
ISBN-10 0933316666
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 114
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The natural aids-the seat, the legs, and the hands,-are the most important means a rider has to direct and control his/her horse. Mastering them is the key to good horsemanship. The Handbook of Riding Essentials focuses on the natural aids and explains in detail, not only how they are applied, but why the horse responds to specific aids and when they should be used, providing the fundamental information all riders need to know, regardless of their level or chosen discipline.Step-by-step illustrated instructions in a clear, quick reference formaat are given for basic and advanced skills including: 1. the use and functions of the seat, legs, and hands.2.the different rein actions and when to apply them.3. putting the horse on the bit.4. the natural aids for the walk, trot, canter and transitions.5. longitudinal and lateral exercises, including the shoulder-in, haunches-in, half-pass, half-turns, counter-canter, flying changes, etc.Throughout, the author gives expert advice on training and improving the horse and solving common problems, suggesting practical tips for mastering even the most complicated movements. There are a series of exercises for the the rider to help with suppleness and comfort in the saddle. This is an excellent learning tool and reference source for the beginner and advanced rider alike.

Lessons with Lendon

Lessons with Lendon Author Lendon Gray
ISBN-10 1929164165
Release 2003
Pages 175
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Trainer and international dressage competitor Lendon Gray helps riders of all sports and levels improve and enjoy daily training with her simple, down-to-earth approach to building riding skills. Now her popular training series featured in Practical Horseman can be yours in one illustrated volume.

Simplify Your Riding

Simplify Your Riding Author Wendy Murdoch
ISBN-10 0967004748
Release 2004-04-06
Pages 192
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In this book Wendy Murdoch shows riders of all skill levels how to eliminate unconscious restrictions and use their bodies to achieve a higher level of performance with their horses. Featuring over 200 step-by-step colour photographs, the book breaks down the components of balance in the saddle, timing of your aids, riding with a deep seat, and moving in concert with your horse into easy-to-grasp building blocks for improvement. Murdoch presents these concepts in a series of illustrated lessons that allow riders of all disciplines to bring her expertise and guidance right into their own riding ring.

In the Middle Are the Horsemen

In the Middle Are the Horsemen Author Tik Maynard
ISBN-10 1570768323
Release 2018
Pages 288
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In 2008, 26–year–old Tik Maynard faced a crossroads not unlike that of other young adults. A university graduate and modern pentathlete, he suffered both a career–ending injury and a painful breakup, leaving him suddenly adrift. The son of prominent Canadian equestrians, Maynard decided to spend the next year as a "working student." In the horse industry, working students aspire to become professional riders or trainers, and willingly trade labor for hands–on education. Here Maynard chronicles his experiences–good and bad–and we follow along as one year becomes three, what began as a casual adventure gradually transforms, and a life's purpose comes sharply into focus. Over time, Maynard evolved under the critical eyes of Olympians, medal winners, and world–renowned figures in the horse world, including Anne Kursinski, Johann Hinnemann, Ingrid Klimke, David and Karen O'Connor, Bruce Logan, and Ian Millar. He was ignored, degraded, encouraged, and praised. He was hired and fired, told he had the "wrong body type to ride" and that he had found his "destiny." He got married and lost loved ones. Through it all he studied the horse, and human nature, and how the two can find balance. And in that journey, he may have found himself.

The Complete Training of Horse and Rider

The Complete Training of Horse and Rider Author Alois Podhajsky
ISBN-10 9780307830548
Release 2013-06-05
Pages 288
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For over a quarter of a century, Colonel Alois Podhajsky was the Director of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, home of the famous white Lipizzaner stallions whose remarkable performances have thrilled audiences throughout the world. Now for the first time, Col. Podhajsky has set forth explicitly and in practical, instructive fashion the step-by-step methods of training both horse and rider that are used at the School and that are the applicable foundations of all good horsemanship, for their purpose is to develop the natural abilities of the horse and to make riding a graceful, pleasurable experience.

Balance in Movement

Balance in Movement Author Susanne von Dietze
ISBN-10 9783885429258
Release 2017-02-17
Pages 224
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Why is the seat of the rider so natural und yet so complicated? Why is it so easy to develop an incorrect seat position and influence on the horse but then so difficult to correct these problems? What is actually meant by a riders’s “fine feeling” and how can this be perceived and developed? The art of successful riding is the development of harmony to such a degree that, to the onlooker, horse and rider perform in total unity. The rider's key to this ideal is not a static seat but, one that is capable of adapting to all movements of the horse. The closer the seat follows the movement, the better it can influence that movement and remain in perfect balance with the horse. First published in 1993, Balance in Movement has long since become a classic in equestrian sports literature. This completely revised new edition has been supple¬ment by useful maxims, hints and exercise ideas as well as 200 new photos and drawings. It is in indispensable source of advice for all who would like to have a better understanding and command of the rider's seat, teachers and pupils alike.