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Write Great Fiction Characters Emotion Viewpoint

Write Great Fiction   Characters  Emotion   Viewpoint Author Nancy Kress
ISBN-10 UOM:39015060892026
Release 2005-03-15
Pages 240
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Create Complex Characters How do you create a main character readers won't forget? How do you write a book in multiple-third-person point of view without confusing your readers (or yourself)? How do you plant essential information about a character's past into a story? Write Great Fiction: Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint by award-winning author Nancy Kress answers all of these questions and more! This accessible book is filled with interactive exercises and valuable advice that teaches you how to: Choose and execute the best point of view for your story Create three-dimensional and believable characters Develop your characters' emotions Create realistic love, fight, and death scenes Use frustration to motivate your characters and drive your story With dozens of excerpts from some of today's most popular writers, Write Great Fiction: Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint provides you with the techniques you need to create characters and stories sure to linger in the hearts and minds of agents, editors, and readers long after they've finished your book.

Write Great Fiction Dialogue

Write Great Fiction   Dialogue Author Gloria Kempton
ISBN-10 UOM:39015067712128
Release 2004-10-26
Pages 240
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Craft Compelling Dialogue When should your character talk, what should (or shouldn't) he say, and when should he say it? How do you know when dialogue--or the lack thereof--is dragging down your scene? How do you fix a character who speaks without the laconic wit of the Terminator? Write Great Fiction: Dialogue by successful author and instructor Gloria Kempton has the answers to all of these questions and more! It's packed with innovative exercises and instruction designed to teach you how to: Create dialogue that drives the story Weave dialogue with narrative and action Write dialogue that fits specific genres Avoid the common pitfalls of writing dialogue Make dialogue unique for each character Along with dozens of dialogue excerpts from today's most popular writers, Write Great Fiction: Dialogue gives you the edge you need to make your story stand out from the rest.

The Write Great Fiction Collection Bundle

The Write Great Fiction Collection Bundle Author James Scott Bell
ISBN-10 1599631865
Release 2010-07
Pages 1216
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SPECIAL SHRINKWRAPPED BUNDLE! The tools you need to take your fiction to the next level are all right here with the Writer's Digest Write Great Fiction Collection. From creating irresistible plots and rich characters, to crafting engaging dialogue and authentic settings, to techniques to help you polish your manuscript off before submitting it for publication, you'll have your bases covered with this series of five books each devoted to a specific aspect of the craft of fiction writing. Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell shows you how to develop a believable and engaging plot that keeps readers enchanted from beginning to end. Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint by Nancy Kress delivers proven methods for creating characters readers will believe in with scenes that deliver emotional impact. Dialogue by Gloria Kempton offers advice on writing dialogue that sizzles regardless of genre, ways to fix common problems and more. Description & Setting by Ron Rozelle helps you master the important, but often-overlooked subject of your story's setting and how it's described. Revision & Self-Editing by James Scott Bell gives you tips on how to successfully develop first drafts into a final draft as well as techniques that improve your chance of publication. Take your work from good to great with the Write Great Fiction Collection!

Dynamic Characters

Dynamic Characters Author Nancy Kress
ISBN-10 1582973199
Release 2004-06-15
Pages 272
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A truly unforgettable story is defined by its characters. Their motivations, their changes, their actions compel us to read on, anxiously trying to discern what will happen next. In Dynamic Characters, award-winning author and Writer's Digest columnist Nancy Kress explores the fundamental relationship between characterization and plot, illustrating how vibrant, well-constructed characters act as the driving force behind an exceptional story. Kress balances her writing instruction with hands-on checklists to help you build strong characters from the outside in. Blending physical, emotional and mental characterization, you'll learn to create characters that initiate exciting action, react to tense situations, make physical and emotional transformations, and power the plot from beginning to end.

Characters Viewpoint

Characters   Viewpoint Author Orson Scott Card
ISBN-10 UOM:39076000902937
Release 1988-08-15
Pages 182
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Describes the different kinds of functions characters fulfill in a story, discusses motive, stereotypes, models, minor characters, comedy, and transformation

How to Write A Short Story And Think About It

How to Write A Short Story  And Think About It Author Robert Graham
ISBN-10 9781137517081
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How to Write A Short Story And Think About It has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from How to Write A Short Story And Think About It also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full How to Write A Short Story And Think About It book for free.

Write a novel in 10 minutes a day

Write a novel in 10 minutes a day Author Katharine Grubb
ISBN-10 9781473600539
Release 2015-03-26
Pages 256
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LEARN HOW TO WRITE FICTION BY WRITING EVERY DAY Would you like to write but have no spare time? Do you not know where to begin? Write A Novel In 10 Minutes A Day will help you sculpt a full-length piece of creative writing in just ten minutes a day. Starting with a daily practical exercise, it will help you manage your writing schedule within this time frame and help you bring your novel to life. You will be able to clarify your vision and review your time commitments, as well as understand your own abilities. Learning to observe the world around you, write quickly and tap into your unique voice will help you to create all the elements of your story and, by the time you've finished all the exercises, you'll have created something beautiful. ABOUT THE SERIES The Teach Yourself Creative Writing series helps aspiring authors tell their story. Covering a range of genres from science fiction and romantic novels, to illustrated children's books and comedy, this series is packed with advice, exercises and tips for unlocking creativity and improving your writing. And because we know how daunting the blank page can be, we set up the Just Write online community at tyjustwrite, for budding authors and successful writers to connect and share.

Dare to be a Great Writer

Dare to be a Great Writer Author Leonard Bishop
ISBN-10 0898794641
Release 1992-09-01
Pages 319
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Outlines techniques for aspiring novelists to improve writing skills through the development of scene, plot, character, conflict, relationships, perception, dialogue, and overall structure

Creating Character Emotions

Creating Character Emotions Author Ann Hood
ISBN-10 1884910335
Release 1998-02-15
Pages 176
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In this unique book, Ann Hood will help you find fresh, creative images, words and gestures to evoke feelings in your fiction. In 36 "mini-lessons," Hood sheds new light on love, hate, fear, grief, guilt, hope, jealousy and other major emotions. Each lesson offers instruction on rendering that particular sentiment; "good" and "bad" examples illustrating how writers have succeeded and where others have gone wrong; and imaginative exercises for putting the feeling into words.

On Writing

On Writing Author Stephen King
ISBN-10 9780743455961
Release 2002-06-25
Pages 297
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The author shares his insights into the craft of writing and offers a humorous perspective on his own experience as a writer.

Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing

Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing Author David Morrell
ISBN-10 1582972702
Release 2003-09-01
Pages 243
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The best-selling novelist provides an insider's glimpse of the art of writing that traces the diverse steps in the process of creating a novel or story, from initial idea, through the research process, to the finished product, and offers helpful advice on how to get published, the business of writing, and more. Original. 10,000 first printing.

Breathing Life Into Your Characters

Breathing Life Into Your Characters Author Rachel Ballon
ISBN-10 1582975973
Release 2009-03-29
Pages 256
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Create Convincing Characters That Readers—and Editors—Can't Resist! It's the question that eternally plagues all good writers: How can you describe the thoughts and feelings of characters who have backgrounds or psychological aberrations with which you have no personal experience? How can you describe the feelings of a drug addict if you've never been one? How can you write about being a prisoner if you've never been to jail? You can do all the research you want, but the question still remains: How do you convincingly portray characters if you've never lived in their skin? In Breathing Life Into Your Characters, writing consultant and professional psychotherapist Rachel Ballon, Ph. D., shows you how to get in touch with the thoughts and feelings necessary to truly understand your characters—no matter what their background or life experiences. She'll show you how to: Develop a psychological profile for every character Turn archetypes into conflicted characters Think like a criminal to convincingly write one Reveal personalities through the use of nonverbal communication In addition, you'll learn how to effectively use Ballon's "Method Writing" system—taught previously only in her writing workshops—to explore your own feelings, memories, and emotions to create characters of astonishing depth and complexity!

Crafting Novels Short Stories

Crafting Novels   Short Stories Author Editors of Writer's Digest
ISBN-10 1599635712
Release 2012-01-12
Pages 368
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Learn How to Create Stories That Captivate Agents, Editors, and Readers Alike! Inside you'll find the tools you need to build strong characters, keep your plots moving, master the art of dialogue, choose the right point of view, and more. This comprehensive book on the art of novel and short story writing is packed with advice and instruction from best-selling authors and writing experts like Nancy Kress, Elizabeth Sims, Hallie Ephron, N.M. Kelby, Heather Sellers, and Donald Maass, plus a foreword by James Scott Bell. You'll learn invaluable skills for mastering every area of the craft: Define and refine your characters. Make your plot and conflict high-energy and intense. Hone your story's point of view. Create a rich setting and backstory. Craft dialogue that rings true. Select the right words and descriptions throughout your story. Revise your story to perfection. Throughout you'll find supplemental sections that cover special topics like getting started, beating writer's block, researching your work, and getting published. They'll help you integrate your skills into a balanced, productive, and fulfilling career. Whether you're writing flash fiction, a short story, a novel, or an epic trilogy, you'll come away with the tools you need for strong and effective storytelling.

Write Great Fiction Description Setting

Write Great Fiction   Description   Setting Author Ron Rozelle
ISBN-10 UOM:39015060816470
Release 2005-03-15
Pages 224
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Build a Believable World How essential is setting to a story? How much description is too much? In what ways do details and setting tie into plot and character development? How can you use setting and description to add depth to your story? You can find all the answers you need in Write Great Fiction: Description & Setting by author and instructor Ron Rozelle. This nuts-and-bolts guide - complete with practical exercises at the end of each chapter - gives you all the tips and techniques you need to: Establish a realistic sense of time and place Use description and setting to drive your story Craft effective description and setting for different genres Skillfully master showing vs. telling With dozens of excerpts from some of today's most popular writers, Write Great Fiction: Description & Setting gives you all the information you need to create a sharp and believable world of people, places, events, and actions.

Novelist s Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes

Novelist s Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes Author Raymond Obstfeld
ISBN-10 0898799732
Release 2000-08-01
Pages 208
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Writing page-turning fiction depends on your ability to create rock-solid, believable scenes. Scenes act as dynamic structures that thrust both your characters and readers forward through conflict, baiting them with goals that may–&break;In Novelist's Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes, Raymond Obstfeld leads you through the creation process, examining all the elements that go into making scenes successful, cohesive and compelling. Tackling topics like finding a scene's "hot spot," identifying its dominating purpose and avoiding a cliched ending, Obstfeld provides essential reading for novice and novelist alike. Using examples from film, short stories, and best-selling fiction, he documents why and how scenes work. You'll learn: &break;&break; what is (and isn't) a scene&break; how to make scenes memorable&break; how to use point of view&break; how to focus on character, plot and theme&break; how to make scenes pay off&break; how to structure a scene&break; how to use setting&break; how to revise a scene&break; the importance of first impressions &break;&break;Every page of Novelist's Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes opens a new window of opportunity for writers by offering valuable insight, articulate advice and expert examples. It's a reference, a road map and a romp, all rolled into one. So go on–make a scene. And make it unforgettable.

Writing Sci fi and Fantasy

Writing Sci fi and Fantasy Author Liesel Schwarz
ISBN-10 9781783560462
Pages 50
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Science fiction and fantasy – or speculative fiction – is the literary success story of the 21st century. The genre has never been so popular and the worlds of film and TV are dominated by adaptations of SF masterworks, from the epic fantasy ‘Game Of Thrones’ through to the dramatic dystopia of ‘The Hunger Games’. ‘Writing Sci-fi and Fantasy’ by award-winning steampunk novelist Liesel Schwarz, is a masterclass on the vital components of writing great speculative fiction. From building credible worlds and engaging characters to devising compelling plots, it will give you the confidence to unleash your stories. With additional, practical advice on how to pitch and present to agents, publishers and readers, it will lead you into the limitless world of SFF. All in an hour. ‘Writing Sci-fi and Fantasy’ covers: + Research: The devil lies in the details + World building + The ingredients of SFF: plot, character and narrative + Manuscript wrangling for beginners + Publication pitfalls + The writer’s life 60-Minute Masterclasses are expert ebooks that help you do more with your creative writing, journalism and entrepreneurship. Locking on to the stuff that you actually need to know, each title is a precise, practical pointer on the matters that matter most.

His Illegal Self

His Illegal Self Author Peter Carey
ISBN-10 9780307268549
Release 2008-02-05
Pages 288
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Seven-year-old Che Selkirk was raised in isolated privilege by his New York grandmother. The son of radical student activists at Harvard in the late sixties, Che has grown up with the hope that one day his parents will come back for him. So when a woman arrives at his front door and whisks him away to the jungles of Queensland, he is confronted with the most important questions of his life: Who is his real mother? Did he know his real father? And if all he suspects is true, what should he do? In this artful tale of a young boy's journey, His Illegal Self lifts your spirit in the most unexpected way. From the Trade Paperback edition.