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Chasing Portraits

Chasing Portraits Author Elizabeth Rynecki
ISBN-10 9781101987681
Release 2016-09-06
Pages 400
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The memoir of one woman’s emotional quest to find the art of her Polish-Jewish great-grandfather, lost during World War II. Moshe Rynecki’s body of work reached close to eight hundred paintings and sculptures before his life came to a tragic end. It was his great-granddaughter Elizabeth who sought to rediscover his legacy, setting upon a journey to seek out what had been lost but never forgotten… The everyday lives of the Polish-Jewish community depicted in Moshe Rynecki’s paintings simply blended into the background of Elizabeth Rynecki’s life when she was growing up. But the art transformed from familiar to extraordinary in her eyes after her grandfather, Moshe’s son George, left behind journals detailing the loss her ancestors had endured during World War II, including Moshe’s art. Knowing that her family had only found a small portion of Moshe’s art, and that many more pieces remained to be found, Elizabeth set out to find them. Before Moshe was deported to the ghetto, he entrusted his work to friends who would keep it safe. After he was killed in the Majdanek concentration camp, the art was dispersed all over the world. With the help of historians, curators, and admirers of Moshe’s work, Elizabeth began the incredible and difficult task of rebuilding his collection. Spanning three decades of Elizabeth’s life and three generations of her family, this touching memoir is a compelling narrative of the richness of one man’s art, the devastation of war, and one woman’s unexpected path to healing. From the Hardcover edition.

The Lost Art of Second Chances

The Lost Art of Second Chances Author Courtney Hunt
ISBN-10 0996670025
Release 2015-11-17
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When Lucy Parker's eccentric grandmother, Belladonna, dies, she leaves one last request. Lucy must return a beloved painting to a mysterious man in Italy, leading her on a journey into the past to discover long-buried family secrets that could change everything. . . . Belladonna Rossi grew up as the queen of her small town in rural Tuscany. When World War II terrorizes the countryside, she helps the Monuments Men hide centuries of art in the warren of caves in her family vineyard. When she falls in love with one of the soldiers, will their love be able to survive in a war torn world? When Lucy's childhood best friend, estate lawyer Jack Hamilton, agrees to accompany her to Italy, will they find their second chance at love? From the tiny town of Applebury, Massachusetts to the rolling hills of Tuscany, never-told family secrets unfurl in...the Lost Art of Second Chances.

The Heart Is a Burial Ground

The Heart Is a Burial Ground Author Tamara Colchester
ISBN-10 9781471165733
Release 2018-03-08
Pages 368
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'Sensual, evocative and rich with observational truth, this is a vivid and intricate portrait of three extraordinary women' Jeremy Page, author of Closing Time 'I will describe it as best I can. This is their story. Or perhaps just mine. Let us begin, again . . .' A vivid and inventive debut novel about four generations of women in a family, their past and their legacy, which evokes the work of Kate Atkinson, Tessa Hadley and Virginia Baily. On a brisk day in 1970, a daughter arrives at her mother’s home to take care of her as she nears the end of her life. ‘Home’ is the sprawling Italian castle of Roccasinibalda, and Diana’s mother is the legendary Caresse Crosby, one half of literature’s most scandalous couple in 1920s Paris, widow of Harry Crosby, the American heir, poet and publisher who epitomised the ‘Lost Generation’. But it was not only Harry who was lost. Their incendiary love story concealed a darkness that marked mercurial Diana and still burns through the generations: through Diana's troubled daughters Elena and Leonie, and Elena’s young children. Moving between the decades, between France, Italy and the Channel Islands, Tamara Colchester’s debut novel is an unforgettably powerful portrait of a line of extraordinary women, and the inheritance they give their daughters. 'This is a bold, striking and confident novel filled with vivid, sometimes shocking, scenes. It spans decades, generations and continents without ever feeling disjointed. This is a stunning introduction to an intriguing new voice in British fiction, who does real justice to her prodigious forebear' Netgalley reviewer

Riding with the Blue Moth

Riding with the Blue Moth Author Bill Hancock
ISBN-10 9781596701632
Release 2006
Pages 246
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After the death of his son, Will, in the 2001 airplane crash that took the lives of nine additional members of the Oklahoma State basketball team and support staff, Hancock's 2,747-mile journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic became more than just a distraction. It became a pilgrimage. Photos.

Resplendent Synagogue

Resplendent Synagogue Author Thomas C. Hubka
ISBN-10 1584652160
Release 2003
Pages 226
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A provocative interpretation of the art and architecture of a pre-modern wooden synagogue illuminates the social, historical, and religious context of an Eastern-European Jewish community.

The Seasons of My Mother

The Seasons of My Mother Author Marcia Gay Harden
ISBN-10 9781501135729
Release 2018-05-01
Pages 336
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In this lyrical and deeply moving memoir, one of America’s most revered actresses weaves stories of her adventures and travels with her mother, while reflecting on the beautiful spirit that persists even in the face of her mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Marcia Gay Harden knew at a young age that her life would be anything but ordinary. One of five lively children born to two Texas natives—Beverly, a proper Dallas lady, and Thad, a young naval officer—she always had a knack for storytelling, role-playing, and adventure. As a military family, the Hardens moved often, and their travels eventually took them to Yokohama, off the coast of Japan, during the Vietnam War era. It was here that Beverly, amid the many challenges of raising her family abroad, found her own self-expression in ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging. Using the philosophy of ikebana as her starting point, Marcia Gay Harden intertwines the seasons of her mother’s life with her own journey from precocious young girl to budding artist in New York City to Academy Award-winning actress. With a razor-sharp wit, as well as the kind of emotional honesty that has made her performances resonate with audiences worldwide, Marcia captures the joys and losses of life even as her precious mother gracefully strives to maintain her identity while coming to grips with Alzheimer’s disease. Powerful and incredibly stirring, The Seasons of My Mother illustrates the unforgettable vulnerability and beauty of motherhood, as Marcia does what Beverly can no longer do: she remembers.

Never Caught

Never Caught Author Erica Armstrong Dunbar
ISBN-10 9781501126413
Release 2018-01-09
Pages 288
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"A revelatory account of the actions taken by the first president to retain his slaves in spite of Northern laws. Profiles one of the slaves, Ona Judge, describing the intense manhunt that ensued when she ran away."--NoveList.

The Crooked Mirror

The Crooked Mirror Author Louise Steinman
ISBN-10 9780807050569
Release 2013-11-05
Pages 240
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A lyrical literary memoir that explores the exhilarating, discomforting, and ultimately healing process of Polish-Jewish reconciliation taking place in Poland today Although an estimated 80 percent of American Jews are of Polish descent, many in the postwar generation and those born later know little about their families’ connection to their ancestral home. In fact, many Jews continue to think of Poland as a bastion of anti-Semitism, since nearly the entire population of Polish Jewry was killed in the Holocaust. The reality is more complex: although German-occupied Poland was the site of great persecution towards Jews, it was also the epicenter of European Jewish life for centuries. Louise Steinman sets out to examine the burgeoning Polish-Jewish reconciliation movement through the lens of her own family's history, joining the ranks of Jews of Polish descent who are confronting both Poland’s heroism and occupation-afflicted atrocities, and who are seeking to reconnect with their families’ Polish roots

What Will They Say about You When You re Gone

What Will They Say about You When You re Gone Author Rabbi Daniel Cohen
ISBN-10 9780757319525
Release 2017-01-31
Pages 264
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"This book is a beacon of light and a touchstone for the timeless values of leading a purposeful life." --From the Foreword by Senator Joseph Lieberman There's not one person alive who hasn't confronted their own mortality. Each of us, at some point, wakes up to the reality that our time on Earth is limited. But how do we lead our lives with a sense of urgency every day? How do we develop the courage to make choices not based on pressure but on principle? How do we create the sacred space to reflect on who we are and who we want to be so we can realize our innermost goals and dreams? What Will They Say About You When You're Gone? points the way. Esteemed Rabbi Daniel Cohen will help you rise above the distractions to tap into the best version of yourself. Through a unique blend of storytelling, practical exercises, and profound wisdom, he will teach you seven transformative principles to reverse engineer your life so that you are living with purpose and passion, so that the person you are today more closely aligns with the person you aspire to be.

The Intentional Legacy

The Intentional Legacy Author David McAlvany
ISBN-10 9781943217441
Release 2017-01-17
Pages 201
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Will your children value their legacy? The history of the world is the story of great financial, cultural and ethical legacies built in one generation, only to be squandered by second and third generations who were unwilling and unprepared for the roles and responsibilities that accompany them. It is a problem that troubles wealth managers, social theorists, and, of course, parents. Solving the problem requires intentionality the process of careful thought and preparation concerning the most critical details that will shape your family and its future. To be intentional is to decide that you will be self-conscious about the way you live your life and shape the legacy you hope to bequeath to the next generations. In The Intentional Legacy, David McAlvany brings a fresh perspective to this old subject. Drawing from more than fifty years of experience in a multigenerational wealth management firm, as well as his own personal failures and successes, David presents a strategy for reverse engineering your life. Most importantly, he presents an redemptive ethic for family prosperity based on love, forgiveness, and non-contingent relationships.

Jewish Life in Poland

Jewish Life in Poland Author Moshe Rynecki Mrynecki
ISBN-10 9781490754932
Release 2005-12-21
Pages 28
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Moshe Rynecki used his paintbrush and palette to document and chronicle the life of his community-Jewish people of Warsaw, Poland. Some artists, however, do more than simply document the subjects that they see and watch-they use the canvas to reveal something new-to show us that which we did not see at first, that which we might not consider if we had observed the subject ourselves. While some might have seen a group of men sitting at a table studying the Talmud, Rynecki reveal the Rabbi gesticulating as he talks, he shows the men's spines bent from spending so much time studying, he shows the tallit wrapped across the shoulders of those who have put their heads down for a brief rest, and he makes visible the light that gently streams into the darkened room. Rynecki's drive and ambition to paint came early in life and it came from within. When he was five years old he used chalk and crude brushed to paint on the walls and floors of his parents' home. As he grew older, he always carried a sketchbook with him so that he could quickly draw that which caught his attention-people, their expressions, their hands. While Rynecki spent much of his life painting the Jewish community, he also witnessed a great deal of change to his country, from the almost constant political turmoil that characterized Poland's brief independence between the World Wars, to the onset of Soviet aggression, and Nazi brutality at the start of the Second World War. Rynecki, much to his son's dismay, willingly lived inside the walls of the Warsaw Ghetto. While his son warned him that the Nazi forced were not to be trusted, he only said, "If you are right my son, then let me go where my brothers and sisters go. And if it's death, so be it." Ultimately, Rynecki was deported to the Majdanek concentration camp where he perished. If you are interested in this book, you may also be interested in Surviving Hitler in Poland: One Jew's Story.

Here I Am

Here I Am Author Rochelle Alers
ISBN-10 1410439178
Release 2011
Pages 371
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The bestselling author of the Hideaway novels, Alers continues her breathtaking new series, The Wainwright Legacy, chronicling the lives and loves of two prestigious New York families. Original.

The Ghost of Hannah Mendes

The Ghost of Hannah Mendes Author Naomi Ragen
ISBN-10 9781429957816
Release 2001-11-16
Pages 384
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When Catherine da Costa, a wealthy Manhattan matron, learns she has only a short time to live, she realizes that her family tree will die unless she passes on its legacy and traditions to her granddaughters. But Suzanne and Francesca, beautiful young women caught up in trendy causes and ambitious careers, have no interest in the past. Catherine almost despairs until one night she is visited by the ghost of her family's anscestor, an indomitable Renaissance businesswoman named Hannah Mandes. The ghost of Hannah Mendes encourages Catherine to use every trick in the book to coerce the granddaughters to journey across Europe and acquaint themselves with their roots. While the sisters honor their grandmother's request out of loyalty, they believe their quest is futile--until it starts to uncover ancient pages from Hannah Mendes's fascinating memoir, and brings new loves into their lives.

The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize

The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize Author Maisey Yates
ISBN-10 9781459292635
Release 2017-02-01
Pages 192
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"I want that painting. It is my last Lost Mistress. My Lost Love." Alessandro Di Sione is renowned for being cold and unsentimental, but even he can't deny his grandfather's dream of retrieving a painting steeped in royal scandal. Yet the key to its return is the outspoken Princess Gabriella. While traveling together to Isola D'Oro to locate the mysterious painting, Gabby is drawn to the man tortured by guilt from his past. Her innocence makes her untouchable, as Alex is convinced his Di Sione blood is tainted. But could their passion be his salvation?

Only One Life

Only One Life Author Jackie Green
ISBN-10 9780310352709
Release 2018-06-05
Pages 256
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Life keeps us running so fast and frenzied that we often lose sight of each day’s holy potential. Yet as a woman loved and called by God, your ordinary everyday matters more than you could possibly imagine. Your choices today shape the legacy you leave for future generations. You are part of a story that has existed long before you and will long outlast you. And you can play a unique and irreplaceable role. In Only One Life, mother-and-daughter team Jackie Green and Lauren McAfee invite you to join the company of women God is using to change the world. Through vivid portraits of women of the Bible, women of history, and women shaping the world today, you will discover how God multiplies seemingly small daily offerings of faithfulness. Come and see your own story reflected in the lives of women such as: Mary Magdalene, the first witness to Jesus’s resurrection. Catherine Booth, an early apologist for women’s rights and co-founder of the Salvation Army. Christine Caine, a contemporary speaker and human rights activist And other ordinary women who have done extraordinary things, including Harriet Tubman, Queen Esther, Lottie Moon, and Joni Eareckson Tada. Building a legacy through your “only one life” is not a calling for the elite few. It is a calling for you—as a woman with unique capacity to shape the future through your faith, family, gifts, and leadership. Only One Life will encourage and empower you to develop grit, grace, and the long view—able to change your world forever—starting today.

Siberian Exile

Siberian Exile Author Julija Sukys
ISBN-10 9780803299597
Release 2017-10
Pages 200
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When Julija Šukys was a child, her paternal grandfather, Anthony, rarely smiled, and her grandmother, Ona, spoke only in her native Lithuanian. But they still taught Šukys her family’s story: that of a proud people forced from their homeland when the soldiers came. In mid-June 1941, three Red Army soldiers arrested Ona, forced her onto a cattle car, and sent her east to Siberia, where she spent seventeen years separated from her children and husband, working on a collective farm. The family story maintained that it was all a mistake. Anthony, whose name was on Stalin’s list of enemies of the people, was accused of being a known and decorated anti-Bolshevik and Lithuanian nationalist. Some seventy years after these events, Šukys sat down to write about her grandparents and their survival of a twenty-five-year forced separation and subsequent reunion. Piecing the story together from letters, oral histories, audio recordings, and KGB documents, her research soon revealed a Holocaust-era secret—a family connection to the killing of seven hundred Jews in a small Lithuanian border town. According to KGB documents, the man in charge when those massacres took place was Anthony, Ona’s husband. In Siberian Exile Šukys weaves together the two narratives: the story of Ona, noble exile and innocent victim, and that of Anthony, accused war criminal. She examines the stories that communities tell themselves and considers what happens when the stories we’ve been told all our lives suddenly and irrevocably change, and how forgiveness or grace operate across generations and across the barriers of life and death.

Jacobitism and Anti Jacobitism in the British Atlantic World 1688 1727

Jacobitism and Anti Jacobitism in the British Atlantic World  1688 1727 Author David Parrish
ISBN-10 0861933419
Release 2017-09-15
Pages 200
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An investigation of the concept of Jacobitism and its effects in the long eighteenth century.